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  1. Look, I love The Police. But IMO, “new wave” comes with the expectation that a song is new and different, perhaps edgy, and features some synth or guitar effects. Don’t Stand So Close To Me was a great choice. There’s nothing wrong with King of Pain or Every Little Thing Is Magic. They are good songs. But to my ears, they are much closer to pop songs and ballads than they are new wave songs, ESPECIALLY when The Police have plenty of new wave songs in their own right. Again IMO, either Synchronicity 1 or 2 are more new wave. If we had to go with a slower song, Wrapped Around Your Finger. as the sound is different than most other songs of the era. Pretty much any other song on Ghosts In The Machine would be more of a new wave option than ELTSDIM. But again, not knowing what else is on the list makes it harder to criticize or comment. Carry on. Don’t want to be a buzz kill.
  2. Maybe at some point we will get an actual new wave song from The Police. But that’s just my humble opinion.
  3. As I posted in the other CBA thread, the owners will only pay players a max of $250K to play in a 17th game. With some players averaging $2M a game, not sure why the owners can’t just give the players one more game check at their regular pay rate.
  4. I believe the current proposal by the owners limits players to $250K to play in the 17th game. With some QBs in the $2M a game range, not sure that’s going to fly with the NFLPA.
  5. As the saying goes, the lord works in mysterious ways . . . and you never can tell when you will witness a miracle. Our son's team played tonight, and there are no words to describe just how poorly they played against a team with a 1-13 record. They scored 11 points in the first 5 minutes of the game. In the following 24 minutes, they scored A TOTAL of FOUR points. F-O-U-R. Two in the second quarter. Two in the third quarter. None more than halfway through the fourth quarter. Use your imagination on how a Division I varsity HS basketball team could only score 4 points in 24 minutes. With 3 minutes left in the game, they were down 30-15. The coach was about to throw in the towel and yank all the starters on the next dead ball. He had the kids ready at the scorer's table. My son drove hard to the basket and got fouled. He's seen this movie before, and he knows that if he makes the second free throw, he will have to come out of the game. So he made the first one and missed the second. But he got the rebound, kicked it out to the wing and they made a three. He stole the inbound pass and got fouled. Again, he made the first free throw, missed the second, got his own rebound, and kicked it out for another three. They had scored 4 points in 24 minutes . . . and then 8 points in literally 8 seconds of game time. The coach recalled the bench players and let the kids on the court play. My son went beast mode (where all he does is track the ball, double teaming anyone who touches it) and they launched a suffocating full court press. They were down 15 points with 3 minutes to go . . .and actually took the lead in regulation! But the other team got a buzzer beater to send the game to OT. They ended the 4th quarter on a 19-4 run (in 3 minutes). My son scored all their points in OT, including the tying basket to go to 2OT. They ended up winning in the end and his numbers down the stretch were staggering. Starting just at that point with 3 minutes left in regulation: 12 points, 12 rebounds (8 offensive), 5 assists, a block, 2 steals, and 8 turnovers forced (2 travels, 2 stepped out of bounds, 1 back court violation, an offensive foul, and 2 passes out of bounds). All that in 11 minutes of game time . . . playing on a bad ankle. After the game, he was the rock star . . . mobbed by his teammates, friends, and pretty co-eds. People literally went from being totally bummed out to 15 minutes of pure adrenaline rush and group euphoria. So I am good to go at this point. Anything else these last few games is just icing on the cake. This one checked all the boxes. I got my wish for one more magical Disney moment . . . just like in the old days.
  6. They needed his SAT report again because they got an old one without his higher test scores. And I believe they wanted his updated transcript after first semester. And I am self employed, so they wanted a bunch of business forms and financial records. I also believe they asked for authorization to get either FAFSA or tax records.
  7. Ok, I got clarification from my wife what is going on. The issue with the Boston schools is not them giving us a decision. It’s them saying our son’s application is not yet complete. So we have been going back and forth with them trying to check off all the boxes to have a “complete” application. So that’s one batch of schools. The next bucket are schools with rolling admissions. They are the ones changing the notification dates and not yet making a decision. And the last group is the ones where he was accepted and was due announcement of any scholarship money. Those are the ones that said to apply early for most consideration. Those are the ones that have not gotten back to us. Hopefully that clears things up. Sorry as I did not fully understand what was going on. That makes much more sense.
