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  1. I'm not sure my wife was ever 100% liberal, but if we charted her leanings over time, I would say she started at 70% liberal, got up to 85-90% liberal in the early years, and has become 5% more conservative each year ever since. It's really odd that her personality went from "we all need to help the misfortunate and take care of everyone" to "eff everyone else, I only care about myself." What's funny is she works in healthcare and does help people all the time . . . but she complains all the time that many patients should not be getting the care they are getting because she feels they don't deserve it. It's like being a school teacher and deciding you hate many of the students. Very odd. Of course, the problem for me has been that her changes in small increments were much harder to detect (and easier to live with). What's funny is she thinks I am an uber-liberal. But we have taken countless tests to determine what category we would fall under and political affiliations, and I always get tagged as a moderate or centrist with a score of 50 out of 100. There are policies and programs I like or don't like from either main party and many of my opinions do not align with full platforms of political parties. Sometimes my beliefs have trouble coexisting. For example, I am against abortion but would support people having the right to choose. Or I believe we should have more overall security in terms of who comes and goes into the country but feel strongly we should not be spending billions of dollars on a wall. Those are just a couple of examples. My wife, on the other hand, would be herding up half the population and sending them back to where they came from (even if those families have been here for generations).
  2. We do watch a lot of the things you suggest and I personally won't watch any of the Fox News stuff. She is where she is with regard to her views and opinions, so whether she actually watches more of it won't make much difference. She doesn't watch much of it as it is . . . but when she does she will totally agree with what they are selling. She spends way more time online, on Facebook, checking in with the people she knows with similar perspectives, and she's not about to not interact with her friends and family.
  3. Thanks to anyone that had my back, but I wouldn't have posted if I didn't feel comfortable discussing things further. As far as your question goes, I wish I knew. I would say that is probably a question for her not for me. The explanation lies somewhere in the history of our relationship as we have gotten older. When we got together, I remember the two of us staying up all night rooting for Gore on the infamous hanging chad election night. She worked at a public health clinic and was all about providing health services for the needy and underprivileged. Later on, she was a big fan of Hilary (but never a fan of Obama). Several years later, she wanted both the Clinton's locked up for high treason. She comes from a military family, as almost everyone either was in the military, worked in the defense business, or both. At the time, she was the opposite of all of them. As she got older, several things changed about her opinions . . . she started migrating to friends / family / people with lots of money . . . which led her to start getting more and more conservative. She ended up believing that everyone should be making a minimum of six figures and anyone that wasn't was lazy and she had no use for them. That goes against liberal democrats that want to provide a lot of services and handouts. She also decided the media is evil and spreads false news and only exists for fear mongering. So as we started making more money, she was against paying more taxes, against giving away tax dollars to people who should suck it up and get good paying jobs, and against non-Americans and illegals being here taking jobs and living off of everyone else. She cares more about how investments and 401Ks are doing than anything else . . . and things were going well in that regard with Trump. All this dogma and rhetoric much more aligns with the rest of her family's opinions, so I suppose I should have seen this coming. I think she likes Trump because he doesn't hold back and just calls things like he sees them and is not a traditional politician. I am sure she likes he made himself billions of dollars, so to her he should be the candidate of choice for everyone . . . just look at great the country was doing! It does make for a challenging existence, as she has multiple gun toting friends that will buy into any conspiracy theory on Facebook or Fox News. She still insists that Fauci and Gates are in cahoots together . . . with Fauci responsible for developing the virus in China and Gates trying to monopolize rights to the vaccine and therefore setting themselves up to earn billions. I don't have a ton of time to provide much more info, but at least that's a start.
  4. Funny I saw this thread. I have been married 20 years. When I met my wife, she had very little interest in politics but was mostly liberal and Republicans were evil. Now she is the biggest Trump loving, Fox News addicted, Democratic hating person I know. Now all she talks about is politics. I have been a centrist that picks and chooses political positions that don’t always align with either main party. I wasn’t big into politics then or now. What makes this thread hard for me to answer is that if she were the way she is now I would never have given her the time of day. But 20 years and having raised a family later, it’s a lot tougher to then say I can’t take all the politics and positions I don’t agree with and move on to someone else. Basically, I just have to grin and bear it.
  5. This is getting beyond nuts. There have been social media posts announcing plans of an organized and almost militant protest tomorrow night here in Manchester, NH. They have issued a call to arms to come participate and are flat out announcing they are going to go on a rampage and destroy whatever they can. WTF?!? Businesses are preparing as if a hurricane or tsunami is coming . . . boarding up windows and storefronts and adding extra security as fast as they can. Residents are forming groups of armed civilians to man posts and patrol streets, organizing shifts on rooftops to try to stop rioters and looters. They are bringing in the national guard. Someone called into a radio station to preach the message that the entire system needs to go, peaceful protests don't work, and the only way to initiate change is to burn everything to the ground. So tomorrow night, the people in the trenches and on the streets will be 1) rioters, 2) armed civilians, 3) law enforcement, and 4) the National Guard. Yikes. Scary, scary stuff.
