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  1. Same boat, but last week vs. the woeful Jags was really disappointing, despite the red zone love. I just haven't seen the Lions use him as a weapon but for week 1 2019. And when you have Waller who has had 2 games this year with 12 & 16 targets, the upside is just so high in ppr leagues But if he has to play offensive guard this week that's another story
  2. Agreed. Whole new mgmt and coaching staff will come in next year and who knows how Robinson will fit into the system. he’s perfect for the dying days of the Marrone/Caldwell regime because he’s a good attitude/try hard guy (i.e. not Fournette) he’s also benefitted from a lack of competition with Ozigbo and Armstead out
  3. I have the game on in the other come I keep hearing Steve Levy YELLING about a 0-0 game? #asbadasTess
  4. From Jaguars senior writer John Oescher: Where is the Minshew that took apart the Titans and Colts? Teams are game-planning against Minshew. They're taking away what he does well. They're making him win from the pocket, preventing him from throwing a lot of deep passes to the outside of the field and forcing him to make throws into tight windows that require velocity and vision. They're giving him check-downs that don't hurt the defense much – and he's taking them. He hasn't shown he can do beat this approach consistently yet, and he doesn't appear to be seeing the field or to be very confident right now. None of this must last. Perhaps he can pull out of it. We'll see.
  5. I have no idea if this is true or not, but if you have two separate coaching regimes (Rivera and Gruden) publicly leaking the same information about the owners’ hand picked first round quarterback, seems to me there must be some truth. one could argue that if Rivera wants to “change the culture” in an an organization that’s rotten to the core, sending a message that prima donna behavior by anyone, especially this player, is unacceptable by starting an undrafted, limited talent “effort guy” at QB makes sense I don’t necessarily agree...let Haskins play out the streak and start fresh next year. But there is so much I don’t understand about this franchise...
  6. He has stiff competition for worst New York Jets coach of all time.
  7. Forcing Phil to the air this early is a recipe for disaster
  8. Bobby Mitchell