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  1. Signing McCown practically guarantees the #1 pick. Just ask the Bucs and Browns.
  2. It's the big leagues. They can't go into the season with a kicker who can't make anything outside of 40 yards. 71% isn't going to get it done.
  3. You'd learn to love him 5 minutes into the first quarter of his first game. $1M base salary $1M for 10-15 TDs $1M for 15+ TDs $1M for 1,000+ rushing yards $1M for 1,500+ total yards $1M for making the Pro Bowl $1M for a Super Bowl win Etc. Etc. That kind of thing.
  4. I agree, which is why he should take an incentive laden contract, go nuts, and say "eff you" to all the teams that told him to pound sand. The longer he sits out there the more I think some team is going to get the free agency steal of a lifetime even if it's only for a year.
  5. I just meant in general. An eff you to the NFL for thinking he's done. Not just the Vikings. I'm sure AP knows all of these things. The Seahawks would rather have Lacy? The Vikings would rather have Murray? The rest of the NFL would rather have a rookie? I think he'll be pretty motivated.
  6. Some serious eff you motivation for this guy. I hope he signs an incentive laden contract somewhere. If anyone has a monster season in them at 32 it's Adrian Peterson.
  7. I feel like I've slept through this entire off-season. World Series hangover for me. Excited to see the Cubs on the schedule @ the Rays in September. Easy to kill that Tuesday and Wednesday. Chicago trip in 2018 for the 5 year wedding anniversary I think.
  8. Jameis Capella Jr. has a nice ring to it.
  9. I've heard DeDe may not even get drafted. Major knucklehead apparently.
  10. He was also considered for Tampa here. #WeaponsforJameis
  11. Tampa Bay selects: Tanoh Kpassagnon, DE, Villanova
  12. Smart enough to keep that extra 10% for himself.
  13. Great special teams player. Buc fans sad to see him go.
  14. Happy to hear how much you guys like Chris Baker. Always sucks losing a fan favorite to another team.