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  1. Never ever go to a supermarket hungry
  2. I have to admit that this does how the makings of an entertaining show.
  3. I don't think you've ever seen Mr Pack's office. Spotless. You could eat off of those floors.
  4. Typically don't get it b/c 1) never have had the flue and 2) it doesn't seem that effective. Job was offering it this year down the hall from where I sit so figured why not if its not costing me anything.
  5. You can start outsourcing some of that work with all the money that culdeus has made for you.
  6. I'm pretty glad that this guy didn't bring this up prior to me getting the procedure b/c I might not have gotten it done and I'd still be wearing crappy glasses.
  7. Definitely a little more work, but if you have a few hours to kill during the week while at work, might as well make a few grand doing it.
  8. Can you explain this? I don't see myself having my company changing my direct deposit location every 3 months. I'd love to find a way around this.
  9. I'm not too surprised. A lot of people where I live in suburbia let their cats wander the neighborhood while dogs will get picked up. I used to do that with my 3 previous cats. They had their own cat door.
  10. Who knows but what's the chance that you get caught and even if you do, what's the chance that a cop even charges you? Not sure about where you live, but around me, there's a lot of big state parks where there's very little people. Go early in the morning and I doubt you'll have a problem.
  11. If you just want them gone and you don't want to pay the $25 per cat to have them fixed, why don't you just trap them and release them at a park a good enough distance away.