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  1. Whoever has concerns about Kyler being a mobile QB and taking hits didn’t watch any OU games last year. I’ve never seen a QB gain so many rushing yards and take such few hits. It was amazing. He was doing it to protect his baseball career, but the bottom line is he knows how to avoid punishment like nobody I’ve ever seen. I think this has a lot to do with his draft stock rising so much. While the NFL likes the idea of a mobile QB they never last, and Kyler can last if he does what he did last year IMHO. Also the knock on NFL size seems to be around a QBs ability to see over an offensive line, and also his ability to take punishment. I spoke to the latter, and for the former I will say OU had one of the top O lines in CFB last year all of which are NFL prospect O linemen. I don’t know measurements on height but I done believe that line was below average in height by any means. So I don’t think he had any issues seeing over his OLine...
  2. Sitting at 199.55 with J White (-12.5) to go. Next week is one of two remaining challenging bye weeks. Should be interesting!
  3. 28 people on my roster. Only 3 have not counted so far. Don’t worry you are not screwed, I can’t imagine this team taking me to the promised land.
  4. Averaging 216.4 Low 189.6 High 238.7 And I’m sure I’ll be elimated before the playoffs ? Good luck next week all!
  5. Hanging on to him but never see me starting him. He’s the first to get cut if I need to right now. May even cut him for a bye week kicker...
  6. Oline isn’t helping Baker and even Hyde who is supposed to be better at pass pro got steamrolled a few times. They should probably try rolling Baker out more but now he’s gimpy so that may not work either. Haley should be more creative but in the end that Oline isn’t holding up their end of the bargain. I saw at least two TDs go through WRs hands. Get Baker some help!!!
  7. How does signing another WR with dropsies help this team?