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  1. IMO he's got a better chance of replicating Doug Baldwin's numbers than Baldwin does. Baldwin was WR10 last year in PPR.
  2. Have to say I'm more than a little surprised to see Tyreek Hill going undrafted in most of these. He's a phenomenal athlete. Maybe the best in this class. The Chiefs spent a 5th on him in spite of his being kicked off of the OSU team in 2014 for beating/choking his girlfriend. Dorsey and Reid took a lot of heat, but they are sticking by the kid. He's 5'8" 185lbs. Ran 4.28 and 4.29 at his pro day. 10'9"broad and 40.5" vertical. Shuttle times were fantastic too. Elite athlete. On the field he looks like a football player. He's not skinny. Very solid build. Looks more like a RB than a WR. I'm curious to see how KC uses him. There's some combo of Sproles/Harvin/Cobb/Tavon potential here. Likely mostly a returner in year 1, but the guys is gonna make plays in the return game. His speed and athleticism jump out on tape.
  3. Only way Henry wins ROY is if Murray and Zeke miss significant time.
  4. Rawls has such a small sample size that I'm not really sure how anybody is projecting a 2015 UDFA as a slam dunk over 3rd and 5th round draft picks. IMO he's the early favorite, as he's got a season in the system already, and he looked pretty good when he did play, but beyond that?
  5. I've got it: 1. Bell 2. Elliott 3. Gurley IMO all three belong in the top 10 overall of dynasty rankings.
  6. I know you have been one of the biggest supporters of Arian Foster around here. When Foster played, he absolutely won weeks and titles for his owners. Huge difference maker. Elliott has been called---by NFL scouts---the best back to come out since Adrian Peterson. He just walked into the best situation anybody could imagine, and did it as the 4th pick in the whole draft. Simply put, his upside is tremendous. IMO you can make a legitimate argument for any of DJ, Bell, Gurley or Elliott as the #1 dynasty RB right now. -I'd put Bell #1 based on past production, but he does have an injury and suspension history that are starting to become a concern. -I'd put Elliott at #2. Twenty years old, virtually unlimited upside. IMO he could rival the difference making play of Foster. -At #3, Gurley is the best natural runner, but he's also in the most challenged offense. -I'd put DJ at #4. I have him behind Gurley and Elliott mostly because his draft status isn't nearly as lofty, and his track record is short. Still, he's flashed difference making abilities. If you're concerned about Romo going forward, you've also got to look at what the Cardinals would look like without Palmer. They are basically birds of a feather.
  7. Quoting Bob McGinn: RUNNING BACKS1. EZEKIEL ELLIOTT, Ohio State (5-11 ½, 227, 4.48, 1): Third-year junior. "He is the only one with all the traits," said one scout. "He's got a chance to be the best player in the draft. He, (Joey) Bosa, (Laremy) Tunsil. He can catch it, he can pass protect, he's got NFL size and he can run. If he stays healthy he's going to be a (Adrian) Peterson-type back." Smartest RB in years (32 on the 50-question Wonderlic intelligence test). "Football intelligence might be the best thing he has," another scout said. "He goes to the sidelines and tells the coaches the block protections. The coaches tell me he tells them what to do. To me, your intelligence is your blocking." Finished with 592 carries for 3,961 yards (OSU-record 6.7-yard average) and 43 touchdowns. Also caught 58 passes for 449. Played behind Carlos Hyde in 2013 before breaking out as a sophomore. Has undergone surgery twice on his left wrist. "Zeke just has the NFL mentality," said one scout. "Love the kid as a football player." From St. Louis. BY BOB MCGINNMilwaukee Journal Sentinel LINKEDIN GOOGLE+ PINTEREST REDDIT PRINT ORDER REPRINT OF THIS STORY GREEN BAY, WIS. If it takes unique traits for a running back to attract some attention in today's pass-dominated NFL, Ohio State's Ezekiel Elliott and Alabama's Derrick Henry deserve a long, early look. Not only is Elliott possibly the most complete rookie runner in a decade, he belongs well up among the rushing immortals in more than 125 years of football at Ohio State. "With all due respect to all the other running backs in Ohio State history, my first-round draft pick, I'd take Zeke Elliott," Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer said after Elliott capped his three-year career with a four-touchdown outburst against Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl. Since the devaluation of ball carriers began to set in, just six backs have been selected in the first round over the last five drafts. Two played for coach Nick Saban at Alabama, Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson, whereas two more, Eddie Lacy and T.J. Yeldon, departed Tuscaloosa as second-round choices. Now comes Henry, the biggest of the Crimson Tide's assembly line of big backs and potentially the best. "Ezekiel Elliott could play for every team in the league," said Phil Savage, analyst on the Alabama radio network since 2009 and executive director of the Senior Bowl. "Derrick Henry is not for every team in the league. "He's for the team that has somewhat of an established O-line and a team that's willing to give him the ball from the I-formation or the Pistol where he gets some depth and can get started. "If he gets to the right team, I'd put him first among those five backs. If he goes to the wrong team, he might be fifth." ADVERTISING Several personnel people said Elliott was the best back to enter the NFL since Adrian Peterson in 2007 largely because he has no weaknesses. "Don't resist, just take him," one scout said. "He belongs in the top 10, maybe the top half dozen. He's got the whole package." This is the 15th spring that the Journal Sentinel has been polling personnel people before the draft. In that time, five running backs have been unanimous picks as the best at the position. Elliott became the fifth in a vote of 19 scouts. Other unanimous picks were Reggie Bush (2006), Peterson, Richardson ('12) and Lacy ('13). With a first-place vote worth five points and so on, Elliott totaled the maximum 95 points to beat Henry, whose 74 points included 17 second-place votes and two thirds. Following, in