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  1. Anarchy99

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    My point with Ryan was that just playing longer doesn't necessarily mean you played at an elite level. So tacking on another 20,000 yards while playing on a mediocre team shouldn't improve people's perception of him. But he will make a run at Top 10 or Top 5 career totals . . . which will get people talking about how good a player he's been. Frank Gore is another example. Since leaving SFO, Gore has averaged 919/3 running the football with a 3.9 ypc. That really isn't anything special. But adding in those uninspiring rushing yards improved his career ranking in rushing yards from Top 25 to Top 5 all time. Over the past 4 seasons, of RB with at lest 200 carries, Gore ranked 59th in ypc. Yet many people changed their perspective on Gore, and now have him as HOF lock. He's had only one season in the Top 5 in rushing yards and one year in the Top 5 in YFS (both in the same year). How many people in any given year felt Gore was an elite RB and one of the best in the game?
  2. Anarchy99

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    The last part is what I am curious about in people's rankings of players (as a general talking point). Let's say Ryan goes out and averages 4,000 passing yards a year over the next five years. Twelve players hit that amount this year, so its not exactly a huge milestone like it used to be. With some other QBs set to retire soon, Ryan could jump into the Top 5 all time in passing yards with another 20,000 yards. If the Falcons don't do much in that time (say a .500 record over those 5 seasons), should Ryan's stock go way up just based on him compiling more yards on a so-so team?
  3. Anarchy99

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    As a side note, Bill Belichick has said several times that the best QB he ever saw play was Bert Jones. He never even gets an Honorable Mention in these types of discussions. Jones led the league in passing from 1975-1977 with better than a 2:1 TD to INT rate (when most QBs were 1:1 or worse). He went 31-11in the regular season over that stretch for the Colts. Unfortunately for Colts fans, that success didn't carry over into the post season, as Baltimore went one and done each season. Jones got hurt in both 1978 and 1979 and could never recapture his earlier success that won him an MVP award. Carry on with the never ending (and nearly impossible) debate trying to compare players from different eras of football.
  4. Anarchy99

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    Not so sure about Roethlisberger. Prior to this year, he has never received a single MVP vote. Maybe that changes this year, but then again, that may not. Similarly, he has never been named to any of the AP All Pro teams (first or second team). In the annual NFL Top 100 list voted on by the players, the highest he's finished has been 18th. Given that he played most of his career with Brady / Manning / Brees / Rodgers, have half of the Top 10 All Time QBs all been playing at the same time (assuming people have the others in their Top 10 QB's)?
  5. We could do this all day. They hardly ever play not at home. Up until last week we could have said the same thing . . . how long ago was the Chiefs last home win in the playoffs? Would that have any effect on the current team? The last three times NE lost on the road, they were all against a Peyton Manning team. Are people ready to put Mahomes in the same class as Peyton already? It took Peyton some time to be effective against the Patriots. There is no doubt Mahomes is very talented, but BB may be able to come up with something to slow the Chiefs down some. And I still think frigid temps help the Pats more than the Chiefs. I would go so far to say that the experience on NE's side cancels out the home field advantage on KC's side.
  6. And they went undefeated against playoff teams. Which trumps the other? As BB would say, none of that matters now. Speaking of BB, this is his 17th trip to a conference championship as a HC / DC / assistant coach. NE: 96, 01, 03, 04, 06, 07, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 NYG: 86, 90 NYJ: 98
  7. Unlikely Gronk sniffs the record for most receiving TD's by a TE at this point unless he finds the fountain of youth or becomes a cyborg. Gates has 116 TD. Gronk has 79 TD. If my math is right (and Gates doesn't score anymore), Gronk would need 38 TD receptions to pass him. Gronk only had 14 receiving TD's over the past 3 seasons combined. If Gronk averaged 6 TD's a year, it would take him 7 more years to break the record. Does anyone see him playing that long?
  8. I bet NE wished they didn't send Gronk out on defense instead of Devin McCourty and allowed the Miami Miracle to happen. Had they made a stop on that one play they would be playing in NE this week.
  9. Just fir ha-ha's, I looked up how BB / TB have fared against teams that have scored 500 points in a season before. That will have no bearing on the outcome of this game, but it might shed some light in terms of if his teams have held those opponents to fewer points. They have gone 6-3 in such games. However, they went 0-2 on the road, 4-1 at home, and 2-0 oat neutral sites. (RS = Regular Season). Team, Outcome(Home / Away / Neutral), Score, Situation, Average Points Scored in All Other Games, Scoring Difference 2018 KCC W (H) 43 40 RS 34.8 5.2 2016 ATL W (N) 34 28 SB 34.4 -6.4 2013 DEN L (A) 16 26 AFCCG 35.7 -9.7 2013 DEN W (H) 34 31 RS 35.7 -4.7 2009 NOS L (A) 17 38 RS 32.2 5.8 2004 IND W (H) 20 3 DIV 34.2 -31.2 2004 IND W (H) 27 24 RS 34.2 -10.2 2001 STL W (N) 20 17 SB 32.5 -15.5 2001 STL L (H) 17 24 RS 32.5 -8.5 On average, NE allowed 8.4 fewer points per game than those teams scored in their other games. Not really apples to apples, as their best efforts game in the early days when they had a killer defense. No one will confuse the 2018 Patriots defense with the 2004 Patriots defense.
  10. I think Gronk has leg / knee / ankle / movement issues. So blocking is probably easier. It may be physically more exerting but requires less movement to block. IMO, he has been called upon to run fewer routes and they don't mind him being a bulldozer for the backs. Plus if he is drawing some double coverage when he does go out as a receiver, that only takes someone away from the other receiving targets.
  11. If it makes you feel better, in the TB / BB era, NE has gone 16-1 in the playoffs when they haven't faced a team that season but only 12-9 when they played that team earlier in the year.
  12. Sort of. You can project him to 16 games, but he doesn't strike me as a guy that will regularly play 16 games. As long as White is there, I wouldn't expect him to play a ton on passing downs (or get a ton of receptions). For RBs that played in at least 12 games this year, he ranked 20th in fantasy ppg (0 ppr). He ranked lower than that in PPR leagues (probably in the 30's) but I don't feel like sorting out where he finished. Unfortunately, in many league, I think someone will draft him like a low end RB1 next year, which IMO leaves him very limited upside and I doubt he would earn his draft spot. Several guys that may have ranked lower than him got hurt or had other issues (Hunt for one). He will probably do better than this year if he stays healthy, but it's hard to tell who will be on the field for NE next year on offense. A lot could change (or things could stay the same). Hard to tell right now.
  13. Or they could run him into the ground and he could be out of the league in 3 years.
  14. Anarchy99

