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  1. 4th&inches

    Week 7 Questions For Bloom

    last minute and not sure if you'll have time, but: .5PPR (pick 2): Josh Gordon @ CHI TY Hilton vs. BUF Chubb @ TB Thanks again as always
  2. 4th&inches

    Official Carlos Hyde - in the NFL

    my guess (and only a guess) is that they weren't sure what they'd get in the draft from the RB position, so they signed a somewhat proven talent in Hyde before the draft itself just to be covered. Once they drafted Chubb, they still had the investment in Hyde, so they might as well use him and showcase him for another team...apparently it worked.
  3. 4th&inches

    Week 7 Questions For Bloom

    .5 PPR WDIS @ Flex? Chubb @ TB Gabriel vs. NE Thanks again (again)
  4. 4th&inches

    Week 7 Questions For Bloom

    With the breaking news of Hyde getting traded, would you still play Gabriel at flex or bump Chubb to that spot? tha is again
  5. I honestly don’t see any other way to look at it. Yeldon has done well filling in, so I don’t think they make this move u less they feel much lower/worse about Fournette.
  6. 4th&inches

    Week 7 Questions For Bloom

    Thanks Bloom!
  7. 4th&inches

    Week 7 Questions For Bloom

    Wow, s it week 7 already??? Scenerio 1: 12-team, .5 PPR, Passing TD's = 4pts, 3yr Keeper league (QRRWWTFKD) My roster (Starters in Bold😞 QB: Watson, Winston RB: Gurley, Kamara, Collins, Chubb, I. Smith, Lindsay (just traded for, can't use this week) WR: AJ Green, TY Hilton, J. Gordon, Gabriel, (Coutee, Watkins - just traded away, but can still technically use this week) TE: Engram, Hooper K: Zuerlein DST: MIN Question 1: WDIS @TE (at least both TE's are on MNF): Engram @ ATL Hooper vs. NYG Question 2: WDIS @ WR2 & Flex (pick 2 - 1 needs to be a WR? TY vs. BUF J. Gordon @ CHI Gabriel vs. NE Watkins vs. CIN Collins vs. NO Ito Smith vs. NYG Scenerio 2: 12-team, .5 PPR, Passing Redraft league (short bench) (QRRWWTFKD) My roster (Starters in Bold😞 QB: Rivers RB: Barclay, Lynch, Carson, K. Johnson, Chubb WR: Allen, Cooks, Watkins, J. Gordon TE: Gronk, Njoku K: Gano DST: HOU Question 1: WDIS @ Flex? J. Gordon @ CHI Njoku @ TB Watkins vs. CIN As always, thanks for your help
  8. at the same time, I fully intend to start Winston over Watson and am debating grabbing Mayfield to start over Watson in another league
  9. 4th&inches

    Trade J. Gordon for Lindsay? WHIR

    Confidence in Hilton is like 60/40 this week, but higher the ROS. AJ Green will always be my WR1 (barring injury) with Hilton as my WR2 or I think Coutee/ Gabriel can fill in nicely considering it’s a .5PPR. My main worry is if Gordon becomes an absolute beast in that offense. Would it be better to try and trade Watkins + Ito Smith/ Coutee/ etc...?
  10. 4th&inches

    PPR Flex - C. Kirk or C. Davis or K. Coutee - WHIR

    Of those 3, I’d lean Davis as well with Coutee a close 2nd. I think Coutee gets the targets, but I’m just a little worried about Watson in this matchup with pushes Davis over him. Take a a look at mine;
  11. Was just offered Lindsay (can be kept next year) for my Gordon (can not be kept) in my 3yr keeper league. League / team details below: 12-team, .5 PPR, Passing TD's = 4pts, Keeper league (max 3 players - can’t keep before 6th round, max of 3yrs) start: (QRRWWTFKD) Roster (players who can NOT be kept in bold): QB: Watson, Winston RB: Gurley, Kamara, Collins, Chubb, Ito Smith WR: AJ Green, TY Hilton, J. Gordon, Coutee, Watkins, Gabriel TE: Engram, Hooper K: Zuerlein DST: MIN leave a kink and ill reply to all posts
  12. 4th&inches

    Official Jameis Winston - football talk

    FWIW, I'm starting Winston over Brees in 1 league and over Watson in another (Starting Watson over Winston last week cost me a win).
  13. 4th&inches

    Dynasty: Mixon and ABrown for Bell and AJ Green?

    I agree with the others; I'd definitely do this trade. Dynasty; I actually like Mixon better than Bell. and while AB is getting older, he's still one of, if not the best WR's in the league. Thanks for the help with mine.
  14. 4th&inches

    Add Gabriel, drop Foreman? WHIR

    forgot to include 1 major stipulation; players drafted in the 1st 5 rounds can NOT be kept. I kept Kamara last year for an 11th, Collins for a 17th, & Watson for a 16th. So, hypothetically Foreman could actually be kept...assuming he'd break out P.S. Per last night's waivers, Dropped A. Morris & Foreman for Ito Smith & Gabriel respectively
  15. 4th&inches

    Add Gabriel, drop Foreman? WHIR

    I actually put my claim in last night for him & dropped Foreman. @Gally to answer your question: can keep up to 3 players for a max of 3 years year 1 = 1rd prior to drafted round (ex. Player A Drafted in round 13 = round 12 keeper) year 2 = 1/2 the previous round (ex. Player A was kept for a 12th round pick in year 1 = round 6 in year 2) year 3 = 1st round keeper The Foreman not yet being ready is what pushed me to make the move for Gabriel