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  1. What’s the standard tip for a standard men’s haircut at SportClips?
  2. boom king

    What's with the high water dress pants these days?

    These make up 90% of my sock drawer
  3. If it makes you feel better, I didn’t even read it. I appreciate that you wrote it though. Im in the garage changing my oil and drinking beer.
  4. What if I think comic book movies are stupid?
  5. It’s my 35th birthday today (thanks) and I wanna see one of these 3 movies A Star is born First man Bad times at El Royale any if these awesome or ####ty?
  6. Thanks Cos. I’ll check them out.
  7. Bears getting hammered. Up to -5.5
  8. We have not. She doesn’t like the “look” of them for some reason. She used to driving an F-150 and wants something that sits up higher like that.
  9. Negative. We drove the Explorer, Grand Cherokee, and 4Runner.
  10. Since we’re on the topic, she really liked the Toyota 4Runner.
  11. We’re test driving SUV’s now. Did you know almost everything is over $40k? edit:edit
  12. Went to the Dali Museum in Tampa a couple years ago and did the guided tour. It was pretty cool.