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  1. Sounds like he's still expected back week 1.
  2. Speaking of Vedvik...he's still listed as a Punter in MFL, without PK eligibility, until tomorrow, at least. From a support ticket submitted/replied to today - Friday 9th: Yes, he was drafted as a punter last year, and then spent the year on IR. But now that he's show potential for a kicking job, he will be updated in our system to be a kicker. That will take place overnight, so he will be in our system as a kicker starting tomorrow.
  4. Henderson went 7th and 8th in two of my drafts yesterday and today. 7th was me after trying to trade down a few spots. He seems to be rising pretty quickly.
  5. The Gurley giveth (2017) and the Gurley taketh away (2018). After he wrecked me in the playoffs almost single-handedly last year, I anticipated a repeat this year. Breathing a sigh of relief right now. Might discount him a little at the top of drafts next year, if people are bitter.
  6. He apparently tweaked his ankle in warmups (which is why Wilson was getting so many reps early) and then hobbled off (weekly occurence) when he hurt it in the game, too.
  7. Wow. What a great preview of the SB. Saints may have a say in the matter, but I'm looking forward to February.
  8. And Breida limped back off. Was trying to fight for yards to push pile and the strain seemed to aggravate the ankle. He just needs to spend a few weeks getting healthy and come back 100%.
  9. Breida left with another ankle issue after his 1st carry. Announced as being questionable to return, though he was available, but would be used only in an emergency. Came in next series, and lost a fumble in the pile. Dont think he's been back in yet, but I think they only had one offensive series, since he fumbled.
  10. Can we just make "Breida leaves the game with an injury." the first post every week this thread gets started?
  11. This is true. We may have a David Carradine situation. Someone should do a health and welfare check.
  12. Bumping Breida from RB2 to Flex, over Edelman. 1/2 PPR.
  13. I've been holding Chubb in a keeper league all year. Snatched him up in another where he wasn't already owned. Dropped Amari for him. So. So. So satisfying, on multiple levels.
  14. I got an email from Scout Fantasy Sports at 2:45 central and didnt read it until just now, on break at work. I see a FBG email came into my other account at 2:39, so they had the jump! Immediately came here for the chatter, as a Chubb owner.