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  1. I'm still a couple seasons behind, so I don't know how it is lately, but the first 7 seasons or so are great at least. It started right in the heart of the Breaking Bad/Mad Men era, then on into the explosion of streamers making content. I'd say it's the epitome of a "lost in the shuffle" show. Definitely worth checking out.
  2. I don't agree with all of that, but you make some good points.
  3. That's kind of what people are saying. For a lot of people, like myself, when they first saw Kaep kneeling, it was unsettling. My first reaction was that it was disrespectful, just based on what I'd been taught my whole life. But when the purpose was explained and that it was not meant to disrespect, I was like okay, makes sense. I have always stood for the anthem and still do, but having been told the purpose in kneeling, I'd never criticize someone for doing so. It's literally as peaceful as a protest can get. And frankly, kneeling before something is often seen as the ultimate form of respect. It's not the people didn't "care", it's just that there was nothing to really argue about. Now, as you might imagine, when the President calls a peaceful protester a son of a ##### that should be fired, folks wanted to argue about that. For many reasons. That's what led to the talk and engagement that you call "caring". Of course, there was disagreement before Trump got involved, but he threw gas on the fire, as he tends to do. Sort of like gay marriage. I'm passionate about folks being able to marry who they like. I "care" deeply, but it's not something I really talk about unless somebody says really disrespectful in opposition. Thankfully, that doesn't seem to happen as much anymore. To me, folks reactions should be similar. If you are "against" gay marriage, don't gay marry. If you are "against" kneeling, don't kneel. In either case, it's personal and nobody's hurting anybody, and if you don't agree, your input isn't necessary.
  4. Man, Sharpton is fantastic, and this sign language interpreter is the best I've ever seen.
  5. Well said. I've found myself getting caught up in this way too much lately. In this situation, like so many others, I think it's a mistake to feel the need to "agree or not". When the national anthem plays, people should react however they see fit. When Drew Brees explains why he stands with hand to heart, man that makes a lot of sense, I can see why he would do that. When someone that kneels explains why they do that, that makes a lot of sense too, I can see why they'd do that. We can have our own beliefs, and that doesn't make others wrong. As you say, we've gotten way too far into thinking the way we think is the only right way. I wish Brees would have just stated his beliefs without judging and misinterpreting others who see it differently. It's disappointing, and I hope he clarifies.
  6. Do you ever see the workers? If so, I'd think the best way is just ask them to stop trashing up your yard. That's the best way to deal with most things. Although, I'm a little confused about the layout. So, this porta potty is outside your 6' cedar fence. I'm not sure how that ends with them throwing trash near it, but on your property. If it's on your property, this seems simple, but it sounds like it's not. If talking to them doesn't work, your best bet may well putting a trash can out there (or bucket). It sucks, but it beats the alternative you're dealing with now. Again, if asking them to stop doesn't work. It's the same reason businesses have trash cans outside. It sucks, and in a perfect world, people wouldn't throw trash on somebody else's property. But they do and always will. Providing a trashcan makes dealing with other people's bad manners a little easier. I can pretty well guarantee you that Vectren Energy doesn't give a ####. You can complain, and post pics on Facebook, but they don't care. Their business will be just fine whether your yard is littered or not because you and other homeowners don't pay them. This is all up to the workers and you. Maybe the city, or gas company, or whoever is paying them to put in these gas lines. But even then, they care that the job gets done on time at the right price, not your yard.
  7. Between the COVID response, the glorious KBO, and this, South Korea is having itself quite a moment.
  8. I know many/most can't stand Bill Simmons, but his podcast with DeRay Mckesson from Campaign Zero is pretty interesting. Their research lead to the 8 can't wait list of 8 policies that their research says decreases police violence by 72% (if all 8 are implemented). The policies seem mostly intuitive, but apparently many departments don't have them as policy and very few have all 8. A few things that surprised me as not part of the 8. More black police officers. Apparently it only begins to help when the percentage is above 35%, which he said isn't feasible in a lot of places. Body cams, while great, for some reason aren't as effective as the other policies. Community policing he said, while it's good for morale and a great thing, they didn't find much evidence of it decreasing police violence.
  9. Thank all you guys for the Kim's Convenience rec. It's so awesome. One of the best new (to me) comedies I've seen in a long time.
  10. I thought about you the other day when I added a nice scoop shovel to my collection to move some landscape rock.
  11. I really can't believe he didn't make a joke about how obviously stoned the kids filming the Saginaw County tank were. Although, I guess he must've been waiting to drop the even more effective stoner joke later.
  12. I think that's one of the interesting parts about this question. It feels like it's changed over time and that, in this time period, it's harder than it used to be. I suspect that it is harder now because of how information is consumed, and having an incredibly divisive President. But I don't know. It's not like the advice to not discuss politics, money, or religion in certain places is new. Either way, I think the answer to this question comes down just how passionate the people are about their stance and how well they communicate with each other. I suspect that has been true no matter the era.
  13. How his daughter put it a few days ago "Don’t act like everyone loved my father. He was assassinated. A 1967 poll reflected that he was one of the most hated men in America. Most hated. Many who quote him now and evoke him to deter justice today would likely hate, and may already hate, the authentic King."