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  1. Loosen up your hands on the club a little bit. You’re probably gripping it too hard and getting a lot of right hand on the downswing. “Hold it like an egg.”
  2. Interesting. I'm a closed player too. Always fight a big draw/hook. I'll mess around with being more open. I play the ball too far forward and will struggle with leaving the face open if I'm not careful. I assume you want to play the ball more middle/forward to promote the proper weight shift to your front side?
  3. Does your school/county not have a virtual option? My county is doing exactly what they should do. They're offering parents a choice. It's kind of difficult for government to force families to take the financial hit so a parent can stay home to teach their kids. All while taxes stay the same and school board budgets remain unchanged. If you want to mandate virtual school then the parents who have to home-school their kids should be compensated for it or receive equivalent tax breaks.
  4. Maybe you did have 9 Stellas at noon and just forgot... @TLEF316
  5. Several counties in Florida are mandating masks now with similar caveats to previous mandates. Indoors. If you can't distance. Etc. Basically left up to discretion, which isn't particularly effective. I was in Sam's Club Thursday afternoon prior the the 5 pm mask mandate going into effect in my county. Seemed like all the people who weren't planning on wearing one were in there loading up for the holiday weekend prior to it being effective. Sad, really. Older folks. Clearly unhealthy folks. I don't get it. Maybe 50% compliance?
  6. I'm surprised we can't figure it out too, given we're typically such a unified country.
  7. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, but this spike isn’t because people aren’t wearing a mask at Lowe’s.
  8. Florida was doing extremely well with the Phase 1 reopening on May 1st until the bars/clubs opened up in June. I think we can all agree the 20 somethings haven’t cared about this too much and they’ve shown it. They shut them down again effective at noon today. Hopefully not too little too late.
  9. June feels at least twice as bad as March where I am. We quarantined way too early here. Shutting the clubs and bars back down seems like Such an easy solution to me. Give them temporary package licenses so they can sell off their inventory. Tax breaks. Grants. Anything, but these places need to be closed.
  10. Similar place, but on a smaller scale, in Lakeland where I am is closing for a few days due to multiple cases as well.
  11. Provide the bars with some financial assistance and shut them down. My brother's fiance is a bartender at Armature Works in Tampa. It's like an open air concept with multiple restaurants and bars all in a giant "warehouse." She said half the damn staff has it already after being open for three weeks.
  12. I was trying to figure out an empathetic way to say how cool that was.
  13. Masks being mandated in Tampa if you’re indoors starting today at 5 pm. I don’t know how you enforce that, but maybe it will get some attention. You’d need local business owners turning customers away for non-compliance.
  14. I use the side burner all the time. Vegetables. Bacon. All in my array of cast iron skillets. Love it.
  15. The post above yours is what I mean. I apologize if you felt like I'm discounting the amount of deaths. I'm not.
  16. And you're here to sensationalize and use hyberbolic expressions. Whether it's a big deal or not depends on perspective. I won't bother replying to or quoting you anymore. We can agree to disagree.
  17. True. However, all of those other businesses can typically open with some kind of precautions. Bars can't, and it's fairly obvious to me considering the demographics of the new cases what type of behavior would cause a spike like this. That being said, even if they stay open, Florida isn't a "ticking time bomb."
  18. Stop it. You're so over the top. DeSantis could shut bars back down and immediately snuff out this "spike." There was nothing like this following the initial Phase 1 opening in May.
  19. I expect Johnson to strictly be a slot player. Godwin ran the majority of his snaps from the slot in 2019. They may intend to move Godwin outside more this year?
  20. Godwin is in his walk year. You have to think Johnson was drafted to possibly replace him.