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  1. I appreciated the subtlety. Deciphering your comment with the moment worked for me. Bravo.
  2. Some serious time commitment from you in here. I'm glad you've got your priorities straight.
  3. Wife made fun of me during my entire series re-watch a couple months ago. "You're watching that again?! Ugh. We've already seen them all!" Guess who will be asking me a million questions during the new episodes next month?
  4. Gruden has never had much interest in grooming a rookie QB unless it was out of necessity. The guy passed up Aaron Rodgers so he could start Bruce Gradkowski and Luke McCown. He’s also never been on a ten year contract though. Maybe he learned his lesson in 2005?
  5. Mock drafters don't seem too keen on predicting trades, but they happen every year. Those teams in the teens know they need to get in front of the Giants to select Haskins.
  6. If Tampa doesn't have a shot at Bosa, Allen, or Williams the 5th pick goes to the highest bidder. A team may need to even go up to #2.
  7. Easy to spot the self centered scumbags in here.
  8. I saw no pics of Russini in that link. πŸ‘Ž
  9. I can't wait for this plane to crash into the mountain.
  10. Kwon can't cover anything. He's awful and was a big reason why guys like McCaffrey and Kamara rip the Bucs to shreds.
  11. Covers a lot of grass and has been the "leader" of the NFL's perennial doormat defense. Wow. Bucs' fans are not sad to see him go, and we only have one worthwhile LB on the roster.
  12. DeSean Jackson has not been officially released. So he's basically ended it himself via that IG post. Pulled an AB declaring himself a Free agent.