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  1. He’s a Check down artist with some ability to make plays with his feet. When the line and RB get you 4.5 every time you run it, and Dak can have a cup of coffee in the pocket on pass plays the game can slow down. Offense is “easy” when it’s 2nd and 4 or 3rd and 2 all the time. When he’s in 3rd and long because they aren’t running it and he has to be decisive with the ball as soon as he hits his drop? Not so good.
  2. I hope he gets back on it soon then.
  3. They're going to eff this up again aren't they?
  4. A mediocre QB.
  5. Pretty pedestrian without a perfect pocket and dominant running game. Glennon-esque.
  6. UBER Driver has retained Erica Kinsman's attorney.
  7. Odd the driver would say it was just her and Winston when apparently there were 3 guys in the car.
  8. Word around Tampa is he was using it to recover from partying with Molly.
  9. Congratulations, Larry. Keep moving up the list. Incredible player and person. One of my favorites of all time.
  10. Amazing what can happen when the defense shows up.
  11. Another nice interception from him today. Contributions from Godwin. Beckwith. OJ. I don’t think Licht is the problem. Ignoring Aguayo.
  12. PAT and D/ST fantasy cherry at the end of this #### show.
  13. Luckily for Bucs’ fans Miami didn’t start Moore.