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  1. can Dan Campbell take much of a chance sitting the pending FAs like Miller in order to get a look at the younger guys? He has to look out for his own career too.
  2. I am debating who I should put in a WW claim for. Sitting 8th and it resets weekly. Roster in my signature RB: Forsett, Crowell, L. Taliaferro, B. Rainey (Martin handcuff), CJ Anderson (Ball handcuff) WR: Hurns, Streater, Woods Forsett seems to be the most immediate contributor, Crowell has the potential. Any of the WRs would be as a 4th/5th guy. I'd prefer Anderson over Rainey just for the offense each would be in. Taliaferro I am unfamiliar with, but seems to be positioned similarly to Crowell. Like Gordon I am willing to be patient if it means a greater payoff, which if Gordon comes back then it wont matter who my 4th/5th WR is! Anderson would cover my butt in case Ball flounders. Do I go for an immediate payoff, be a tad more patient for the potential in Crowell/Taliaferro, or get Anderson/Rainey as a means of hedging? Where do the WR's fit in? Hurns is the guy I have to get now or never. Streater/Woods seem to be Plan B pickups and might linger on the FA market.