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  1. will contest here that his turn as Billy's father in "Buffalo 66" was as remarkable a ##### nozzle as was ever filmed - i dunno who won the fancy Hollywood statue, but it belonged to Gazzarra that year. that being said - "Capone" sucked infinite bags of Richards.
  2. Noble Indy takes it down - this was as quizzical run prep as I can remember - wait for the replay
  3. BTW - Gazarra was never better than in my '98 top choice Buffalo '66 - brief screen time, but he gave one mutha ####### epic performamce - Vinnie Gallo used to hang with us Tisch mofos at Boo Radley's onWaverly. top 5 of the decade.
  4. it reads like it was written out in crayon
  5. ok, Ilov80s - seems like you have your mind made up ... we'll leave it at that oh, but one more thing ....
  6. fire that baby up, install Incursion - the movie catalog there is staggering ... every '74 flick mentioned up in here is available, dev pulls very crisp feeds from Showbox - you will be blown away by the content.
  7. makes Jimmuh Carter look like Mud
  8. Showbox Showbox home d'load i only use it via Kodi ... the latest addon i'm using there has thousands of movies (including the Mahler one) available - again, i have not straight downloaded it to any device, just stream it through Kodi 'droid box, so dunno how it will perform otherwise ... but tons of these movies are offered there.
  9. guess you won't be leaving the liiii-iight on
  10. all it ever needs is a chance for someone to divorce themselves from the preconceived genre trepidation - now, i can dig why some avoid it due to those supposed constraints, but ... when simply evaluated for it's stand alone brilliance as a masterpiece of cinema, it shines. here's a pretty cool look, from a fella with a kooky accent - ** SPOILER ** it's kinda graphic in spots, and for those who haven't seen it yet, but plan to, it divulges too much for y'all to see Making Daylight Scary
  11. Louisiana Derby - first prep to dole out 100/40/20/10 ... not the most inspiring field, but it is deep and wide open - last prep down here (Risen Star) featured 21/1 Bravazo over 41/1 Snapper Sinclair at the wire - this looks like a good betting race today, the early pace is gonna be so very crucial. looking back at that Risen Star, it really just boiled down to a match race between the top two - Instilled Regard went off as 7/5 favorite, but had no burst in the stretch ... Miggy Mena was a last minute replacement for Gary Stevens on the winner, but back to the H.o.F. jock this afternoon, as leading Fair Grounds rider Mena sits this one out - speaking of rider switches, Jose Ortiz jumps up on Snapper Sinclair today ... maybe trying to sit off the pace juuust a bit, especially when considering that Asmussen also entered another front runner in Retirement Fund - think the plan here is to let RF get out with the hotter fractions, allowing Ortiz to rate off with SS - it is the key dynamic to this race, Asmussen looking to soften the early speed while hoping to ration SS enough under one of the top jocks. RF wanted no part of that Arkansas mud last out, and has two impressive lower class route wins over the Fair Grounds surface ... stranger things have happened this prep season .. Noble Indy had a rough second half in the RS - came out firing, but was jostled for position down the stretch ... finally took the rail and closed nicely to pick up show dough. he really needs this one badly, and would expect Pletcher/Johnny V to have him bolting right out the gate ... from the 2 hole again, so position should be no problem - coming in off a sharp work, and adding blinkers to help offset the facacta antics - love him in this spot. very much. as for Bravazo, he drilled his last work and has the top speed fig in the field. will be interesting to see how Stevens deals with the expected hot early pace ... this is a very honest and steady cat, the type that "if he runs his race" can not help being a factor at the wire. Lukas/Stevens bring a mountain of experience and cred - perhaps the last legit Derby shot for both? surprised he wasn't m/l favorite ... ... that distinction belongs to My Boy Jack, who had a textbook close for the Desormeaux bros. in a muddy Southwest last month ... was only his second dirt route, as he was primarily turf prior to ... will benefit greatly from that likely hot pace upfront ... outside post should not hinder his style at all, would expect him to sit back with Lone Sailor (another Kentucky Jockey Cup graduate, fifth in that race), and if there is a collapse, those two will be picking 'em up as they close. LS also presents the sentimental angle, as he was part of recently deceased New Orleans legend Tom Benson's group (along with his wife, Gayle) - no one was bigger on the sports scene down there than Benson. Givemeamint also ran in that milestone KJC, and switches back to Javi today, who piloted him to a very respectable fourth in the BC Juvey (Good Magic/Solomini/Bolt d'Oro) ... could be sitting back with the two mentioned above, but would expect an earlier move from this one ... familiar with this track, and needs to bounce back from a very disappointing RS. for ultimate PPs, go Here - find Noble Indy and clicky.
  12. spit my last decent seed right back at me last night
  13. "i can't wait for the Sweet 16!!"
  14. Incursion addon (Kodi) - 100s of movies from any year you can think of - combed through '74 last night for spits and giggles ... had no idea the 'lesbian vampire' genre flourished so much that year - seriously, lotta sexualized horror/thriller was being churned out