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  1. I don't like investing in mediocre talents with good situations with good players behind them. Things change quickly in the NFL where winning counts above all. no matter what any of us think or what is said at this point it will be decided on the field and if one player outperforms they will get more time and opportunities. Why wouldn't they? What do they owe Murray? last year is last year and there's a reason they drafted 2 rbs.
  2. we can speculate all we want on the potential outcomes but the genie has been let out of the bottle. What will determine playing time is production side by side. Prior to camp that was not case so I'm not sure how many can say that Rawls so unaffected by CMs play.
  3. he's very well thought in the article but how do you account for freakish ability? how many times were Tomlinson or Peterson on terrible teams where they made something from nothing and elevated the play of the entire team?
  4. I think it's a matter of preference....he finished 4th last year with 80-1400-14...he's terrific and don't see a real reason why his situation should materially change. Ya, his TD production may drop a bit as that tends to have variability but he is the best red zone target and with his skill set he's going to get those long, game breaking td's as well.
  5. ya, just throw up jump balls and he'll come down with them. he had the most yards per reception last year and looks like he'll be near the top again this year...
  6. that was too funny...."this is my dress up tank", this is my memorial day tank, this is my casual tank...this is my favorite hang out and chill tank...he had it all figured out.
  7. The gap between him and the field is a huge advantage. You can get an Allen Robinson in the mid rounds l(last year) but you can't get a Gronk.
  8. Allen Robinson is no joke. 3 catches for 80 yards in a quarter and looks in miseason form. Two great back to back acrobatic catches that drove the ball down the field.
  9. Agreed. He should be going back to the future and be an absolute target hog in the offense. With Sanu and Jones gone and Eifert injured Green is the only option through the air. Look back at his stats when that was the case. 175 targets, around 100 catches,1350 yards and 11 tds. I'll take that thank you very much.
  10. What has Ajayi done (not to mention he's already injured with a knee issue that caused to fall in the draft) to make it so surprising that a recent stud RB for years is the starter. I'll definitely be targeting him with him ranked in the 30's.
  11. should be an interesting off season.....
  12. from a low class POS like him? I think you'll be waiting a long time...
  13. I'm sure it was completely accidental as was the Brown hit.
  14. There's a reason why they don't take the next step and it's not just Daulton. Bengals deserved what they got and their window is closing. Undisciplined, idiotic behavior.
  15. It's amazing how bad they are without Beckham. They would be the worst team in the league getting blown out each week without him.