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  1. oh, I don't know about that....Nader is cooperating...Broidy and many others may be in the spotlight...the NRA is neck deep as well....there's a ton we don't know.
  2. normal.. Ari Melber‏Verified account @AriMelber DOJ says Pres. Trump was given advance notice of indictment (appropriate as a national security measure) — and note *then* Trump denigrated the probe, praised Putin and said Putin would be his easiest meeting on this trip. 12:27 PM - 13 Jul 2018
  3. Tea Pain‏ @TeaPainUSA FUN FACT: Today's 29 page Mueller indictment mentions 3 unnamed co-conspirators. #MuellerIsComing 11:39 AM - 13 Jul 2018
  4. if Cohen and Flynn didn't flip that may have been the case....honest you believe Trump is innocent?
  5. didn't realize the investigation was over.
  6. yes, indictments are propaganda and tweets are fact...welcome to the upside down.
  7. an adversary attacks us and is embraced by the President yet he's strained nearly every relationship with our allies for decades (Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, etc.) for no good reason. It really strains basic logic on why this is ok but the R's just bury their head in the sand. Just nuts.
  8. bingo! the WH, Trump and crew won't be able to rely on the "no American's or Trump members" much longer.
  9. Anne Applebaum‏Verified account @anneapplebaum Mueller is suggesting Russians stole Clinton campaign election analytics. If they gave that to Trump campaign, then how is that different from Nixon's Cuban burglars breaking into Democratic campaign offices?
  10. it's much, much easier when you have the President of the US in your pocket doing the bidding for you....He wasn't nearly as good when Obama was President.
  11. Seth Abramson‏Verified account @SethAbramson (IMPORTANT) Trump and his allies have been saying for a year that the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting didn't matter because "nothing came of it." That's now proven false: Russia said it would give Trump Jr. Clinton "dirt" on June 9—and it launched "DCLeaks" for *that day* to do so.
  12. It's funny that it's not the hacking and manipulating the US election that the President takes issue with...its investigation of those crimes that are the problem. welcome to opposite world.
  13. so the US Gov't indicts 12 Russians for hacking the US election...does the President say a peep about it? No, he's actually going to meet with Trump tomorrow and the Kremlin just called Trump a "partner"....all in plain sight....nuts.