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  1. Nope. Can't believe other teams don't do that to him more often. So many Cubs fans at that game. I honestly had to strain to find people rooting for the Rays.
  2. Working in your favor is he's already on the field a ton because of his blocking ability. In more competitive games they're definitely going to target him. The first play of the game last week was a deep seam route to OJ. He isn't going to be featured with all the weapons Tampa has but you'll get 30-40 yards and a 50/50 shot at a TD on a weekly basis. Once he and Jameis get more comfortable he'll take off.
  3. I wish this hypothetical could actually play out. I'd love to see what he could have done better against that defense yesterday.
  4. This guy looks a lot like Mike Glennon.
  5. He actually had quite a few snaps and a few targets. The Bucs weren't really trying to do too much in the second half.
  6. Martin is clearly the #1 guy. I don't think his job is in jeopardy and this offense may go through the roof when he returns. They may have been spelling Quizz yesterday, but Barber looked pretty good with his opportunities in an obvious running situation. Sims lost a fumble and got blown up on a 3rd and 1 play. Bad play calling to use him in that situation in the first place, but he didn't get the job done regardless.
  7. I couldn't help myself.
  8. Barber carved out a bit more of a role yesterday.
  9. He said after the game he was fine and expects to practice Wednesday. He was also jumping up and down on the sidelines after he had left the game with his injury. Had it been close I think he would have played.
  10. Headed to the Trop Wednesday.
  11. The first pick the TE didn't get his head around. Sack/fumble is on the line. He was carving the Bucs up with garbage at WR. The turnover that killed you was Cohen's fumble. The pick 6 just sealed it. But, I've always had a soft spot for the guy. I hope your franchise can turn it around. I know what it's like to suffer through losing.
  12. Outside of the turnovers, two of which I don't know if you can pin on him directly, yeah I thought he looked ok.
  13. You guys really want to run Trubisky out there with that group of weapons? Obviously the turnovers were a big issue, but other than that Glennon looked pretty good. He was really accurate outside of a few throws. There must have been at least 5 drops as well.
  14. That's fine, but to come in here after our conversation last week and thump your chest like Tampa didn't game plan for him and pretty much shut him down is ridiculous. They most certainly did. With the way the Bears' offense looked today I don't see things being much better for Cohen. He's not going to find a lot of the space he needs to do significant damage with limited touches. I'm not even playing fantasy this year. I only cared about this kid because I'm a Bucs' fan.