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  1. Huh? He torched Norman multiple times. He was frustrated that he didn't get the ball when the game was on the line. The only thing that stopped Odell was not going to him....Eli was "being smart".
  2. It would be interesting to see Riddick behind the same line to contrast. Night and day
  3. I would be more confident starting his this week vs last week. I wouldn't be surprised at something like 12-70-.5 td and 2-14 ...
  4. They need to get their best player the ball. I can see why he's frustrated
  5. anyone throwing out low ball offers on him? I'm thinking you can get him very cheap and maybe he comes back like he did last year..??? wishful thinking?
  6. I was with you on that.
  7. ya, it was night and guy was going east-west in the backfield and the other north-south with a good body lean.
  8. Health is certainly the largest issue. These situations are tough and I've been caught on both sides over the years (P. Holmes, C. Benson, T. Jones, Freeman, Forsett). I thought they were busts/bums and ignored them while they had later success for a time period after struggles early struggles....what has worked best for me is to not think that I know best and watch what's actually happening on the field. I don't see Rawls going away but I don't think he's guaranteed will all depend on how Michael is doing and how the team is running. Rawls will certainly get his shot when he returns/gets healthy but his future success will depend on if he out performs Michael side by side or not. If he doesn't play better he won't be the lead dog, nor should he be.
  9. what would be interesting is to see the distribution because it seemed as if the team was looking to go with Riddick and he was in on the 1st 2 series I believe and got absolutely smoked carrying the ball and I believe missed on 2 short yardage situations. Then they gave the ball to Washington and all the sudden he started making things happen and the offense started to move. I'd imagine a lot of those carries are front loaded for Riddick with just a couple carries in the 2nd half.
  10. last year is last year and ancient history. Last week is far more relevant than what happened a year + ago.
  11. I'm not sure how you can say anything with certainty at this point.
  12. I wonder if Wilson is out whether that helps/hurts CMike....
  13. Washington just might not be ready for a larger role just yet. Waldman had said that his rap coming out of college was a physical phenom but was very raw with respect to blocking schemes and other aspects of the game. I would expect that week by week they will try and coach him up and increase his snap counts. I expect that Riddick will maintain his role that he had when Bell / AA were on the team because he excels in that role. From a between the tackles running POV Washington was light years better than Riddick and I'm sure the team will continue to get the ball into his hands.
  14. Today when they were down down by 30 or the rest of the year? If they go down20+ each game from here on out I agree that Riddick will likely out produce him.
  15. I don't know. Hard to commit to run when you're down 21-0 before you break a sweat. They'll watch the film and see that Washington was far better. They'll scheme for him to get the ball more and increase his touches.