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  1. Grahamburn

    Josh Jacobs - Dynasty RB

    It's obvious click bait material. There's not really any scenario other than what you mentioned, a trade into the teens, where Tampa would be selecting Jacobs with the 5th pick considering their situation as an organization. If Jeremiah thinks Tampa wants him that badly then he should project a trade with Washington and be realistic.
  2. I see both sides. The owners make money hand over fist, but the players want HUGE guaranteed contracts. The Cubs paid Darvish and Morrow $34M last year for 70 combined innings. Heyward made $28M as a role player. These guys are rarely working out for the teams with the money to pay the HUGE guaranteed contracts, so they aren't paying them. Can't really blame the owners. They're businessmen. It's obviously a broken system and we have a work stoppage coming. .
  3. Grahamburn

    Josh Jacobs - Dynasty RB

    Which is?
  4. Grahamburn

    Josh Jacobs - Dynasty RB

    That's awful. I realize mocks are for "fun," but if you aren't even attempting to get the picks correct what's the point?
  5. Grahamburn

    ***Chicago Cubs Thread***

    Sometimes doing nothing is the best move you can make.
  6. Grahamburn

    Official Jameis Winston - football talk

    I haven't seen any stories about him being out on the town in Tampa or anything. Supposedly he was absolutely smashed when the Uber drive incident happened, but that was back in 2016. I'm looking forward to seeing what, if anything, changes with Jameis because of Bruce. The only thing holding Winston back are the interceptions. Arians runs a similar offense to Koetter's. The big difference for the team as a whole will likely be on the other side of the ball in all honesty.
  7. Grahamburn

    O. J Howard TE Alabama

    It's such a breath of fresh air to hear things like "we're going to be aggressive" and "we're going to tailor the system/scheme to the talents of the players we have."
  8. Grahamburn

    Official Jameis Winston - football talk

    He needs to be more consistent early in the season. 2017 and 2018 he’s been pretty great down the stretch when the games no longer mattered. If he can cut down the turnover rate and the new look defense can get some stops/turnovers this is a playoff team. Fans of NFC South opponents did not like this hire. I think Tampa Bay finally has a competent coaching staff.
  9. Grahamburn

    Official Jameis Winston - football talk

    He wasn't known as a coordinator who used the RB out of the backfield either. Until he had David Johnson.
  10. He could be a good buy low if you believed in him before last year. Dirk didn't give him much of an opportunity. Clean slate could work wonders.
  11. Yeah. Sorry about the formatting. I copy/pasted it from my phone this morning from the john. You're welcome.
  12. A 66 year old two time coach of the year isn't coming out of retirement if he thinks he's taking over a mess at QB.
  13. Is it really necessary to do this in just about every thread? A pretty smart QB mind just signed on with the Bucs knowing full well who the QB is. I imagine he knows better than you.