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  1. Was Ben Franklin as much of a party guy as I imagine?
  2. Was Ben Franklin as much of a party guy as I imagine?
  3. Unbelievable. Well actually it was believable.
  4. Yep, doing some internetting, apparently these people are kinda cultish (Jeepish) when it comes to mods. We might lift it a bit and get new wheels. We will see. Very cool little truck.
  5. boom king

    Loud Commercials Again

    I think the networks pander to their andertisers by lowering the volume of their content, forcing users to raise their volume. Then advertisers just jack it up to the legal limit, which makes it seem that much louder.
  6. Was yours a ‘18? We just bought a ‘19 SR5 premium. Had roof rack, running boards, leather and all that jazz for $38.5 OTD. Mrs is extremely happy so I am too.
  7. I also think Henry Ford is pretty good
  8. The Mrs was getting overpriced soup out of the microwave and spilled it all over her hand. She’s all bandaged up but I think she will be ok.
  9. Bought a new 4Runner today. It was sad saying goodbye to my 13 year old F150. Also when the hell did every truck/Suv get so damn expensive?
  10. We have been looking at these. If you don’t mind, what did you get and end up paying? edit: SR5 premium
  11. So bathrooms at O’Hare in the morning are something else. I’ve heard some of the most disgusting sounding craps in here
  12. Did you know that urination is 14.7-19.7psi?