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  1. it's really funny when people applaud the president for knowing something about the issues he's talking about...the bar has been brought down so far and most don't even realize it....
  2. classic deflection....don't address the message...attack the messenger/ 1 in their playbook...right under the "Obama", "Clinton", "emails" section
  3. when he wakes up tomorrow it will be like today never's the groundhog day administration
  4. I'm pretty sure that if Obama did the same thing Fox wouldn't bring it up, right? I'm sure Hannity, Rush, O'Reilly and the rest wouldn't politicize if Obama didn't call a fallen soldiers family for a couple weeks and then basically insulted and made the mother cry while giving "condolences"....these are the same people that made national stories about not wearing a lapel pin....
  5. there's a better chance he further insults the family than there is that he'll provide proof to his false claims...
  6. of course, what else could they possibly say? how can you justify it? they can't admit they were wrong or could have handled it better so you do what they've done all during the attack the leaker.... It's really unbelievable that the only time this president has ever sounded somewhat presidential is when he's reading words that someone else wrote off a teleprompter...when left to his own devices he's said pretty much the wrong thing on nearly every's amazing just how awful he is.
  7. which is precisely why he hates the press because they are the only ones that will challenge his lies
  8. it's precisely why he didn't want to make that call or visit Puerto Rico or do any of the difficult stuff of being President...he really just doesn't care...he's so self obsessed he can't even relate to others and what they are feeling/dealing with and I really don't think he cares at all. That's why he comes off so poorly...he doesn't care and he's trying to make it seem like he does but it just comes out as fake and forced.
  9. I'm looking into my crystal ball right now and this is what I see...... Trump disbands the deal as it's a horrible deal (one of the worst ever) for America and throws it to Congress to come up with a much better plan for America (so we can be great again) Trump offers no guidance but Congress comes up with a plan, Trump loves the plan and says how great it is for the American people People dig into the plan specifics and point out some of the major problems with it, Trump then undermines the plan and tells Congress they suck and can't do their job.... NAFTA deal gets thrown on the pile alongside the Iran deal, healthcare, tax plan, DACA, infrastructure, debt ceiling....... WINNING!!
  10. you mean insensitive hypocrite being an insensitive hypocrite
  11. Could you imagine FoxNews if Obama hadn’t called the families of fallen soldiers? He would’ve been derided day and night, called unpatriotic, unAmerican and 100 other things,,,what have they said about Trump? Crickets...good old fair and balanced.
  12. So the President makes a national issue out of kneeling for the flag and castigates those players for kneeling calling them unpatriotic and says it insults our veterans. So then we have real soldiers that paid the ultimate price for their country and he finds it incnvenient and “hard” to make calls for our fallen solidiers. Then he blatantly lies and says other presidents haven’t called the families of fallen soldiers to make the story about him and try to make himself not look so pathetic. What a leader....who would want to march into battle behind this draft dodger? He’s just a pathetic person.
  13. might as well, congress has nothing else to do besides Healthcare, Daca, debt ceiling, Iran nuclear deal, Tax reform, infrastructure, reworking NAFTA, reworking the Paris accord...they've done such a good job so far why not have them pass something else??
  14. Didn't get to see the game today but looks like he was much more productive than Miller? Changing of the guard or just situation?
  15. Only hires the best...