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  1. Thank you all for the kind words, thoughts and prayers. It's kind of rough as we can't even have her funeral yet. We were thinking April 17th, but now we are under a stay at home order for the next 30 days. Oh, also lost my cousin on the same day. Thanks again GMTanners. Did I miss the group toast? ❤️
  2. Lost my sister on Sunday. She wasn't answering calls or texts so my brother and i went to her place in the afternoon, could hear her phone ringing and ended up breaking the door down. Find her slumped over in her chair. Checked for a pulse but she was gone. They figure she was dead for about 12 hours, that she had a heart attack. 56 years old. Saturday night she got to see my daughters debut with a new band that I was Facebooking live. She was supposed to go but she wasn't feeling well. Her last text to me was a 👍 when I told her I'd call her on Sunday. Live for today and tell your loved ones you love them, no one's promised a tomorrow. 😥
  3. Much ado about nothing. Just ridiculous how the media is over-blowing this.
  4. What is this Dental appliance you speak of?
  5. The thread should have just stopped here.
  6. That's why I quoted you. Still waiting for a @[scooter] response.
  7. My daughter lived in East Nash for 3 years. Lived and worked right by the 5 Points area where they took the brunt of it. Sketchy? Maybe a little but I never feared for her safety for the most part and have been there many times.
  9. The party that hates rich, white dudes has 3 of them at the top of the polls.
  10. How. Are we greeting each other like the Indians used to do?
  11. From the article: Either he ordered them back or he didn't. Your story that you posted here contradicts itself.
  12. Bloomberg back from the dead, Warren sailing away into the night
  13. Getting close to the WWE chair shot
  14. Warren just needs to shut up. She's losing people tonight
  15. My wife just watched a series called "Why Wives Kill" or something like that. I told just make it painless.