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  1. You guys are talking about very different red dogs. My buddy brings back Zweigles every time he goes back to Rochester, and they are quite delicious. The one's I've had are more of a sausage/brat type of thing. Birdie is talking a about Bright Leaf, which is a very run of the mill hot dog, just with red food coloring added. Much smaller than a Zweigle's. It's fine enough hot dog, but I don't quite get the fervor about it. In many parts of Eastern NC, you cannot sell a hot dog if it's not a Bright Leaf. There's some thing about that dirt cheap red food coloring dog that sparks a passion.
  2. Same here for 23 years. #2 guard on the whole thing (though, I did switch from #3 to #2 a few years ago, if that counts as a style change). I was tutoring a friend in Geometry in HS. We got stoned and she said "let's shave your hair"? I said sure, and it's been that way ever since. The thought having to go to a barber shop to get haircuts sounds miserable to me. I wouldn't even care about the cost, just the time spent doing it and I'm not a fan of having to make small talk.
  3. Honestly not much makes me actually disrespect someone. Really just an adult not doing what they can to care for their loved ones (or the people they "should" love). Maybe it's always been this way, but I swear it seems more prevalent these days (at least around me). But men not working the best they can to provide for their families/kids? Happy to game the system and do as little as possible? Let the new woman provide for you while you wait for a management position, doing only the occasional cash job to avoid child support? Maybe it's just around here, but it's certainly quite prevalent here. These deadbeats have chicks lining up to support them. Sometimes, in my own little mind and world, it seems like an entire generation of men has been lost (obviously not the case). But best I can tell in this crazy town, being a deadbeat has never been more lucrative. Just some random drunk rambling, but the way I was brought up, and Gus Fring comfirmed, a man either provides, or he's not a man at all.
  4. I don't care too much about the others (though of course anybody with a Calvin peeing sticker is a moron). But #4 is spot on. Sam's/Costco on a Sunday afternoon once the churches get out is the pit hole of hell. Really, in all grocery shopping operations, it's your public duty to keep your head on a swivel and keep moving. Otherwise, you're just an inconsiderate ########.
  5. If the FFA were to ever rank the best one-liner posters (maybe we have and I don't know), you, sir, would have to be #1 with bullet.
  6. The purpose of school is that child care is crazy expensive. As is feeding kids sitting at home all day.
  7. This is probably my biggest hobby, come to think of it. It's how I unwind, and you know, we gotta eat anyway. But it sounds like our thrifty Dentist is no more, so a hobby that saves money probably wouldn't interest him as much as it used to. One option I haven't seen mentioned is guns and shooting. From the sound of it, I could see it being a good fit. It doesn't have to take up too much time, and really, it can be just a stress relief for an hour here and there kind of thing.
  8. Thanks for coming down, man. It was great to meet you. It was also interesting trying to explain to the girls that the guy that just left is named Beef Ravioli.
  9. I live in between the North and FL (VA), so that probably explains it. Actually, in much of this city, including my neighborhood, garages pretty rare.
  10. True. I'd guess Chile Con Carne is where you'll see the bean debate, where as the ground beef style chili would have near universal expectation of beans (if it's being eaten in stew-like fashion). I don't personally put beans in my CCC, but I wouldn't have a problem with it either. Frankly, I just find the word "chili" fascinating. It might be my favorite word. It can mean so very different things to different groups of people. At our tiny restaurant alone, we have 3 very different things that people referred to as "chili". I've long wanted to sell Chile Con Carne there, but it would be very confusing to people (and I highly doubt we could get the price we'd need for it).
  11. Growing up, I didn't either. But this is easily settled. The problem with sweeping declarations is that people are often talking about very different things when they say chili/chile. If the meat is ground beef, then beans make sense. The beans can add some texture that's missing from the ground beef. This is the sort of chili so many grew up with (though it will generally get you laughed out of a chile competition). I call this style Chili Beans. If the meat is primarily whole muscle that's diced (like chuck), then beans are not needed. The meat provides the texture on it's own. I call this style Chile Con Carne. Where I grew up and live now, both, the vast majority have literally never heard of chili being made with anything other than ground beef with beans added. I'd be curious to know. My assumption is that probably the East Coast, South East, and Midwest all think of Chili Beans when they think Chili. Obviously, Texans would think of the Chile Con Carne style first when they think Chili. Curious what other regions would.
  12. Come to think of it, I don't really understand the point of parking cars in a garage. I don't have a garage, but if I did, I could think of a million better uses for it than keeping my freaking cars out of the rain. Even if the other use is storing crap. Keeping a car out of the rain is no more a noble cause than storing crap. There's a good chance I'm white trash, so maybe that answers it. Either way, I'm going with the white trash take on this.
  13. I don't mind at all. But then again, this thread is generally for those taking Differential Calculus and I'm still grasping arithmetic. I just keep my crappy lawn mowed. But I do (usually) keep it mowed often enough that the clippings aren't too bad (to me, at least). Plus, I don't have kids. Just 2 large dogs. Trust me, I ain't rolling around in the grass.