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  1. Just checking the border still a national emergency? Haven’t heard much about it....
  2. Short term juice that has already diminished. Now we’re left with the ridiculous tariffs, less tax revenue and larger deficits. IF the tax cuts actually went to capital investment like the Trump admin said it would (although the large companies all disputed it BEFORE it was even passed) there may have been some long term good to come out of it. At the end of the day it just made the rich richer at the expense of all of us.
  3. running his sentencing? no I don't believe that. SDNY is. Trump''s DOJ
  4. Cohen's lies to Congress were the same thing that Trump was saying to the how do you feel about that?
  5. The Dems are in charge of sentencing Trump's criminal activity makes it pretty easy to go after Trump....don't blame the messenger.
  6. The funny thing is he ignored everyone that said that the negotiations were going to fail. Of course, he knows best, takes the trip and as expected No Deal, flies home...the biggest thing that people will remember from this failure is that he sided with Kim and essentially absolved him from the "killing" of Otto.
  7. what kind of person exonerates Kim for the torture and essentially murdering of a US college student ? how can Trump supporters excuse this? I guess if they can excuse him siding with Putin, siding with the Saudi's over the murder of a reporter this is just par for the course.....
  8. so much winning...are you sick of it yet? Matt McDermott‏Verified account @mattmfm To conclude, Kim Jong Un got Trump to: - Give him his desired world stage - Excuse human rights violations - Contradict America’s intel community - Enable Kim’s propaganda efforts - Horrifically lie about Otto Warmbier “Dealmaker” Trump again got nothing. 12:39 AM - 28 Feb 2019
  9. this is complete capitulation with nothing in return. at least they aren't trying to lie about it after this failure. Now onto owning the Chinese in trade talks...
  10. our good buddies the Saudi's...what's the problem? who cares if federal laws were broken, they'll pay Trump and his cronies's all good for the most corrupt admin ever....