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  1. 12 team...1ppr, 1 pt per 25 yards and 6 pt tds start...1qb, 2rb, 2wrs, 1 flex at rb or wr, 1 te...6 pt tds, 1pt per 25...1 ppr My keepers...Bell, Fournette, Hopkins, Baldwin, Fitz I have the 11th pick in a NFL style draft I was offered Odell for Fournetteā€¦.Should I do it
  2. I cant decide on 3 for my PPR lineup...I am back and forth...Nuk, Baldwin, Fitzgerald, Crabtree and Gordon...I mean I have the player to replace NUK but do I actually do it....I hate Fantasy Football....trying to decide between Ajayi and Mike Davis too
  3. 12 team 5 keeper league...6 pt tds, 1/25, PPR, 5 point bonus at 100...Need to start 2 RBs and 2 WRs and 1 flex Do I give Fournette and Tyreek Hill and GET TY Montgomery and Mike Evans MY WRS and RBS are...Bell, Fournette, Gore, Gillislee, Jamaal Williams, Hlton, Hopkins, Hill, Firtzgerald, Corey Coleman
  4. 12 team 5 keeper PPR league bonuses at 100...Would you trade Brady for Ajayi...this is before the draft and after our keepers are selected...My other keepers are Leveon Bell, TY Hilton, Hopkins and Olsen...Then I can probably grab Russell Wilson or Eli or maybe even Matt Ryan or Jameis later in the draft...9th pick in NFL style draft
  5. 12 teams 5 keepers...big money league...NO trades till 5 keepers are set by each team. I finished 4th last season so I will have pick 9 in a NFL style draft... We start...1QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1 flex at RB or WR, TE, K , Def scoring QBs...1 pt/50, 6 pt tds, 5pts at 250... RBs, WRs...1/25, 6 PT TDs, 1 PPR 5 points at 100 yards...TEs 1/25, 1 PPR, 5 pts at 75 yards. All teams keep 5 and no trades till 5 keepers are set. My choices: Brady Leveon Bell Lamar Miller Ingram Hyde Bilal Powell TY Hilton Nuk Hopkins Keenan Allen Greg Olsen
  6. With the new signing at NE would one keep Brady...About half he league will keep QBs...the usual suspects will be kept...Rodgers, Luck, Brees...etc...There are no penalties for keepers
  7. starting requirements....1 qb, 2rbs, 2wrs and 1 flex at RB or WR and a TE....everyone must keep 5...our draft starts essentially in the 6th rd
  8. Working on my keepers for next season...12 team ppr league...bonuses at 100 yards...I can keep 5 and will have pick 9 in the NFL style draft....No trades till draft day.....My options: Brady Leveon Bell Carlos Hyde Lamar Miller MArk Ingram CJ Anderson Bilal Powell TY hilton Deandre Hopkins Keenan Allen Greg Olsen
  9. who would you prefer rest of season and in a keeper league....PPR...
  10. I prefer Eifert ROS....he is a TE stud when healthy and should be back soon
  11. if you drafted and sat on Gordon this long might as well hold tight and see...JMHO...I have done the same and am sitting tight
  12. I was offered Randall Cobb and Ryan Mathews for my Gio Bernard and Tajae Sharpe...12 teams...ppr...5 keeper league My Roster Stafford Flacco Bell Lamar Miller Ingram Gio Dixon Allen Robinson Dez Lockett Sharpe Gordon Olsen Pitta we start...2/2 and flex
  13. I was offered his Golden Tate for my Josh Gordon...12 teams...ppr...5 keeper league My Roster Stafford Flacco Bell Lamar Miller Ingram Gio Dixon Allen Robinson Dez Lockett Sharpe Gordon Olsen Pitta we start...2/2 and flex
  14. 12 team PPR league. trying to decide on my 3rd WR...narrowed it down to Dez and Sharpe....I am leaning Sharpe but its tough to bench Dez.