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  1. Apparently some unmanly guys run in tights. Some true men run in shorts. And then there's a couple of oddballs who have a history of running in nothing at all.
  2. How do you dispose of the old bulbs? Used to be, we'd just throw burnt-out bulbs in the trash. But they warn us about the mercury and such. My wife recently learned that Home Depot accepts old bulbs. But do they really need that special treatment?
  3. Speaking of which, and speaking of what we wear during a run: Not sure if I've ever mentioned that I almost got kicked out of my (conservative, Christian) college for streaking in the late 70s. Streaking was a fad for a while there, and so I convinced a friend to join me after a morning gym class (=we could lock our clothes safely in the locker room). We covered our faces and did a loop around/through the middle of campus at 10 a.m. on a Monday (the one day when chapel services weren't being held at that time). Somehow word got around, and I ended up having to meet with the President. His first gruff words: "Glad to see you've got your pants on," and it went downhill from there. He met with my parents, too, and they were none too thrilled about it.
  4. Deep down, I expect that Newt and others recognize that it's now the silent minority ..not majority. A third of all voters have already voted with a higher percentage of young and minority voters. I notice that the above, as stated, does not mention undecideds (of which there are comparatively few). I find it interesting that late in the 2016 campaign, Trump brought down Hillary with the email news. But this time, all the late news relates to Trump and his (and his SIL's) missteps and bad headlines. Covid cases up and the stock market down in this final week should be the nail in the coffin.
  5. His family and friends exhaled in relief and said a quiet prayer of thanks, as finally ...finally: @ChiefD's lightbulb went on.
  6. I would say a fair analogy is the restriction on indoor smoking, such as/particularly for airplanes. It seems very odd that people resist wearing a mask on a plane ...many even getting themselves banned from airlines because of this. But I can't remember the last time someone tried to smoke on a plane on the logic that, darn it, it was their right to do so.
  7. The rest of the world may be joining them soon ... Per Covid worldometers, for the first time, worldwide cases have topped 500,000 (close to 502K). 52 countries (!) reported 1,000 cases or more. That's, like, 25% of the world, for those keeping score at home. Deaths climbed to more than 7,000. The U.S. (80,000; 1,000) leads in today's cases and deaths.
  8. I agree. The actual error percentages in 2016 were based on (a) a much larger share of undecided voters and (b) a predominantly unpopular Democratic candidate. This time, with a very small percentage of undecided voters and a majority showing a favorable view of Biden, the error rates on all the states showing Biden with a significant lead will be much less. Add on top of that an already heavier percentage of young and minority voters, both of whom favor Biden.
  9. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. I'd be OK with fall'21, as that would avoid winter training. I'd rather train in the heat and then catch a cooler day than the other way around. For now, I guess I keep my base going!
  10. A meme I saw from a Project X on a friend's FB page: "One of the biggest problems in the U.S. is that people making $1,000 per hour have convinced people making $50 per hour that people wanting to make $15 per hour are a problem."
  11. That's why we headlines like this out of Texas as Harris rolls through parts of the state. I don't see Trump's current campaign efforts being effective. He flies to an airport, people have long commutes to/from to see him (with disasters like the post-event in Omaha), he gets out of his plane, speaks for 45 minutes, then hops back in the plane and departs. Meh. And the message he gives includes him bemoaning the fact that he's even out there in this colder weather. Bottom line, he seems to be mailing it in at this point. He won't work to appeal to a broader base, he won't change his stance on Covid, he has no plans, and his attacks on Biden ("he's sleepy and incoherent!" "the laptop!"') haven't worked. Stick a fork in 'im. It's over.