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  1. Tackling the hard news. Fair and balanced.
  2. I'm in the midst of moving and was checking out pricing and it turns out that Fios internet now offers 1 gig and phone for like $70/month....check out your plans and see if you can upgrade...i'm currently 50/50...can't imagine the difference...
  3. shocker there's not a detail on what's better or how it's's great, just great...will be the best, trust me.
  4. what's insane about all of this is my BIL is good friends with O'Reilly and his family was actually on vacation in Italy with him while all this was going down. Haven't spoken with him yet but I'm sure it wasn't the most comfortable vacation..outside of the private jets and first class VIP accommodations of course.
  5. of whom? for what?? may have to drop more bombs!
  6. so "Obama bugged Trump tower, worse than Watergate" = a legal search warrant on a shady character with zero proof Obama knew anything about it.
  7. riiiigghhttt...he's stuck to all his other positions and promises so well so far why should we doubt that he'd stick to this completely ludicrous pledge.....
  8. so it's only about $15.7 mill per bomb..bargain...about the same we're paying to fly Trump to the Miami White House.
  9. ha...that's what you get for not opening the link...
  10. that's too funny....keep telling yourself that...not sure what past any past indiscretions his camp may have had with Russia has to do with a missile attack on Syria last night. nevermind...
  11. the Republicans sure hope so...
  12. she just needs to stop...she can blame all that she wants but at the end of the day she lost because she wasn't liked/trusted.
  13. The scary thing about all of this is the seemingly twitter like instant reaction to this situation and how the administration within hours seemed to do a complete 180 probably due in large part to the news coverage and the "need to do something". Since Trump just seemed to realize this week that Assad is a bad guy, even though this attack killed less than 100 people in an absolutely heinous attack but in the grand scheme of his regime it's really just another blip on the radar in that he's killed HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people I can't believe that he understands all the facets involved in this situation nor does he have a long range plan. I think his mentality as evidenced by his ludicrous twitter posts and outright lies is to do what he thinks is right at that moment, see what happens and then manage his way out of the consequences. Nothing evidences this more than a his ridiculous Obama wiretap claim...he gets baited by the Fox/radio wackos that there was surveillance and takes it to the next level by tweeting Obama being involved in wiretapping him in a watergate type conspiracy. It's completely false and quickly dismissed but they won't let go and continue to try and distract and provide cover by pulling in British intelligence, covert meetings with Nunes (which has sunk his chairmanship on the intel committee) and I'm probably missing several other things. Point being, I just really worry about knee jerk reactions on the world stage where people's live are taken and there are potentially severe political consequences. I hope that's not the case here but he just seems like a guy that can be easily baited and who knows if Putin is pulling the strings behind the scenes and trying to get the US into involved into this Syrian mess....only 45 1/2 months to go....
  14. ha...pretty much exactly what Trump said...