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  1. So who is the RB to own in this backfield, aside from the obvious answer of "nobody"? Ballage is really terrible. Anyone taking a flyer on Patrick Laird? Had 6 catches on 6 targets last week, but just 1 carry. Maybe they give him a look though. I think they know what they (dont) have in Ballage.
  2. We can overpay Melvin Gordon. He will probably cost too much but will give us a legit RB for the next 3-4 years. i think Ekeler is a free agent also but I bet they keep him.
  3. Reading a lot of talk about signing Cam and I dont hate the idea. Of course, he would have to pass a physical and his shoulder would have to check out, but if we could get him for no draft capital, then use all of these picks on useful pieces around him, we could contend very quickly. I realize Cam is not perfect - but we wont be in positon to get the perfect prospect either, so we will have to come up with a different plan. Especially after Tua went down today with what appears to be a very serious hip fracture that threatens his career. We passed on Brees because of a shoulder injury as a free agent. Instead, gave up a 2nd rounder for Dante Culpeper. To me, Cam is worth the risk, which is just salary cap space (and potential lost opportunity on drafting our guy) as he wont cost us draft capital. High upside, low downside, low risk, and we get to use all of those picks on other positions, possibly even trading down and acquiring a ton more if someone falls in love with a prospect at our spot. Thoughts? Edit - I see now that he is signed through 2020, free agent 2021 - not sure if that 2020 is an option year for Carolina. If he satys, they ar epaying him $18.6M plus a $500K workout bonus which is not unreasonable if he is healthy.
  4. LOL its all good! You and I saw Minshew differently. Limited sample size, but I saw an NFL starter with some solid playmaking ability and a ridiculous grasp of the game given his draft pedigree and lack of experience. I saw a potential future elite QB with charisma, leadership, and enough talent to lead a team. Put up a 92.8 passer rating with DJ Chark and Chris Conley as his only weapons in the passing game (if you count Conley as a "weapon"), and probably zero first team reps until week 2. I would be excited to get Chase Young with our first rounder, 3 other exciting prospects with our other two first rounders and our very early 2nd rounder, and Minshew with New Orleans' second rounder if we could make that happen. I am not so sure that Jax would part with him for a late second - its tough to gauge what his NFL value is after so few games. It woudl not shock me even a little if New England gave up a late first for him, and Brady retired with another ring. Thats a very New England move. Minshew has shown us that he can play in the NFL and play well. I get why people would far prefer one of the top 3 rookies, and I will not argue against it - but my opinion is that if Minshew had been drafted on day one and did what we saw him do, the fantasy and NFL community would be abuzz with excitement for his future. The fact that he was drafted in the 6th round puts a stain on him. Honestly, it put a stain on Brady from my perspective no matter how well he played. For a little while at least.
  5. So with the recent success, the dream of being able to draft Tua and possibly even Burrow looks like it may be dying. Unless Cinci can pull off a win, and then beat us in Miami, they look to be the first pick in the draft, with Atlanta, Washington, and the Jets all in play for the other top 4 spots. It is conceivable that one of Cinci, Jets, Falcons, and Skins could pass on a QB and not trade out, leaving us with Tua or Burrow, but that seems unlikely. Looking like our recent success may require that we seek an alternative for the QB spot, unless we want to use draft capital to trade up ourselves. Granted, there is plenty of football left to be played, and we could definitely still lose out and be in position - but what if we are on the board and Tua/Burrow are both gone? Take Chase Young if we are 3rd, right? Then worry about QB either next season, or through a trade - maybe Minshew for New Orleans' 2nd rounder if we could pull that off? I know that will be polarizing on these boards, but I personally like that as a backup plan. I think Minshew has that "it" that people like to use to characterize guys who find a way to succeed. He has the feel of a young Tom Brady in both his back story and in his on-field play. Its possible Flores sees that as well. Still hoping Tua/Burrow works out - but if not I can easily switch to Chase Young/Minshew as a solid rebuild formula. I hate that they have won these 2 games for what it does to draft position, but at the same time it has been really encouraging to watch this team of undrafted or late drafted, unknown and unheralded players play up to a respectable NFL level. Kind of like Gardner Minshew did when given an opportunity.
