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  1. That Ravens DLine is going against the worst OLine in the NFL this week. Finley will be throwing against a much improved pass defense as the Ravens now sport a secondary featuring Marcus Peters and Jimmy Smith at corner. This should be a slaughterhouse. Now with no AJ Green. Doubt he would have made a difference.
  2. He got a 3-yr deal with $29 mil guaranteed which, for a receiver like him, is roughly 2 years guaranteed.
  3. Apparently. Saints wanted him but seems weren't willing to part with the draft capital. Would anyone give any 31 yr old receiver more than 2 years guaranteed?
  4. Finley is not the same type of QB. He's more accurate but has way less arm. Will he throw it farther than 10-15 yards?
  5. Jameis had 11 interceptions in his first 5 games last year and then had 3 the rest of the year.
  6. Finley is a game manager and doesn't have the arm Dalton has. This is likely to be dink and dump city.
  7. Home run hitter in an offense geared towards setting up those shots. What's not to like?
  8. 4.) A running back who has a pretty good run schedule ROW.
  9. Not sure how relevant this is but maybe he shouldn't be playing in this offense. A study was done in 2015 that shows pretty clearly that offensive players in the West Coast offense have a significantly higher rate of concussions than other offenses. Cooks plays in a West Coast offense and has had 4 concussions in 2 years.
  10. Even if Amari's wide open, Dak won't see him. Gallup was open all day in Washington and Dak always seemed to be looking somewhere else. Its going to be cold this winter in Dallas and no 1st round pick next year.
  11. Well this is going just as I suspected. From a fantasy perspective, a big game for Beckham in any game isn't impossible but less and less likely. As this season wears on, I think my point will become clearer and clearer. The question now becomes, will he wear out his welcome this year before they draft their QB of the future next year albeit in an apparently thin class.
  12. You've got a $20 million dollar/year uber-talented receiver with a noodle armed QB and an oline that isn't in sync and just lost their starting center. They can't even pick up basic stunts. By the time the oline gets it together they might be 0-6.
  13. I guess he's lucky the video was short. He's been suspended and fined for blowing up on the field which may have cost them the division and that had nothing to do with Norman. I respect your opinion Chaka but I don't feel that $19 million on Beckham is smart for the Giants. He can't make enough difference when they don't have a QB or a defense. I also feel he's shown enough erratic behaviour to question whether he will be a problem in a rebuilding situation which they are sure to face.
  14. Just think he's got some kind of issues. Don't know if its anger or egoism or what. I feel strongly that its not smart to sink so much money into a WR like him. I can see where people think he's worth the money, but I think its not smart. Dez showed up and wanted to win but, in the end, he was a cancer. A me-ist. I think OBJ is similar and there will be a similar end.