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  1. The permanent ban may be unlikely, but this is a repeat offender and a child with a broken bone. Even if the NFL does not ban him, he could potentially be un-hireable due to the social ramifications. Probably not, since he is so talented (AP) and talent does make NFL personnel and fans forgive easier, but if what he did is as awful as what we are thinking it may have been, I would not rule out the possibility that he never sees an NFL field again. I do agree that is unlikely though. I dont think a full year off is unlikely at this point though. Depends what facts come to light - or circumstantial evidence that the NFL spins as facts.
  2. Wow, I would not even contemplate giving up a 1 for a guy who at best is one step away from a very long suspension, nonetheless one who is looking at least 60% sure to face one (which I think is the case). Not to mention the possibility that he is released as KC has set that precedent pretty loudly very recently. His career may already be over. If it isnt, it is likely one mis-step away from it. Thats far too much risk for a first round pick in my opinion. Even though the pick itself carries similar risk (which is a very solid argument in favor of making that move), I still would rather take my shot on a clean, shiny new toy than on a guy who realistically may never see an NFL field again, or may have to wait a season to see one, possibly/probably on a team other than KC. You also have to factor in the wasted roster spot if he is suspended. Roster spots are valuable in my dynasty league - wasting one on a full season suspension is a big price to pay. Did it with Martavis - didnt pay off at all.
  3. Awful news, and its social impact far outweighs anything related to fantasy football. That said... What would you give up for Hill right now given the current status of this story? I had the 3.4, 3.7, and 3.9 for Hill lined up in my system to offer, and I didnt hit the send button. Partially because I knew it would feel light to the Hill owner, and honestly partially because it felt like too much to give up right now for a player with this hanging over him. Odd, right? I know a lot of people will say that was light, and way under value for Hill and I get it, but I would not be shocked at all if he never played again. At least not in KC. They set some sort of precedent with Hunt last year, and what Hill *may* have done here is so, so, so much worse than what Hunt did, not to take away from the heinousness of what Hunt did - that was an atrocity as well. So...what would you currently give up for Hill? If anything?
  4. Taking a starting RB in the 15th round should not be scary. Taking a backup RB in the 15th round should not even be scary.
  5. Thats a pretty interesting deal. I would take Gurley/Rodgers myself but with Mahomes value so high right now, and Gurleys pretty deflated I can see how this deal went down.
  6. Full year of NFL film available to coaches now, no blue chip RB, and potential to lose his stud child-beating girlfriend-beating WR for several weeks if not the season if not forever. Sell high if you can! I still think you can do better than just Cooks though given where his value is right now and the fact that Hill has not received his punishment yet.
  7. From Rotoworld... NBC Sports' Peter King reports Russell Wilson wants his future salaries tied to the cap. "If it does get done," King writes, "my source says the contract would likely include devices to adjust future years of the deal based on how high the cap goes up year to year, or based on new revenue streams." With legalized gambling potentially providing a windfall for the league in coming years as well as a new TV contract, it makes a lot of sense for Wilson to want this kind of deal, but the Seahawks might be reluctant to set the precedent. Wilson has made today the deadline for long-term negotiations. SOURCE: Football Morning in America
  8. From Rotoworld just now... A source told Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk on NBC Sports that the Seahawks believe Russell Wilson wants to play "elsewhere." Wilson remains in contract talks with Seattle, but has so far been unwilling to grant the Seahawks a hometown discount. Florio suggests the six-time Pro Bowler could adopt a Kirk Cousins approach, playing under the franchise tag for multiple years in lieu of a long-term contract. Tyrann Mathieu (who, we must admit, is not a typical Rotoworld source) has further speculated that Wilson hopes to end up with the Giants. It goes without saying that Wilson would be a monumental upgrade on declining veteran Eli Manning and the Giants, who own two first-round picks this year, certainly have the draft capital to pull off a blockbuster. Wilson, who is due a $17 million base salary in 2019, has given the Seahawks an April 15 deadline for an extension. RELATED: New York Giants SOURCE: ProFootballTalk on NBC Sports
  9. Also - The average percentage of cap used by these 16 QBs is only 7.7%. Wilson would be more than double the average cap space used by the past 16 QBs who played in Super Bowls. Seems significant to me.
