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  1. i been terribly derelict here as of late - ROCKFORD FILES JUST CAME ON! JIM GARNER - A REAL MAN'S MAN! FTW! i really dug your top 25 musings in the Doctopus thread - i need to haul my ### over there once i return to some semblance of normalcy.
  2. currently saddled with "Magnum P.I." or "Different World" or "AMEN!" as my entertainment choices - my brother is moving next week, so he cancelled his cable (he's not a big TV guy, anyway) - Sherman Helmsley's Napoleon complex wins the day - good #######' lawd do i need some booze. MoCS in the house lately?
  3. Corporate Rock/"Dirty White Boy" ... and if i wasn't bored out my ####in' skull i woulda never bothered to pop in here - they are the epitome of "meh" - disposable pablum for the less adventurous masses
  4. the kids helming the pirate ships are more dedicated/adept than the drones toiling for the "legit" outfits
  5. i gotta look that one up when i finally get sprung from this one Shetland pony town. will update accordingly- or i may take you up on that offer 🏴‍☠️
  6. you know how to touch me, goodfella FITTING FOR THIS ####ED UP MORNING, STRANDED WITH ONLY 7 SMOKES LEFT!!1! take me home, Johnny
  7. I WILL LEAD AN ARMED REVOLT if someone dares resurrect the ####### MUPPET franchise /fin
  8. oh yeah, very interesting cat - to say the least ... he deserved better from the industry, but ... he follows his own muse, politically, so, yeah - no surprise he was summarliy marginalized- ####heads.
  9. ex of mine hailed from Rochester - we visited her family there back in the early 90s - i was a zima drinkin'/wing inhalin'/Wegman's lovin' fool for a solid weekend - got DAMN do they talk funny up there. her entire family was tied to Kodak in one way or another - was kinda grisly, from a cultural standpoint (see my ZIMA reference) ... Buffalo 66 came out a couple years later, and i reallyreallyreally needed a Billy Brown type to help assuage the doldrums- i met Vinny Gallo at Boo Radley's on Waverly (back in my NYU daze), and drunkenly showered praise for capturung the insidious ennui of the entire region. we played a couple tines on the juke, and he split when i left to take a wizzz - bon travail, Mr. Vin. i have had my share of far left leaning companions lo over these years - i kinda dig the yin/yang of it all, but, holy mutha i6f all that is holy, can they be the most tedious creatures to ever trouble daylight.
  10. Upsrate NY - i have family up here, been awhile since we all got to hang, so ... they egged me for weeks to take a break from the City and get my ### on up ... ergo, here i am. as far as my routines ... yeah, i'm nothing if not Stalanist with my habits these days - i could prolly make a railroad run on time.
  11. hellz yeah! that certainly jolted my ### up - coffee/cigs/tunes - all this dude needs right now. pondering whether or not to start drinking at noon ... will mark 4 days in a row of imbibing - this trip has ####ed my whole routine up - i'm very rigid in my diet/workouts/running/partying - me no likey monkee wrenched tossed into the mix.
  12. currently sweating out the 1:45 back to EWR - i shoulda booked into JFK originally, that flight took off last night, albeit at 10:30. SEND MOAR COFFEE! someone, plz ...
  13. is this emissary perk available to non-subscribers? if so, does it include sny kinda/sorta nefarious wymmins action?