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  1. Just to give myself some reassurance, I again looked at my gross and net pay dynamics. Currently, over 15% of my gross pay goes to retirement plan contributions and health care coverage. In retirement, I won't have either of those costs (but likely some Medicare supplements). Also, some/much of the Social Security draw will not be taxed. So the reality is that the amount I draw in retirement (from SS, pensions, 3-4% from the retirement funds) could be a full 10-15% less than my current gross pay to achieve the same net cash in pocket. FWIW
  2. I didn't expect you'd be 'racing' it ...but not surprised you couldn't resist entering a race. If you do MP, maybe drop the pace (MP-10?) for the last 5K. @gianmarco, do well in the 5K! No need to kill it, but use it to gauge your pacing. Have a fun weekend, guys!
  3. That's a kick-a## workout, IMO, especially with speed at the end (probably not a wise idea). Not surprised the legs were angry.
  4. Yup. Stay the course. I'm six years from the start of mandatory draws, and I'm not really thinking/worried about it.
  5. Always my priority for my morning runs. If I don't "go," I don't go. Or if I do head out, it's with some targeted pit-stop options that are near the route over the first 3-4 miles.
  6. Since apparently 150 million Americans have been shot to death ( ), it'll be hard to make a big deal out of a virus.
  7. #4a? Open the lid of the trash can, pull out the black trash bag, and squat over that before returning it to the trash can. But being dark, and therefore early, I suppose the 'friend' wouldn't be strategizing that much. So yes, #2 in #2.
  8. She might win if she heel strikes a little more. -- @gianmarco - 22:119
  9. Unfortunately for you, I only do foot massages.
  10. ...just didn't want to overlook you again.
  11. @gianmarco, quick, lay down a massive week. The hopes of any us cracking the top 3 will be in serious jeopardy if @Harris joins @Hang 10 and Steve on the team (not to mention @JAA starting to build back up again and @-OZ- entertaining IM thoughts).
  12. I'd probably just stop, turn, and make some snide remark and a dismissive laugh. ("Really? Proud of yourself, little boy?")
  13. Is it too crazy a thought to go the other direction? Freeze some small cubes of Gatorade or whatever and pop them as you go through the course. Fight fire ice with fire ice.