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  1. Just curious. If you or a loved one contracted Covid-19 and had the ability for any treatment option which one would you chose? Knowing what you know would it be Leronlimab or something else?
  2. I said for more than a year in this very forum that the best investment one could make over the next years is to be long guillotine futures. Of course tongue in cheek but meant to describe the rhyming with history of the pendulum about to swing.
  3. $GYPR? No. I don't see that as eminent. I think overall the market is risky. However it takes many months for a long term trend to flip. Maybe $285ish on the $SPY has some significance. Though I don't think we go there straight away. If and I mean IF the market were to turn bearish on the LT trend - the way I'm reading the chart is that it is going to be ugly and ugly for a long time. That's a best guess and my read would change with how and when that trend were to flip. The price movement on monthly bars for 2020 is unprecedented and to me that's not a good thing - in fact it's down right scary. $BA - I have $0 at play regarding $BA. I'm rules based (fundamentals tell me what to buy and technicals/trend tell me when to buy it) I'm not going to be buying shares into a company in a LT bearish trend. $BA achieved it's lofty share price in 2019 not because of a successful business model but rather by financial engineering. It's just not the kind of company I want to be invested in out of a universe of other companies that comprises of much better opportunities from my perspective. Todem has served you guys quite well. I'd just listen to him honestly.
  4. I think it can move 30% in 2 months. But you know how I feel about $BA from a fundamental and trend point of view.
  5. I own quite a bit in my IB account fwiw.
  6. Why do you hate America and our Freedoms? I'm 100% Pro any Trump supporter expressing their "God-Given" rights to not wear a mask, not social distance and if they want to (for example- in an effort to prove that the "China" virus is a MSM hoax) "heck even lick a toilet seat" at any Trump rally. To note: I never said I "hoped" that they would do any of these things. Just that I "hoped" the HUUGE crowds had the freedom to exert and express their "rights" to do them in the same way they have demanded these rights be given to them in other places of social gathering. I ain't walking anything back. I love 'Merica!
  7. When I woke up this morning I thought I was in 'MERICA! Let's get one thing straight Anthony - I take great umbridge at your assertion I am trying to demean anyone. Rather I want Trump supporters to be able to express the same freedoms at a Trump rally that they demand when going to places like a grocery store or Home Depot. In regard to Mr. Trump - shaking hands and kissing babies is a staple of running for President. I mean even that "which" Liz Warren would stand around taking selfies with anyone who would go to her rallies. And besides - Trump himself has said he is immune to the "China" virus because he has taken Hydroxychloroquine. In his own words "what does he have to lose?" Again - I wish no ill will towards anyone. But I will not abide by anyone trying to deny me my "indelible" Rights to free speech gifted to me when ole George Washington himself chopped down a cherry tree, made a staff from it, parted the Delaware River and climbed to the top of a mountain where God himself inscribed those 10 Bill of Rights Amendments on a stone. At least that's what I learnt when I visited the Museum of the Bible. Have a good day sir. I SAID GOOD DAY!
  8. Waiver Schwaver. I hope there are HUUGE crowds prepared to show all the lefties how to exercise their freedom by not social distancing or wearing masks...heck maybe even lick a few toilet seats to boot. And I hope Trump shakes hands with all of them. That'll learn 'em.
  9. sending you a PM...look for it
  10. Time Frame. It's all about Time Frame. For many years I feel I've been quite consistent in saying that the LT (Investors Trend) is Bullish. Even back in March, I feel confident that we could go back and find a post where I would have said something like: "The LT Trend remains bullish BUT the recent decline has been a punch to the face. If the market were to turn bearish there is a trap door to hell where the market could decline all the way to $SPY = $140ish. Even still it will take weeks and/or months for the LT Trend to flip from Bull to Bear, and there will be tradable moves along the way" If I said anything contrary to that - could someone please find that post because I would have been shrooming if I said that. (And I will profusely apologize) Within the LT Time Frame there is often tradeable opportunities. I felt the market was so far over-valued back in Feb that I said "GYPR". That wasn't a call to sell everything you own and that a bear market was upon us or imminent. In fact my suggestion was for someone to take 15% (or so - I don't remember the exact allocation %) and purchase $TAIL as a cheap insurance policy (especially for those without access to the futures market). Again I repeated in March that those holding $TAIL needed to find a place to take their profits. As within the LT Trend we had gone from severely over-valued to severely under-valued. In May I threw out another $GYPR call. Why? Because the technical indicators I follow suggested that we were in a period of a tradeable decline (like 10%+) Counter-trend trades are difficult to call with absolute precision - because the strongest pull of the market is to the LT Trend. The call definitely wasn't a suggestion to liquidate your portfolio..rather that the moment of risk might be greater than reward and to pay attention. In the past 3 months - my take is we've moved from severely under-valued back to over-valued. Not as bad as it was in Feb - but perhaps the economy is slightly different too. My charts don't reflect the economy however - only price over time. The technical part of me has remained pretty cool and calm during all of this - as it has played out (to the extreme) but within what was expected. That makes me feel quite confident in my charts. The reasoned human in me looks around and is saying WTF - a complete disconnect between the stock market and the economy. There is something seriously wrong imo. I mean we might as well just be trading Pokeman Cards for a fortune. Again the reasoned human in me says what is going on will have dangerous consequences because if there is no connection between the stock market and the economy what makes $AMZN any different than say a $Pikachu Illustrator card? In regards to this thread - I don't know what to make of it. For certain - the kind of stuff I do is not at all like anyone else in here. Not sure I really offer any value at all and don't think I'll throw out any more $GYPR's and LT trend turns moving forward. I do like to see what you guys are doing. I want you all to do well. Congrats to those who have. Moving forward, I'd say good luck!
  11. Look. Drew Brees holds radical right wing political views. In addition he's a religious kook. What he expressed yesterday, is what he has expressed in the past - it is his CORE belief. For him, expressing his belief at this time had a huge backlash - as he's obviously tone deaf to this moment in history. Realizing $millions are at stake he paid for a stock image photo, and a well written apology likely from his publicist, put it out on Instagram and hopes it all goes away. FDB!.
  12. Do you think we are not in a recession right now?
  13. $GOLD is bullish. Kind of running away. I think I saw your buy levels at $25; then $22.50; then $20 or something like that. I like $24.50ish then $22. At those levels the LT bull trend would still be intact. I'd buy those levels fwiw.
  14. I'm confused. Are you talking about Great Canadian Gaming ($GC) or $GOLD? What is your time frame. Remember. A stock can be bullish on a 1 minute TF; Bearish on a hour TF; Bullish on a Daily TF; Bearish on a Weekly TF. Time Frame matters. I'm so confused on here these days. The thread has flipped from a "you can't time the market(ers) - to a thread full of market timers. IMO: the LT market at this time carries significantly more risk than people seem to be aware of. The noise of a daily move (ups or downs) has less importance right now.
  15. I was more speaking to the stocks recently discussed here. Seems like many are out there focused on re-arranging deck chairs on the cruise ship...and I'm sitting here seeing icebergs.