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  1. .. think you're in the wrong thread here, Jonesy (the Bill James judgeathon sports draft is thataway ---->)
  2. Rd 28 L.A.M.F. - (Johnny Thunders &) the Heartbreakers (1977) ok, so it was just "Heartbreakers" officially ... but Thunders got himself top billing for a spell, and rightfully so. trading in the AquaNet from his NY Dolls days for some razor blades and Brylcreem (only the works remained, as was his wont and downfall), Johnny mined the same seedy sleaze as the Dolls blazed, this time in a more compact and economic fury. it's as boozy/bluesy as one would expect, but now with a heavy hot load of punk junk. the attitude was all Thunders, and he couldn't help but slide right in as the guitar god of the genre ... the 'breakers were quite a legit all-around band ... matter of fact, Johnny Ramone once said outta all the bands that played at CBGBs, the Heartbreakers were the only ones he thought were as good as the Ramones, but, to quote: "we knew they were junkie losers, so we weren't worried too much". was gonna be Johnny's calling card right up 'til the day he booted out ... sorry waste of great talent and pure NYC chops - he is very missed by so many, big hit when i heard of him passing. ####! but this glorious artifact remains, long a top spinner for me, and one i gladly would've taken in rd 1 ... my absolute musical hero, and this travels wherever i go - love my paisan like a long lost big brother 🇮🇹 Born To Lose can't think of an instance where an artist better encapsulated the story of his whole ####### crazy life ... ... but this Chinese Rocks comes pretty damn close ... co-written with partners in Needle Park crime Richard Hell & Dee Dee Ramone - riff crunchy enough to withstand 43 years of sittin' in milk - balls out.
  3. Rd 27 Ramones - Leave Home fitting for an island jaunt, eh? though mine is Rikers ... so anyways, no way in hell i was goin' anywhere without the DumDum Bruddas - this was the one i was targeting all along, what with the aforementioned theme and all. those first 3 platters all coulda been one album, though the eponymous debut is certainly the rawest of the lot ... this one, along with "RtR", had a bit slicker production - the boys became much more interesting fodder for Stein and Sire. better than the Clash and the Pistols, the originators of the sonic template (Johnny's downstroke is the ####in' teats), and the greatest live "bang for the buck" you could ever hope for ... all the bands formed in their wake owe a tremendous debt here - drunken Vedder's H.o.F. induction of them says it all (pack a lunch ... or a shotgun). NYC to the bone. R.I.P., ya magnificent sonsof#####es ✌ Commando - if i had to choose one Ramones tune for a time capsule, here it is ... also title of Johnny's book - damn straight. Pinhead - the centerpiece of their live shows "gabba gabba/we accept ya/we accept ya/one of us" x2 ... last time i caught them live there were more "Gabba Gabba Hey!" signs in the audience than there were fauxhawks, which i appreciated very much.
  4. first futures i posted here had Max at roughly 20-1, so right up with those two fixes ... i recall remarking at the time that it showed a ton of respect for him, seeing as he still hadn't even hit the track in rehab yet. but for @facook to bag him at 8-1 after the Winn and the Charly/Raffa bull####, well ... that's a pretty sweet nab in it's own right.
  5. whaddya trying to say, fish? that i suck otherwise? thanks, man! - (still wish i singled that ####in' #1 horse in race 3)
  6. 🎶 🚬 🚬 🎶 5:23 a.m. shufflin' ... On an Island - Artist Gilmore i've been doing some digging into PF's earliest days, as i've grown fascinated with Syd ... anyways, every time i hear Gilmour interviewed it's a revelation - gotta be the most erudite musician still kickin' - didn't they do a ton of drugs? and his playing is sublime beyond my words here ... noodling on this, but it's not necessarily hippie noodling, so i appreciate it for the genius it is (still too ####in' long, tho) - 7.0 Box of Rain - Cherry Garcias ok ... this is not exactly inducing a hurl of patchouli and Strawberry Boone's Farm, which is my permanent reaction to anything but "Uncle John's Band" - too detached to give a #### to check, but ... is the ice cream man doing lead vocal here? this is a safe enough house for Dead haters - 7.0 Reason To Believe - The Jerzee Boy wonder if i can petition Time to redact that '75 cover featuring this charlatan ... if it ain't "Sherry Darling" live, it's dead to me - 3.5 Outlaw Heart - Joe Exotic Army perfect Honky Tonk punkabilly - Cash would be proud, better than anything Ness churned out - yeah, it's pretty damn cool - 10 Found a Job - RISDy Darlings i really struggle with the whole concept of "David Byrne" - 4.0 Melissa - ABBuhh ... it's a sweet vibe ... just not feeling it on caffeine and cigs - like a xanax spiked cuppa - 6.0 Geyser - Mitzki Gaynor slow burn into a very deep and lush finish ... not horrible at all, pretty shimmering soundscape, i can replay this one, sure - 7.0 Talk of the Town - Fakers Chrissy Hynde is rock n' roll goddess extraordinaire - her vocal is so damn dreamy on this one - still can't forgive for "Brass In Pocket", but that's not the song here, so - 10 Girls on Film - D2 forgot how much i despised this tune in rhe 80s, because i love it now - chugg chugg that groove - 9.0 Ask - Manchester M&Ms "spending warm summer days indoors/writing frightening verse/to a buck toof gurl in Luxembourg" - is why i love Morrissey - and that Marr kid can jangle yer ### clear off - 9.0 tally: 2 cuppas 10 tunes 7.2 avg 11 smokes (2 during Gilmour) g'morning shuffle ... pleasure getting twisted and turned, as always!
  7. Rd 26 The Slits - Cut (1979) ... more '79 goodness! took these gals awhile to lay their cacaphonous mishmash of punky ska/reggae down - they were the first all female act to really hit on the scene, and the members all had various ties to the big guys in the rooms ... lead singer Ari Up would become Rotten's stepdaughter, guitarist Viv Albertine had relationships with Sid and Mick Jones (Clash), and is rumored to have been the muse for "Train In Vain". Albertine was the centerpiece here in forming the band ... she kicked around with various startups and failures ... then good pal Chrissy Hynde lit a real fire under her ###, and off she went to form the Slits. the footage of their early live gigs is brutal ... they were a pure noise punk extravaganza - part shtick, part lack of polish - but they clicked with the fans, and became a staple on the circuits, supporting the Clash most often ... Strumner really believed in the gals, he just thought they needed to constantly play live to better hone their skills. by the time they got into the studio for this debut, drummer Palmolive had left ... Siouxsie's drummer (and future husband) Budgie provided the majority of the album's percussion. it's such an influential and groundbreaking work ... the great D.I.Y. ethos meshed with the powerful woman's point of view made for a landmark release which shaped many who followed. So Tough - for Sid Typical Girls (track begins at 1:15 mark in this vid)
  8. 🐴 you all should've followed me into the wagering thread - posted a $624 winning P4 ticket for Tampa Bay Downs 🐴 $ W.F.H <-> F.T.W $ expect the Seabiscuit/ Secretariat soundtrack soon 🏇
  9. thanks, man ... only regret (cuz there is always one, can never be "satisfied") is not singling the #1 in the second race, therefore playing the ticket for $1 ($1,234) it always happens 😁