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  1. I hope not. First she can't buy her daughter's way into college and now there's a possibility she can't buy her way out of prison. What is this country coming to?
  2. I've gone in the wrong direction, but I still have my eye on you 190 you elusive #####.
  3. I enjoy the social drugs and the feeling that comes with them so I had some hopes for kratom. Even though it gives you a nice feeling, the hangover I experienced stunk. Maybe I'm extra sensitive at my age b/c of my past history with ecstasy which eventually also got to the point where the hangover was unbearable.
  4. Remember when tiger last won a major? Neither do any of these guys.
  5. That's what you get webb for wearing such a terrible shirt
  6. I'm not sure what I hate more about Fowler; his hat or his mustache.