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  1. Corey Davis played last year as well when Brown was a did that work out? Brown was has scored 4 tds in 3 games since returning from injury. Brown>>>>Davis
  2. Looking like a lost year unfortunately....maybe I’ll get him back for the playoffs...
  3. The thread will have a “star” to the left...indicating you’ve posted in the thread.
  4. I understand the production as I’ve had him in a dynasty league but if you are a team making the biggest investment ever in a WR my guess is you’d want to make sure he was a somewhat stable investment that you’d get your return on...otherwise deal him and let him be someone else’s problem.
  5. Is this a CTE type issue? I don’t recall hearing these things about him in the past...maybe I missed them...why would they have given him that kind of money (last year?) if he was such a mess....just seems off
  6. with Taylor on a bye and Sanders out a week or two, it's Henderson time!
  7. Was the 4th post in this thread and nothing has changed...
  8. He’s doing a real nice job in Dallas....dude is a clown.
  9. Dude is fantastic...Dak going out killed his upside. I traded him in a dynasty league the week before Dak got hurt and hated doing it because he’s going to be a star. Dalton is just horrendous and his value is greatly dimished this year. It’s a shame because he was going to have an amazing year on this offense with this defense.
  10. If he scores a TD it's a great week. It'll come and it's moving in the right direction.
  11. I owned Ladanian Tomlinson back in the day in his rookie year and I remember the same arguments with his 3.6 ypc. The thread was dozens of pages long. You go with good talent, hope they can avoid injuries and hope for the best.
  12. Lamb and Gurley in a dynasty league...very deep at WR and RB and wanted to upgrade