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  1. Bloomberg back from the dead, Warren sailing away into the night
  2. Getting close to the WWE chair shot
  3. Warren just needs to shut up. She's losing people tonight
  4. My wife just watched a series called "Why Wives Kill" or something like that. I told just make it painless.
  5. They'll be out and voting. They all see tuition forgiveness and everything else that will be free. Sad state of affairs this country is in right now.
  6. It got close last Weds. I thought Klobuchar was going to hit Pete with a chair.
  7. You don't and shouldn't. You should treat people from the other side with respect and how you would like to be treated. Is it difficult? Hell yes it is, but for the sake of humanity everyone needs to try or this country will never recover.
  8. Nope, of course I saw it. Still doesn't change how he comes across.
  9. You sound angry because she's making Trump supporters look human, and that's the last thing you or any Trump haters want to see or believe. Ps, I'm not a Trumper, just calling it as I see it.
  10. Still alive and well in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area
  11. This is probably true, but today the biggest difference is the size of everything. A Big Mac wasn't quite double the size it is today but it was easily 1 1/2 times bigger
  12. Just got done watching Miracle for at least the 25th time if not more.. I watched it live as well..... Still gives me goosebumps and I tear up at the end. Every. Single. Time.