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  1. ironically the people that are among his most ardent supporters, white non college educated, won't be able to afford to stay in his hotels and people like me who can afford it wouldn't give him $1 of my money.
  2. those are clearly rigged..complete conspiracy, media bias.
  3. I have to think that this run for the presidency is going to irreparably damage his brand going forward. There are so many that he has disgusted that would likely avoid his establishments going forward and while he's built up a base over the last year the majority of that base can't afford to pay $800/night to stay in a hotel room.
  4. I really can't believe how low the bar has gotten for so many supporters who will say the most preposterous things to defend idiotic, undefendable statements. They just need to stop and continue to let Trump bury himself deeper and deeper. There's no spin or saving him at this point.
  5. those are lofty thoughts but this is Trump you're talking about...he doesn't know policy...he speaks with 5 grade grammar in twitter sound bites. If they wanted a policy debate they should've nominated a different candidate. You reap what you sow.
  6. someone from Trump's campaign should do him a favor and change his twitter would save them a lot of time and effort.
  7. "She was a loooser and she knew I was going to fire her....worst staffer ever."
  8. unfortunately this is what Trump himself is talking about.
  9. that's too funny....this is the last, last, last, last straw. You really can't even defend his nonsense. His aides don't even know what to do...they just keep trying to change the subject and he then goes and reboots it.
  10. sounds like a republican setup so they can whine about how unfair and rigged the election is...
  11. so fire her...keep her out of the limelight but publicly calling a 19 year old girl names, having her ride an exercise bike at PR event isn't right or acceptable and there aren't many people in world that would do that (besides our presidential candidate of course). Is she were your daughter how would you feel?
  12. Even if she went onto a full blown porn career for 10 years how does that change or excuse what he said? what she did or didn't do afterward is completely irrelevant.
  13. I'm not sure how competitive the leagues you play in are but IMO if you wait for the player to be proven you're too late or you will pay much more to acquire them. I've found it's much more profitable to get in early...certainly more risk and more misses but when you hit it can change your season/roster. I'm not sure why the Bell comparison is necessary as there are many bands of productivity between nothing and the best RBs in the league. With so many injuries and the watered down roles of RBs any RB that can potentially get 15 touches and goal line work can be a valuable asset.
  14. Just offered Detroit Washington to a team deep on wrs and thin rbs. We'll see what happens
  15. Right. Watch the film from last week and gameplan this week. Who are you giving the ball to ? wahsington is a raw rookie but he'll get more week by week because he has the most talent of any RB on the roster. It's why he flew up the depth chart like he did.