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  1. fair question and I don't really know the answer. I know he's not nearly untouchable despite some wacky stats that put him with some of the top rb's over the past couple decades.
  2. talent wise OBJ is one of the top 2-3 in the league but I don't know that he'll get back to where he was years ago...seems distracted with too many other issues....
  3. It's funny, I have drafted him and have him as a dynasty player and don't love him. I thought he was ok but he doesn't seem to break tackles. He did well in space but I'd certainly move him if given a good offer. Reading Sanders name against James, Faulk and the other listed above is laughable IMO. Two rookies I have are Sanders and AJ Brown and I'm much more excited about Brown than I am Sanders.
  4. The Williams owner, who I'm playing this weekend, dropped Thompson last week and when I heard that Williams got banged up this week Thompson was my #1 waiver buddy is not happy with me. now I have McCoy/Thompson and we'll just see where this ride goes....
  5. somewhere over Alabama.... agreed on your premise though...Barber's ceiling is very low whereas it's week 3 and both KC backs are banged up and it's a long season. If things break right there's no reason he can't be a Kareem Hunt 2.0...that probability isn't high but there's no chance under the sun that Barber sniffs being a top 10 back in any scenario. All about potential upside with the lottery tickets at the end of your bench.
  6. good point...they're going up against a top rush defense so they'll save him for easier opponents...BRILLIANT!!
  7. love it...the passing stats when McCoy was in the game vs. Williams were interesting.
  8. it's tough...I've been hopeful for Mariotta but just don't think he's going to be the guy there long term....just hasn't turned the needle. I drafted Davis in my rookie keeper league, kept him into last year and probably stupidly tried to go back to the well again despite his mediocre production. Talented kid and my main attraction this year is the void in the offense and the fact that someone has to get the ball. Then I saw what Brown did last week on his limited touches and you never know. The kid is clearly a beast and he's shown in one week that you NEED to get him the ball a few times a game in space and let him bowl people over. In full transparency Brown is my 5th wr so I'm just looking pure upside/home run potential and I'm willing to park him for a few weeks and take a wait and see view.
  9. ya, but what I really liked about Brown is that nearly all his yards are after the catch breaking tackles against smaller CBs. Reminded me of Brandon Marshall early in his career. He may not be a target hog but will get every yard possible. Sorry to hijack in the Davis thread.
  10. I didn't get down to your response...just said the same thing.
  11. Not sure I understand this logic. McCoy has been a workhorse his entire career...yes, he's older but the defenses he's going to be facing he's likely never faced in his career. I heard the same exact reasoning last year early on with Adrian Peterson...he's done, old, can't handle the volume...he had a really strong season and if he were in the best offense in the NFL he would've been light years better. The key in the whole equation is red zone touches....the RB that gets them can score 1+ / week in this offense.
  12. I love Davis's talent and tried to grab him but was drafted just before I was going to select him. Funny enough, I saw what Brown did last week and picked him up this week. Kid looks terrific.
  13. BF he was with the team for a week...I think by all accounts McCoy played more and better than could’ve been expected. Try and spin it all you want but. Williams pick in a redraft will likely be a bust.