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  1. It appears the other Rockies got all of the hits.
  2. I crumble up those ketchup flavored chips and put them on my hot dog. All the great ketchup flavor and none of the mess.
  3. I could make a few birdies and plenty of pars at either of those courses. Pretty decent golfer, but not Moops good. I do have to try. Send someone out there against Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw, or Chris Sale? They could throw nothing but fastballs and there's no way 99% of the population could touch it.
  4. Has anyone else noticed how much live music is being played on cable channels now? MTV actually has a station dedicated to it I think. The Eagles of Death Metal were on there the other night.
  5. I don't think so either. Super cool band though. Find myself listening to them often.
  6. Back to the spirit of the thread. Can I get a ruling on: WolfMother
  7. So surprised to see the rise in Ghost's popularity. I was even more surprised when they won a Grammy. LUCIFER, WE ARE HERE!
  8. Are we sure these aren't his ideas at this point? He's a producer on the show. He probably has mountains of notes on where we wanted to take this story. Simply because it hasn't been published in book form doesn't mean what's playing out on the show isn't his vision.
  9. Peyton Hillis.
  10. Bruce Allen has reminded me of Jon Gruden's initial press conference after being brought in to be the head coach of the Bucs. "Mark" Alstott. Cringe worthy. At least Jon only made the mistake once.
  11. Between the Buried and Me 10 year anniversary of Colors tour coming up. Probably the best start to finish metal album I've ever heard and they play it that way live. Really looking forward to it.
  12. Took me all day to catch up. All I really learned is how to misspell a lot of the character's names. Clever bunch, yous guys.
  13. I think it's best to stop quoting his posts at this point. I have no clue what he's trying to say.