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  1. Gamblers stupid enough to take the CLE laying 3 truly appreciate the Browniness of a safety and missed XP turning a win into a push.
  2. Indeed. The under 43 has essentially been blown by halftime
  3. Bengals +4 is free money. Jags shouldn't be giving points on the road to anyone
  4. It’s Bortles time! He’s tan, rested and ready!
  5. Booger called his night "up and down". I guess I missed the "up"
  6. Yep. On crap games like this, every third post is an anti-Booger screed
  7. 🙂 For some reason, the emoji that shows up is a smiley face. Other Sammy owners understand I am really trying to post the pile of poo. Dozens of piles of poo