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  1. I think you can wait to decide as you keep tabs on ODB. If he is somehow out, I'd definitely lean Shepard stepping up in his place. If ODB does play, then I'd probably lean Mixon for that flex spot. I think flex is where sometimes you can play for upside but like the previously poster said, it's going to be more high risk/high reward with Mixon at the onset of the year until Cincy figures out their backfield.
  2. wbaaoz

    Wdis wr

    If Marshall plays you start him. I'm in the same boat in that regard. And I'm okay with Lockett over those two. It's very close though. Would love some feedback here:
  3. Nice. I'd rather have Julio over Green (as would most). Would love some feedback here:
  4. I'd wait to get a little more clarity on the Mia backfield. I read some quote where the coach said "We'll have to see about inactive" in reference to Ajayi's role. Would love some feedback here:
  5. I would agree. Blount then Sims then Vereen. Would love some feedback here:
  6. It's tough man. Part of me is leaning Rawls and hoping for another dud. But I would hate to shoot myself and miss out on someone who Evan Silva has mentioned as a potential "league winner" in Washington.
  7. Appreciate the feedback. I cannot drop Lewis for the Washington pick up just because Lewis is in my IR spot. I have to drop an "active" RB. It's a stingy league like that on positional numbers.
  8. I'd actually probably prefer Enunma. I like what I've seen through two weeks. He's probably the more consistent play whereas Shepard has the higher week to week ceiling. Would love some feedback here:
  9. I'm most down on Matt Jones. I think you go Langford if you want a higher floor. I think you go Williams if you want a higher ceiling. Would love some feedback here:
  10. Who are your current RBs? Who is your current TE? Would love some feedback here:
  11. I think you have to drop Proles for JM. Too high of ceiling. Would love some feedback here:
  12. I would drop Barner. I'd start Sims and then Rawls (if he plays) or Washington (for the risky play). Would love some feedback here:
  13. If you're getting all 3 then yes....I think the benefits you over the long run. Would love some feedback here:
  14. Details: 10 team league, .5 PPR Can only start 2 RBs Can only roster 4 RBs (unless they're on IR or O) Currently own: Deangelo Williams, Spencer Ware, Charles Sims and Thomas Rawls with Dion Lewis and Kenneth Dixon stashed
  15. I'm in a similar boat as a Brady owner. I liked what I saw in preseason and I believe his rushing ability can make up for a mistake here and there. As of now I'm rolling with him over Brock O., RG3 and Flacco.