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  1. The Bible tells us a woman's body belongs to her husband or in case her husband dies, his brother.
  2. Can't imagine many OBGyn's are going to choose Alabama as the place they'd like to begin their practice moving forward.
  3. Congratulations on the inheritance. It is a wonderful gift, and it sounds to me like you want to be a good steward of the money as a show of respect towards the person you inherited the money from. Way to go! Yes. $SPY and $VOO are essentially the same thing. They are ETFs comprised of the top 500 Companies by Market Cap. Right now they are weighted heavily in tech - so when you buy one of these that means you essentially own shares of Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Facebook as well as all the other top 500 companies out there. It is not sector specific - so there is tech, energy, financial, etc. The ETF is weighted towards to Mega Caps. $VTI, on the other hand, is made up of +3000 stocks from Large, Mid, Small Cap companies. There are times when Mid and Small Cap stocks outperform Large Cap - so with $VTI there is some greater level of diversification. But overall - in a very long term buy and hold situation - either one will be just fine. Having that $200k as a foundation investment - also opens you up to a lot of freedom with the rest of how you invest. And (again free advice) I would look into perhaps using that to take on higher risk higher reward positions. For example - let's say you have another $100k available to invest (a $300k total portfolio). With that you might want to begin to research some sectors you believe with have huge payoffs 5-10 years down the road. You are going to need to hit a HR every now and then. Again - I'd look into sector ETFs of future-focused technologies. Again. Way to go. Me mindful of the market. Be patient. And when opportunity presents - go after it aggressively.
  4. You'd really not do better (or safer) than putting it all into the $SPY or $VTI. Both provide diversification across sectors and quite frankly outperforms pretty much every single common portfolio strategy out there - usually by a large margin. How much so? Here's a sample from 2007-Present (which takes into account the top of a bull market thru a bear market then a long term bull market- High -Low - High. 1) $SPY= CAGR = 8.28% - $200k invested in 2007 = $530k today 2) $VTI = CAGR = 8.5% - $200k invested in 2007 = $545k today 2) Ray Dalios All Weather Portfolio = CAGR = 5.96% - $200k invested in 2007 = $410k today 3) Coffeehouse Portfolio = CAGR = 5.65% - $200k invested in 2007 = $395k today 4) Bogleheads 3 Funds Portfolio = CAGR = 6.1% - $200k invested in 2007 = $415k today Granted past performance is no guarantee of future returns. But don't be stupid with this money and chase. To be safer - perhaps look at putting a portion to work now - let's say $50k. And then dollar cost averaging $10k per month for the next 15 months with the rest. There's no real easy answer but $200k is a lot to just be sitting on or you're really rich. LOOK AT YOU! Good luck.
  5. I can only speak for myself with my own business.. But Idaho has never had a Group of One option to enter the "group market." Either before or after ACA.
  6. I think Brienne kills Dany with Jamie's sword -Oathkeeper.
  7. Have we gotten to the point of our simulation where Oompa Loompas are popping out and singing songs of warning yet?
  8. I'm afraid we've been taken by a Steak Oil Salesman.
  9. It's just completely unrealistic. How many nuke plants do we need to power just the USA? 300? 500? 1000? (I don't really know). Even if we started today. Completely had the process down to a tee. Nuke Regulations were laxed; NIMBYs on board; Plants built to the exact same design; and A plan to manage all the waste. We would still need to educate and train a sophisticated workforce to build and operate the plants. In the BEST CASE scenario - starting today with everyone on board - we're looking at decades to build this out. Then push the out to the rest of the world. Zero percent chance of nuke being the answer in time.
