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  1. Anarchy99

    Le'Veon Bell

    Ultimately you may be right on this one, but it looks like the rules (or the interpretation of the rules) may have changed recently. According to Over The Cap (the foremost unofficial authority on compensatory picks) posted the following . . . LINK However, that's the only mention I can find anywhere over transition tagged players, so I can't attest to how accurate that statement is. That being said, I don't see why the Steelers would transition tag Bell. They aren't going to match the offer he would get from another team and I don't believe they could trade him by simply slapping the transition tag on him. I don't think there is much to gain by using the transition tag.
  2. Anarchy99

    Keto II

    If you followed what I posted throughout the year, I don't eat a ton. So say a couple eggs and a breakfast meat OR a few berries and a scoop of cottage cheese for breakfast. I don't usually eat lunch, so a handful of nuts and a cheese stick between breakfast and dinner. Then some sort of protein and some veggies for dinner. I still have days where I get up and have a cup of coffee and don't eat anything at all until dinner. I suppose I may still be losing weight, but only in the magnitude of ounces per week instead of pounds like before. Part of that may be due to drinking more fluids (which weighs more and thus keeps my weight a little higher).
  3. Anarchy99

    Le'Veon Bell

    I suppose it's nice to try to keep core players on the roster . . . but that doesn't help improve the talent level of the team. It just means the same players stick around but for more money. Not sure that is a long-term recipe for success or the best way to stay competitive. Not saying that they should run out an overpay for a top tier free agent, but adding some new bodies to offset their losses is probably advisable.
  4. Anarchy99

    Le'Veon Bell

    But it is not as simple as that. If they transition tag him, they would have to match whatever offer Bell receives to be able to trade him. That could mean shelling out $30 million in guaranteed money . . . which would all go against the Steelers immediately as a cap hit if Bell is traded. The team trading for Bell does not have to pay the signing bonus money or eat the cap hit . . . that would be on the Steelers.
  5. Anarchy99

    Le'Veon Bell

    I believe you are interpreting the CBA incorrectly. They get no IMMEDIATE draft pick compensation. Franchise tagged players and RFA tendered players can be signed if the new team is willing to part with draft picks. IMO, that's the no draft pick compensation part being applied here. I believe if they transition tag him and don't match, losing Bell would still be applied to the compensatory pick formula. That's the other thing people aren't really discussing. PIT would only get a 3rd round compensatory pick if they don't sign other free agents (at a similar pay level). If they let Bell walk, they will get to carry over the $14.5 million they didn't spend on him this year into their 2019 salary cap. They will also save $8 million by not paying Ryan Shazier. But if they go out and sign free agents, they won't get a compensatory pick for losing Bell as the signings would cancel out the loss of Bell.
  6. Surprised that no one has brought up the battle of the sexes budget allocation rules . . . If it's someplace she really wants to go, a potential budget for a 7-day outing could be $10K+. If it's someplace I want to go, I get a lot of attitude and a 7-day budget of $1,500. Usually, her trips could be planned for less money than allocated and my destinations can't be realistically completed for only $1,500. Of course, that's how we end up going where she wants to go way more. That part aside, everyone has different circumstances. We had 4 kids in college until this year. Big expensive trips haven't really been in the budget in recent years.
  7. Anarchy99

    Keto II

    I'm guessing this is common, but I have pretty much plateaued on the weight loss side of things. I'm still not eating sugars or carbs . . . I just stopped losing weight. The temperature has dropped so my food intake is more than it has been (but still not a ton). I usually have a meal and a half a day (and a snack). Does this mean I have reached the end of the line as far as diet being the contributing factor in losing weight? Do I now have to rely mostly on exercise to keep losing weight? Or do I have to really start counting every last calorie and limit how much I eat? I want to lose another 20 pounds at a minimum, I'd be happy at 30 more pounds, and 40 more pounds would get me to my ideal weight/BMI range. I also have seen my blood pressure go up, but I can't tell if that happens frequently on keto or if that is unrelated.
  8. Anarchy99