  6. For those that are wondering, my youngest son opted to go to the University of New Hampshire as a scholar in their Honors Business School starting this fall. I know it wasn't his first choice, but it was the most economically feasible and he should do fine on the back end once he graduates. Other program graduates have gotten great positions lined up long before they even graduated. He will be our 5th of 5 kids to go to college. Our middle son just can't catch a break. He just graduated from Ohio State but was trapped with us for the past three months going stir crazy and not being able to go out with his friends. He finally flew back to Columbus over the weekend, only to get caught up in the curfews and civil unrest. There have been multiple nights of protests, and rioting has spilled onto his street less than a mile from his house. If he can ride it out for a couple of weeks, he will be starting a really good job in corporate finance at a FORTUNE 500 equipment manufacturing company. At least there was some other good news. Our oldest son (26) is a sales rep for a golf equipment company, and he just got promoted to Territory Manager for a three state territory and is in the process of buying his own house. Hopefully we have pointed them in the right direction and given them more than a fighting chance. We have learned that life is a roll of the dice. Sadly, we know other parents with kids that have died in accidents, overdoses, or cancer. We know other kids that are spending extended time in prison for making dumb choices. All you can really do is try to keep them on the right path and hope for the best.
  7. Best case scenario if everything works out in 2020 for NE is a 5-11 record.
  8. If Joy to the World falls into 1971, then IMO it needs to be near the top of the list.
  9. I have looked at some sites that have predicted game by game scores for the upcoming season. NE had a +195 scoring differential last year. Some sites have them at -50 or -60 this year. I get that Brady is gone and they lost some defensive players. And they have a tougher schedule this year. But a 255 point swing in scoring differential? That seems excessive.
  10. They did. It was part of The Later Years Box set. It came out in December. IIRC, they added in the missing songs and provided full versions of songs that were shortened. On DVD and Blu-ray.
  11. So what is the protocol for discussing songs that didn’t make Tim’s list? Should we wait through this list too to see what didn’t make both lists?
  12. Was supposed to say charted. As a for instance, Joy to the World was the biggest individual song of 1971, but technically the album was released in 1970. But a different version of the song was released as a single in 1971. Would that be eligible (or did you not like it)?
  13. Good job. I have but one question. What qualifies a song to be on a 1971 list? Released in 1971? Popular in 1971? Charted in 1971?
  14. He's 6'5" and change . . . probably 6'6" now not having a haircut in months and months. He has some freakish dimensions. For long pants to fit him, he really needs a 38 inseam (which pretty much doesn't exist in stores and does not fall within the standard sizing universe). Same thing for anything with long sleeves. At a minimum, he should have extra long sleeves, but some he needs extra, extra long. If we can find any clothing items that are long enough, they usually are for guys that are like 4XL in girth. His track team last year had four legit sprinters and my son showed up out of the blue. When they went up against each other in practice, my son was right in the mix and they all rotated who would win. As far as the "Top 10 Time" I mentioned, that is probably somewhat exaggerated because I never properly explain things. The way they list the fastest times, each runner only gets listed once with his best time. So the top, top guys likely had 90%+ of the fastest times overall, but they only got listed once. When they had our kid run the 100m that one time, it was halfway through the season and that got him listed as the runner whose best time ranked #10 at the time. My son insists that it was wind-aided (which I don't think it was). A few kids probably passed him up over the latter part of the track season. He qualified in the 100m as one of the Top 18 runners to make states but the coach opted for him not to run it (to let other kids that actually ran the event for real to have a spot). Part of the problem over the years is that his stride is so long that he never looks like he is running hard. Coaches over the years would complain to me that it looked like he wasn't trying very hard and wasn't going 100%. He was lethal back when he played football. He was a huge receiving target and if he got a step he could have been off to the races. One time in middle school against an "all inter-city team" (read as VERY multi-cultural), he had three 80 yard plus TD's (a slant on offense, an interception on defense, and a kick return). I think he could have had a future in football as a receiver, but who knows as he may have ended up too tall. The other problem with having such a long stride is it hurt him in hurdling. If he ran his fastest, his natural stride and momentum would take him too close to the next hurdle and he would hit his leg on the way going over it. His other problem was that his legs are so damn long that when he vaulted over the hurdles, he cleared them by 2+ feet. So he needed to work on adjusting his launch point to be far enough back to not hit the hurdle and just clear it on the way over. Basically, he had not yet mastered running as fast as he could to be able to get over the next hurdle effectively. But given that he hadn't done it before, that was still a pretty big accomplishment. As far as school goes, that is still up in the air. I would say University of New Hampshire is going to end up being the destination (far from his first choice). They sent us their plan of having kids in regular classrooms in the fall, but they also sent a list of other contingency plans including having all the kids staying on campus and working remotely from dorms rather than sending them all home if there is another outbreak. All I know is he hasn't exactly finished high school on a high note and has not put forth much effort down the stretch. He has started getting a bit mouthy and taken on much more of a negative attitude. Once the HS went to pass/fail grading, he basically checked out. He took a full time job (his first ever job) working for a landscaping and tree clearing company and is making decent money for a kid. He has so many missing assignments that he is on the bubble for passing. He basically said he will do just enough to pass and nothing more. He is sick of staying home, not being able to do anything, not being able to see his friends, not playing sports, not being able to go to the gym, etc. I can't say that I blame him. But that's where things are at currently.