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  1. 4th&inches

    Week 15 Questions For Bloom

    12-team , .5 PPR, 4pts passing TD, 3yr Keeper league. Start: QRRWWTFKD My roster (Current starters in Bold): QB: Watson, L. Jackson RB: Gurley, Kamara, Chubb, Lindsay, J. Kelly, S. Ware, J. Wilson WR: A. Cooper, TY Hilton, J. Gordon, Humphries, Pettis TE: Kelce K: Zuerlein DST: MIN Question: WDIS at my flex? Chubb @ DEN Lindsey vs. CLE IF TY is out, who do you put in his place: J. Gordon @ PIT Humphries @ BAL Pettis vs. SEA I know this is a good problem(s) to have, but i've been flipping back and forth all week. Thanks in advance and good luck to you for any teams you still have playing!
  2. 4th&inches

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    Lutz Total points: 15.6 Long FG: 52 Reason: have him in 1 league & Kamara in another; wishful thinking on a high scoring game
  3. Just heard from Sleeperbot that Ekeler expected to be inactive and Gordon not healthy enough to practice yet. Jackson could be in line for RB2 floor and top 10 (or better) ceiling this week
  4. Updating for week 15: QB's: Josh Allen - continues to impress and might even be worth starting over some other QB's who have been rated higher earlier on RB's: Justin Jackson (LAC) - Not sure if Gordon will be back this week or not, but he's still worth owning Damien Williams (KC) - handcuff to Ware & got some goalline looks this past week Nyheim Hines (IND) - more of a PPR play, but if not already owned, worth a look LeGarrette Blount (DET) - no idea when Johnson is coming back and Blount is at least the goalline back Rex Burkhead (NE) - dart throw in NE John Kelly (LAR) - Gurley handcuff Kennith Dixon (BAL) - who knows what's going on with the RB position in BAL, butworth listing here WR's: Adam Humphries (TB) - not as big of a week as i'd have homed, but still getting a lot of targets Curtis Samuel (CAR) - WR3? Antonio Callaway (CLE) - high ceiling...low floor though Michael Gallup (DAL) - actually looked good on Thursday and appears to be the #2 behind Cooper TE: Mark Andrews (BAL) - who knows with TE this season C.J. Uzomah (CIN) - see above
  5. 4th&inches

    Week 14 Questions For Bloom

    Thanks Bloom. Does having Gronk as my TE change your opinion on starting Gordon over: Wilson, Carson, or Ware?
  6. 4th&inches

    Week 14 Questions For Bloom

    late to the game this week. .5 PPR, need to pick 1 of the following in what looks to be an extremely close matchup: Wilson (SF) vs. DEN Carson (SEA) vs. MIN J. Gordon @ MIA Ware vs. BAL Also, would you drop HOU DST for any of the following this week (Just heard that TY expects to play): DEN @ SF DAL @ PHI NYG vs. WAS Thanks as always!
  7. Another name to think about (more for keeper leagues) is D'Onta Foreman. Was just activated from the PUP....don't really see a lot of value in redraft though
  8. Just announced that Malcom Brown out the rest of the regular season. Bump up Kelly up a little and even more if you're a Gurley owner
  9. Great call on Edmonds, not sure how I forgot to add him. While it's tough to see how he's going to do long term with DJ still there... they clearly value him and he has a role currently, so not out of the realm for future value as well. As mentioned above, I think that Godwin is more talented, but it's hard to disregard what Humphries has been doing with the New New Winston.
  10. Figured I'd start a thread for Week 14, playoffs & for anyone looking at keepers for next year. My notes after each player. QB's: Josh Allen - at least has a high floor with his legs, but if you've made it this far into the season/ playoffs, I hope you don't need Josh Allen to start RB's: Jaylen Samuels (PIT - TE Eligibility in Yahoo) - I don't trust that Connor's injury is minor and think Samuels could be a huge lift as you can start him at your TE spot in Yahoo leagues Jeff Wilson (SF) - debating between him and Samuels as my #1 target as Wilson should see much of the starting role and has value this week as well as the remainder of the season Justin Jackson (LAC) - WEEK 14 value = high, after that..??? Damien Williams (KC) - handcuff to Ware & actually looked better than Ware at times LeGarrette Blount (DET) - no idea when Johnson is coming back and Blount is at least the goalline back Rex Burkhead (NE) - dart throw in NE John Kelly (LAR) - Malcom Brown left week 13 with injury. Think we see Kelly as the handcuff to Gurley...which is valuable in itself. WR's: Dante Pettis (SF) - looks to be the real deal (after 2 productive weeks) and might be the new longterm SF WR to own Adam Humphries (TB) - high floor in TB and seems to be a favorite target of Winston Curtis Samuel (CAR) - WR3? Antonio Callaway (CLE) - rookie with upside, not sure i'd start him this week, but might be a good keeper target (I assume already owned in dynasty) Michael Gallup (DAL) - actually looked good on Thursday and appears to be the #2 behind Cooper TE: See above for Jaylen Samuels I'm sure there's some I've missed and some that others will disagree with, but at least this gets things started.
  11. 4th&inches

