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  1. odd that they didn't issue a subpoena to Don Jr when he claimed BS attorney client due to the fact that there was an attorney in the room (not his).
  2. Of course...since it's her administration that's ruining the country right now she's absolutely fair game.
  3. You have it backward...Obama didn’t have a battle with them, they had one with him. It was the stated Republican agenda to make him a one term president and they did everything within their power to make it so. It’s pretty ironic that there’s a guy in WH who’s a walking disaster and yet they choose to ignore 3/4s of what he says and does. The other planet is where decency, respect, inclusion, and compassion exists. Unfortunately that has completely left the country discourse and it’s not even attempted and quite frankly it’s embeaced, perpetuated and celebrated by the President and his base. It’s just mean A planet where you support pedophiles, racism, criminals, discrediting judges, the FBI, the DOJ, the intelligence community all in the support of a career conman and awful person just because he’s a republican is not one I can support. The real irony and the saddest part is that most in his party think he’s nuts, an idiot but will still do whatever he wants to support the party...some things are bigger than party.
  4. Obama had the base and support he had because he wasn't like that whatsoever....he didn't have as many legit controversies in his 8 years than Trump has had since Jan 1st of this year. Comparing the two is an insult to Obama this is coming from someone who voted for him but I was never an ardent fire breathing supporter....I just thought he was level headed, thoughtful and did a good job...pretty much the opposite of our current situation.
  5. and thinks he's so much better than he is...
  6. he liked her movies and she needed money?
  7. stable genius with a grasp of the issues... Kyle Griffin‏Verified account @kylegriffin1 FollowingFollowing @kylegriffin1 More Paul Ryan spent 30 minutes on the phone with Trump explaining the differences between domestic and foreign surveillance after his first tweet about FISA, according to WaPo.
  8. so they can show it to Trump and make him feel good. sad.
  9. he's an ignorant racist plain and simple....his base loves it though so it's ok...
  10. that's hysterical.
  11. how long until it comes out that the British PM told him not to come....
  12. zero proof of many jobs would've gone there under Hillary and they will under Trump.
  13. so they're giving out like $8k?
  14. 0% chance this happens....he'd have more liability than anyone /thread
  15. "Hey Paul, did I say the wrong thing? Oh really? Ok, I'll send another tweet out contradicting what I said an hour ago...BTW, I'm a stable genius, right?" "Yes, Mr. President...a true genius with an excellent grasp of the issues" Erica Werner‏Verified account @ericawerner FollowFollow @ericawerner More Per GOP source Trump and Ryan spoke at length between first FISA tweet and second ... potus initiated call