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  1. VIRUS DOLDRUMS Need a 12th owner for a new Empire Dynasty league. ($105.00 league fee plus a maximum of $50.00 in blind bidding real dollars) 19 rounds round a day for the next 19 days (No rookies) 3 round Rookie/ FA draft after the NFL draft 2 round FA draft in August. No kicker or defenses. Reach out to me asap Brad- Payouts: Weekly High Points: $5 x 13 weeks = $65.00 Season High Points: $60.00 Division Winners: $50 x 3 = $150.00 Wild Card Winners: $25.00 x 3 = $75.00 1st Place Winner: $250.00 plus a proportion of the waiver fees 2nd Place Winner: $125.00 plus a proportion of the waiver fees 3rd Place Winner: $75.00 plus a proportion of the waiver fees 4th Place Winner: $50.00 plus a proportion of the waiver fees 5th Place Winner: $25.00 Toilet Bowl Winner: $25.00 Total: $900.00 Each owner will pay $25.00 towards the Empire League pot - $300.00 - The pot will be paid out once an owner wins the league two consecutive seasons. Starting in year 2, the previous year's league champion can't make a trade starting after week 9 * The max auction waiver fees will be $600.00. The cost for the website ($59.95) and the Trophy for the winner ($60.00) will be deducted first before the playoff shares will be paid out.
  2. Mr. Bloom, I have both Gurley and Kelly.....should I go with McCoy or Blue in the early game or wait to see if Gurley is active? Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  3. Would you drop Tyrell Williams for Tim Patrick in a 12 team PPR Dynasty League?
  4. Looking for a replacement owner in a 12 team PPR Dynasty league: Contact me at or text me at 949-683-2528 $150.00 buy-in Real dollar blind bidding waiver $100.00 FAAB FRANCHISE 4 - Allen, Josh BUF QB (R)‐114.10 Tannehill, Ryan MIA QB‐11 Wilson, Russell SEA QB415.87 Edmonds, Chase ARI RB (R)‐93.10 Howard, Jordan CHI RB199.75 Johnson, David ARI RB13.09 Johnson, Kerryon DET RB (R)‐61.10 Agholor, Nelson PHI WR193.59 Baldwin, Doug SEA WR (Q)223.37 Chark, D.J. JAC WR (R)‐92.10 Edelman, Julian NEP WR (S)‐11 Evans, Mike TBB WR203.15 Hogan, Chris NEP WR109.611 Snead, Willie BAL WR15.210 Woods, Robert LAR WR163.312 Ebron, Eric IND TE132.49 Howard, O.J. TBB TE101.25 Reed, Jordan WAS TE (Q)60.14 Rams, Los Angeles LAR Def185.012 19 TOTAL PLAYERS TAXI SQUAD Roberts, Seth OAK WR90.57 Kroft, Tyler CIN TE124.49 2 TOTAL PLAYERS ON TAXI SQUAD
  5. Are you full?
  6. Do you have a spot left? I don't understand why you're making it free the first year, regardless if you're trying new league site and rules. The dedication of owners might suffer, especially for ones that suck this season. Next season you'll have a few crap orphan teams you'll have to find replacements for. Just my thoughts........I've been a commish using MFL for 20 years.
  7. I grabbed him in dynasty then I noticed Rod Smith was available and I dumped Inman and grabbed Smith
  8. I just grabbed him off waiver the moment read it......He is a total step-up to what they currently have on the roster.
  9. I think whomever is advising him has been in touch with the NFL or why would he go to rehab again, if there was little or no chance for him to return. I'd bet on him coming back sooner rather than later.
  10. This is what the trade ended up being: Nickfolean Dynamite gave up Brees, Drew NOS QB;Kizer, DeShone CLE QB;Ajayi, Jay MIA RB;Drake, Kenyan MIA RB;Baldwin, Doug SEA WR;Bennett, Martellus GBP TE NVGamblers Last Stand gave up Dalton, Andy CIN QB;Cohen, Tarik CHI RB;Johnson, David ARI RB;Sproles, Darren PHI RB;Maclin, Jeremy BAL WR;Hooper, Austin ATL TE
  11. I'm quitting a dynasty league at the end of the season because the company that runs it decreased the amount that is being paid out to the winners, so with that said, I'm playing for the NOW! I was offered Jay Ajayi, Doug Baldwin and Drew Brees for David Johnson, Kerwynn Williams and Jeremy Maclin I was thinking about also asking for Martellus Bennett and Kenyon Drake for Austin Hopper and Trent Taylor NVGAMBLERS LAST STAND PLAYERYTD PTSBYEDRAFTEDTRADE? Dalton, Andy CIN QB1.006FA Newton, Cam CAR QB18.1411FA Breida, Matt SFO RB (R)1.1011FA Burkhead, Rex NEP RB3.3094.01 Hyde, Carlos SFO RB13.7011FA Johnson, David ARI RB16.108FA Lacy, Eddie SEA RB0.306FA Rawls, Thomas SEA RB (O)-6FA Riddick, Theo DET RB14.607FA Sproles, Darren PHI RB9.50103.07 Bryant, Dez DAL WR6.306FA Decker, Eric TEN WR4.008FA Garcon, Pierre SFO WR14.1011FA Jones, Marvin DET WR11.707FA Maclin, Jeremy BAL WR13.6010FA Marshall, Brandon NYG WR2.008FA Taylor, Trent SFO WR (R)1.8011FA Wallace, Mike BAL WR1.8010FA Gronkowski, Rob NEP TE5.309FA Hooper, Austin ATL TE20.805FA Boswell, Chris PIT PK3.009FA Patriots, New England NEP Def4.009FA 22 TOTAL PLAYERS TAXI SQUAD Cohen, Tarik CHI RB (R)25.3094.05 Williams, Kerwynn ARI RB8.208FA 2 TOTAL PLAYERS
  12. 49ers notes: Trent Taylor’s post-practice work paying dividends BY MATT BARROWS SEPTEMBER 06, 2017 2:46 PM SANTA CLARA Because he’s a rookie, Trent Taylor spent offseason practices catching passes from backup quarterbacks C.J. Beathard, Matt Barkley and Nick Mullens. After practice, however, he got work with the fourth quarterback on the roster. “Brian (Hoyer) would always pull me over and make sure that me and him got some extra work together because you never know what can happen,” Taylor said Wednesday. “… Great leadership on his part. Glad to have a guy like Brian leading the way for us.” The post-practice chemistry they built became especially significant after the 49ers cut veteran receiver Jeremy Kerley on Saturday. That made Taylor, a fifth-round draft pick, the top slot receiver on the roster, which means there’s a possibility he could start Sunday’s game against Carolina or at least see snaps early on. Taylor gained the coaches’ trust by being one of their most reliable receivers almost from the start of spring practices. During the preseason, he caught all six passes that went in his direction. With Kerley gone, Taylor also could handle punt returns against the Panthers, although another rookie, Victor Bolden Jr., could have that role as well. Taylor said he was surprised that the 49ers would cut a veteran like Kerley but wasn’t content to merely be on the 53-man roster. “I never want to feel like I made it,” he said. “Because that’s when you start losing it.”