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  1. what legit lawyer with an ounce of intelligence would willingly sign on for McGahn's job or the President's Russia team especially now that he's basically hiring every conspiracy theorist from Fox to work in the administration? As a bonus you'll likely be asked to commit crimes, leave your integrity at the door and likely have to hire your own lawyers and spend a tremendous amount of money to protect yourself from things you may have to do/have seen. I would absolutely LOOOVE if DiGenova now decided to's going to be hysterical when Sekulow, Kasowitz and Cohen are left to defend him.
  2. mean Trump lied about Papo's role in the campaign? shocking.
  3. Trump is going to burn up his little twitter fingers walking back his statements after the major repub uproar....I love this....stable genius.
  4. but the funny thing is he's totally lying..he was using the dreamers as leverage for the wall but framed it the opposite way
  5. and HUGE spending increases
  6. more liberals popping off... Ann Coulter‏Verified account @AnnCoulter FollowFollow @AnnCoulter More “ I will never sign another bill like this again” Yeah, because you’ll be impeached. 10:42 AM - 23 Mar 2018
  7. it's hysterical now to hear the Repub's now going nuts over the signing of this bill, the tariffs...the dude is and has been totally nuts but now that he's disregarding them they are flipping out. too funny. to think you can ever trust a guy like him is just too much...don't be surprised when you make a deal with the devil.
  8. never say never. he is a stable genius and did school really good.
  9. Alan Dershowitz to the courtesy phone! We have a guy who says he's the president and is desperate for another Fox lawyer...
  10. Maggie Haberman‏Verified account @maggieNYT FollowingFollowing @maggieNYT More Maggie Haberman Retweeted Shimon Prokupecz Bigger issue is less that Trump didn’t think they were right and more that a) Toensing had conflicts with her clients which b) include Corallo, who accused Hope Hicks of possible obstruction
  11. I was reading on twitter day's/weeks before DiGenova was hired about the conflicts that he and wife would have if they took the job...they are lawyers and do this for a living so how in the world could they not see the conflict of interest? it makes no sense.
  12. Shimon Prokupecz‏Verified account @ShimonPro FollowFollow @ShimonPro More CNN: Joseph diGenova's role, as well as that of his wife and law partner, Victoria Toensing who is also in discussions about joining the legal team, are in flux. After meeting on Thursday, Trump is not convinced they are right for the legal jobs. No one has been officially hired 10:20 AM - 23 Mar 2018 so he lost his main lawyer and may not have a replacement. he approached several other top lawyers and no one wants a part of it. brilliant plan. a president embroiled in the biggest investigation in the history of our gov't and he has a couple mickey mouse attorneys...ONLY THE BEST!
  13. it's kind of vague but that's what I would assume... I just thought it was funny.
  14. haha...he's reading down the various military hardware that is in the bill...he's so clueless...he has no idea what this stuff is. what an utter embarrassment he is.
  15. Adam Parkhomenko‏Verified account @AdamParkhomenko FollowFollow @AdamParkhomenko More CNN is reporting Trump’s new attorney for Mueller work is no longer convinced he is the right person for the job after a meeting yesterday. My god. 10:19 AM - 23 Mar 2018