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  1. Market here is bananas. B-A-N-A-NA-S I sold my house in one day without even putting it on the market for about $10k more than we were going to put it up for. $10k more than 6 months ago and $50k more than 2 years ago. B-A-N-A-N-A-S
  2. I'm in a pool with 7 other guys. We auction off all the teams, everyone gets 8, winner gets what the loser paid for his team. I set a new record last year........ Record low for winnings......... $1 American.
  3. I know Marquette was betterthan the way they finished, but shocked and happy to see them get a 5. Murray St will be tough. Hope Howard shows up
  4. What a terribly officiated game. SH is a bunch of thugs. Powell should have been ejected way earlier and then the joke of letting him back in the game was a joke as well, second technical, how was he not ejected? John was rightfully ejected, but Anim getting ejected was laughable. The officiating was horrible bth ways. The Technical for hanging on the rim was hilarious. Markus Howard disappeared again in a big game, something becoming too typical. Marquette should get a 6 at least, but if they don't choke away those 4 losses they should have been a 3
  5. Back in the 80's before cell phones........ I was a drunk 20 something and everytime I walked by him at the wedding I would say " Dat's all da people need to know!" Finally he stood up and put the claw on me and laughed. Thankfully he was goofing around..... but I learned my lesson. Was a fun wedding