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  1. No. It could gap up beyond $2. Ya just never know. I mean look this is a drug that potentially treats HIV, Canver, Covid-19 and Erectile Dysfunction (many of us have a hard on lasting 4+ hours). A number of years ago I purchased stock in $ACAD, a pharma company with a potential break-thru drug. Bought at $1.80 or so and in less than 12 months it was in the mid $30's. The first gap up went from $2 - $6 overnight. I've also bought plenty that had seemingly a lot of potential that went totally bust. These things are gambles. Play 10x you likely lose 9 of them, and hopefully this one is a home run. The future on this is far from known. But exciting nonetheless.
  2. 1) Many people would say this would be a "perfect" response. 2) It's not like if he did that it is even an impeachable offense. 3) Of course he's going to do something like this.
  3. Curious. Do you know what the interest rate we'll be paid back at?
  4. What is the method you use to determine "value"? edit: Not to say I don't like your picks...some of them I think represent great value. Just asking how YOU determine it
  5. I think my answer would depend on what your time frame is. On an hourly chart - yep - confirmed bullish trend from yesterday morning. Daily chart is bearish - so in this case I'd be looking at what happens to the 60min chart as it nears $SPY $270ish...then $280. There is resistance up to $300- you'd sell into that. On the LT monthly chart. Not sure. The bar for March has yet to fully print. In the best case scenario there is massive damage to the LT Trend. In a worser case the LT Bull Trend is broken...being honest I don't actually know and may not fully know for a couple more months. If we are in the beginning stages of a Bear Market understand that it is common to have massive bounces within that bear trend. And I'm shocked the market fell this far for this long before we've has any kind of bounce like we're seeing the past couple of days. My recommendation remains the same. Find the companies you would like to own and buy them off support levels within the LT Trend.
  6. March 7, 2020: "Anyone who wants a coronavirus test can have one."
  7. Dude: This makes me really happy to hear. The number one rule of making money is learning how not to lose it. Way to go. With that said - I'd have been much happier to be Lhucks'd right off this board for being wrong with the $GYPR. And truth be told - it wasn't about the global pandemic that made me make that prediction. Oftentimes I have found that "events" occur at times working with technicals that make them more than just coincidence. This is one such time I guess. I take a technical approach to markets. And what I'm seeing is beyond what I can comprehend. I like the technical part because technical strategies are not emotional. But I can't help but wonder what happens if cases go to 100k; 500k; 1m? What happens if 1000 people die or 100k? What happens when economic numbers get posted that are far worse than what we are expecting as worst case right now? It's hard to remain unemotional at a time like this. I do think they are good deals that will likely be even better sometime down the road. We've likely been living in a Humpty Dumpty type of economy..and blind to the fragility of it. How we pick up and put the pieces together will be interesting looking out 5-10 years from now. Of course the broken parts will be obvious then. Everyone's primary goal now should be to take care of themselves and their families. Good luck and health to us all!
  8. Those would be general support levels. I think he was asking about resistance...which is in the $270-80ish levels. Honestly...I think we're have more than a punchers chance to drop to around $130ish $SPY
  9. You might need to go into a Fidelity office, but possible you can do it online and send in the forms. Basically at a bare minimum you will need Fidelity's Lvl 2 Options, which gives you the ability to Buy and Write Call and Puts. These will not be margined...they are called Cash Covered Puts. So for instance on the $MSFT position discussed you would need to have the cash on hand to cover the Puts if put to $13000 per contract. You are going to be asked a series of questions. How long have you traded, stocks, bonds, options, index funds, etfs...etc. Just say "5 years or 10 years" or whatever. Don't tell them, "Oh...I've never traded these things before". You will be changing your risk tolerance in your portfolio as according to Fidelity. IMO: Keep options simple. But in the case where we are right now...if you want to own stocks this is a good strategy, and will be one for a decent while. Put writing in a Bull Mkt is often times futile. If you want to ramp it up to Lvl 3 or 4, you can do that, but to me it is unnecessary. They won't give you any grief. It's all a formality.
  10. You are not buying the Put. You are writing the Put (Selling to Open) yes over $130 it's keep the $1140 but no stock
  11. The market is broken right now. We're are at levels of support which should have seen a significant bounce. Yet we are breaking down it seems. Taking a broader view - there has been a crack in what I might call a doorway to hell. And never did I consider it a possibility. I do now. It absolutely 100% must bounce and in very very short order or else. The times I've seen charts act like they are right now are when a company is going under. So where is support? $SPY 220ish ; then $210ish; then $180ish; then $130ish. SPY @ $130ish, "Siff you are ####### out of your mind!" I agree. $SPY has dropped more than 100pts and we have 7500 cases and 115 deaths. What might it look like with 100000 cases and 5000 deaths with 10% unemployment and an economy stopped? I'm just a messenger here. Do I believe that will happen? Absolutely Not! But then again maybe. Perhaps even possibly. For the record I'll be buying into this (already have) - but now adjusting % of buys as the conditions are rapidly changing. Edit: For Strategy purposes. If you have the ability to write options now is a great time to do it. Puts are expensive. Let me give a quick example. let's say $MSFT is on your buy list today. Right now it is trading at $137. (Remember you like $MSFT enough at $137 to buy it here). Instead you write the $130 April 17 Put. That is trading $11.20 - $11.60. Lets say you split the difference and write the Put for $11.40. For that you will receive $1140 per contract. If $MSFT is trading below $130 on April 17, the stock will get Put to you at $130. Your costs basis for that is $119.60 ($130 - $11.40). So if you like $MSFT at $137, you would have to love it at $119.60. If $MSFT is trading above $130 on April 17 - you get to keep at $1140.
  12. We need to think about golf resort operators first. They are the ones really suffering.
  13. Hey:  I saw you wanted to know about alternatives to hand sanitizer.  I own a some ST rentals, and was looking for a solution to reduce my plastic waste about 6 months ago.  I found a product called Force of Nature.  It is electrolyzed Salt and Vinegar which is an EPA registered disinfectant effective for use in hospitals and ICUs.  It is an amazing house cleaner, but in this time we've also been using it as an alternative to hand sanitizer.  We have made small 2oz bottles and carry that with us...have given it to our kid when he eats at school.  Spray it on a towel to disinfect door handles, phones, tablets etc.

    Costs per spray bottle is like $.10.

    Here is a referal link which if you purchase would get me some refills.  Do some research, but it is a a fantastic product.  Even if you don't use my link but buy it anyway - you will find it an excellent product - get 50 refills when you order just to be safe.  If you have questions ask me.