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  1. What is that a whole lobster claw on the top? I've never seen a lobster roll from anywhere look like that.
  2. I'd love to own one but I have no idea what they would even go for. I wish $2k would land me one, but that might be way low.
  3. Absolutely blown away. I had no idea that there's actually a bob ross company after all these years. Love Bob Ross. That guy has to be one of the most chill and peaceful guys I've ever seen. Would love to own one of his paintings. And eff cancer. You took one of the great one's you bastard.
  4. probably a good thing. your ligaments wouldn't be able to handle all those extra 45's you'd be stacking on
  5. I'm perfectly content with nj. I hate winters in general bc of the shortened daylight and certainly bc of the cold. Hoping a couple of warmer weather trips will help with that. Cant say for certain whether a change in locale will make much of s difference. Cali,Oregon,Washington and Colorado are all nice but each have their own drawbacks. I'll probably just move wherever my kids wind up. Nj would be nice for retirement if I snowbird somewhere warm.
  6. 53 of the last 63 grand slam finals won by either fed, Nadal or Djokovic. Incredible those 3.
  7. Oregon is great no doubt. You just have to be cool with a lot of cloudy days.
  8. The Tampa area is nice. I also like the Naples area. Both are very nice winter destinations and if I retire in the northeast, one of those will surely be a snowbird destination.
  9. Florida is like religion; people begin to embrace it as they get older.