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  1. I'd agree there was little reason to start him going into Thursday night. I was just suggesting that he had actually played pretty well leading up to that game. It just got a bit lost in the shuffle given the bye, the concussion, and having one game vs the Vikings. (who have basically erased all WRs to date).
  2. I think Rodgers is going to lead the league in pass attempts going forward. Knile Davis is awful. James Starks looked done before he got hurt. I have no idea what Don Jackson has to offer at this point, but you'd have to be worried about putting him out there protection wise going forward. Montgomery won't last if they line him up in the backfield and run a normal offense. Remember back in the 90s when Holmgrens' teams couldn't run the ball at all? They used the short passing game in lieu of the run. IMO that is what were gonna see going forward. 56 is a ridiculous amount of pass attempts and I think that's an anomaly, but I can sure see them averaging close to 45. Last night that had the benefit of getting the passing game in rhythm. Let's hope that continues going forward.
  3. I used to think I knew what a floor was until I watched Julio's three game stretch recently. 1/16/0 12/300/1 2/29/0 I feel comfortable saying this: The Packers are gonna skew heavy to the pass going forward. They have no RBs. They will use the short pass in lieu of the run. Adams gets targeted frequently on short routes, although that is not the extent of his game. His game is not speed (although its not bad), its his ability to break ankles on his routes. Its also his leaping ability. Here's Adams targets to date: 7,7,2,8,3,16. The 3 target game was the game he left early due to concussion. With the increased passing I'm expecting, I think Adams can average 8-9 targets/game going forward. That should put him on the FF WR2 radar.
  4. Little misleading. He's been pretty good, just got concussed in week 6, and already had his bye Full ppr: 14.0 3.6 (Vikings) 10.3 Bye 19.5 5.4 (concussion) 38.2 28/350/5. On pace for 75/933/13
  5. Jordy isn't right. Not sure if it's a matter of time until he gets it back, or if the ACL permanently sapped him of his difference making ability. He can still play, but he doesn't command double digit targets anymore. Regardless, the Packers don't have a RB worth anything on their roster, and won't for the rest of the season. IMO Rodgers is gonna lead the league in pass attempts from here on out. There's gonna be a lot of dink and dunk passes to be sure. Still, I'm expecting Adams to be a big part of this passing game going forward.
  6. 2 years ago he was a rookie. Yes he was inconsistent as the #3 WR. Last year he had a high ankle sprain, and was mostly just bad.
  7. Adams was good week 5 vs the Giants. Got knocked out last week after a couple catches. It's not quite a trend yet, but he's displaying some good route running and improving his consistency.
  8. Well this part is certainly true, since you know, he's the consensus #1 overall player in dynasty.
  9. Kid is electric. IMO he's a back end RB1 for the rest of the season. Being left in for the 4 yard TD run near the end of the game is a great sign. Asiata will be a bit of a vulture, but McKinnon will get his chances inside the 5 too. Sure looks like the Vikings want to give him the ball about 20x a game.
  10. McKinnon is electric out there.
  11. You are of course correct about it being private workout numbers. Even if the scout exaggerated his 40 time by a full tenth of a second, and his vertical by 10%, that would put his numbers on par with Gronks. Suffice it to say, ASJ has difference making athletic ability. Unfortunately it's currently paired with either a alcohol problem, a 10 cent head, or both.
  12. He's my third TE on one dynasty team. ETA: I paid a late first back in 2014. Its a 14 team devy league, so no, the investment is not at all heavy.
  13. Let's just remember, the guy is 23 years old. He wouldn't be the first player to waste away a ton of talent and end up in obscurity. He also wouldn't be the first player to have an event such as this turn around his life and career.
  14. Vast difference between a better athlete and a better football player.
  15. Obviously the guys has problems, and is currently wasting away his talent. But let's not undersell his physical attributes. He is undoubtedly a better athlete than Gronk. Gronk: 6'6" 264lbs 4.68 40, 33.5 vertical ASJ: 6'6" 271lbs, 4.56 40, 37.5" vertical There was a reason he was the 38th overall pick in the draft despite the red flags. For his sake, let's hope this is rock bottom.