    Week 13 Questions For Bloom

    Thanks Bloom; who would you start this week of those 3 QB's then?
  12. 4th&inches

    Week 13 Questions For Bloom

    12-team, .5 PPR redraft league. Start: QRRWWTFKD Would you drop Watkins or K. Johnson for L. Jackson or Cousins? Roster below QB: Rivers RB: Barkley, Chubb, Ware, Carson, K. Johnson WR: K. Allen, Cooks, C. Davis, J. Gordon, S. Watkins TE: Gronk K: who cares DST: meh
  13. 4th&inches

    Week 13 Questions For Bloom

    1st, thanks for answering my initial question. 2nd, I forgot to put my other question(s): League 1(.5PPR, passing TD = 4pts): My roster (currently in 1st at 10-2) - Start: QRRWWTFKD QB: Watson , L. Jackson RB: Gurley, Kamara, Chubb , Lindsay, M. Brown, S. Ware WR: AJ Green, TY Hilton, J. Gordon, A. Cooper, Humphries TE: Kelce, Brate K: Zuerlein DST: MIN Question 1: do you start Chub @ HOU or Lindsay @ CIN at my flex **Edit - would Ware be worth starting over both Chubb or Lindsay? Question 2: defense question - Would you stick with MIN D @ NE or add one of: TEN vs. NYJ or MIA vs. BUF? (I "should" keep the #1 seed (bye + money), but there's still a chance if I lose I could drop to 2 {bye - no money}) Question 2.1: Looking forward to week 15 (will at least get a 1st round bye) do you like MIN D vs MIA or BAL vs. TB League 2 (.5 PPR all TD's = 6pts): Fighting for a playoff spot and need a win this week. Currently have Rivers starting at QB, but both Cousins & L. Jackson are available on the WW. Question: Would you add either Cousins @ NE or Jackson @ ATL and start over Rivers (Each transaction costs me $5)? Question 2: with the news on Hunt, would you start Ware over Carson?? thanks again (again)
  14. 4th&inches

    Week 13 Questions For Bloom

    Thanks, as always, for doing this & special thanks for the early start too. 12-team , .5 PPR, 4pts passing TD, 3yr Keeper league (keeper rules below) Keeper rules: Can only Keep players after round 5 Yr 1 keeper = round prior to draft round (FA = last round {17}) Yr 2 keeper = 1/2 previous year (ex. yr 1 = 12th rd, yr 2 = 6th) In case of odd round (ex 11th) goes back a round, 6th. Yr 3 keeper - 1st round can trade keepers for draft picks My roster (currently in 1st at 10-2) - players in red = can't be kept QB: Watson (9th - yr2), L. Jackson (17th - yr1) RB: Gurley, Kamara (6th - yr 2), Chubb (8th - yr 1), Lindsay (17th - yr 1), M. Brown (17th - yr 1), S. Ware (17th - yr 1) WR: AJ Green, TY Hilton, J. Gordon, A. Cooper, Humphries (17th - yr 1) TE: Kelce, Brate (11th - yr1) K: Zuerlein DST: MIN Question: Would you drop either Brate or Humphries (or anyone else) for the below potential keepers or better to just "hold" for now (looking to make the move before the teams officially out of playoffs can make them): J. McKinnon (kept for 8th rd - yr 2) R. Penny (kept for 6th rd - yr 1) Michael Gallup (kept for 9th rd - yr 1)
  15. 4th&inches

    What, no Week 13 Waiver Wire Targets thread?

    I'll add a few: WR's: Adam Humphries (TB) - no DJax & looked real good with Winston. Could easily be a steady WR3 with WR2 upside Chris Conley (KC) - Watkins still not a full go and that offense makes everyone a potential viable play each week David Moore (SEA) - looks to be a decent red zone target for Wilson Curtis Samuel (CAR) - great matchup this week at least RB's: The handcuffs: Ware, Brown, Smith, and possibly even Gallman - all could be decent plays if the stud RB's go down Rex Burkhead (NE) - makes things more complicated in the NE backfield...but they do typically produce fantasy relevant RB's Carlos Hyde (Jax) - not sure who has the starting gig this week, but if it's Hyde, i can think of worse options