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  1. let's head to my home track, beautiful Belmont Park, for the 2019 Champagne Stakes billed as a battle between wunderkinds Tiz the Law & Green Light Go ... but all didn't go as planned. GLG got hooked by Gozilla for some brisk early fractions, and was royally softened up as a result ... Tiz had a troubled start, but steadied - rated back off the bullets, biding his time - was pinched on the inside, so fanned out four wide and got busy ... a bit green with the lugging down the stretch, but nice navigation thru traffic - looks like a resilient cat who can get it done off the pace and through some trouble <----- mega Derby cred right there. very impressed with this one only his second time out, scored in his first try, a 6 1/2f MSW up at the Spa 9 weeks ago.
  2. MoCS! i would smile more, but my teef are so horribly jacked that i've taken to feigning a British accent with most strangers, as to better correlate the horrendous mouf to the person flapping it but, yeah - great gallery, amigo ... hey, i remember a coupla them from the Derby pix you posted last May, no? believe you even had a few cocktails wif sum of those folks - thanx for sharing the album, always a pleasure- really dig the colors and pageantry- nuttin' like the Derby for this kinda shtick ... nothing.
  3. ::looks around:: aren't you already? .... go on most telling part of the race was slightly past 1/2 poll, where you could see him absolutely motoring ... they distappeared behind the trees for a minute, then ... WALA! there he was - truckin' fools like dey were in cement booties .... fastest fraction of the race was 1/4 to 1/2, and that's when he revved it up. think he came home final 1/4 in :24 and change (i know how you lurve that sub :24 metric), and Ortiz was kinda busy on him as he was pulling away - but i honestly think that if this cat needed to chug home at a brisker clip he woulda ... and he looked fresh as #### in the gallop out (he had just raced three weeks prior, so, good sign on conditioning). plz to note how cuppy Keeneland was on Saturday ... shades of Big Sandy (now, i'm not sayin' ... jus' sayin' that third leg should pose little problem surface wise). he's winning his routes ... took down a two turn affair, already scored over Churchill ... the beat goes on. gonna take a peek at the other early hotshots (Champagne was also run on Saturday), and, of course, Baffert has a couple looming already. the Juvey is gonna be a donnybrook ... more interested in that than the Classic, tbh. onward and upward we go! THAT MIDDLE MOOOVE!
  4. oh, hell yeah ... we'll be tracking BC goodness in a couple/few weeks, no doubt. interested to see how much luv Max gets for the Juvey - as i said earlier, i am legit hoping for a major bounce - ergo cooling him off at the future windows - then he'll freshen, and pop back out for a January prep (would love to see him up here for the Jerome). starring yours truly as the Tin Man ... @Man of Constant Sorrow as the Scarecrow ... you, good sir, would be our Wizard, of course ... we need to fill: Cowardly Lion, ToTo, Auntie Em, Wicked Witch, Uncle Henry ... oh, and Munckins. we'll need a couple dozen of those lil' bastids. and Pink Floyd. we gotta synch this #### up - @rockaction would make an ideal Syd Barret, but he (Syd) was fried beyond recog for "Dark Side" ... whereas our gb is currently on the temperance kick (hope yer still abstaining, RockyA)
  5. BEHOLD dead last at first call, starts moving slightly past the 1/4 ... dream trip, inhaling everything in sight ... expertly rationed by Ortiz - this cat won for fun - literally toying with an over matched field that look like Shetland ponies in comparison. i gush, he flat-out dazzles. a most magnifico beast. i actually hope he bounces in the Juvey so i can get a 15-1 type of plunk when that first futures book opens - and im'ma go big as i can once it does.
  6. Maxfield just romped in the Futurity at Keeneland ... big, beautiful, powerful - blew the ####### doors off the field - had plenty left in the tank. by Street Sense, out of a Bernardini bottom ... oh, and won his maiden try at Churchill. i'm usually not one for futures, things flip on a ####### dime in this gig ... and we've seen a few recent vintage Derby winners not even being offered on the first or second fututes go 'round. but this beast is a beast. trained by Walsh, shed at Godolphin barn ... if you never see me in this thread again, just remember who gave ya the winner: MAXFIELD.
  7. will he draw Gillmore this week? tough sledding vs that cat - then potentially vs Slay week 6 ... save for Adam's yuuuuuuuge Toisday night vs Iggles, that passing game has been "meh" at best.
  8. or like rooting for USWNT in the WWC, amirite? you had no prob with that, didja? AS I TYPE CELTIC BURIES THEM WITH THEIR SECOND GOAL! more money for me, they've made me quite a bit this summer - yeah, baby! so, take your ltwerp ###, condescending ##### attitude and ####### stick it
  9. 'atta boy, Rock "The Old Firm" ... nothing as heated as these two knockin' heads, that's for sure - toss in all those peripherals, and, yeah, it cranks it up a couplea hundred notches. Celtic still clinging to that 1-nil lead as we approach 70' ETA: running out for pre Mass breakfast with my daughter ... HOLD ON, CELTS!! see you all on the other side ⚽️
  10. UP THE ####### QUEEN! Celtic draws first blood at 32' ETA: 1-nil at the half
  11. Celtic/Rangers in roughly one hour 🇮🇪 let's get it done, lads! 🇮🇪
  12. this Juventas/Napoli match is entertaining enough - wow!