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  1. I know they haven't been good, but perhaps a little over reaction is going on here. Including the Bills this weekend, the Browns last 5 opponents rank 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 21st in QB FF points allowed.
  2. I'm pretty certain he'll be back after the bye, and his stretch run looks reasonably good with 3/5 plus matchups.
  3. Its a lost season. If they keep starting ADP after Guice is back they are crazy. Need to see what they've got going into 2020. I'd expect a medium workload week 11, followed by feature back action weeks 12-17.
  4. Adding to this: -Gordon is currently out with an injury. -Dorsett is just returning from an injury and is probably best used as a 3-5 target kind of guy. -Edelman is battling an injury and has a long history of missing extended time, only playing 16 games 2x in his 10 full years as a pro. -Gronk is retired. Sanu has missed 2 games in the last 5 years, and can be counted on as a chain mover.
  5. I respect your insight into the Pats. But honestly, what else is BB going to say? His starting RB is no good? Last year Sony averaged 4.5 yards/carry. This year he's at 3.3, and looks way more pedestrian, and he isn't making up for his lack of explosiveness with tackle breaking toughness. I suspect something is wrong with his knees, but obviously don't have any real insight into what's going on behind the scenes. Either way, his production right now is reliant upon situational volume. In dynasty, your best bet is to bet on talent. IMO Waller > Michel.
  6. I thought Michel had a very good chance at leading the league in TDs before the season started. I didn't expect him to look as bad as he's looked, so I don't think thats the case anymore, but he still looks like he'll score 12-15 TDs in LaGarrette Blount fashion. That said, I dealt him away last week in dynasty for Darren Waller. He may be the best option for the Patriots in 2019, but he's got mac and cheese knees, little lateral agility, and doesn't break tackles. I suspect someone else will be scoring those TDs for NE next year, and in two years he'll be out of work.
  7. I think you are more or less right here. He'll continue to be a WR3. I can see this from the NE side though, as all of their WR vets have injury concerns. It wouldn't come as a surprise to me though if he took Gordon's spot for good. I don't think Gordon is completely washed, but he's been pretty inefficient, and is banged up to boot.
  8. I don't think he was afraid of getting hit. Watching Orlovsky break it down, it wasn't just Darnold, at all. The oline was awful at picking up the blitz. Had 4 guys blocking two, and allowing free rushers on the other side. On the first pick, you could hear Darnold calling out "58" before the snap as the blitzer to pick him up. No one did, and that gave Darnold 1 second to make a pass before getting hit. Orlovsky also said the Pats did this a year ago to Mahomes. Andy Reid adjusted, giving Mahomes options to quick and simple throws. Gase did not. Making blanket statements/judgements about a 22 year old QB based on one game where Bill Belichek got in his head doesn't seem so smart. Darnold was the AFC offensive player of the week last week because he showed great pocket awareness, read the defense well, and threw on time and accurately.
  9. Don't really have a dog in this fight, and I owned Manning for about 1/3 of his career, so I certainly don't hate the guy. I just don't think he's a shoe in for the HOF, nor do I really think he belongs. Mostly average QB that compiled some respectable lifetime stats because of longevity. The Superbowls certainly add to his case, but honestly, was he at any point a top player at his position? Brady, Brees, Big Ben, Rodgers easily were better players and have better cases for HOF. Rivers was a better player too, his case isn't quite a complete.
  10. Am I not aware of a third option in calling offensive plays? There's Run/Pass and something else? They've gotta call something, and its pick your poison with the Bears D. They are weaker vs the pass than the run. Packers ran Jones and Williams 18 times for 39 yards. That's 2.16 yards/attempt. Less than half of the 4.7y/a they gained when calling pass plays.
  11. Every smart offensive coach out there will pass the ball far more than they run it vs the Bears. If the Bears D has a weakness, it's through the air. I wouldn't read very much into the numbers from this game. Here are my takeaways: The Bears Defense is really good, maybe better than last year with the development of Roquan Smith. The Packers Defense is good, maybe top 10. Mitch Trubisky was really bad. I don't think we can write him off completely yet, but unless his play improves dramatically, the Bears will be in the market for a QB next offseason.
  12. Rapoports tweet is deleted. May be premature on the NE signing.
  13. As for the Packers draft, I'd look at what we've seen from Gute to date. Priorities have been largely what analytics would tell you to be prioritized. Basically do everything you can to improve your passing game and limit the other teams passing game. TE has been essentially a black hole since Jermicheal Finley left. I'll be very surprised if they don't use one of their top 3 picks on one. There's obviously a ton of very good edge players coming out, and pass rushers are so valuable it wouldn't be a shock to see them go there even after signing the Smiths. Clearly the Oline needs to be restocked with some youth as well.
  14. Patriots sign Tate for 4 years 54 Million. Per Ian Rapport