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  1. Actually having to use maps and memorize routes. Playing with real Jarts
  2. Loner-Jock-Freak Hung out with everyone. One time there was a "rumble" jocks v freaks...... I showed up but was friends with nearly everyone, it was awkward.
  3. They asked me what I wanted to do, either ship it or have it picked up. Either way, they haven't been able to get me the boxes.
  4. I've tried to send it all back twice, but they can't seem to get me the boxes. I talked to them on Friday after getting an email a couple weeks ago saying I had a balance. The woman told me to disregard that email as there is no balance on my account.
  5. Ive been disconnected since April and we are still catching up on shows we recorded last year
  6. Sorry to hear this Frosty. Similar thing happened to me last Sept after 18 years and at 56, looking for a job was not what I had in mind at this stage of my life. Good luck GB
  7. I'm so so very sorry for your loss Kee. My heart breaks for you and your family.
  8. They pretty much decided they aren't giving the house away anymore. Everyone trying to get something for nothing, just isn't working anymore. Glad I got out.
  9. Sorry to hear about your mom Tanner. Thoughts and prayers for her.
  10. I cancelled in April because we moved and can't have a dish anymore. They said they'd send boxes for the equipment, no problem. Mid May, I get an email telling me i better send the equipment back or I'll get charged. Called them and told them I never received the boxes that maybe they went to the old address. The woman told me they would send new ones that would arrive in a week....... August 2nd and no boxes plus I sti4ll have my receiver hooked up and we are watching programs we still have recorded. It's looking like I have a receiver and a mini genie that are mine That place is a ####show now
  11. Best File Manager? I cna't serch this damn thread
  12. Best File Manager? I cannot search this damn thread