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  1. Rules and norms don’t matter. It’s tribes
  2. I don’t even think it’s blavkmail material...he has no principals. He would just say it’s a lie, fake news...and then follow it up with an attack on some random woman or minority. Hes just a crook and is measured by and will do anything for money. He’s perfect for the Russians/Saudis because they are crooks with money. It’s not that hard.
  3. His 900 million bldg on 5th ave would likely be in default if not for them.
  4. He got into a fight with 15 of the top intelligence agents in Saudi Arabia that were flown down in a private jet, It then took a week to investigate. Additionally, it’s our tradition to chop you up in pieces if you lose the fight. We won’t be making any more comments on the matter and investigation is closed. This is seriously a worse story and press roll out than the Trump tower meetings. This is will be the dems Benghazi if they take the house.
  5. you know what's going to happen....the King is going to point the finger at the head of intelligence and blame it on him..."he went rogue"...laughable.
  6. Chris Hayes‏Verified account @chrislhayes There is something so chilling and authoritarian about Pompeo continuing to refer to Khashoggi’s “disappearance.” We know he was murdered. Pompeo knows he was murdered. The Saudis know he was murdered (because they murdered him.) “Disappearance” sounds Stalinist in this context. 10:53 AM - 18 Oct 2018
  7. this is precisely why Trump's support of oil/shunning of alternative energies is so dangerous.
  8. it's extremely many stories to try and get straight
  9. ok, even if they kidnapped him (which is preposterous) what was the plan after that? imprison him?
  10. Banger

    The Trump Years

    I'm sure he won't take the credit if they keep the house...
  11. just saw on twitter that he may have a groin injury that may keep him out for a while....who's the backup to pickup? Vic Tafur‏Verified account @VicTafur Gruden says he is concerned about Marshawn Lynch’s groin strain. Could be long term. He is getting checked out this week. #Raiders 1:03 PM - 16 Oct 2018
  12. Ryan Goodman‏Verified account @rgoodlaw "Two senior Turkish officials...noted apparent Saudi attempts to scrub the scene by bringing in cleaning crews and REPAINTING areas of the consulate. 'People who have nothing to hide,' one official said, 'don’t behave like this.'"