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  1. Coming into the debate the meter ticked to Biden, I can't lie. After the debate it's back to even. I'm reading everything and will continue to until Tuesday when my wife and I are planning to vote. I'll keep reading here and other avenues and post here now and then. I will say that Admiral McRaven's article tipped me to Biden earlier in the week.
  2. The knock on him the past few years in Green Bay was his inability to make adjustments at halftime. It was always the same game plan on Offense and Defense. It was maddening. Same thing I saw yesterday, no adjustments at all, plus the players quit so that didn't help.
  3. Nice game Buc fans. Good luck in the WS with the Rays. This one is OVAH
  4. Such a stupid rule. He obviously wasn't giving himself up. The refs need to use their heads. REFS ARE COSTING US THIS GAME / @flapgreen
  5. I want a President to get #### done. Would I like a Presidential President? Absolutely, but if it's a choice between one who get stuff done and one who doesn't and act's like a petulant child I'm probably opting for the one that gets stuff done. I think that's where I was at coming into this election year. However the way he's acting is out of control and I don't know if I want that anymore. I don't know how much Biden can get done if the Repubs retain Congress. I'm just unsure
  6. I did not see this tweet. I admit I don't follow politics every single day of my life so i miss things and I don't read about this stuff every day either.
  7. Clearly you didn't read my first post.