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  1. I took a chance and went $260 and got him. The loaded roster didn't even put in a bid. Either did the next largest bankroll. Could have got him for $161. I'm happy though. I also got Austin Ekeler for $13. I'm now at $268, which is second highest and $18 more than third.
  2. Wasn't sure if this should go somewhere else, but I think it has a place here. We're coming up on the final 7 in my guillotine league. In the league I do through, we run waivers all season. I know some sites end when there are certain number of teams left, but mine is not like that. I know that this week's games are not over, but the low man headed into tonight's game is down 39 with Adam Thielen left to play. It will be very difficult for him to make up that gap. Assuming that happens, the big fish for the next week's bids is Davante Adams. I'm sitting with the most money left at $541. Second most is $433. I really don't know what the best route to go here is. My league we start 3 WR with a flex option. I currently have: Keenan, AJBrown, Golladay, Boyd, Jeudy, Jefferson. The second most has a potential starting lineup of: QB: Rodgers RB: Cook, Aaron Jones WR: Julio, Nuk, Evans TE: Hockenson Flex: Hunt He also has guys on his bench like Gibson, Claypool, Higgins, Chris Carson, Goedert. If he adds Adams, then he's locked in for the duration and he doesn't need much of a budget anymore. My team: QB: Wilson RB: Jacobs, Mike Davis WR: Keenan, AJ Brown, Boyd TE: Andrews (lost Kittle) Flex: Jefferson Bench: Big Ben, Mostert, Gaskin, David Johnson, Golladay, Jeudy, Gronk. There are RB's like Elliot and Ekeler available, but not much else. I really need Mostert back. Thielen, Fulgham, Kupp are also going to be available. So, the question is do I go in hard on Adams or put in a middling bid compared to the next highest bidder who has $257 left?