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  1. Traded JuJu for Mixon in a non PPR dynasty league. I realize nobody cares but I really just wanted an excuse to post in here so that I could get the thread starred now that I have an interest in him.
  2. Wait...You think you need to add a 2nd to Russell Wilson to get Kyler Murray? I Would need a 2nd with Murray to trade Wilson. I havent followed this thread at all, but coming in on this post makes me think I am missing something or misreading your post somehow. Wilson + 2020 2 for Murray? ETA FBGs dynasty ranking for the past 21 days (the cumulative ones) have Wilson and Wentz as 6/7, and Murray as 11. None of the 4 guys with rankings posted have Murray over either one of them.
  3. Non - PPR I traded Juju for Mixon. I needed another RB and was strong at WR, he needed another WR and was strong at RB.
  4. Free Doctor Octopus! One of the best posters on here. I agree that there is too much bickering but that was a very minor transgression to get banned for.
  5. This is a good post,. Even though it is in no way what I want to see, it is tough to dispute what you are pointing out. Still hope like heck that you are coming to the wrong conclusion, but its a difficult position to defend.
  6. Even if he gets past the recent transgressions, which it appears as though he will, my money is still on him moronicizing himself out of the league eventually. Guy is by all accounts a first class idiot. Thats tough to escape from.
  7. I know he isnt sexy, but I think he is so incredibly undervalued. Not a terrible RB2, and a great RB3 who consistently puts up numbers in a very under the radar fashion. Good blurb on him today... Lamar Miller shed eight pounds by adopting a new diet this offseason. Beat reporter Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle noted that Miller looked "visibly leaner and more explosive" in offseason workouts. Miller, who has increased his fruit and vegetable intake while putting an emphasis on "leaner proteins," estimated his current weight at 220-221 pounds. In addition to changing his body composition, Miller has also worked to improve as a pass-catcher, an area that has never been his strong suit. "This offseason, that's one of the things that I've been working on, just running routes on the outside of the backfield," said the veteran ball-carrier. "I feel like that's something that I can help this team do." The two-time 1,000-yard rusher should be treated as a volume-based RB2 in most fantasy formats.
  8. Yes, this is absolutely true. I do recall seeing RBs open for easy first downs, and him regularly throwing 25 yards downfield into coverage. I agree with the "believe it when I see it", but June is the time for hope.
  9. This is promising. I think Jones steps up into every-week RB1 territory this season. Talent and situation are both looking pretty friggin strong... Packers coach Matt LaFleur wants the running backs more involved in the passing game. Green Bay's backfield finished 24th in total receptions last season, and the unit's 17 percent target share was well below league average. It sounds like they will rank a bit better in those numbers under the new coaching staff. "I love it when we can give [running backs] the ball in the passing game," LaFleur said. "That's one more eligible that the defense really has to focus on." Aaron Jones took a step forward in the passing game last year, and it appears likely he will see even more opportunities moving forward. SOURCE: Jun 27, 2019, 10:32 AM ET
  10. I think he is an awesome guy to have as a WR4/5 on your roster, than could become a WR2/3 potentially but that you are not relying upon to start the season in that role. Solid buy if you can get him at a good price, and a clear hold if you already have him.
  11. I can understand that position on Rosen even though I dont agree with it, but I feel that same way about Jones personally. If he goes undrafted in my league, I dont think I would cut anyone at the bottom of my roster (David Moore, Jake Kumerow) for him.
  12. All good, I appreciate the feedback! I am not a Henderson believer myself - at least not as a feature back. I think he fits more as a COP back. I really feel that Brown is the handcuff to Gurley. I realize that is not the groupthink, but looking at both of their athletic profiles and measurables, I think Brown would get at least half the carries if Gurley went down and be the more valuable back. If Gurley stays healthy, I think Henderson would be the more valuable of the 2. Basically, I think Henderson's role remains close to the same regardless. I also love me some Aaron Jones! I think the coaching staff and a couple of annoying injuries were all that held him back from being an every week RB1.
  13. Bumping this one because it didnt get one single comment and I am interested to hear some thoughts on it f anyone has any. I traded away Gordon in this deal. Surprisingly little remorse, but I am an Aaron Jones believer.
  14. GB - Jake Kumerow draws praise Source: Packers Wire - Zach Kruse Green Bay Packers WR Jake Kumerow caught two touchdowns during minicamp practice Tuesday, June 11, and earned a lot of praise from QB Aaron Rodgers, who talked about Kumerow's intelligence and consistency being in the right spots. Rodgers concluded by saying he was a 'big fan' of Kumerow. [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ FOOTBALLGUYS VIEW ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] ] Message! There are three wide receivers in Green Bay that Fantasy GMs need to be all over. Davante Adams (of course), Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Kumerow. The last two weeks of the 2018 season, Kumerow flashed and we love adding him in dynasty formats. He has the speed to get deep and tracks the ball well, and we're interested to see if he can push for more playing time this season. Consider Kumerow a favorite deep sleeper for the 2019 season.
  15. 12 team PPR A - Melvin Gordon for B - Aaron Jones, Devonta Freeman, Malcolm Brown B has Gurley and Jamaal Williams, so this solidifies up his backfield