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  1. You are of course correct about it being private workout numbers. Even if the scout exaggerated his 40 time by a full tenth of a second, and his vertical by 10%, that would put his numbers on par with Gronks. Suffice it to say, ASJ has difference making athletic ability. Unfortunately it's currently paired with either a alcohol problem, a 10 cent head, or both.
  2. He's my third TE on one dynasty team. ETA: I paid a late first back in 2014. Its a 14 team devy league, so no, the investment is not at all heavy.
  3. Let's just remember, the guy is 23 years old. He wouldn't be the first player to waste away a ton of talent and end up in obscurity. He also wouldn't be the first player to have an event such as this turn around his life and career.
  4. Vast difference between a better athlete and a better football player.
  5. Obviously the guys has problems, and is currently wasting away his talent. But let's not undersell his physical attributes. He is undoubtedly a better athlete than Gronk. Gronk: 6'6" 264lbs 4.68 40, 33.5 vertical ASJ: 6'6" 271lbs, 4.56 40, 37.5" vertical There was a reason he was the 38th overall pick in the draft despite the red flags. For his sake, let's hope this is rock bottom.
  6. Peterson is out 3-4 months. Comparing this situation to 2014 isn't wise. McKinnon was a small college QB and was a rookie making the transition to pro RB in 2014. Obviously he's now a 3rd year player and has had plenty of time to make the transition. Vikings oline looks bad, but McKinnon is more of a multi purpose threat than ADP is. Looking forward to to seeing what he can do.
  7. Good grief. Is there no limit to the amount of excuses that will be made for Rodgers? I mean the contrast between Rodgers and Bradford couldn't have been more clear. Bradford stood tall and threw strikes to his WRs. Rodgers needlessly danced around and threw a ton of off balance inaccurate passes. I've been one of his biggest supporters since day 1, but he's gotta get back to standing tall in the pocket and delivering strikes.
  8. Just watched every Tannehill throw. Parker looks good. There were a couple soft coverages there, but he certainly made some nice contested catches as well. One Handed grab
  9. Rodgers has played 14 games in a row without a passer rating over 100. There is something very wrong with him. His supporting cast is not fantastic, but he's just been basically a below average starting QB for some time now. The arm is still there. Thats obvious with the hail marys. But there is absolutely no continuity on offense, and that is very much on him. What has made the Packers a very good team for a long time has been a dominant passing game. They don't have that at all anymore, so they've got nothing to hang their hat on so to speak. IMO, they are not a playoff team this year unless something dramatically changes with this offense.
  10. I understand its difficult to mix old veterans with the promise of youth in rankings. IMO Eli Manning is in the perfect offense for him. He's finished 7th and 8th among QBs the last two seasons respectively, and the first one of those was working in Beckham as a rookie. Guess I just think he's a really strong bet for another 3+ years of 4400-5000 yards and 30-35 TDs. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if Eli put up career numbers this year. I think you can pretty much plug in Philip Rivers for the same stats too. After Cam, Wilson, Rodgers, Luck and Brady, I'm not sure that I'd have a major preference with anybody over Manning and Rivers. (at least for the next 3 seasons).
  11. My expectation is that Foster will get about 65% of the workload. Basically normal for a lead back. At Seattle? I'm not expecting much. Neither is Vegas. O/U is 44, and SEA is favored by 11. ie. roughly 27-17. Obviously game flow will determine a lot, but I'd guess 15-20 touches. Crystal ball? Foster: 15 rushes 55 yards. 3 receptions 25 yards 50/50 shot at a TD. Ajayi: 6 touches for 20 yards.
  12. I read it more like he doesn't yet know how to take care of his body. Parker has been an elite talent all his life. Guys with that kind of talent can often skate through HS and College. Doing the little things like eating right, hydrating appropriately, may not be things that he's ever taken seriously.
  13. IMO he's got a better chance of replicating Doug Baldwin's numbers than Baldwin does. Baldwin was WR10 last year in PPR.
  14. Have to say I'm more than a little surprised to see Tyreek Hill going undrafted in most of these. He's a phenomenal athlete. Maybe the best in this class. The Chiefs spent a 5th on him in spite of his being kicked off of the OSU team in 2014 for beating/choking his girlfriend. Dorsey and Reid took a lot of heat, but they are sticking by the kid. He's 5'8" 185lbs. Ran 4.28 and 4.29 at his pro day. 10'9"broad and 40.5" vertical. Shuttle times were fantastic too. Elite athlete. On the field he looks like a football player. He's not skinny. Very solid build. Looks more like a RB than a WR. I'm curious to see how KC uses him. There's some combo of Sproles/Harvin/Cobb/Tavon potential here. Likely mostly a returner in year 1, but the guys is gonna make plays in the return game. His speed and athleticism jump out on tape.
  15. Only way Henry wins ROY is if Murray and Zeke miss significant time.