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  1. QB - Dalton, An 7.09 Hoyer, Br 9.09 RB - Crowell, Is 4.08 Ingram, Ma 5.09 Martin, Do 6.08 Charles, Ja 12.08 WR - Green, AJ 1.09 Hopkins, De 2.08 Jeffery, Al 3.09 Britt, Ke 10.08 Benjamin, Tr 14.08 Cruz, Vi 18.08 TE - Witten, Ja 8.08 Gates, An 11.09 K - Aguayo, Ro 15.09 Bullock, Ra 16.08 D - Chiefs 13.09 Bears 17.09 Went WR/RB for rounds 1-6. I cannot complain about either position. Obvious weaknesses look to be depth at TE and QB but my hope is Dalton/Hoyer will produce top 14-16 numbers and Witten/Gates combine for top 12-15 numbers. Of course, I am gambling that Dalton and Witten remain healthy. Maybe could have gone TE/QB or QB/TE in rounds 9 and 10, and waited to pick up 4th WR in round 11 but overall, I am satisfied with my team.
  2. ssl3 you otc

  3. Anybody know Mavis? He/She is up. Do not see contact info on MFL.
  4. Julio and Jarvis or DeAndre and Amari?...Or too close to call and comes down to preference? Julio the best player.... I guess it can depend on how well Amari will be this season. Not sure Jarvis could perform too much better.... Thoughts?
  5. I'll volunteer to be skipped after four hours, so long as the clock is still off from midnight to eight. Me too. Sure it will happen while working sometime.
  6. May not have been holy but it was damn sure an empire....until people got greedy.....kind of like US.....
  7. I'm sorry. I didn't see it. Please resend your e-mail address to HitNRun2003@gmail.com


  8. Replied to the Steelers team on your League forum. It may be a moot point by now if you have an owner.