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  1. if sanders made it to the general, i'd say you have more of point. whole different set of rules when its the opposition attacking you vs someone from your own party. I don't think Trump, the RNC or conservative super pacs have given Sanders much thought over those 5 years.
  2. Presidential general much bigger animal than senate race in vermont. We're talking 100's of millions of dollars vs a few million in vermont.
  3. That's what I'd be doing if I was a pro-trump republican.
  4. Most of it is old news. At this point, he's a known commodity.
  5. % of eligible voters, nothing is beating that this year.
  6. Bernie is gonna get crucified in the general. What we've seen in the primaries is just scratching the surface. The attack ads are gonna write themselves.
  7. How the hell is Wilder only 231 pounds? He looks huge and he's 6'7".
  8. And it all comes back to who votes. Poor people and young people don't vote nearly as much as older people and non-poor. A large portion of older non-poor people have stocks and care how the stock market is doing.
  9. Still 55% of americans claim to own stocks. Those people would like to retire some day. They have some skin in the game. I think a lot of it is psychological as well. When the market is doing well, when unemployment is low, consumer confidence is way up. People just feel like things are better.
  10. We'll just have to disagree. The distaste for the incumbent is at an abnormally high level among moderates. If the economy took off during the Trump years I'd say you make a stronger point but some of the Obama years were just as good or better than the Trump years so it wouldn't be hard to make the case that a moderate dem (like obama was) could keep that going. I agree that if the Bernie followers stay home, a moderate isn't winning but if they can stomach 4 more years of trump and the affect that will have on the courts, that's on their conscience. I would hope that they would learn their lesson after 2016 but they're young and stubborn so you might be right. In that case, either way the dems are screwed.
  11. That's the thing, the people that its not roaring for (poorer people) are the people that don't vote as much.