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  1. But it wasn't about investigating corruption in Ukraine was about publicly announcing an investigating into the Bidens. The new dimension in 2019 was Biden's early lead as the potential Democratic nominee.
  2. Fixed. @gianmarco, I'd simply suggest you run uncomfortably comfortable for the first third, comfortably uncomfortable for the middle section, then fight through the uncomfortable final miles.
  3. So @xulf, looking for your next challenge? @The Iguana, ready to move on and #BeatButter? Just run a marathon in every country of the world! And c'mon, @gruecd, run Black Canyon. Over 60 miles, it works out to about 80' up and 120' down per mile worse than the 'hilly' section of Boston. But the Tunnel 100 would actually work out well. That's the one @BassNBrew was going to run.
  4. Ah ...don't fret it. (Easy for me to say, right?) You captured the race dynamics very well in your report. I don't see that the specific mile splits will add to the equation. You ran well; you ran surprisingly steady for your first marathon ...until the cramps hindered you. When you run your next marathon, a key aspect will be reviewing your training cycle and improving on it rather than racing differently.
  5. <Steel Curtain> "Do they come in a banana flavor?" </Steel Curtain>
  6. @The Iguana, I'm really impressed with your (reputed) marathon. I'll admit to having doubts about how it would go, given the light training base. I do think a couple of late, quality runs helped a lot, though. The limitation for you late in the race wasn't fatigue, muscle weakness, or mental attitude was just the hard-to-control muscle cramping. So that's very encouraging for your next marathon. And if it's any consolation, my first marathon 12+ years ago was a 3:46:38. Then again, if that gets age-adjusted to where you're at, I think it's about a 3:44.
  7. Nice. Still weird that the #2 and #3 males at the MCM both ran 26.4x when obviously they were in the clear and could run the right lines.
  8. Expressing doubts regarding the whistleblower would seem to be the same as trying to undercut the security guard at the Watergate complex. In the end, the point is something serious has been uncovered. We need to stay focused on that.
  9. Yes, this states my thoughts as well. Congrats, @SteelCurtain!!! Looks like Boston'21 is shaping up as a thing for Team FBG/BMF. I, too, will lay relatively low over the year as I mainly work on my stride length before training for Boston. How did your distance measure for this marathon? It was a big field, which makes it harder to run tangents (even the little movements of sliding to the roadside for aid stations). Was your watch clicking true miles or course miles (the @gruecd manual clicks)?
  10. Start with the weekend support team, and if you're feeling good, move up to the weekday team.
  11. All the acorn talk gave @ChiefD a little twitch at the bottom of his tree.
  12. For me, it was Keith Jarrett, solo jazz piano, the Koln concert.