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  1. Maybe I am remembering incorrectly, but I just purchased and loaded the magazine app for my apple devices. It seemed like last year there was some interaction with my Footballguys account or somewhere that I could enter my various leagues and the magazine would update the articles based on my league scoring, set-up, etc. I thought you had automated the process with the "cloud" feature but that doesn't seem to be doing it. I also thought there was a mock draft section and some other functionality. I'm I just missing the set-up options or are they no longer available? I guess I need some direction.
  2. Top Changes: 1) I would like to somehow get consolidated lists from other sites, magazines, etc. for leagues that incorporate IDP. Similar to what is available from the Non-IDP leagues where you can have one team draft from CBS, another from Sports Illustrated, etc. This really helps for the mock draft feature and getting some practice in before the live drafts. I know that this is a challenge due to very few sites actually providing a consolidated list of all positions from 1 to 500 (including IDP) to populate the draft lists which it seems is what would be required. One idea I had was to try to look at the positions in a list and populate the other site information from the position list. For example, you already have projections that the draft should shape up where X amount of RB's, X amount of WR's, are taken in each round at each slot. So for round one you would have RB1, RB2, RB3, QB1, RB4, RB5, TE1, QB2, etc. In some sense you have done this for the FBG projections and made the "Expert" list and during the draft it anticipates 5 WR's and 8 RB's going before your next pick, for example. So to incorporate the other site's information, just take their RB1 and plug it in where you have RB1 going, and repeat for all the positions. Since the overall ranking from 1-500 usually isn't available, but the rankings of QB from 1-40, LB 1-80, and RB from 1-100 are available on all the sites this would at least give a variety of drafting options to practice against. Your IDP content is the best I've found on the web, but it hasn't been transferred or supported in your applications fully, or at least not to the same extent as the other inforamtion. 2) I'm not completely sure this is the case, but if it isn't please correct me, but if you start with the Projections Dominator to go through and review each of the players, see their history, read the comments, and develop your own projections based on some percentage of prior year production and percentage of some of the expert rankings, I don't think this information carries over into the Draft Dominator. I believe that the rankings and projections transfer into the Draft Dominator, but not the percentages as to how you came up with them. The problem that this creates is that when you update the projections in DD it wipes the information that you had put in from PD. I know that you can just update the PD file and import the new projections and then transfer the files to DD, but it seems that it wouldn't take much to add that functionality into DD and save the steps or go one step further and merge both programs together. I like to spend time going through PD and tweeking the projections to what I expect for the upcoming year, but I want to keep the "Update" functionality going so that when injuries or camp developments change a players situation dramatically, the updated projections you provide ensure that I don't miss something. Look forward to the new updates next year.
  3. Are the projections for Aaron Rudnicki coming anytime soon for IDP on the projections dominator?
  4. I'm having an issue with My Team Mock Draft that when the warning message pops up that someone is about to draft more than their max, it zeros out all of the position tracking in the Team Stats window. I can manually add a different position and that changes the position drafted to 1, but none of the other positions show up. They are still all listed on his team, but closing the window or other things I have tried to refresh it, doesn't work. Any thoughts?
  5. I think there was a site that was pushing line-up changes mid-game, similar to new Vegas betting throughout the game and rolling lines. What if you could develop a system that allowed you to change a starter either quarterly or by half, so that if someone went down with injury or someone else got hot, you could plug them in for at least some portion of the game to take advantage. Obviously this goes against several of the comments about wanting to be less active on game-days, but what about people that want to be more active and react to the flow of the games?