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  1. Can we remove/zero out the eliminated? Or type eliminated in caps next to every team eliminated and put immunity in caps next to the team who earned for current week? I am more then happy to do this if I get rights. Thanks!
  2. Ok. I had immunity last week to cover my pathetic showing and still in....thanks for clearing up.
  3. QB - Dalton, An 7.09 Hoyer, Br 9.09 RB - Crowell, Is 4.08 Ingram, Ma 5.09 Martin, Do 6.08 Charles, Ja 12.08 WR - Green, AJ 1.09 Hopkins, De 2.08 Jeffery, Al 3.09 Britt, Ke 10.08 Benjamin, Tr 14.08 Cruz, Vi 18.08 TE - Witten, Ja 8.08 Gates, An 11.09 K - Aguayo, Ro 15.09 Bullock, Ra 16.08 D - Chiefs 13.09 Bears 17.09 Went WR/RB for rounds 1-6. I cannot complain about either position. Obvious weaknesses look to be depth at TE and QB but my hope is Dalton/Hoyer will produce top 14-16 numbers and Witten/Gates combine for top 12-15 numbers. Of course, I am gambling that Dalton and Witten remain healthy. Maybe could have gone TE/QB or QB/TE in rounds 9 and 10, and waited to pick up 4th WR in round 11 but overall, I am satisfied with my team.
  4. Anybody know Mavis? He/She is up. Do not see contact info on MFL.
  5. I'm sorry. I didn't see it. Please resend your e-mail address to


  6. Replied to the Steelers team on your League forum. It may be a moot point by now if you have an owner.