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  1. any chance of the site ever coming out with the Lineup and Trade Dominators for the Mac?
  2. 10 team standard league. Drafted a sick team. Idiots in my league left a serious amount of talent on the waiver wire. Guys like Jordan Reed, Zach Ertz and Kendal Wright. Is it worth it to drop Fred Jax for any of those guys. I have Ap Montee joique and jennings at rb. Cameron at tight end and Hilton decker Keenan Roddy and Wallace at wr. Thoughts are appreciated.
  3. i have used the windows version for years, and was able to do so using windows parallel for mac. Unfortunately for me, when i upgraded to mavericks (os operating system), i got locked out of windows. Because of this, i am now looking to use the MAC version. I tested it out and it is far less superior than the version i was used to. Why is that? for instance, it doesn't allow me to use different vbd's, like maurey's auction or joes secret formula. do i have any other option for the mac or am i going to have to dish out money to get windows capabilities back?