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  1. ? Vic-Tore-Eeee-Yah-Hah/Victooooriah/Victoriah/Victoria ?
  2. Kodi is the better bet, imo - those devs and devotees are much more passionate and proactive - plenty of deep web tech folk keepin' that baby humming - it's their calling.
  3. request: Icona Pop, featuring Charlie XCX - "I Love It"
  4. she carries that whole Pin-Up/Cheesecake motif wth such style and heat - throwing it back to Page/Mansfield/Russell vibes
  5. dilly dilly for Philly. the only brand i officially recognize as "Cream Cheese"
  6. loved her yanked at her frock during their set on the "small stage" at Woodstock '94 - amazing eyes and voice. think my chicanery was the precursor/inspiration for the infamous Green Day mudfest, as the Cali boys followed the Micks ??
  7. my first ever GFs mom was a 4'8" Irish redhead from West 44th - in the heart of the Kitchen, back in it's heyday - anyways, when she (mom) found out i was half Italian she went berserker on my ###, saying "a guinea ain't nuttin' but a N***** turned inside out" times weren't as PC as they are these days, so i just objected to her slandering of the Italians with a big "#### you, Broom Hilda" (she was not what one would call a looker). oh, my gf? yeah, she wound up marrying a Haitian dude - mom disowned her ... ... and Broom Hilda wound up marrying an Italian after she buried her third husband.
  8. Bodog down?
  9. i always wished the would've fleshed the Demons out more ... Bag struck me as a right scumbag, as did Ed Begley Jr. - and let's not forget the usher dude (Frankie?) who hassled Richie up in the theater balcony - Fonzie called them "a buncha bananas" loooooooong before Orange County millionaire mom Gwen Stefani used the term in trying to reinvent herself as a "girl from around the way" "jumped the shark" my ### - it resonates more in current culture than any series in history.
  10. see my edit - thought it was Kodi
  11. was having similar issues yesterday, so i cleared all system/addon cache, along with clearing providers ... had to reauthorize RD accts/resolvers in both Neptune Rising and Placenta - everything back to normal - the 1080/5.1 scrapes were abundant ... abundant i tell ya ETA: wrong thread, thought this was Kodi
  12. to go one further ... Arthur Fonzarelli in the "Sticks Downey" episode: "hey, i'd rather hang with a cool black guy than a nerd white guy" - and, according to Happy Days timeline, that humongous slab of racial healing was done some 5 years prior to the March on Washington ... "AAAAAAYYYYYYY" ?
  13. have the Muttsies been officially eliminated yet? TIA
  14. field of seven down in Oaklawn today for the (10/4/2/1) Smarty Jones - heavy hitters in town with some promising colts, as Baffert/Asmussen/Pletcher saddle up more than half the field (SA has two entries). looking at the top three coming in: #6 Navistar - he's been working the best of the lot, but is jumping up in class - #1 Combatant was last seen in the Remington Springboard Mile chasing Greyvitos ... same for #4 Mourinho in the Bob Hope. Mourinho will put the blinkers back on for today's stretch out - speediest of this bunch - dunno if he wants the distance, but we know Baffert doesn't ship to Arkansas just to wind his watch ... of note is his victory over Instilled Regard back in their maiden (6f) at Santa Anita in September. currently leaning to #6 Navistar Formulator PPs - Here
  15. we're all winners here