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  1. Tom Brady targeting WRs: 2007 (age 30) - The year he threw 50TDs and 4800yds 70% Comp pct 9.1 Yds per att 122.6 passer rating 2020 (age 43) 72% Comp pct 9.4 Yds per att 123.0 passer rating
  2. If his daughter is pregnant that could explain why she’s falling behind in Spanish class.
  3. Maybe she needed to cheat if she’s in one of her weaker trimesters?
  4. He needs a cutoff tier. He's had several roles later in his career that have been iconic as well.
  5. I went to bed after Cash pulled Snell and the Dodgers took the lead. Just disgusted, and knew that was a team deflating losing decision. I understand the analytics, but sometimes you just need to have a feel for the game. Snell was certainly feeling it. In the zone. On fire. Whatever you want to call it. You don't pull a guy who looks like that because he gave up a freaking single. I don't care what the computer says. He had made those next three hitters look silly their first two times through the order. Anderson hadn't gotten anyone out in 10 days. Ugh. I'm still pissed about it.
  6. In the past Arians/Leftwich have made it a point to feed Evans following a down game. With Godwin out he could see even more targets. That being said, Brady will not force it to him if he is not getting open.
  7. Betts just said, “I can’t believe they pulled him. They’re morons” to the first base coach.
  8. Smoltz keeps talking about Snell coming out. I don’t know how you make that move the way he’s throwing.