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  1. Closing on a "new" home Thursday. Renovating. Then probably moving into it in a few months once it's ready. I wouldn't have done it if the home wasn't super close to where we are already. Only a few minute drive. We'll be able to "move" in stages. Hire out the big stuff last. Should be gravy...
  2. I'd leave it unlocked, and let them know I'm trusting them with it being unlocked, until they gave me a reason not to. Disclaimer: I don't have teenagers yet.
  3. Also coincided with the entire right side of the line going down.
  4. Tampa runs a 3-4 now and Bennett is 33 years old to O.J.'s 24. I'd hope Jason Licht would be insulted by that offer. I would be. If NE wants to offer their likely late first round pick then I'd guess they could discuss it. I was thinking Tampa could dangle OJ and a pick to Washington for the rights to Trent Williams plus a pick.
  5. Arians/Leftwich obviously aren’t smart enough to figure out a way to use him. Might as well get something of value in return.
  6. He's had multiple big plays like this in his career. It's a shame the new offensive staff would rather feed the likes of Breshad Perriman, Scotty Miller, and BoBo Wilson than Howard. I thought Arians was smart? Same old crap. He rolls out his ancient playbook for Leftwich to call for him and the TE is an afterthought. Probably only going to get worse for Howard too, if that's possible, as the right tackle is going to need some help on the outside.
  7. Winston forcing the ball to one player is not a recipe for success. Ugh.
  8. It isn't Winston. Howard is the 4th or 5th read in this offense. He may be open, but Winston playing within the structure is looking for Evans, Godwin, WR3 (5'8 Scotty Miller had multiple targets last week), RB check down, before Howard even gets a look. They've run a handful of TE featured plays for he and Brate, but Howard hasn't capitalized on the few chances he's had. We were told heading into the season that this coaching staff would cater to the talent of the players. Unfortunately for Bucs' fans and Howard it's more of the same with another coaching staff making the players conform to their scheme.
  9. Nats' fans gotta be like that chick in Private Parts Stern gives the business to on the sub-woofer. "HOWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  10. I started this and was pretty underwhelmed.
  11. I can't disagree. The intensity is definitely way up. I posted in here a few pages back that I didn't even watch the regular season games with sound on.
  12. All kinds of people want to talk to me about baseball all of a sudden. My Dad texted me last night after the relay, and said, "that's why you watch baseball right there!." I didn't even realize he was watching the games. I'm like, "you know, they've been really good all year." The Trop looks like a pretty fun place to watch baseball when it's rocking like that. It's unfortunate they can't generate this atmosphere all season.
  13. If you would have posted this originally I wouldn't have quoted you. It's just the vibe a "Thanks, Rays" post gives off like they're doing the Yankees some giant favor by extending the series to weaken Houston versus the Yankees being scared to play a team that is hitting, looks really loose right now, and had the best ERA in baseball. The playoffs are a funny thing in sports. What you did in the regular season doesn't matter anymore. Just ask a Tampa Bay Lightning fan.