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  1. Sean Payton and his non-stop whining after last year's NFCCG prompted a terrible rule change on pass interference that frustrated fans and truly diminished the enjoyment of watching the NFL on a weekly basis. And his team is drummed out of the playoffs again this year on...get this..a non-pass interference call. Thanks Sean...can't wait to see how you screw up the rules this off-season.
  2. This was the right decision. Win the game with one yard instead of giving the bill back with 60+ seconds and a 6 pt lead.
  3. “One thing you can’t do now is give up the touchdown. “ Now why is that?
  4. “ I’m impressed how untested Josh Allen has played like a seasoned veteran. “—Booger McFarlane, all freaking game
  5. I agree. Usually the lead off game for WC weekend..almost always involving the Texans or trash
  6. See, if they go for 2, the score will be 19-16, a field goal lead.
  7. Yawn. Nothing changes Snyder continues managing his fantasy football franchise, but now focusing on an all-star bevy of coaches (Rivera, Lewis, Wilks, Del Rio, Urbs) instead of players (over the hill Deion, Bruce Smith, McNabb; fat Albert Haynesworth) Here are the steps to owning a successful NFL franchise: 1. Hire and empower a strong and proven executive to run football operations 2 Get the eff out of the way
  8. Be careful what you wish for. We can thank overreacting to rare yet ridiculous/outrageous/unbelievable occurrences for the current PI replay review system
  9. Starting him over Watkins...equal chance that either lays a goose egg