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  1. thanks for your help. Flex in ppr Drake Or Thielen
  2. I guess I never really thought of the way i draft and play FF as streaming but after reading your post that is exactly what I have been doing for years in my main league. It seems to work better in Auction leagues. QB - So this year I went with Rivers and Cousins with the idea that one of them will take off and i will only need the other for a BYE week filler. I doing this I spent around $10 total on the position. TE - This year I was all in on the 0 - WR because I had a keeper of M. Thomas for $1 - So I went cheap Doyle and Ebron - Certainly not my first wants but only spend a few $$ total for them and am again hoping one ends top 10. K and Defense - yet steam every year and only spend $1. WR2 - Decided to go with Maclin, Britt, Garcon, M. Jones, and Thielen as my steaming. Matchup and streak dependent. So streaming my WR2 all of the way as well. By doing this it allowed me to spend a huge amount of my cap on D. Johnson, Gordan, and Freeman which will by far by the best 2 RBs and best Flex in the league. So I guess I am streaming everything but RBs, WR1, and FLex...
  3. We had to have our draft a week early so we had it Saturday. 12 team, PPR. He went for $31... What a steal - I already had David Johnson, Freeman, and Gordan so I couldn't spend any more on RB's.
  4. .5 ppr Waykins Adams Edelman M. Thomas Pick 2 please.... Started rawls as flex and need the help now Leaning toward adams and edelman...but with Rodgers problems adams might be to risky
  5. Thanks for your help last week. Some bad choices for QB. Either Rivers who of course is missing his top guy but has a decent matchup or Osweiler KC D didn't look good the first half last week ? Flacco is sitting on the waiver wire as well.. Right now I am picking RIvers playing .5 ppr pick 1 for flex: Rawls or Gordan or Watkins or Forsett? I am leaning toward Rawls because a very juicey match up and they said he is the starter and should get more carries...
  6. Week 2 bold : Win: Hou, BAL Lose: CHi, CLE How in the world could the browns win... RIGHT?
  7. I don't see much mention of him. His first game in and got quite a few targets. Could be the new number 1 on his team, has crazy speed, and his QB doesn't mind throwing into coverage. What is not to like?
  8. Bloom - FOOTBALL is back! Pick 2 - .5 ppr Langford @ houston Gordan @ KC Edelman @ Ari Rawls Vs Mia Right now I have Langford as RB2 and Edelman as Flex.
  9. I do wonder if this guy is done fantasy wise or was it just because of the whole team getting hurt?