  8. What about NE? There is standard contract language about fully disclosing any information that would potentially prevent a player from fulfilling his contract . And NE added additional language that NE could void the contact if AB did anything uncouth that could impact the team. The issue for NE is they didn't drop him immediately and he played a game. Their argument will be he was not paid any of his guaranteed money, he reneged on the "prior notice of bad acts" portion of his contract (in addition to the additional language NE added), and therefore they don't owe him anything. I don't remember any prior situation remotely close to this, so they will be exploring new legal territory on this one. Brown NOT being suspended or placed on the exempt list will probably HURT the Patriots case, as Brown's attorneys will argue he had no obligation to disclose his civil case and he has not been disciplined (therefore, he honored the terms of his contract). Of course, the THREAT of a suspension or extended stay on the exempt list kept teams away from Brown. At the time, there were reports that NE was told by sponsors that they would be pulling their $$$ if Brown suited up for the Patriots again. There was also chatter that NE got hoodwinked by the lawsuit and would not have signed Brown if they knew about it. By the time they researched what had already happened, more and more incidents came to light and things got out of hand. I have seen some legal experts side with Brown . . . while several others have sided with NE on this one. It will be interesting if they poll the owners on this, as I am sure they will want NE to have to eat the money and take the salary cap hit. Who knows if that will factor into it.
  9. A lot of the angst and agitation is being initiated by mom, who has become a bit of a helicopter parent and clearly is having future separation anxiety issues (her last child is about to leave the house). So he gets an earful to check on all his pending applications and notifications everyday. And then I get an earful about the status and daily update on 12 schools everyday. And then I get second helping if he DOESN'T check on everything everyday. Then I also get regular updates on every other kid in town and where they got accepted, what they got offered, and where they committed. I mostly defer and tell her things will work themselves out . . . despite the temptation to tell her to go chill and down a bottle of wine to relax.
  10. I think where the confusion lies is when we asked the school representatives for a timeline, they tossed out dates that were likely nothing more than guesses. I believe that someone from BC or BU mentioned that they would probably start notifying regular decision kids in mid- to late- February. They probably were just pulling that timeframe out of thin air. Just out of curiosity, do places generally consider kids in the order that they applied? Or is it more based on how they rank the potential students (ie, who is most qualified vs. those that are less qualified)? Either way, is there any benefit to applying regular decision in the early decision window? I only bring that up because some places indicated to us that if we applied earlier, we would hear back earlier. Is there generally anything to that?
  11. We applied regular decision but at the same time as early decision to get the most consideration for scholarships (as we were instructed). Maybe the kids that applied after us who got accepted (and got scholarships notifications) applied early decision. That would explain why they already heard something and we didn't, even though we applied earlier than they did. There are so many schools in play for us still, maybe I confused the situation on a school or two, but in the main places are telling us dates and not acting by then.
  12. I am probably explaining things wrong, so we may both be right. The people we have been interacting with have given us a window of when we should hear back from them (not the dates that you just posted). So I am going off of the timelines that they gave us directly (for example, applying by 11/1, we were told we should have an answer by 12/15 - 1/1). Then they upped it to 2/15. So sure, they may post on the portal or website "March or April" as their notification window . . . but that's not what they told us. No one ever said to us "we won't notify you until March or April." It's always been "we should let you know in 4-6 weeks . . . at worst 8 weeks)." That's what has been told to us several times from several schools. So we have been working on a 4-8 week window followed by another 4-8 week window (whatever the math turns out to be). When they communicate with us, they give us a "you should hear from us" date and they also provide a "if you haven't heard from us, then contact us" date. Maybe they shouldn't have given us that timeline as being 4-8 weeks and just said you will know by March or April. A lot of it has to do with applying earlier to qualify for scholarships. We applied at the same time as Early Decision kids (just not as Early Decision). Pretty much every school has told us we had to apply early to qualify for the scholarships they award. Similarly, they have indicated if everything takes until April, there won't be much scholarship money left. We have seen other kids get accepted and notified of scholarships that applied way after we did (and had lower GPA's and test scores). So I have no idea what order they consider applicants and why some get consideration before others even though they applied later. Hopefully that better explains things.
