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  1. As an FYI, Edelman over his last 16 games (regular and post season) has produced 105-1308-6 with 96 rushing yards.
  2. Hey, 10 minutes into this thread I said NE overpaid for Sanu. But BB is a different kind of cat. He's picked up plenty of guys that I thought were never were's let alone has been's and turned them into key contributors. Sanders is better but NE would have trouble fitting him under the salary cap. As for recent 2nd round picks, NE hasn't exactly struck gold lately in that round, unless Duke Dawson, Cyrus Jones, and Jordan Richards can be considered as "hits." Other noteworthy underachievers from the past decade include Aaron Dobson, Tavon Wilson, Ras-I Dowling, and Jermaine Cunningham. Yes, Jimmy G, Jamie Collins, and Gronk were 2nd round picks and they can't all be winners. Sanu already has more career receptions and receiving yards than all but two WR drafted under BB's watch (Edelman and Branch). NE drafted 15 other receivers in that time, so they have proven WR draft evaluation is not one of their strong suits.
  3. I didn't think Wes Welker had a ton to offer pre-NE and the Pats traded a second round pick for him, too. Maybe Bill has big things in store for Sanu. As for your example, Jones carries a significant higher salary cap hit than Samuel does and NE has very little cap space. The Falcons could have given NE Jones for free and they couldn't roster him without clearing multiple players.
  4. In NE's case, having Sanu for an extra year and lower dollars mattered. Maybe they were concerned how much an impact someone new could make in half a season and they were concerned they couldn't re-sign him. Maybe health played a factor. I believe Sanu has only missed one game over his career. BB sees things differently than the rest of us . . . maybe he has different plans for Sanu than we see in store for him.
  5. Sanu is 30 and under contract for this year and next. He carries a $3.5 million salary for all of 2019 (meaning NE only has to pay about 60% of that total) and $6.5 million for next season. Sanders is 32 and under contract for this year only. He carries a $6 million salary for this year (meaning SF has to pay about 60% of that) but will be a free agent at the end of the year. Is getting a younger and less expensive receiver under contract for an extra year worth a higher draft pick?
  6. Michel had under 10 carries twice in his time in NE. I already spelled out that he's had almost 300 carries in his last 16 games . . . including the game you mentioned with only 9 carries when the team went pass crazy. Burkhead has played in 27 games in NE and had 10 carries 7 times. He's missed 18 games in that time. Michel is projecting toward 1000+ yards and 14 TD. Burkhead has been listed as questionable every week since he got hurt, so no telling when he will be back. But that's the thing with Burkhead. He hasn't been able to stay on the field, which is one of the reasons he won't be a full time, every time back for NE.
  7. I believe the trade is for a 3rd and a 4th.
  8. This is silly. Brady has bought and sold houses before. His contract is set up exactly like Drew Brees is in New Orleans, and Brees has signed three extensions that way to give the Saints cap flexibility. Brady at 43 next year, going to a completely new system with all new players and coaches, doesn't make any sense on any level. His wife wants to live full time in NYC to attend to her business interests. Brady going to CHI is just click bait. That being said, if Brady does anything other than playing for NE, it will be calling it a career and retiring.
  9. Had almost a 20 point lead and Crowder playing in MNF last night. But was up against the NE DEF. Lost by a point. Down to 3-4 and 9th place.
  10. They already used one of the IR - return spots by activating Harry. So they only have one left. They can decide to leave Harry on IR for the remainder of the season, but they can't regain the right to activate someone else. Harry started practicing this past week, so he counts as one of the two no matter what they do with him.
  11. Not apples to apples. Last year healthy OL + healthy FB + Gronk and Allen blowing people off the line. This year banged up OL, no FB's, no blocking TE's, and Michel is stuck in neutral. BB knows this. Also noteworthy is BB mentioned this on his own and wasn't asked about it. He does radio interviews all the time and has way more to say than the laughable press conferences.
  12. They lead the league in scoring based on the defense scoring 5 TD's and a safety, in addition to giving the offense some very short fields. I think the offense is in trouble narrative is a bit overblown as well, as I think that has more to do with a rash of injuries than anything else. Once they get some pieces back and open up the playbook they will be as good as always.
  13. But he is still their bell cow / bruiser (bruised?) / primary goal line back. A more wide open offense gives him more lanes and fewer defenders in the box. He also has started seeing targets, which he really hasn't seen before. The point being, NE should see more goal line looks, not less (unless he can't gain six inches consistently or starts to fumble).
  14. IMO, they are looking for Sanu for next year and beyond if he works out. Gordon and Dorsett are on one year deals. Edelman will be 34 next year and will be a FA after that. Harry has yet to suit up and is a total unknown. I know people here are high on Meyers' upside, but that also is mostly speculation and Brady isn't his biggest fan. We are entering unchartered waters for NE players, as their QB and coaching situation could change at any point and there could be MAJOR changes.
  15. Dorsett has been a tease fantasy wise. He seems to have a TD enough times to make it look like he would be an enticing fantasy option and someone NE would look to expand his role. But he's now played 42 games for NE and only been targeted more than 5 times 5 times (12%). With Sanu coming to town and Gordon and Harry coming back soon, I would not expect Dorsett to start seeing more targets. He's really TD dependent. Over his last 10 games with NE . . . 40 targets, 28 receptions, 347 yards, 7 TD.