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  1. Exactly. A cop in a suburban town seems like a cushy gig especially if you're not interested in the white collar route. Personally I would never want to be a cop or teacher or anything blue collar for that matter, but a lot of people aren't cut out for the white collar world.
  2. Who shut you down? Probably the same people defending the looters and criminals
  3. You're gonna walk 16 hours in one day? Thats nuts. I normally wake up at 730. Id have to immediately start walking and not stop until i went to bed at 1130.
  4. If this was only 5% of the email, that must have been one long ### email.
  5. Too high for what? I heard of too low, for instance with a sprinkler system.
  6. Problem solved. Get some goats. They don't care if you keep your car in the driveway.
  7. He said he doesn't have goats. I'll see myself out.
  8. You think chicken people are weird, what about goat people? I really want some goats.
  9. No camp for the kids this year. I'm just grateful they're now at the age where they can stay home alone.
  10. What happens if another rock hits your car? Are you going to complain again? And what is the HOA or landscaping company even supposed to do about that?
  11. Ever since I bought one of those meat thermometer probes, so easy to get it just how I like it. Its nice to just totally forget about it, let it beat when it gets to the correct internal temp, let it rest for 5 and close to perfect.