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  1. Doesn't it vary from person to person? Not everybody grew up with rainbows and unicorns?
  2. Does anyone know how or why IMDB ends up with the user ratings it lists for things? The site says it's uses a weighted average based on adjusted viewer voting to eliminate people trying to stuff the ballot to artificially raise or lower an overall rating. That makes sense if someone always votes 1 or 10 or multiple occasions, especially when something has been released for about 8 seconds yet they rate 12 episodes a 1 immediately when it's obviously that person didn't watch the episodes. I only mention it because there have been some shows that were rated somewhere in the 7 something range, but looking at the individual episodes of a show, the lowest rated episode was in the 8's with some episodes in the high 9's. Unless they think a studio or production company is involved in giving each episode an exceptionally high score, why would IMBD LOWER the overall series score? Similarly, why would they INCREASE an overall rating. For example, The Wire has an overall rating of 9.3 . . . but the average episode rating is 8.3. We recently started watching Castle Rock, which has an overall rating of 7.8 but an average episode rating of 8.3. (I am not suggesting that the shows should be considered equals, only that they illustrate that the overall rating and average episode scores can vary in opposite directions.) I only bring this up because at our house, we tend to research new things to watch and one of the criteria in picking something new is the rating (for better or for worse). I have never given a rating for anything on that site . . . for any people that have, are you asked to rate the show on a whole and then also asked to rate each individual episode? It almost seems that IMDB is getting themselves in the ranking / rating of shows, which makes me wonder if they are getting a kickback somewhere to raise ratings (or lower the ratings of a competitor).
  3. Unlikely anyone would get a lifetime ban. It would become a legal battle at that point. More likely outcome would be going on the excempt list indefinitely while they sort things out, then getting suspended, then getting released, and up to other teams if they want to pick him up or if he gets a cold shoulder across the league. Obviously it depends what the investigation reveals and how Hill looks.
  4. The NFL has shown any number of times that it will act how it sees fit regardless of what the legal system does. Other players were not charged with crimes yet received suspensions. Other players were cleared of charges or league investigations recommended no discipline yet suspensions were handed out anyway (Zeke says hi). Bottom line, the league does what the league wants. If there is a groundswell of emotion to suspend Hill and there is some sort of evidence that he somehow was involved, the odds are pretty good that he would end up on the commissioner's exempt list while they sorted things out. That being said, none of us here have any idea what happened and it's always advisable to let these things play out rather than guess or react to information that may or may not be factual.
  5. IMO, NE is coming a bunch of camp bodies at WR and will see who might work out. I would not rule out a trade for a legit, established WR. There still are other free agents available and they will likely draft someone. Bottom line, we won’t really know much until September.
  6. Last year, we saw Ben Roethlisberger and Patrick Mahomes set new team records for passing yards in a season. Which QBs / teams are the most likely to set a new team record for passing yards in a season? DEN Peyton Manning 2013 5477 NOS Drew Brees 2011 5476 NEP Tom Brady 2011 5235 PIT Ben Roethlisberger 2018 5129 KCC Patrick Mahomes 2018 5097 MIA Dan Marino 1984 5084 DET Matthew Stafford 2011 5038 ATL Matt Ryan 2016 4944 WAS Kirk Cousins 2016 4917 NYG Eli Manning 2011 4910 DAL Tony Romo 2012 4903 LAR Kurt Warner 2001 4830 LAC Dan Fouts 1981 4802 HOU Matt Schaub 2009 4770 IND Andrew Luck 2014 4761 MIN Daunte Culpepper 2004 4717 TEN Warren Moon 1991 4690 OAK Rich Gannon 2002 4689 ARI Carson Palmer 2015 4671 GBP Aaron Rodgers 2011 4643 CAR Steve Beuerlein 1999 4436 JAC Blake Bortles 2015 4428 BUF Drew Bledsoe 2002 4359 BAL Joe Flacco 2016 4317 CIN Andy Dalton 2013 4296 SFO Jeff Garcia 2000 4278 SEA Russell Wilson 2016 4219 CLE Brian Sipe 1980 4132 TBB Jameis Winston 2016 4090 NYJ Joe Namath 1967 4007 PHI Donovan McNabb 2008 3916 CHI Erik Kramer 1995 3838 The Eagles, Browns, and 49ers look to be potential candidates.
  7. I agree with the concept and theme of the Tweet, but there are a lot of players still to sign that will dramatically alter the projected assignment of compensatory picks. So a big signing by PHI / NE / SEA could negatively impact their pick allocation. Even if they didn't sign one of those players, it could reduce the level of the projected picks allocated as they are currently projected above.
  8. Patriots said to have offered a 2nd and a 4th for AB.
  9. I believe the NFL was at $14 billion last year while the NBA was at $7.4 billion. There are a lot more football players than basketball players though.
  10. To be fair, it's not exactly an even comparison between basketball and football. The regular season is 82 games vs. 16 games. Playoffs are a max of 4 games vs. a max of 28 games. Up to 14 players on an NBA team (although most teams have several guys that never get off the bench) vs. 53 guys on a roster plus a 10 man practice squad. Not sure how to factor all that into the mix.
  11. You left off all the guaranteed and bonus money he already received from PIT. In essence, he has double dipped and has gotten bonuses and salary from the Steelers and will get guaranteed money and bonuses from the Raiders. So while his SALARY was only $12 million, his annual contract value was significantly greater than that (I believe in the $17 or $18 million range) which not goes up to $19 or $20 million.
  12. CB Jason McCourty staying in NE on a 2 year deal.
  13. I don't like the concept of the franchise tag or the fifth year team option for first round picks. It's not fair to top players, as only second tier players (or worse) end up having full free agency (and usually much sooner). As we are seeing now, there are plenty of non-elite free agent players cashing in. Yet there are other guys still tethered to a team that have to play for less even though they are more talented and better players. That seems backwards to me. I also find it backwards that the league with the most physicality and shortest career expectancy is the one without fully guaranteed contracts. This ties in to football being the sport with the weakest players union. Just look at the social media comments from NFL players on NBA players getting contracts worth $30+ million a year who are barely in their 20's. As others have pointed out, the owners are all making billions, yet the players can get jettisoned with no warning and get nothing when they get tossed aside.
  14. The Mass Supreme Court has reinstated his conviction, so he is back to being a murderer. LINK