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  1. I think it goes back a little bit to how many you start at each position and how readily the players will be available on waivers. All of which it sounds like will be considered in your formula. That said for one of my leagues that is fairly RB heavy I would rate something like this based on drafting and trade habbits within the league. I do think the trade value curve should be flatter in dynasty than a straight re-draft but I'm not sure most people really play that way.QB#1 (Aaron Rodgers) is worth QB#4 (Peyton Manning) + QB10???Question #2:RB#1 (Adrian Peterson) is worth RB#6 (Rashard Mendenhall) + RB25???Question #3:WR#1 (Larry Fitzgerald) is worth WR#6 (Hakeem Nicks) + WR16???Question #4:TE#1 (Jermichael Finley) is worth TE#4 (Jason Witten) + TE7???
  2. Starting a new keeper/semi dynasty league this year and trying to get the final rules nailed down and one that I didn't really think about too much is how deep should you make a bench? We are doing a 3 player rookie taxi squad, 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1flex, 2TE, 1k, 1def starting lineup. .Originally had planned to stick with a pretty standard redraft size bench of 8 players. Is this too small though for a keeper league? BTW this thread has been immensly helpful!