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  1. I don't see a problem with this as long as you can finish on the new face. This also applies to (o)(o)
  2. We’ll see when they get back to a competitive point. Probably a year later than they were expecting due to the pitching injuries now. They traded for some veterans last year during the season and took on some salary. It didn’t work so they cut the chord. They’ve never been the kind of franchise to give out huge FA contracts and their homegrown guys that wanted them have moved on. Most if not all of those players have floundered or been a shell of themselves after leaving the Rays. They aren’t winning, but that isn’t because they’ve jettisoned a bunch of great talent.
  3. Eli hasn't been good in like ever and now he's old.
  4. This is simply NOT accurate.
  5. It also makes a lot of sense to draft Barkley #1, or Chubb which is what I'd do, if they actually do prefer Allen.
  6. Ok. I thought it was. The fact the Browns have the 4th pick in the draft is a kind of a big deal in this scenario. If they rate Barkley light years ahead of the other RB's and the QB's roughly the same it would make sense for them to just draft Barkley. I'm on record saying they should most definitely take the QB they have rated the highest, but the Giants blowing all this smoke could make them think twice. I'm also on record as saying there's no way the Giants take anything BUT a QB considering the Jets have the 3rd pick and not the 2nd. I'm assuming the Jets contacted both the Giants and Browns regarding their picks. They'd be morons not to, and those teams should only be turning down that package if taking a QB.
  7. Trading JPP is not a win now move. Another poster in the Barkley thread had a good point that if the Giants continue to show enough interest in Barkley maybe the Browns take him #1.
  8. It makes sense for them because they have so many picks and are a rebuilding team. The Giants can't seem to decide what they are.
  9. Very well could be. The Giants drafting Barkley simply doesn't make any sense.
  10. Not really understanding the thought process behind the Giants drafting him. Barkley is a win now player. Why trade JPP if you're trying to win with Eli for 1 or 2 more years? NY should trade the pick or draft a QB. If they take Barkley they're just going to waste his best cheap years behind a mediocre offensive line with a QB that isn't much of a threat to beat you by himself. Then they run him into the ground while breaking in a rookie QB after a few more years from Eli?
  11. Top 3 farm system in baseball. I assume they're just mega tanking until the new stadium is built? Same thing the Cubs and Astros did. I guess I should say if the new stadium is built.
  12. That didn't last long.
  13. Why did that guy type all that out? Yeah, I’m sure Jameis is really dwelling on those poor starts against UF. Wat?