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  1. Her story doesn't sound all that ludicrous to me.
  2. The Bucs have had pretty much every projected mid-round RB in for a visit at some point. Hunt, Mack, Foreman, Perine, Mixon, and some others I can't remember...
  3. The Eagles are taking McCaffrey.
  4. His playing time seems to have diminished already since the start of the season. His approach has definitely regressed back to what he looked like in his rookie season.
  5. These guys have to be running out of content by now. It's all so ridiculous, but we continue to eat it up.
  6. I watch my fair share of FSU games, however not as religiously as you of course, Cap. And I wouldn't say I'm a huge "fan," so something like the RB blocking wouldn't be as noticeable to me. I was basing that opinion off of a few different draft breakdowns I've watched after he's been connected so often to the Bucs. As a runner and receiver he has looked amazing, but as a blocker he got completely blown up on a few different attempts, whiffed on others, and then resorted to cut blocking, which defenses game planned for and simply jumped over him as they were ready for him to do it. That technique can be taught of course, and his vision and instincts with the ball are the best I've seen in a long time. He's so smooth in the open field and even between the tackles in the wash. There has also been a breakdown of his "game speed" on Sport Science being the best in college football last year. It doesn't surprise me that he's the fastest in pads player in this draft matching John Ross' 20 yard split time at 2.67.
  7. Couldn't be happier for the guy. I was skeptical when they signed him and still am, really, but I'm rooting for him of course. He only had one extra base hit coming in to the last couple days, but both of those dingers were no doubters and he smoked an out to center today too. This lineup was nasty with him being a giant hole. It's going to be impossible if he's raking too. Baez' still needs some polish though.
  8. This is the Heyward the paid $200M for.
  9. He doesn't run with much if any power and he's pretty atrocious in pass protection. Once you start to add in the shoulder injuries, the checkered past, and the rumors he's still hanging out with a rough crowd a slide to the second round doesn't seem out of the question. I'm hoping Tampa passes on him.
  10. This thread is so good.
  11. Isn't Frazier the guy that's better than Kris Bryant?
  12. Fun game. Great seats for $53 a piece a few rows up on the first base side. Erasmo was pumping strikes. I enjoyed watching him and Sucre work. They were definitely on the same page. I get pretty spoiled watching the Cubs and Rays play defense all the time. The Tigers are just brutal defensively. Also 99% sure I passed Kate Upton in the concourse. Gorgeous 6 foot blonde in a Tigers cap with a police escort. With the wife so I couldn't turn around for a closer look. Me: I think that was Kate Upton! Her:
  13. Does Kate Upton go to a lot of the games? I passed a gorgeous 6 foot blonde with a police escort going the opposite direction in the concourse yesterday. White tank top. Tigers cap. I would have turned around for a closer look but I was with my wife. She wasn't exactly impressed with me spotting her.