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  1. Why would this be true? What is the rationale? We are talking about height, not overall body weight.
  2. Yeah, I cant really come up with a reason why being short matters for a RB. It matters for pretty much every other position, and could be a detriment if he is ever in a jump ball situation as a receiver, but if anything it should help a runner - harder to see behind the OL, lower center of gravity.
  3. Looks like a lot of rain/thunderstorms tomorrow from kickoff until 3, then scattered after that. Wind wont be terrible - 13 mph. Any concerns for Lamar tomorrow? I realize he is nearly impossible to sit right now, but in many cases he was drafted as a QB2. I have Dak at home vs Miami and its very tempting, but I cannot pull the trigger on taking Jackson out of my lineup in what could be an offensive explosion.
  4. Not being argumentative...just wondering why height should matter for a RB?
  5. Do CAT scans even reveal CTE? I didnt think you could find it unless the brain was actually removed from the head...which in this case would not result in a dramatic cognitive decline.
  6. Cowboys tried to trade him and nobody was biting, so I doubt it - but huge props to them if they can!
  7. Guys like Jay Ajayi, Lamar Miller and Kenyon Drake did just fine in those same Miami offenses. And none of those guys is going to be confused with Adrian Peterson from a talent perspective. He didnt beat them out, and he didnt beat Spencer Ware out. He only got to play due to circumstance. He isnt special, he isnt even above average. He is just a guy. Always has been.
  8. This seems like an excellent pre-emptive pickup to me. Like if you had grabbed Demarcus Robinson before Sundays game. Playing against a terrible secondary, where the only competent DB (Xavien Howard) will probably shadow Cooper all day, Smith should roam free in the depths of that backfield like Marquise Brown did. They wont have anyone to match up with that speed, and their defensive gameplan will most definitely suck - so I anticipate an air raid early on for the home fans. One more long TD is all it will take to make Devin Smith very valuable commodity next week, and he can be had for free right now. If he sucks this week, it will be really safe to cut him for next week's lottery ticket.
  9. There is no doubt about that - what you are saying is completely true. However, Williams is just a guy, and if there are better options on the team - which many believe there are - they will ultimately be the ones to benefit from being in Reid's offense. MOP and I are both Dolphins fans. We have seen this guy play in more than just a handful of games. What he says is true. A few splash plays here and there, but absolutely nothing special, and on top of that, frail. He was close to a league minimum player, and was third string on the team, only moving up due to domestic violence and injury. Before someone says "thats basically the same story as Darwin", it isnt. Darwin is a rookie with a clean slate. Williams has a history, and to call that history "average" is possibly generous. Whoever sees the bulk of the snaps in that offense obviously has RB1 value. I personally never saw Williams as a player that could hold down that job given any level of decent competition. And then add in the fact that he is fragile...
  10. 12 team PPR, playoffs are during the NFL playoffs - very different strategies Demarcus Robinson, 2020 4th, 2021 3rd for 2020 2nd - probably the 13th overall pick
  11. I personally prefer what you gave to what you got. I think the first alone should be enough for Williams.
  12. Understood. That was one aspect of the article - just a small piece. It was more to dispel the notion that his size was going to be a detriment when it was originally posted a few weeks ago. I was just cutting and pasting. The main takeaway was Waldman's analysis of his pass blocking, which regardless of his lower body strenghth (which is ridiculous, and certainly will help), was very positively reviewed in the article.
  13. Absolutely agree. Been a few weeks since I read the article, but I thought it noted a few examples of him picking up the blitz reads like a veteran
  14. This is a re-post... Waldman breaks down Darwin as a blocker. Guy is little but so strong. Squatted 515 lbs 7 times (video in link). He is going to be on the field.