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  1. If he cared about his next contract he wouldn't have let this happen.
  2. He's raking and looks confident at the plate. Great to see.
  3. What happened to Schwarber? This dude used to roll out of bed and hit.
  4. With Martin suspended for the first three games I don't think there's any doubt that McNichols will "make the team." Once Martin comes back in week 4 the position will probably have already sorted itself out.
  5. Licht did sign Anger to a free agent deal after Jacksonville let him go (they took him in the 4th round I think?), and he was the best punter in the league last year.
  6. After this epic disaster I doubt it will happen again for a very long time.
  7. The pressure broke him. The pressure of trying to justify the pick. The pressure of kicks when the game is 10-7 instead of 28-0. That's the mistake Licht made. He thought he was getting the 90%+ accuracy from college. Those kicks were easy. Once the real pressure was on Roberto wilted. It wasn't bad enough that he was horribly inaccurate. He also can't hit anything over 50 yards, and that isn't going to change. It was painful how many times this team punted from the 35 yard line because Koetter had no confidence that Aguayo could even get close from 50+. Just a horrible horrible pick. Honestly, they should just end the charade now and let him fade off into oblivion. Now that Folk is there he's probably just going to get worse.
  8. Reverse psychology. These other donkeys need to pick it up. The offense finally is.
  9. No offense taken. I was alluding to the Bears use of draft capital to move up one spot to take a QB they could have had one pick later. Yes, Aguayo is a disaster, but I see that move turning out to be one as well. Licht was thinking his team was closer than it was, and he also thought he wasn't getting a mental midget kicker. I defended it myself for a couple pages in here. No sugar coating it now. Licht gets a pass because he has nailed other selections and has put together a respectable roster, but it's difficult to think about the other players that could have been taken with the picks that were used to get Roberto.
  10. No reason. I just can't wait for the Bucs to kick the crap out of Mike Glennon week 2.
  11. Poor use of draft capital for sure. That being said, you're a Bears' fan, right?
  12. The command Arrieta had in 2014 and 2015 has eroded as has his velocity. Lester still can't hold a runner. Neither can Jake. Hendriks' velocity is down as well, what little of it he had. Lackey is a ##### canoe. This rotation went dumpster in a hurry.