  10. Great post! I am not claiming to be a NFL Salary cap expert. I recognize that I am a pretty casual fan compared to many on here. However, looking at numbers if Wilson signs a contract that counts as $30M toward the cap, and a quick google search tells me that the cap is $188M this year, that is 16% of the cap. If my numbers are wrong, I apologize - I am not spending hours researching this. If they are right, that 16% is way over most of these except for Ryan's 15% number in 2016. Aside from that, the highest was Manning's 12.4%. Thats a pretty substantial difference. If they win a super bowl with a player making over 15% of their salary cap, it would be the first time in NFL history. Granted, as the cap goes up, that percentage probably goes down (depending on the contract structure), but the point remains a pretty solid one in my opinion.
  11. Trading away multiple firsts and paying one player $30M/year is also a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE price to pay. Pick your poison. Miami will draft top 3. I would bet on it.
  12. Appreciate the data - its good stuff. Not sure how it makes me "wrong" though. Those are all heavy cap hits, and only 2 of the 5 made the playoffs. What were Mahomes, Wentz, and Goff's cap hits? Wilson's $25M cap hit last year cost Seattle a lot of good players, especially on D. Now it will go up $5M from there. They built an amazing D when he was on his rookie deal. Thats kind of always been my point. Also, that a team like Miami trading 2 first rounders and paying one player $30M is not a formula for success. Denver signing Manning was the best counter-argument, but they started out with a very good nucleus. Not even comparable to where Miami is right now. I'd be surprised if Miami didnt pick 1 overall next year. Worst roster in the NFL in my opinion. One player wont change that quickly, and without draft picks you cant build around him. Give me one of the top QB options in 2020, and I will buy into a rebuild.
  13. We are on the same page. I completely agree with you on this post. Especially the part about Cleveland re-signing Baker when the time is right. At that point, the idea would be that you have a contending team built around him already, so keep it rolling. I wonder if Seattle feels that way right now. They were pretty good last year considering that they were expected to be in transition, but if they dont think they are close to winning it all, then I could see them moving him for a coule 1's and a player. Signing him would mean that they have to move forward basically with what they have, small free agent splashes, and the draft. If they do make any other big splashes, they had better hit. Unlike Jimmy Graham for GB in previous examples. Your margin for error shrinks down to nearly nothing when so much is tied up on one player.
  14. I expect the Dolphins to be drafting in the top 3 in 2020. No need to trade up from there, and you get Luck instead of Tannehill. I know, I can also get RG3. Its tough to count on getting "the guy" in the draft and a proven commodity is obviously an option. But to give up first round picks and sacrifice that much money on the cap...I am not on board with that. We will have to agree to disagree. You arent going to convince me that Phili, KC, LA, and Cleveland are not building better than Green Bay, Minnesota, Atlanta, and Detroit are with their bloated QB deals.
  15. I never said it was 100%, but I will also say that the teams you mentioned all went out early. The final 4 teams had 2 teams with QBs on rookie deals, and 2 teams with QBs that took team friendly deals. Minnesota took a sizable step back with Cousins on a big money deal versus Keenum on a nothing contract. Having a great QB is obviously a huge advantage and will make you competitive, but only if you have a team around them. If Miami traded away 2 firsts for Wilson, they would have no team around him, and no draft picks to build one. Maybe he could sneak them into the playoffs somehow on his back alone, but I doubt he can bring home the hardware in that situation. Thats the point I was making. For what its worth, you called the Lions a terrible organization. What would you have said about the Browns for the past 20 years? What would you say about them now - now that they have a QB on a rookie deal and can afford to build a team around him?