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  1. should be an interesting off season.....
  2. from a low class POS like him? I think you'll be waiting a long time...
  3. I'm sure it was completely accidental as was the Brown hit.
  4. There's a reason why they don't take the next step and it's not just Daulton. Bengals deserved what they got and their window is closing. Undisciplined, idiotic behavior.
  5. It's amazing how bad they are without Beckham. They would be the worst team in the league getting blown out each week without him.
  6. Targeted him in both my leagues and he was my MVP this year. So solid and consistent each week. I thought he was being drafted well below his floor but had no idea he would end up near the #1 wr. With Beckham, AR15 and AJ Green on my keeper league who would've thought that AJ Green would be my #3 wr. Crazy. Thanks AR...hell of a year.
  7. haha...nice. It's OVERTURNED.................................................I mean, I'm sorry, I meant upheld.
  8. maybe because it's not official
  9. bad is essential for the game...what's the purpose of a bat at a football game?
  10. it seems pretty clear that the Panters targeted Beckham and tried to intimidate him. No place for that in the game.
  11. wait...I thought that Beckham was the bad guy here....
  12. I'm not sure of the relevance of all the Gordon posts here other than both were suspended. Take it to the Gordon thread no one cares.
  13. never know but my guess is no.
  14. it better otherwise he'll have more suspensions.