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  1. That was just a tough play all around. The knock was that lamar shouldve thrown it sooner when andrews was open.
  2. yeah. that quote is reasonable. you need to get that right so it closes probably. i'd never pay that though b/c unlike you big ballas, my time isn't money. i have plenty of time and a love for home improvement.
  3. i really need to know more about the door installation labor. are we talking just removing the existing from the hinges and screwing in the new door to the hinges or we talking new frame around the door (so header and jams and thus casing as well)? Considering what he's charging just to paint, i'm a little worried it might be the former.
  4. That's the shark move. Do it on the company's dime.
  5. Could be helpful if the 2020 election turns out to be another variation of the 2000 election.
  6. Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse. This country is gonna implode.
  7. Its already a 5-4 conservative court. That might be a compelling argument for the base, but not for independents that would want balance.
  8. If the republicans lose the senate and the president (solid chance of that), what do they have to lose by ramming someone in after the election? The dems will be furious and like you said will counter by attempting to increase the size of the court, but the republicans aren't going to give up the chance to add another conservative when they know if they don't, they'll just be a liberal instead. This is gonna be interesting.
  9. Now that you mention it, that does sound like the smart play. The gop base is already excited. Why anger the moderates that are going to decide this election when you can still get your judge right after the election? 3 justices in one term. Wow. The election that reshaped the supreme court for decades.