  10. Let's start by getting a few things corrected. #1: I'm a ####### in general. This can be verified by family and friends. #2: My take on the overall LT Market Trend has been consistent for almost 3 years. IT'S BULLISH. I post the LT chart almost every month on Twitter and the only change is the new monthly bar as time moves forward. The mini-crash in Oct-Dec was one where the Daily (ST Charts) were bearish (indicating a need for concern/hedging protection/plan development). However the LT Trend NEVER turned bearish (although it was mighty close). #3: Aggressive followers of the LT Trend had an excellent opportunity to buy near the Dec low at support levels. These support levels were posted a number of weeks prior to the $SPY hitting those levels too ($SPY @ $240ish). #4: If/When the market turns bearish in the future, it is my belief that the initial drop will be followed by a bounce back towards the old highs. Meaning - if/when the market ever turns bearish there are decent/high odds that you would be able to exit positions above that first punch to the face. Obviously - this requires some careful monitoring and a level of acceptance that "timing" is Not a Game of Perfect. (but the same holds true for buying at support in a bull market- you're not looking for perfection just trying to be "good enough/bold enough"). It is a process of LT market trends when they flip and might take a couple months+ to unfold. #5: Where I sit right now...I think if/when the market turns bearish - that bear trend will likely last at a minimum of 9 months...more likely it will last 3-5 years. And there will be massive bullish spikes all the way to that eventual bottom. #6: Black Swan event. I don't recall this but I'm not saying I didn't either. Remember I'm a #######. Personally, I believe that there are so many global risks out there that any one or combination of could result in a quick flip from Bull to Bear. My Black Swan nightmare is multiple SHTF events occurring at the same time. #7: My personal observation of the LT Trend would suggest that - at a minimum - we are a few months from even being able to call a bear market. Is it possible that the highs are in? Yes. But we need to close below $SPY $275ish on a monthly chart before a LT Trend change will occur. And $275ish is a long way from here. That's why I'd say a few months of drift down would be the best and soonest Bear case. Again - my opinion would be a trend flip sometime in the late summer early fall. But understand- I'm NOT saying the trend WILL flip then...just that time frame would fit for a potential trend flip where we sit today. #8: It's difficult for me to find much value in stocks these days. So the best case for "trading for ST gains" is momentum fliers. If you want my honest opinion - all of us should just be long the $SPY - set it and forget it until the trend changes. #9: Follow up to #8. I can't quantify it for you...but to me it seems that the risk of new long positions might not be worth the potential reward. When $SPY was at $240ish in December I felt differently. To put it in laymans terms - generally speaking it seems like where we are at now best case is to risk $1 to make $.80. That's uncomfortable. #10: Like always I reserve the right to change my mind. I think the LT chart posted should keep you safe enough to help determine market trend - not un-scarred - but safe enough. But remember if you check that chart out please do your own due diligence and not blindly follow the opinion of a #######. Good luck! Twitter link to chart.
  11. noth·ing·burg·er /ˈnəTHiNGˌbərɡər/ noun INFORMAL•US noun: nothing burger something that is or turns out to be insignificant or lacking in substance.
  12. That's only 47 horrible things. I mean if it was 50...then sure...there might be enough to rationally hate on him. But with just 47...Nothing Burger.
  13. I do really want to understand this more. From what I can tell - the oop cost of my family's heath care last year was around $25k - Add another $3k if you want to add vision, glasses, contacts, prescription meds, and dental) (The HSA is a great thing, however, I don't use my HSA to pay health care bills - rather I use it as a retirement tool). The oop last year seems like a lot to me. I'm lucky I could afford that. I don't know how most others can. When I look at the negotiated rate of my shoulder surgery - it appears that I would have spent far less if I could have just gotten that rate- meaning the insurance company still made a decent profit margin from me last year (I'd be happy to PM you receipts). Yes I was lucky my family didn't have major major issues. I empathize with you and the experience you had with your child as that would be my worst case scenario. I realize many have it worse off than me, and that the health care they get is good. And I want that for them too. But to me it seems like our system is rotten to the core. And since everyone seems to agree we have major major issues (both sides)...and that no other country in the world with universal coverage is clamoring to shut their universal health care system down in favor of a heath care system like ours - I'd say perhaps we should look at the best of those and shift quickly in that direction. In addition - we should have a campaign of health care designed around HEALTH. Around quality of life over longevity. That the foundation to health is diet; exercise; quality personal relationships; and mental well being. Life is about living and health care resources should be focused there far more than having them focused on people eeking out another 3-6 months in a hospital bed or a year sitting in a chair alone watching Fox news - maybe being able to get up walk to the mail box each day. Of course if someone wants to personally pay for that kind of care- I'm all for it. But not at the sacrifice of our future and our children's future. You are in the profession - what are some logical and practical solutions? Because I feel that any form of Trumpcare is going to shift away from helping the most to helping the rich.