    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    Not sure I have ever seen this before. Lost three games in a row by 0.2, 0.7, and 0.8 points. The even sadder part is that I had guys suffer early in-game injuries in all of them. Some years things just don't work out.
  9. Anarchy99

    Le'Veon Bell

    It is literally impossible to know if he made the right decision. If he played this year and suffered a serious injury, it's conceivable he could have made $14.5 million this year and nothing beyond that (although pretty unlikely). If he did get severely hurt, he could have seen his value plummet and been forced to take a one year, low ball prove it deal next season. If that were the case, he certainly would not see much in guaranteed money. I have seen talk (albeit misguided IMO) that he could still see offers even greater than the Gurley deal with even more guaranteed money. I'm sure this heated debate will continue until Bell signs in March. Until we know the deal he gets, it's tough to do a more thorough analysis.
  10. Anarchy99

    Le'Veon Bell

    The average salary of the Top 5 QB's. So north of $25 million.
  11. Anarchy99

    Eli Manning HoF?

    Collectively, we should all strive to have only the truly great players enshrined in Canton. Plunkett was a decent player, but he had a 72-72 record as a starter to go along with a 164 TD to 199 INT ratio. He won 10 regular games in a season once in 15 years. Like Eli, he had two great post season runs, but he was very vanilla the rest of his career. No All Pro selections (not even a single Pro Bowl selection). He was SB MVP once. If he won the other one, would that suddenly make him a HOFer?
  12. Anarchy99

    Eli Manning HoF?

    Allow me to retort . . . (and remember, I begrudgingly already said he will get in). Here are Eli's annual passer ratings (based on QB's with at least 100 passing attempts in each season). Note that other peripheral things are not represented here (fumbles, winning %, sacks, rushing yardage, rushing TDs, poor decision-making, etc.), all of which would only serve to HURT his overall performance assessment. 2018 - 20 2017 - 29 2016 - 24 2015 - 14 2014 - 16 2013 - 40 2012 - 16 2011 - 7 2010 - 20 2009 - 12 2008 - 15 2007 - 32 2006 - 24 2005 - 26 2004 - 39 Yes, boys and girls, that's exactly one season in the Top 10 in FIFTEEN years. His average yearly QB rating in those seasons is 22nd. Eli's total yearly stats look better because he always plays. There certainly are more reasons not to love Eli as a potential HOFer. The Giants have made 6 playoff appearances, and that means 9 times they did not make the post season with Manning at QB. That's a 40% playoff rate. By comparison, Brady is at 88%, Big Ben is at 73%, Brees is at 47%, and Rivers 40% (giving all of them playoff spots for this year). Oh . . . I almost forgot that Eli has received a grand total of ZERO regular season MVP votes over his career (which matches Roethlisberger, by the way). I could go on, but it won't make any difference. It would just be piling on. But he'll still get in.
  13. Anarchy99

    Eli Manning HoF?

    I posted an article in one of the other Eli threads that historically he has been a below average QB across the entirety of his career (and that article is probably a couple years old by now and I can't imagine his recent stats raised the bar any). Folks citing career passing totals should know better. Carson Palmer, Vinny Testaverde, Drew Bledsoe, and Kerry Collins are all ranked in the all-time Top 20 in passing yards. Joe Flacco will pass Johnny Unitas soon to take claim of the #20 spot (for now anyway). Just because a QB played longer doesn't always make them better. But sadly the answer will be yes, Eli will make it in. Two great SB runs with SB MVPs and a few productive seasons with carry the day (and being on the Giants won't hurt his cause).
  14. I guess. He did nothing for a month and then did well the last month. I was looking more for a WR example.
  15. Can anyone remember an instance when an unsigned, off the street free agent stepped in after missing half the season and made any sort of fantasy impact? I am asking because I can’t think of any.