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  1. Can't that be said about a lot of players? Like Mahomes for example?
  2. The flip side is he constantly was complaining about his contract and wanted more money. "Money not being an issue" and "demanding more money over and over again" don't exactly fit together. If Gronk runs the numbers and he can only make $500K a film shooting bit parts in movies over several months in places no one wants to go to . . . if he has to travel across the country all year to make only $2 million for wrestling appearances . . . or if he could make $5 million by playing football for less than half a season and not go to training camp, football could be a more viable option than the others. The overall point being, IMO, it's too soon to tell much about Gronk's future and what percentage chance there is of him coming back. But those providing a number are certainly getting lots of clicks for their hot takes.
  3. Essentially, people are throwing out wild guesses. I don't think there are folks with informed opinions or with insider information. Heck, Gronk probably isn't sure what he will do. I think what is missing in the discussion is how life away from football goes for Gronk. Right now he is basically on extended vacation hanging out with his swimsuit model of a girlfriend. We have no idea what business ventures and potential revenue streams are available to him and where those goes. Maybe he can do film work . . . or commercials . . . or wrestling . . . or survive for awhile doing signings and appearances. But if none of those really pan out, he may have a financial incentive to go back to football. Maybe he's tucked enough money away so he never has to work another day in his life. All of that will factor into his thought process on whether he wants come out of retirement. Or maybe he will just miss football so much that alone will get him to come back. At those point, it's a giant WHO REALLY KNOWS? so far, he hasn't really missed much that he would have done in any other year. He's missed a total of 0 games so far. We can revisit his missing the game a few months down the road (and maybe have a better idea of what other things he can come up with to fill the time).
  4. I don't know that he will be way undervalued, but in 25 career games when Julian Edelman has played and Rob Gronkowski has not, Edelman has averaged 11.4 targets per game. Over a full season, that's 182 targets (which I admit there is decent risk that he won't stay on the field for a full season). He's averaged 7.3 receptions and 85 receiving yards in those games. His projected full season numbers would work out to 117 receptions, 1,360 yards, and 5 TD. His current ADP is in the WR 15-17 range. His PPR average was 17.72 ppg (284 points over a full season). Over the past 5 seasons, with that annual scoring total, Edelman would have ranked 9th, 7th, 5th, 3rd, and 10th.
  5. He did not play out his contract and NE did not release him. He is property of the Patriots until one of those two things happen. Should Gronk decide he might be up for returning to the Pats, his contract would likely become an issue (it has been for years). I don't know for sure or not, but if he didn't file his official retirement papers with the league, he doesn't even need to be reinstated by the league. All that would need to happen is NE would need to take him off of their retirement / inactive list. EDIT TO ADD: It would actually be more complicated than the way I just described it. If Gronk did decide to suit up and did not officially retire with the league, yes, it would be a simple procedural task for him to get activated. It would be much more difficult for NE. In order to add him to their roster, NE would have to have the cap room available to do so. If he didn't fit, the Patriots would have to figure out ways to get him under the cap. That part also could get tricky, because I do not believe there is a set policy in place for what Gronk's cap number would be. A logically approach would be that Gronk's cap number would be a prorated amount of of his $9.85 million that he was due. Essentially, $575,000 or so for each week of the 17 week season. However, there is nothing iron clad that Gronk needs to be paid that amount per week. By that I mean, Gronk could come back for 10 games and demand $750,000 per game. He, his agent, the team, and the league would have to come up with an acceptable salary and cap number. If Gronk really meant it that he would only play for Brady and NE, the Patriotscould always release him and re-sign him to a new deal. As for Gronk looking skinny, he looks extra skinny when he is standing in the summer of 2019 in shorts and a t-shirt juxtaposed to a game day picture in full pads and a uniform from 2018. Of course he is going to look skinny not decked out in battle gear. He claims he's only lost 15-20 pounds. It's probably more than that, but NE would probably take him back as an oversized receiver and have him play in the slot or outside if need be.
  6. I would vote neither, as both guys don't really hit a chord with me musically. I have never bought an album by either one and have not felt compelled to see a concert by either one of them. But I always marvel at how popular Springsteen has been. I remember his Born In The USA tour when he played 10 arena shows and 8 stadium shows on the same tour at the Brendan Byrne / Giants Stadium complex in New Jersey in 1984-85. That was a total attendance of around 900,000 people. Then in 2003, Bruce played 10 shows at Giants Stadium, 3 at Shea Stadium, and a gig at Madison Square Garden . . . again to a total audience of around 900,000 people in the same market. That was 18 years later. Maybe that's exaggerated playing to his home fan base, but that's A LOT of people to come out to see someone.
  7. #28 - TACO - Puttin' On The Ritz (#4 - 9/3/1983 - 21 Weeks) Our first of three #4 songs. Taco's remake of the Irving Berlin classic appeared on his debut album, After Eight, which contained a mix of covers and originals. The other songs that received some radio airplay / MTV time were his versions of Cheek To Cheek and Singin' In The Rain. Apparently there was a different version of the Puttin' On The Ritz video that was concerned too offensive to be widely released. Puttin' On The Ritz was an international hit, topping the charts in multiple countries and hitting the Top 5 almost everywhere. The song took almost a year to finally peak at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100, which made Irving Berlin the oldest living composer to have a song hit the Top 5 at age 95 years old. Taco put out 5 albums in the 80's, including an album of Glenn Miller covers. He emerged with a new album after 25 years in the 2010's and of course re-recorded Puttin' On The Ritz to try to recoup some additional interest. He still pops up in festival shows now and again. Taco's version may have been a Top 5 hit, but IMO nothing can beat the version from Young Frankenstein. Up next, the title track from a 1987 album, the fourth album released by an American synth/pop duo from New York.
  8. According to, Endgame is already the #1 top grossing movie of all time.
  9. I will randomly throw this in this thread. I had no idea Iron Man could sing. Robert Downey Jr. & Sting
  10. Let’s suppose someone is a Cardinals fan and they still struggle. And teams choose your team as the one to rest key players. So you pony up your hard earned money and don’t get to see Matt Ryan, Big Ben, Brees, Goff. Wilson, etc. Not sure I would be a fan of the proposed rule.
  11. All current men’s players under age 30 have combined to win one set in the finals of a major tournament. That’s nuts.
  12. I will bet every dollar that I could steal that there is not a scenario where the AFC East has three playoff teams and the Patriots are not one of them.
  13. For those suggesting the new TE to own in NE is James White, here's what the numbers show. In 18 games over the past 4 seasons when White played and Gronk did not (including regular and post season numbers), White compiled 83 receptions on 114 targets, 681 receiving yards, and 7 TD. That works out to an average of 4.6 receptions on 6.3 targets for 37.8 receiving yards, and 0.39 TD per game. Projected over a full 16 game season, that would project to 74 receptions on 101 targets, 605 receiving yards, and 6 receiving TD. By comparison, over the past 3 seasons when Gronk and White BOTH played (including regular and post season numbers), in 38 games, White averaged 4.2 receptions on 6.3 targets for 37.3 receiving yards and 0.34 receiving TD per game. Projected over a full 16 game season, that would project to 67 receptions on 101 targets, 597 receiving yards, and 5 receiving TD. Those numbers are essentially the same, so it doesn't look like White was targeted more when Gronk was out, nor do the numbers reflect that he was any more productive in his peripheral numbers. To be fair, I didn't look at White's rushing totals, but he predominantly is a receiving threat.
  14. Gronk works out with Brady