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  1. You are correct, and my post says exactly that: "Except for a couple of past games against the previously woeful Colts run D" But I'll show my math Yeldon rushing vs. IND Week 4, 2015: 22-105-0, 4.77 ypc Week 14 2015: 11-62-0, 5.64 ypc The Colts ranked 25th in rushing yards allowed in 2015 Week 4 2016: 14-71-0, 5.07 ypc The Colts ranked 25th in rushing yards allowed in 2016 Week 7 2017: 9-122-1, 13.56 ypc The Colts ranked 26th in rushing yards allowed in 2017
  2. That's truly a scrappy, high motor lineup.
  3. Pull out his 90 and 75 yd TD runs from 2017 and his ypc was under 3.3. Volume dependent w/a good nose for the end zone so essentially he’s LeGarrette Blount with chronic lower body injuries Good riddance pal
  4. Not going to get a mid-round pick for a sub 4.0 ypc back with chronic lower body injuries who averages one suspension per year. If they can recoup the 5th they spent to get Hyde, they should take it and run, but I’m not optimistic
  5. Our sixteen team league’s Fournette owner went on a week 17 heater to finish first in total points. Go figure
  6. Jags have failed to score 17 points in a full game 9 times this year; hard pressed to see them score that many in one quarter. But far be it from me to question the genius that is Bill O'Brien
  7. Looked like the knee was down but very close
  8. This tied the Fournette ejection drive in Buffalo for the most Jaguariest thing ever
  9. I think this is right, although nothing with this franchise makes sense this year. Jags would like to keep Yeldon, but another team will pay him more, and the salary cap constraints prevent spending too much for a backup COP back. Fournette is still on his rookie deal, so he's relatively cheap ($7M) for a "potentially game-changing franchise" back. (quotes intended). Plus, with his erratic behavior over the last two years, I'm not sure his trade value is particularly high at this point.
  10. Pass the hot sauce....need it to flavor my crow. Freaking horrible. Defense did nothing against a team with a decimated O Line, a 4th strong QB and limited skill position talent as for Fournette, he was benched for someone named Dave Williams, and at one point, he was sent out to return a kickoff. House cleaning time
  11. Just silly. This team played in the NFC Championshio game last year and invested heavily (or so I heard) in a franchise QB who could take them to the next level. And getting 3 garbage time points means something to them?