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    I think it's a permission issue in that league's settings. Getting an access error when trying to view scoring, settings, etc., which are normally viewable by non-owners.
  2. And it also acts as a control across positions. You could make linemen start in a 3-point stance, RBs standing/hands on knees, WR upright with arms down, QBs half squatted in a shotgun or under-center position, and DBs backwards, having to turn at 5 yards, etc. That might provide the most realistic times WITHIN each position, but then you have the same argument about not being realistic for cross-position comparisons. The current system avoids all those variables by keeping the starting position consistent. Could argue for starting standing up for everyone, with the largest impact on the validity of that start for O and D linemen, I guess. No matter how you do it, though, a standard starting stance doesn't fit every position, and using stances by position would affect comparability.
  3. To provide some context for those not following posted official results. That's bonkers. Mims, Denzel 6.66 Trautman, Adam 6.78 Johnson, Juwan 6.94 Parker, Aaron 6.94 Pittman, Michael 6.96 Osborn, K.J. 7.00
  4. It was OPI. It was called. Other stuff wasn't. Hill's knee was down at the 40 when he juked Sherman out of his jock. Kpassagnon wasn't offsides...Person rocked. Neither was called. Jimmy getting pushed OB to avoid a Mahomes-lile play was legit. Good no call. Sanders probably should have had DPI. Both QBs took unnecessary shots to the head by hands, helmets, etc. Stuff gets missed. Whistles get swallowed (like on the Delay of Game call). Judgments are made. In the end, it was a well-played game, and no one call or non-call could be deemed a game changer. Just enjoy it for the entertaining matchup that it was!
  5. Hey Johnny, I'm interested in the last team available. FF since early 90s, around here for a while. Relatively new to dyno/devy, but I'm dedicated to the craft. I'll keep an eye out for an email. Thanks.
  6. So. Panthers. Current value takes a hit compared to if he'd landed in Detroit. But pretty much one of the better handcuff landing spots, right? After a few weeks, he's probably #2 over Bonnafon, right? Or is Reggie going to keep the handcuff-to-own status anyway?
  7. Not really sure what's going to happen here. McCoy looked decent in spurts this preseason, and the KC offense could be an elixir of youth for him. Or, he could just suck or be part of a useless timeshare (for FF). I'm trying to avoid claiming Shady in redraft, with the #1 post-draft waiver spot, after the original owner dropped him Friday. Given all the uncertainty, there's got to be someone else more worthy of that top WW spot after week 1, I'm thinking (continual rolling waivers).
  8. I was just coming (no double entendre intended) to post the same thing. Maybe it's the "editor" in me (or more likely the adolescent version of me I'll never shake), but that line jumped out at me, too. Anyway...I'm not particularly worried, as a Duke owner.
  9. Looks like I was on the right track, per Sleeper. Good veteran bridge to Kelly as a backup, when he's off suspension. Not sure they'd keep all 3 at that point, but seems like a good decision for both parties, if the rumor is accurate.
  10. Would Hoyer be a fit in Indy? Veteran depth. Not sure if he has any connections to coaching or FO there.
  11. Glazer's got it. Contingent of physicalS (not just him involved). Meant to quote Gabes "To Seattle" post.
  12. Are you offering a Penny for our thoughts?
  13. Speaking of Vedvik...he's still listed as a Punter in MFL, without PK eligibility, until tomorrow, at least. From a support ticket submitted/replied to today - Friday 9th: Yes, he was drafted as a punter last year, and then spent the year on IR. But now that he's show potential for a kicking job, he will be updated in our system to be a kicker. That will take place overnight, so he will be in our system as a kicker starting tomorrow.