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  1. Who is going to take Collins spot anyone know thanks
  2. Richc111

    IDP Podcast

    Hi Arron, does it look like you are going to do any IDP. I assume it is too late for a draft preseason kind of thing but are you planning on weekly during the season?
  3. Richc111

    IDP Podcast

    Did I miss something ? are they doing a IDP podcast this year?
  4. My pet peeve is having a guy that is butchering his draft because he don't know anything some how take the sleeper you been watching way before he was suppose to go , just because he had him last year.
  5. I have a question hopefully someone can help. When you listen to the video and they talk about Strategy they have VBD Positional Need and Next Pick drop offs but when he does the video he sez " we got 3 strategies for snake drafts" Does that mean the strategy does not work with linear and only to be used with snake drafts. Can you let me know if it does work with linear (straight) drafts. Thanks
  6. Richc111

    Miami's LB

    I was looking at projections for the tackles for Miami and the got both Alonso and Timmons right at the top with 70 -80 solo tackles each. Typically in a 4-3 the MLB gobbles up most of the tackles. Should I believe that both of them guys are going to get 100 total tackles each while playing on the outside? I am in a dynasty league and have Alonso already and Timmons if he gets 80 solos is good at the price but not sure if I believe both of them will get 100 total tackles. Any thoughts? Thanks
  7. It looks like the IDP round table is uploaded at different times on Thursday. We switched free agent pick up years ago but this year everyone voted to have pick ups at 6PM, because of everyone favorite Thursday Night game. It seems like the table is uploaded at different times on Thursday including after the Thursday game has started. What sucks now is I listen to it every week but now if it is not loaded in the late afternoon it is not really any good to me. Is there a certain time that they try to upload it? I find myself last week checking back ever 15 minutes and the quit after 7pm or so .Not sure what can be done but I assume that I am not the only one in this position. With it being usually 60 minutes long that means it has to be up by 5pm which I am guessing doesn't look good. Any comments on this. Just thought I would ask . Thanks
  8. Hi I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this but give it a shot. Our draft is tonight and use the draft dominator. I am trying to edit the ranking but can't. I go to the help and the instruction sez..."To get started, click the wrench icon above the player list and select 'Edit Players.'" I do not see any wrench on the player list. Maybe I am in the wrong stop but went through the entire app trying to find the wrench. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Yea we use to use spoteac but over the cap updated their info fasted plus spotec started limiting their info. I still can't get on over the cap nor can anyone in the league. Not sure whats up
  10. Hey guys, not sure if this is the right spot to ask this. We have been using over the cap web site for our keeper league for salary cap numbers for years. A few days ago to site went dead? page sez forbidden you don't have permission to access site. This is really going to screw my league up. Does anyone else use this site or know about it . Thanks in advance. Rich