  13. Yes. For starters, we are still awaiting acceptance / denial from those 3 schools you listed. When we reach out to them, they say they have a backlog and they will look into it . . . and to check the portal and our email. They eventually will send a message asking for a clarification on something . . . or more financial info . . . or a tax form . . . or a signature on a disclosure form . . . or his scholastic or test info. Basically, all stuff that we gave to them initially. They basically say they didn't see whatever they wanted the first time . . . or it wasn't clear the first time . . . or that they require something that was not on the FAFSA data. Today we are having to re-send EVERYTHING in an email to the Central Florida Admissions Department for an emergency scholarship review. All his academic and standardized test records. All his scholarship offers and acceptance notifications from OTHER schools. All our financial records. Basically, anything and everything we can find. We have been all over them for weeks and months, yet NOW they are concerned that we somehow fell through the cracks. We found other kids that qualified for their top scholarship programs that had to do the same song and dance as we are doing, and they gave them a token $2,000 for the inconvenience of having to hound them . . . but those kids were told they are out of scholarship money and that's all they can get. So this seems like a massive waste of time to drop everything to make sure we scan all our documents to send to them. They don't even want to use the electronic records that they already received. Same thing for South Carolina. When we first applied and were accepted, they sent us an email saying we met their qualifications for in-state tuition. That was MONTHS ago, and at the time they said they would follow up later with the official notification for the in-state tuition. That never showed up. Now they are saying they basically offered that to the kids that qualified long ago and they really aren't reviewing candidates for that anymore. We explained to them we met all the requirements and applied well before the timeline they said . . . AND THAT THEY WERE THE ONES THAT SAID WE QUALIFIED. They have a record of all of that, and it's all date stamped. Now they are saying the info on their website is a "guideline" and they list "suggested timelines," but they make no promises that they would offer in-state tuition to everyone from out of state who qualifies, when those offers would or would not be extended to potential students, and when they stop offering the in-state tuition. So we have to send all of his stuff ALL OVER AGAIN to have a special review committee to determine what happened and what they want to do about it. Rinse and repeat for Ohio State. Our son got accepted months ago and they said he should qualify for any number of scholarships and they would let us know. But they never did. Our older son CURRENTLY IS ENROLLED THERE, and they STILL haven't followed up with us. We have emailed them, called them, and even showed up in person and they have given us the song and dance about they had so many more applicants this year . . . everyone is more qualified this year . . . they don't have as much money to dole out this year . . . they haven't really found anything for him, blah, blah, blah. Our son that is graduating from OSU this year had LOWER everything than the one that just applied (lower test scores, lower GPA, lighter course load, fewer activities, etc.) . . . yet they gave him a TON of scholarship money. For the younger one, it seems like all they are saying is he got accepted and they may not come up with anything else. The younger one wants to be in the same program as the older one. IT MAKES NO SENSE.
  14. As duly noted earlier, HOF Monitor Scores are a work in progress and needs some fine tuning. But here are the scores for the guys you mentioned. Evans 76.63 (average score for HOF guards: 103.9) Hutchinson 118.53 (average score for HOF guards: 103.9) Faneca 143.93 (average score for HOF guards: 103.9) Thomas 112.20 (average score for HOF ILB: 115.63)
  15. Things are starting to get pretty tense at our house. We are still waiting to hear back from multiple schools on multiple issues including: Ohio State, South Carolina, Florida, Central Florida, Boston College, Boston University, Bentley, and Washington & Lee. Some of those have blown past their notification of acceptance deadline. Once they miss the deadline, they say they had so many applicants they are extending the notification window. Some are on their third extension. Others missed their notification window for scholarship selection and notification. We have reached out to the schools and they say they are reviewing kids as fast as they can. The issue is, some of the kids that have posted that they have been accepted and received scholarship money applied AFTER we did. Now they are saying that the scholarship money is all but dried up and "they will see if they can find anymore money and try for an immediate review." Five of the schools I listed have not provided any indication (accepted / declined) and won't budge when pressed. We also have re-sent financial information, transcripts, test scores on several occasions in case any information was missing, lost, etc. Also in the "additional information to consider" category, these schools have posted requirements for certain level merit-based scholarships, yet now they are saying it most likely is too late to get those (even though we applied by the time they said, included all the information they requested, and met all the criteria to earn those scholarships). We have called and left messages, spoken to admissions people on the phone, emailed over and over again and generally have gotten nowhere. What else can we do or should we be doing?