    Indefinite New England Patriots Thread

    50/50. I think some of the Chargers game was a mirage, as I doubt NE will be able to impose its will against KC and I doubt the NE defense will play as well. Put another way, nothing beats home cooking. KC has home field, a young gunslinger, and more explosive skill players. NE has BB, Brady, health, and experience. If the weather is cold and nasty, in some ways I think that helps NE if that serves to slow down the KC offense some. We all remember the debacle that was the last time NE played at Arrowhead. Hard to know going in how Mahomes responds to the big spotlight. This will be his first AFCCG or SB. Like I say all the time, you can't practice a three foot putt to win the Masters. Brady will be playing in his 21st such game. The last 3 NE conference game road losses all came against a seasoned Peyton that had seen everything BB could throw at him before. Can they confuse Mahomes enough to get a few stops or force the Chiefs into FGs instead of TDs? A lot will depend what the evil genius has up his sleeve on both offense and defense. It's hard to prepare a team for things they haven't seen or aren't on tape. I think that's part of the reason they have struggled some against the Chiefs in the last few years . . . the games were played early in the season and the Chiefs had wrinkles BB could not have schemed for. I also think a lot will depend on how aggressive NE is from the opening whistle. Their usual strategy is to play somewhat conservatively to start and hope the other team makes more mistakes than they do. That probably won't be enough to win. Limiting dumb penalties will be HUGE. The Pats haven't missed Gordon the last few games but likely will this week. If they can run the ball like they have been, that sets up play action and can make the offense hum along and hard to stop. I think the secondary has improved since the Week 6 game. I still don't have faith that the front seven can stop the run or they can handle guys coming out of the backfield in coverage. The Chargers didn't really go that route until very late when the game was already decided. I would guess NE doubles Hill and Kelce and tries to force the Chiefs to run the ball or target other players. Safety McCourty can match Hill in speed, so I would guess he will be the over the top help again. Maybe the McCourty twins on Hill. I wonder if they would put Gilmore and Chung on Kelce. KC will likely counter with quick hitters and slants to take advantage of their speed. As you say all the time, generating a pass rush could make or break them.
  15. All 3 teams that scored 500 points advanced, meaning that there is a 3 in 4 chance a 500 point scoring tram will win the SB. The remaining team that allowed the fewest points is NE . . . and they are the one team of the three that didn’t hit the 500 points scored mark.