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  1. Justy back out there today now Ruis pivots ... i would expect a Pimlico ship next week, and a race day scratch if wet. >>> Mick Ruis says Bolt d’Oro pointed to Preakness “If all goes well in training and we have a good track on race day.” ... Otherwise he stays at Keeneland until next start. Two possibilities: $500,000 Penn Mile on turf, June 2 or 7f Woody Stephens on Belmont Day <<< this one might be a monster dialed back to that 7f - will make for a very heavy wager point prior to the big one at Big Sandy.
  2. from what i've ascertained poking around the webz this morning, it appears that Lone Sailor/Gimmeamint are awaiting Justy's status to see about entering Preakness - the latter was last seen on Derby day bottoming out the yuuuuge Pat Day Mile trifecta. also conflicting reports on Bolty - first i saw was that Ruis was putting him on ice 'til the PC Classic later on at Del Mar, another said Ruis is taking the same "wait and see" stance regarding Justy a lot riding on the status of that heel - we should know shortly if he even got out on the track this morning. ETA: just ran across this < he's on the track with protected heel ETA 2 : supposedly looked OK in his gallop
  3. otb_lifer

    Blue Collar Bonaza!

  4. ok, im'ma take your word for it - after all, it does come straight from the ...
  5. rigged - you may not be the most popular guy in the "shake"
  6. i set the cumulative o/u at 44 🤘
  7. i've been hawked some foul perishables by a gorgeous mosaic of grocers/butchers/deli (not necessarily Dehli folk) folk over the years ... two of them bought my race/nationality into it - Dominican who called me "mutha trukkin' milk" and an Irish chap who called me "a half N - word" (i'm Irish/Italian - the Irish up 'round here did not take kindly to that mix for the most part ... this one was back when i was barely in my teens). were they racist? or just part of the "colorful" jargon we bandy about over here? a lil' of both ✌ ETA: so, to me, your scenario is far from racist.
  8. how do you know for sure that we see things differently? we may be a lot closer than you are allowing here. i will agree with the , of course.
  9. FAIL. not enough self-loathing/flagellation goin' on up in there.
  10. the rest of the world can kiss my hairy American 🇺🇸 ###
  11. otb_lifer

    Teenage daughter advice

    hearkening back to my earlier post up in here ... so my daughter was a bit more gussied up than usual for school this morning ... i made a joking comment in passing "what, we have a boyfriend now or sumthin'? what's with all the spiff?" to which she somewhat rolled her eyes with a "Daaaaaaad!" as soon as she left i was yelling upstairs to my gf, like Davey during the Scatino bust out in s2 "well - it's starting!!!1!1!!"
  12. so my paranoid shtick went for naught - i ####### knew it would!
  13. i knew it (i also know that you didn't think i knew it)
  14. ranks right up there with "Coming Home in a Body Bag" as greatest 'Nam flick ever - 1a and 1b, IMO