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  1. Tunsil, Harris, Minkah...all recent first round picks. All gone. It is reassuring though that 2 of the 3 are still playing at levels that justify the picks...just not for us. That said, I was fine with the Tunsil and Minkah trades at the time. Didnt think the Pitt pick would end up being so late at the time.
  2. Agree with a lot of these, but would add Gardner Minshew. He gets a season to prove himself, and they used the early pick on Shenault to pair with Chark.
  3. Lions trading Slay is potentially an under the radar awesome thing for Miami IMO. They may now sit tight at 3 and take the stud CB (Okbah?). If so, it means they arent trading out of the 3 spot to a team that may have wanted to leapfrog us for Tua.
  4. Fitz has been a lot of fun this year and provided a nice jolt, but I dont think many would argue that Fitz is not an easily replaceable talent. There are like 9 NFL GMs who have already basically provided this opinion. Sure, they could take a step back at QB potentially, but its not like it would be a Peyton Manning to Trevor Semien step back. Fitz is under contract for another year and may well serve as the stop gap for Tua, or maybe even Rosen. If you are basing your opinion of Parker on Fitz, you may well have him back in 2020. If not, it will be because someone beat him out, unless he retires - but yesterday when asked, he said he feels great so I doubt he will retire.
  5. I would say the DeVante Parker contract should be the comp for Robby. I think that was 4 yrs, $40M.
  6. As an aside, I think its funny how many people saw a player like Damien Williams as a lock this season after he played like 4 decent games last year. This guy was undrafted, had several sub-par seasons under his belt, and didnt put together a good season - he put together 3-4 good games at the end of a season...and he was everyone's darling all offseason. Parker, who was drafted 14th overall a few years ago has flashed talent all along, just put together a top 10-15 season on one of the worst offenses in the NFL, was shown the confidence of his staff with a nice extension, and looked like a dominant stud WR for the bulk of a lost season is viewed as a fluke. The guy has the pedigree. Has the confidence of his coaches. Has the confidence of his current QB. And he just put up a studly season, trailing only Michael Thomas since week 7 according to a post above. Thomas had a record breaking season. Show the man some love, people!
  7. By this same logic, what if you trade him for a 2nd round pick that doesnt pan out and he spits out 85 - 1300-12 in an improved offense on a competitive team? If I could get a first rounder for him, sure I would consider dealing him. Less than a first rounder, I am holding on after what I saw this year, including the confidence that our new and seemingly competent coaching staff seems to have in him. If I am a team that can compete next year, I am probably keeping him unless I am offered a top 8ish pick for him. With a game left to play, this former top 15 pick has 64-1065-9 playing for a tanking/rebuilding team with a 37 year old journeyman QB being easily their best option this season. By all that is holy, things should get better next year for this offense, not worse. Logically, the WR that just put up a pretty substantial season and was just extended to a lucrative deal should benefit. Write this season off as a fluke if thats how you see it. I dont see it that way personally. I saw the light go on for a very talented athlete who finally has a competent coaching staff, and was finally able to play 16 games. If I could get him for a 2nd rounder in a dynasty league, I would pounce.
  8. Fitz has been good, and he likes to throw up 50/50 balls which Parker seems to flourish on...but lets not pretend that Fitz is some sort of difference maker to WRs. Having a running game will lead to more offense, more first downs, more scoring, more potential points for Parker. The defense will improve which will take away some opportunity, but so will the OL which will give the QB more time to find WRs downfield. I dont see anything changing in Miami next year that would make me downgrade the WRs there, aside from injury.
  9. He is the WR 10 overall in my league this year (non-ppr, yardage bonuses), and he played on what was an abysmal offense for a first quarter of the season. I think he is very clearly a mid-high end WR2 at worst in 2020, with the potential to be a WR1. I think you need to start looking past his first 4 seasons at this point, and look at what we are seeing on the field. He looks like a stud on the football field. He is posting WR1 numbers in an offense that nobody will argue is a good NFL offense. His QB is a 37 year old journeyman who has played well, but he is what he is. Its not like he has Peyton Manning in his prime out there making his WR all look like HOFers. It may be Fitz again next year. Unless Rosen or someone else beats him out in camp, which honestly would be great. Rosen had most of this year to sit and watch a super-smart QB make it work behind a miserable OL with no NFL RBs on the roster. Hopefully he learned, and maybe his top-10 draft potential will show through and pay off with what will hopefully be an improved supporting cast next season. Parker seems like a very safe WR2-type with big time upside in 2020.
  10. Damn, he would look good in Baltimore.
  11. Nobody was all that good with our coaching disasters. Look at Drake, Tannehill, and now Parker playing with not Adam Gase as thier coach. This staff seems competent, and they get to see him every day. They know who they just extented, and its not like they are waving extensions around. They cleaned house on players they did not feel fit what they were seeking...and they extended Parker. And look what he is doing every week. Light goes on sometimes for players. Look at Davante Adams first few seasons. I got him and a 3 for Sammie Coates a few years ago, and it was a fair deal at the time. Look forward...not backward.
  12. Really? He finally has put together a WR1 type season. This is not a lot of money in the crazy world of the NFL right now. Its what he would get on the open market. I think we have our WR1 locked up now. Right decision in my opinion. Fins heading in the right direction for the first time since I was starting to count how many new pubes popped up the prior evening.
  13. MOP - Love you as a poster brutha, but all I was doing there was taking the numbers you had provided with your estimated extrapolations which were unimpressive but inaccurate, and providing the correct extrapolations. I am not even sure why we are only using a 7 game sample - I was just going with it. I was not calling for a bust, nor was I attempting to insinuate that Parker would ever put up those numbers, although if he stays healthy and is placed in a better offense I do feel it is possible. I understand the trepidation with Parker from Fins fans...I prefer cautious optimism. Some guys take a little while to hit their stride. He has been saddled with crappy coaching, terrible offenses, sub-par QB play, and his own personal issues since he entered the league. Maybe with some of the darkness lifting off of some of those things - particularly those that he can control - he could be hitting his potential now.