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  1. i offered kelce and crowell for witten and allen robinson (with the hope of picking up bortles and dropping witten). offer was turned down. if i replace robinson with kelvin benjamin, is it a fair deal in peoples opinions?
  2. would you think stefan diggs or kelvin benjamin for kelce is fair value?
  3. my team is as follows q: stafford rb: Elliot, demarco, latavious, isiah crowell, jerrick mckinnon and alfred morris wr: aj green, amari cooper, maclin and jordan matthews te: kelce, bennett, eifert what would be a good return for any of my three te's also, would you drop any of them for a qb like blake bortells? i am 8-2 in my league right now and sitting pretty. just looking to constantly upgrade my team (though i really like the team as it is. thoughts are greatly appreciated
  4. any chance of the site ever coming out with the Lineup and Trade Dominators for the Mac?
  5. 10 team standard league. Drafted a sick team. Idiots in my league left a serious amount of talent on the waiver wire. Guys like Jordan Reed, Zach Ertz and Kendal Wright. Is it worth it to drop Fred Jax for any of those guys. I have Ap Montee joique and jennings at rb. Cameron at tight end and Hilton decker Keenan Roddy and Wallace at wr. Thoughts are appreciated.
  6. i have used the windows version for years, and was able to do so using windows parallel for mac. Unfortunately for me, when i upgraded to mavericks (os operating system), i got locked out of windows. Because of this, i am now looking to use the MAC version. I tested it out and it is far less superior than the version i was used to. Why is that? for instance, it doesn't allow me to use different vbd's, like maurey's auction or joes secret formula. do i have any other option for the mac or am i going to have to dish out money to get windows capabilities back?