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  1. Now, so far, we have what appears to me to be a series of victimless crimes. What about the toe?! Forget about the ####### toe!
  2. While watching I was into it. I'll continue to check it out. Is it just a mini-series? I don't know how long they can really sustain this type of premise. There weren't too many subtitles. I'm typically the opposite. I posted in the Chernobyl thread that I would have preferred the dialogue be in Russian, because I felt like it took me out of the story. Apparently I was on an island though.
  3. Seems like a pretty fair deal for a guy who turned it over 35 times, but I doubt he and his agent will see it that way.
  4. He has mentioned in the past that contacts bothered him when he played.
  5. How's it coming along? Olympus is building ours. My build starts 3/2. We went travertine. Three LED lights in the pool and another LED in the bubbler on the sun shelf. The kids, and any women coming over, always love the sun shelves. The bigger the better on those. Tahoe blue with mini pebble. 3 feet in the shallow end and 6 in the deep. Flush spa in the deep end with an infinity edge. Good luck.
  6. Tampa makes a lot of sense because that's where guys usually go to cash in after they don't have it anymore.
  7. Like it for Tampa. I'd probably go with Becton over Wirfs, but love the position. Two offensive players for an already explosive offense. Who's playing QB for the Bucs in 2020? Is it still Jameis in this scenario? Rivers? Brady?
  8. Bucs’ fans haven’t had much great, or even good, QB play. Jameis is polarizing because you see the talent. The constant barrage of wow throws and great plays. Then he’ll do something that kills your chances at a W. It’s kind of like playing the lotto. You dream about what could be “if,” but chances are you just keep on living your mediocre life.
  9. With the QB turning it over that many times they were a few placekicks away from 9-7. A blown call in Tennessee from 10-6... They aren’t that far away from playoff contention+
  10. Fitting end to the season. However, if the kicker makes a couple field goals Jameis is taking a knee at the end of that game.
  11. With Evans and Godwin out it's likely he'll see more than the minimal targets he's had in previous weeks.
  12. My thoughts are this: If Gay makes a 30 yard kick against the Giants and the refs don't blow the fake punt fumble play dead against the Titans they're 9-5 right now. They went toe to toe with the Seahawks in Seattle barely losing to the best QB in the game in OT. In any other year a 7-7 record at the end of the season is typically right in the thick of it for a Wild Card. This team is a lot closer than anyone is giving them credit for. Unfortunately they have a TON of key players who will be free agents. Barrett, Suh, JPP, Nassib, Jameis. They'll prioritize Jameis and Shaq first and foremost. Possibly tagging one, but Licht has never used the franchise tag. Maybe sign one of the other 3. Dotson is likely to retire as he has been a turnstile. They'll need to focus on RT and EDGE early in the draft. If the defense can take the next step and Jameis' turnovers regress just to his mean while keeping the same production in the offense they're in a good spot.