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  1. @Juxtatarot, don't you have a good stretch that targets the glutes? I recall that being part of your routine.
  2. I do! ...but it won't work to drive down to Indy for it. It'll be kinda cool, though, to know we're both out there slogging through a long run in the morning. Theoretically, our side-contest should be to see who can run it the slowest!
  3. Yup. I've been dealing with this already a positive way. I'm constantly fretting about how I'll get my miles for the week and when I'll add SOS. I hate it. I love it. So yeah, 10 yesterday, 12 this morning, and plans for 22 tomorrow. Run Far; DBAP ...
  4. Shortly after we moved into our house 34 years ago, I found a few ~1950/1960'ish girlie magazines on top of the duct work in the basement. These were old enough that the, um, good parts were hidden by rectangular black boxes. And yes, those magazines are still there.
  5. Given how slow he's running lately, that's a pretty wide window.
  6. I remember driving to a cross country practice (maybe a meet) in high school where two of us rode in the trunk of one of the cars. How about the old cars (and as teenagers, we definitely had old cars) where the butterfly valve would often stick on top of the carburetor? Or when rust would eat away some of the metal frame, so you'd patch it up with bondo?
  7. Interesting ...I see the logic of this. As in 2016, when many felt it was worth a shot at shaking up Washington by voting for the oddball outsider (hoping he wouldn't get too crazy), we could get similar thinking on the other end of the spectrum in 2020: take a shot with a strong liberal (hoping the most extreme policies get neutralized). Granted, some will want a full-bore liberal agenda, but others might just view this as opportunity to give it a shot. Just as nutty Trump > Hillary, this could be liberal Warren > Trump.
  8. Hope it all works out great, although I imagine you’ll be something of a nervous wreck for the next several weeks (or at least I would be). You’ve found a strong niche with your biking!
  9. That was my plan. Delay for two years, snag the 1.1 pick, and take Trevor Lawrence. #winning. But then I decided to go along with the original arrangements. #conformist Fun/hilly 7 mile sightseeing run thru San Fran this morning. Can’t let @gruecd have all the fun with hill work.
  10. Yang said all that? You’re right, that is foolish. Very bush-league stuff.
  11. Yup, sooo great to catch a run/hike with @SFBayDuck! He was kind enough to pick me up in the city, then we crossed the GG Bridge to run in the area they call the Headlands. But of course, we like the more meaningful FBG name of the Foot Hills. Tasty seafood dinner after that, then a ferry ride back to the city for me. Good times!
  12. Since I’m about to join @SFBayDuck for a “hike” through his neighborhood hills, you might not be 1.1 in this pool, either.
  13. I frontloaded my week, knowing today is my rest day...most I’ve done today is stepping over a few homeless on the way to my conference.