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  1. ssl3 you otc

  2. Anybody know Mavis? He/She is up. Do not see contact info on MFL.
  3. Julio and Jarvis or DeAndre and Amari?...Or too close to call and comes down to preference? Julio the best player.... I guess it can depend on how well Amari will be this season. Not sure Jarvis could perform too much better.... Thoughts?
  4. 13.11 Andre Brown RB
  5. 12.04 Doug Baldwin WR 12.05 Cody Lattimore WR 12.06 Carolina D gandalas has been PM'd
  6. 11.11 Josh McCown QB
  7. I'll volunteer to be skipped after four hours, so long as the clock is still off from midnight to eight. Me too. Sure it will happen while working sometime.
  8. 8.06 Kenny Stills WR
  9. 1 pick too early?
  10. 7.11 Hakeem Nicks WR
  11. Sorry, Couldn't get on earlier today. Do what you gotta do.
  12. 6.06 Julian Edelman WR
  13. 5.10 Kyle Rudolph TE 5.11 Joique Bell RB
  14. 5.06 Tony Romo QB 5.07 Frank Gore RB Carolina has been PM'd.