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  1. EXHIBIT A that people think that the sky is falling. I am wasting my breath on Bossman, but once more for old time's sake. The heat and humidity played a huge role in the JAX game. They were gassed before they got through the first quarter. Several key plays tilted the game. Not to knock the Jags, who did everything well. But there were things that made for an insurmountable uphill climb. - Early in the game, NE offense stalled on a clear PI on the defense on Gronk. You can see the defender with a handful of Gronk's jersey preventing him from getting to the ball for a non call and a missed long FG. - NE stopped JAX on their first possession on what would have been a 3 and out. Flowers created a fumble that bounced back toward the LOS and between 2-3 NE defenders. If the ball bounced into the hands of a NE player, that could easily have gone for a NE TD. Instead, the ball bounced to a JAX receiver in stride, who then made a first down out of what should have been a disaster for the Jags. Drive capped with an absolute perfect pass in the end zone, literally inched away from a defender. - Next possession for the Jags, they needed 15 yards for a first down and COle had the insane one handed ball pinned on his helmet catch. Great play but very improbable. JAX scored again . . . on a blatant pick play that left the TE wide open. The Jags ran several similar plays that left guys wide open. On many other occasions, that type of play has been called OPI when run by NE. In this case, all of them went as no calls. - Both in game and pre-existing injuries certainly didn't go their way. Cannon was out. Burkhead and Michel weren't 100%. Defenders knocked out in game. - In general, Bortles was on fire. In many other games, Bortles has been a liability. If these teams play again, the incompetent Bortles could just as easily show up. Bottom line, the game script didn't work out yesterday. Similarly, the Jags will have weeks where they are much more mortal than yesterday. As discussed ad nauseum, NE never looks that great in September. Let's see how they do when they hit their stride.
  2. All I need is the Bears defense to score 66 points for me to win my game this week.
  3. YOU KNOW Gordon has to be thinking, “All I needed to do to get traded to NE was get dinged at a photo shoot and show up late to practice?!? Why didn’t I do that years ago???”
  4. Pay back for NE giving the Browns Jamie Collins for a box of Cracker Jacks.
  5. I don't know if it's better than the original or even better than other covers of the song, but she makes me melt. And it is a decent cover . . . Joss Stone - I Put A Spell On You
  6. I believe he ranked 10th last year in deep passes. LINK And I thought he was second in 2016 in deep ball passer rating. LINK
  7. Edelman was drafted by NE.
  8. The list is almost endless. Ochocinco. Brandon LaFell, Torry Holt. Reggie Wayne. Jordan Matthews, Eric Decker. Kenny Britt. Michael Floyd. Brandon Lloyd. Reche Caldwell. Keshawn Martin. Austin Collie. Donte Stallworth. Joey Galloway. Jabar Gaffney. Doug Gabriel. Tim Dwight. Andre Davis. David Patten. Donald Hayes. Bert Emanuel. Torrance Small. Charles Johnson. Marc Edwards. Those are the ones I remember. As you can see from the names on the list, most of them didn't do all that much.
  9. Oh, I don't know, but maybe the TWENTY wide receivers the Patrtiots have rostered and released since the Super Bowl may have had something to do with it.
  10. Rapoport covered the Patriots as a beat guy for 3-4 years. IMO, that gives his story a little more credence than if it were a team he didn't cover all that much.
  11. No one put a gun to your head. Well, at least I hope not.
  12. Not to single you out, but why is NE a great fit . . . just because NE is short on WRs? Gordon is known for ad-libbing plays and doing his own thing . . . not running precision routes to a t. NE has usually shied away from players that don't stick to strict coaching, a rigid game plan, and a team first mentality. They have tended to shy away from me first players with high profile problems and personalities. I just don't see it, as I am pretty confident another team would offer more and be more willing to take on Gordon than the Patriots would. If NE had any interest at all, they would probably only offer a 7th round conditional pick. I would be very surprised if NE made an attempt to acquire Gordon.
  13. I would go back even earlier. NE missed the long FG on their first drive and then stopped the Jags short on third down on a pass to Westbrook that would have been a three and out. But Trey Flowers punched the ball out, it bounced right between two NE defenders and into DJ Chark's arms running in stride who took it for a first down. So instead of either a stop at midfield or a turnover taken into Jags territory, the drive continued for a TD. Next possession Cole had the insane circus catch when they needed 15 yards for a first. All that signified to me that it was going to be a long day for NE as things were just not breaking their way.
  14. I know that, and you know that, but it doesn't stop the media from trying to pinpoint the start of the fall of the Patriots. In the Pats' 5 SB winning years, they had ugly double digit losses each season (and in 2014 two of them), losing by an average of 20 points. But it's clear they don't play anywhere near as well in hot and humid weather.
  15. I am not saying the sky is falling. But some of the media already is saying this year is different. The squabbling. The porous defense. The injuries. Brady's age. The lack of receivers. The lack of elite talent. "This year just feels different."