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  1. I know about the 72t allowing you to withdraw money early from your retirement accounts, but TIL that's also another option referred to as the rule off 55.
  2. One of their better years as they have actually had a couple players ranked in the double digits. Typically their 4 star players are in the triple digits. Compare that to the teams that win championships who have that caliber of player as their 3rd stringers.
  3. Yes, that's what they get; low end 4 star recruits. That's my point. They'll always have a competitive team b/c of that but they get no elite players. You need elite players to win championships. Their highest recruit this past year was 115th.
  4. But you just said it isn't the talent. It is the talent. Why they don't get the elite players, I don't know. I remember those people and that's like every year for Alabama, Clemson and Georgia. I think people that think ND is a desirable location for the elite players is living in the past.
  5. They get a lot of 3 and 4 star players but never any 5 star players. You need 5 star players to win championships.
  6. And yet their highest recruit this year was 119 on the espn 300. Doesn't seem like elite players have any interest at playing at ND.
  7. I'm not disputing that. But if you don't have the Jimmys and Joes and you're stilling winning a lot of game, that's some fine coaching.
  8. Is it? I really don't know. Is the head coach the one out on the recruiting trail or is it more the assistants?