order, were Devontae Booker (42), Kenneth Dixon (22), Jordan Howard (10), Alex Collins (nine), C.J. Prosise (nine), Kenyan Drake (8 1/2), Paul Perkins (7 1/2), Jonathan Williams (three), Josh Ferguson (two) and Aaron Green, Tre Madden and Kelvin Taylor, one each. "I keep hearing that running backs aren't a priority," one scout said. "Well, if you don't have one you have a problem." Of Ohio State's 13 running backs and three fullbacks selected in the first round since the draft was inaugurated in 1936, Archie Griffin is the only one to exceed Elliott's total of 3,961 yards. Eddie George, who often is compared to Henry, is third with 3,768. "This guy's the best there since George," an NFC personnel director said. "He's what you want. He's a bell cow." Elliott runs, catches and blocks equally well and at an elite level, but what really sets him apart is brainpower. He scored 32 on the 50-question Wonderlic intelligence test. The average score of the first running backs taken in the last 10 drafts was 17.2. Other than Steven Jackson, the first back off the board in 2004 who scored 28, almost none of the leading backs have even approached Elliott's score in the last 15 years. "They rave about him," another NFC personnel chief said of the coaches at Ohio State. "Not many college backs are really good in protection. He really is (special)." Elliott likes to party and the college life. "You worry about him missing meetings and staying out all night," an AFC scout said. "He's an alpha male." After losing, 17-14, to Michigan State in late November, Elliott became a lightning rod for criticism by publicly taking note of play-calling that gave him two carries in the second half. "Maybe he was right," another scout said, laughing. After interviewing Elliott, one personnel director said, "He's direct, honest, thoughtful. I can see why he's so good." Meyer has called Elliott "the best player I've ever coached without the ball in his hand." Read more here:
  8. Alex Collins declined the speed and agility drills and also the bench press. Collins was content - as were NFL personnel, he said - with his times in the 40-yard dash and change-of-direction drills from the combine. He two simple things he wanted to improve Wednesday. “I feel like I really improved on the things I wanted to improve on,” Collins said. “I wanted to come out here do good, run some good routes, catch the ball and improve my vertical. I did that. Improved my vertical four inches and I didn’t drop the ball so I feel like I impressed with the way I performed.” If his vertical improved to 32.5", which is what this suggests, its at least a decent jump. Of the 23 RBs that jumped at the combine, 13 of them were at 34" or less.
  9. The Broncos might match the offer to Anderson, so all talk is just speculation. Regardless of that, the Dolphins would be foolish to go into 2016 pinning their hopes on Ajayi. His knee is a legitimate concern, and we have no NFL track record of production or durability. Having two capable backs is a requirement, not a luxury.
  10. The just signed Center Ben Jones from the Texans. He was their starter last year. He's also played LG. Also adding Rishard Matthews. This offense will be much better in 2016. Maybe even middle of the pack. Gregg Rosenthal ‏@greggrosenthal Mar 7 Mularkey isn’t trading for Murray to be careful with his workload. Bound to get 300+ carries
  11. Preface this to say, I've only got DeMarco in one league. I think this is definitely an under rated spot for him. The SP freaked out when Eric Decker went to the Jets. Same with Brandon Marshall. Crabtree to the Raiders? Dead man walking. Murray was a horrible schematic fit in Philly. Don't underestimate that. Until 2015, he had proven he was a very good RB in his time with Dallas. Just look at his YPC as one example. 2011: 5.5 YPC 2012: 4.1 YPC 2013: 5.2 YPC 2014: 4.7 YPC 2015: 3.6 YPC (Philly) He's also a very good receiving back, averaging 43 catches/season. IMO the Titans offense is very likely to perform much better this year. Mariota and DGB should be improved. Delanie Walker was easily one of the best TE weapons in the league last year. Now add in a true 3 down back in Murray? Seems like they just really need to concentrate on the Oline to get into a place with a respectable offense. Having the #1 overall pick and an elite OT prospect sitting there, plus picking at or near the top in rounds 2/3 etc, should make a transformation there realistic.
  12. I think the Packers could be a dark horse for signing Foster. Starks is about to turn 30, and is a UFA. Lacy clearly disappointed last year. While I do expect a rebound year from Lacy, I also think Foster or Forte would be a huge upgrade to the offense as a whole. Either could probably be had for 2 million more annually than Starks' 1.6 million salary from last year. It would probably turn into a mess for fantasy purposes, but in real life football, it make a lot of sense for the Packers. I don't think either would count against the compensatory draft calculations, so that makes it all the more intriguing for Ted Thompson, who is loathe to give up picks, even if they are compensatory.
  13. I think its possible the Packers grab Forte or Foster. Starks is about to turn 30, and was never close to being as good as the former two. Add in some fumbling issues and I think its a no brainer. Going rate for Foster or Forte should be 3-4 Million annually. Starks probably gets 1.5. Seems like a couple of extra million well spent IMO. If I'm not mistaken, neither will factor into the calculation for compensatory picks. A big plus in the world of TT.
  14. I just threw that list together off the cuff. Over rated Matthews for sure. Not so sure about Cooks though. A lot of people were very high on him going to the Saints as a top 20 pick. IMO Hyde and Henry are pretty much a wash as NFL prospects go. Should go at a similar place in the NFL draft. I respect the work you do Andy, but from what I've seen of this 2016 class so far, it just doesn't stack up well to the previous two for sure.
  15. So was the year before. 2014: 1. Sammy Watkins 2. Mike Evans 3. Zeke Elliott 4. Odell Beckham 5. Brandin Cooks 6. Jordan Matthews 7. Carlos Hyde 8. Derrick Henry 9. Eric Ebron 10. Laquon Treadwell 11. Kelvin Benjamin 12. Bishop Sankey