  6. When asked about Todd Gurley's relatively light workload in Week 10, Rams coach Sean McVay said, "That was just kind of the rotation." He didn't see the ball at all in the fourth quarter, logging his final touch of the afternoon with a minute to go in the third quarter. Gurley wasn't benched—he was in on 11 of L.A.'s 17 fourth-quarter snaps—but the Rams didn't call any plays for him. Game script may have played a role in Gurley's scarce usage as the Rams were playing from behind at Pittsburgh, though it's still surprising Los Angeles would go away from its star running back at such a pivotal juncture. Even with the abbreviated workload, Gurley still had one of his better rushing performances of the season, averaging 6.1 yards per carry while logging his most rushing yards (73) since Week 1. SOURCE: The Athletic Nov 11, 2019, 10:39 AM ET
  7. Paul Hembekides @PaulHembo · 11m First 16 career starts Wins Lamar Jackson (13) Patrick Mahomes (12) Rush Yds Lamar Jackson (1,258) LaDainian Tomlinson (1,236) Passer Rtg Lamar Jackson (94.4) Tom Brady (90.1) Yds per Att Lamar Jackson (7.6) Aaron Rodgers (7.5) Comp Pct Lamar Jackson (63%) Drew Brees (61%)
  8. This guy is an absolute freak of an athelte, and now may have a coaching staff in place who knows how to tap into that. Should be plenty of opportunities for him going forward with few options around him, and a QB who likes to and will need to sling it. Could be a sneaky TE1 the rest of the way. Look at the measurables, they are sick -
  9. Please just end this nonsense and IR him. He might just be done. Bodies break down at different ages. His decline was fast and sudden if this is the end, but it really may be.
  10. Agree across the board. I think Miami would only consider it if they win too many games this year to execute their real plan. But there are other teams who will not be in the running for a top QB that could consider parting with a pick. Top of my head: Steelers, Bears, Titans, Bucs, Panthers, Broncos, Skins, Bengals, and maybe if the unthinkable happens and Brady retires....That would be such a Bellichik move. Not like they would have better/safer options picking at the end of the first.
  11. Baker yes, but Darnold? Not so much. His passer rating was 77 last year with a 17/15 TD to INT ratio. Bakers was 93, right in line with Minshew's. Baker was the first pick overall. I think Minshew would be at best, a late first round pick. But maybe he could be had for a second. Miami has a couple of them too. The point was moreso that every QB, regardless of draft spot is a big risk. Tua/Burrows could be the next Peyton Manning, or they could be the next Ryan Leaf. Its a tough position to scout. Guys who are unstoppable at the college level cannot process the NFL game. The examples are endless. Minshew has already shown that he can. The NFL has NFL tape on Minshew, and its for the most part very good - especially when you consider all of the circumstances around his situation.
  12. I understand this take and I dont completely disagree with it...but I also dont completely agree with it. Every drafted QB poses a huge risk. Big time bust rate. Look at Mayfield and Darnold right now, as well as our very own Josh Rosen. Minshew has done something that none of the QBs in this draft have done yet - shown us at an NFL level that the game is not too big for him. He has demonstrated pocket presence, decision making, moxie, leadership, and he has won NFL games. He has a passer rating of 92.8. In 8.5 games he has accounted for 2,570 yards (302 per game) with 13 TD and 4 picks (7 lost fumbles which is bad, but...roookie). That is with no first team reps (I assume) until week 2 of the regular season. Those numbers are very comparable to the first player picked in the draft this year. His draft pedigree may be clouding our judgement.
  13. To risky at this point, even if he is active. I have Robby and D. Parker in over him.
  14. This is a good post and I dont necessarily disagree that any pick in the first may be too much for him. However, I still find it very impressive that he put up those numbers as a 6th round pick who probably saw nearly no first tram reps, regardless of his competition - which I dont think was actually as bad as the picture being painted. In my league, he has outpaced Phillip Rivers, Jared Goff, Jimmy G, Carr, Brissett, Josh Allen, etc. He isnt far behind Murray, Wentz, Winston, Ryan, Cousins, and Brady. He is right in the mix with those guys. Again, as a 6th round rookie who had little/no first team work and does not play on a super-dynamic offense. Impressive by any measure, and if Miami got him for a 3rd or even New Orlean's 2nd which I believe they own, I would be thrilled to see them grab Chase Young with their first rounder, and roll with Minshew. If he sucks, Tank For Trevor in 2020!