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  1. Have an acquaintance that works security at Wrigley. He’s gonna pick up all 5 posters for me! Pretty stoked about that.
  2. We have a rule like that, but with Pearl Jam.
  3. Speaking of music. We went to Wrigley and saw the Foo Fighters last night. Dave Grohl is prolly one of the coolest guys in music. I’m not a huge fan of the FF but they put on a good show.
  4. Dollars stores, am I right?
  5. Jesus man, I wanna catch the fish, not torture it.
  6. Also agree with this. Shorts and sandals is where is at. But if your family goes to the zoo about 73 times a year, I’m wearing shoes. With no-show socks. And possibly a flask. Edit: you’re /your
  7. In my opinion, if you wear tennis shoes and shorts, you need to wear no-show type socks.
  8. I remember catching a goldfish in our retention pond when I was a kid. The thing was huge. It would barely fit in our 5 gallon bucket. We used these little bread balls w vanilla extract. It looked like a basketball swimming in the pond.
  9. I haven’t been fishing in probably 20 years. I now have 5 and 6 year old boys. Best bait for blue gill?
  10. The ‘street tacos’ at BWW aren’t the worst tacos I’ve ever had. Pleasantly surprised
  11. You shouldn’t be getting your smoker recipes from Buzzfeed anyway.
  12. Have we talked about the stupid trend of people wearing black/colored socks with white shoes. It ain’t right.