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  1. Rapoports tweet is deleted. May be premature on the NE signing.
  2. As for the Packers draft, I'd look at what we've seen from Gute to date. Priorities have been largely what analytics would tell you to be prioritized. Basically do everything you can to improve your passing game and limit the other teams passing game. TE has been essentially a black hole since Jermicheal Finley left. I'll be very surprised if they don't use one of their top 3 picks on one. There's obviously a ton of very good edge players coming out, and pass rushers are so valuable it wouldn't be a shock to see them go there even after signing the Smiths. Clearly the Oline needs to be restocked with some youth as well.
  3. Patriots sign Tate for 4 years 54 Million. Per Ian Rapport
  4. IMO Beckham is in line for a monster season. With Kitchens and Monken designing this offense, I think they will put up 500+ points this year. 172 Targets/109/1612/16
  5. What percentage of RBs miss at least 25% of the season? I honestly don't know, but if I were to venture a guess, I'd say 1/3. What is the health history of Breida, McKinnon and Coleman specifically? So lets say you a putting together a roster for the season, and you are flush with money under the cap. You are also coming off a season where your #1 RB missed the entire season, and the RB you went with missed all or most of 3 games, and has a reputation for consistently being dinged up. In FA a good RB you formerly coached becomes available and the price is modest. The commitment is 2 years. Do you sign him? This may not be good for any of the three as far as their values in FF, but as far as the 49ers go, it makes a ton of sense to have all three.
  6. Maybe I am missing something, but I just see this thread as way too optimistic for Chubb. A 6 game suspension may or may not happen, but I think Hunt can reasonably argue that he's already missed 5 games without pay due to this incident. I think people are deluding themselves if they believe Hunt will be a bit player once he comes back. He's legitimately a very good RB in his own right, and we really have no idea what Monken & Kitchens will decide to do with both as of yet. Also seems pretty doubtful they would take a young stud RB that they can control for 2 years VERY cheaply and use him as trade bait. Cleveland looks like the best team in the AFC North to me, and I don't think they'll be trading away young difference making players anytime soon.
  7. I don't think he's a 2019 first round FF pick. Hard to argue with his massive TD upside though. Back in 2004 Corey Dillon put up 345/1635/12 with 15/103/1 receiving for the Patriots. This year, if you toss out the five games that Michel was a bit player or got hurt (weeks 1-3 early season rookie + injury, weeks 7-10 injured) he put up 245/1152/12 in 12 games. That is a 326/1536/16 pace over a full season. I'm not gonna project that going into next year for him, but its definitely within his range of outcomes. White is phenomenal in his role as pass catching back. So I don't think 50 receptions is in the cards for Michel. However, Michel is a respectable pass catcher, even lining up in the slot in college at times. Just for the sake of keeping teams honest, you can see him getting 25-30 receptions next year.
  8. Per PFF, Aaron Jones was the 12th best RB in the league this year. He led the league in yards per attempt. Averaged 5.5 in 2017 and 2018. Packers roster is riddled with holes, especially on defense. I can't think of a position they need less than a RB.
  9. You can’t be serious about the Derrick Henry take. Guy averaged 3.7 yards per carry over his first 128 carries (12 games). Not only that, Henry had 18 carries in week 2 and again in week 3. Got 56 and 57 yards. 3.1 ypc. You are also assuming the OC is fully in charge of playing time decisions when the GM just paid Dion Lewis a big FA contract.
  10. Gotta say I'm a little surprised by this. Nearly every Packer fan was screaming for Jones to be the starter by week 3 or 4. (right after his 2 game suspension). He clearly was far more dynamic than Williams. McCarthy refused to start him until week 7. From week 7-14, when he was the starter, he was the #5 RB in the league and averaged nearly 19ppg in PPR. You also have to account for the fact that McCarthy was running one of the most stale offenses in the league. We don't know who the next coach is going to be just yet, but it sure looks like its going to be a forward thinking offensive mind. (Josh McDaniels has the inside track right now). If you believe a new coach can invigorate Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense (and I do), there is ample room for huge growth. Packers were 12th in yards, and 14th in scoring this year. They scored 376 points. Top offenses in KC, LA and NO, all scored between 504-565 points. Even if the Packers score 450 next year that's 10 more TDs to go around. That could push Jones into the 20-25ppg category.
  11. Jets run defense has collapsed (130+ yards plus 5 TDs in 4/5 games), and Jamaal Williams is going to get nearly 100% of the work. He's a quality start this week.
  12. I picked up Kelly and CJ. If Gurley is ruled out, and McVay names a starter between the two, it could absolutely be a Damien Williams week 15 redux. Cards are 29th vs the run and even though the Rams haven't been playing great, they should win this one easily. They are 16 point favorites with an implied team total of 30.
  13. Looking at the snap counts for the last 2 weeks, ESB has gotten more run. That has also coincided with Cobb's return to the field. I'd be cautious about putting too much stock in that when projecting anything for 2019. MVS has played 569 snaps this year, and ESB 319. MVS could be dinged up, wearing down, behind Cobb on the depth chart in the slot, etc, etc.
  14. Nice job. Thank you for the rankings. IMO the top tier should be two players. Hopkins and Adams. Adams has put it all together, and is a TD monster. Paired with Rodgers for the foreseeable future, its as good as it gets in fantasy. Thomas and Beckham may be equally or more talented, but we look at 3 year windows when evaluating dynasty players. I have no idea who is going to QB the Giants next year, and Brees will be 40 next month. Very real chance that either or both will be hamstrung by bad QB play in the near future. I also think its increasingly clear that Antonio Brown and AJ Green have past their peak. I would much rather have Stefon Diggs than either. Diggs' full season pace this year is 117/1220/8.
  15. My guess is that Bridgewater is going to be able to choose his landing spot, and could be set up quite well. Don't think he'll get Cousins type money, but its gonna be a lot. The Giants would seem to be a great fit. Already have quality weapons in place, and could then focus their draft on rebuilding their oline.