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  1. Yep. I saw the Lions unable to score but one TD. 4 fgs won't win you many games. But go ahead and blame the refs. The only touchdown they scored was a bs call that 3 refs called it no td, but was overturned by one ref. Ridiculous. But blame the refs.
  2. Gift from the refs. Obviously there was holding, probably the whole O-Line. That's the only way the Packers can run like that
  3. Packers can only win with gifts from the refs, new here?
  4. Wow, I was wondering about your fantasy teams. Thanks for the update
  5. That same ref just called that fumble recovery a touchdown
  6. I always cut them apart then twister tie them back together
  7. I'm actually one of his defenders and like him, but today was over the top. One example was the PI, Pierera said it was an easy call, there was no overturn of the call, and yet he complained about it into and out of the commercial after the next play even was ran. That's just one example today, but the fanboyism was strong. I wouldn't expect you to see it because you're a Cowpoke fan, just like if that was Favre doing commentary I wouldn't have heard it either.