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  1. And now they sign CarGo for more than what Souza was making.
  2. Thanks, @Faust. This thread should certainly not be buried so deeply in the Shark Pool.
  3. It doesn't appear Mr. Bell wants to sign a "team friendly deal."
  4. The Steelers will keep tagging him until he falls off a cliff. What's Le'Veon going to do? Sit out and leave $15M on the table? That'll show them. The team that ends up giving him a monster deal with $50M+ guaranteed is making a mistake.
  5. This draft seems pretty deep for interior linemen. The Bucs need them, desperately.
  6. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select: Frank Ragnow, C/G, Arkansas Tampa moved Pro Bowl guard, Ali Marpet, to center for the 2017 season. While Marpet played well, he's better suited as a guard. Ragnow would allow him to move back to that spot while also providing flexibility along the line should the Bucs decide to keep Marpet at center. I'm also assuming for the purposes of this mock that Tampa has signed at least one starting guard in free agency as JR Sweezy did not play well in 2017 and he is the ONLY guard they have under contract on the roster.
  7. If I was the Browns I think I’d try to move up for another premium player in the mid-1st. They have so many picks.
  8. I have a list of undrafted free agents I'm targeting. 3 rounds is gravy.
  9. He was notorious for his party issues and had a stint in rehab before this coming season.
  10. Probably. These are usually the types who jump up in the draft after the measurements are official.