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  1. :whitestar: Took me to this post! Moment
  2. @JosinaAnderson 3h3 hours ago More I’m told #Bucs could be a posb destination for impending FA WR Desean Jackson. Understanding is Jameis Winston has an existing rapport w/ DJ
  3. Someone is coming around.
  4. Dear lord, make me a bird, so I can fly far far away from here.
  5. They certainly stick to their guns. Surprised they even looked at him with Boras as his agent. Apparently the Rays' new market inefficiency is signing guys that can't play due to injury for well below their healthy market value.
  6. Cool story from that show. I think it was Gojira, MachineHead, Trivium, Lamb of God. Anyway, before the show we're driving around the venue looking for a place to park and I see this dude with a ridiculously long pony tail riding his bike around next to us. I'm like, "Damn, that looks just like Chris Adler." Sure enough, it was him, and me and the 4 guys I'm riding with scream "CHRIS!!" out the windows at him like a couple of schoolgirls seeing Justin Timberlake. He shoots us a \m/ and we of course think we're pretty much the coolest guys of all time. Come to find out later on one of their documentaries that he goes on a bike ride before every show to warm up his legs for the double bass.
  7. A lot of the shows from the good old days just kind of run together after a while. Like a heavy metal haze.
  8. Ha. Yes. St. Pete.
  9. Glad Gojira is getting some love. They've been around a long time. Saw them open for Lamb of God probably ten years ago at Jannus Live in Orlando. I don't think many people there knew who they were. My buddy and I were the only guys really moving around when they came on. Kind of awkward.
  10. Oh yeah. They're remaking that too. Yikes.
  11. Whenever anyone asks me if I've seen the new Point Break I simply reply: "No Swayze, no way-ze." This also applies to Dirty Dancing 2.
  12. Can't really blame Loria. That's one Hell of a return on investment.
  13. Still surreal. Definitely.