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  1. I, too, use Classic. You can convince me to move over by gaining my trust in the non-classic version, and making it more readable. The main reason is the inaccuracy of the non-classic version. And before you tell me to report each and every problem so you can fix them, I'll tell you that is not practical when not a single one of my 10 teams is accurate, each one is numerous ways. For example, in one of my leagues for week 1, the non-classic 10-second primer suggested I start Seth Roberts and T.J. Jones (getting them off of waivers) instead of Adam Thielen and Julio Jones (who are on my team). Julio was not even selected as a Flex Option. In addition, the projections are different. In a different league, the classic projected Stafford scoring 15.4 and Goff 14.4, while the non-classic version list them at 56.85 and 51.1, respectively. Shouldn't both versions be using the same projections? Also, I like looking at the rankings of each projection contributor separately. Late in the week, Sig is more up to date with late-breaking news than David is. So I set my lineups early in the week with David and Maurile, then check for changes which Sig might suggest if i have time later in the week. Your icons with the team names in them, and various shading patterns (which I can't figure out what they mean) are unnecessary and distracting. Really, does anyone who subscribes to your site need to know that Todd Gurley plays for the Rams?
  2. Anybody want to speculate on why all the Jets games have leaked so early?
  3. I'm looking for the listing *within" each position group. For example, here a list of (motley) RBs for one of my team: J. Stewart C. Ivory J. Howard M. Gillislee M. Mack C. Thompson G. Bernard How is this sorted? Can I change how it's sorted?? etc ... Note: I would have attached an actual image from the tool if I knew how. - Joe
  4. First, sending my appreciation to Simon for rolling this out ... and rolling it out this early in the off season. Question: What determines your listing order within positions? I would expect alphabetic, since that is the way MFL sorts them, but that is not completely true. Almost, but there are a few outliers. - Joe
  5. I experimented on a smaller scale during the middle weeks of this past season. Based on my own selection process, I determined my preferred: 3 QBs 6 RBs 9 WRs 3 TEs 3 Def 3 PK and used Excel to generate all possible lineups on Fanduel, and their corresponding fbg projections. I then cherry picked 9 that I liked the most and played each lineup in both a 50-50 and 1/4K Sun NFL Mini Tourney at only $1 entry levels. One of my criteria, for example, was trying to spread out my exposure to any one player. I didn't want each lineup to have David Johnson, no matter how much of a roll he was on. I did this for 4 or 5 weeks, and came out ahead. So not a big $ investment or return, but an interesting exercise, and I did not experience the wild swings of the original author. Some of my steps took too much time to repeat each week, so I could only do it certain weeks. I plan to hone the process in the off-season, so I can try it in earnest in 2017 on a more consistent/regular basis.
  6. For the statistically inclined, here are T.Y.'s 9-game career stats against TEN: RSH YD TD TARG REC YD TD Total 0.2 0.3 0.0 7.3 4.2 61.2 0.1 Home 0.5 0.8 0.0 7.3 4.3 61.3 0.0 Away 0.5 0.8 0.0 6.3 3.0 49.8 0.0 He got his first TD against them earlier this year. Better at Home than Away, but not enough for you to dance a jig about.
  7. And T.Y. typically does very well in Lucas.
  8. The cash line for the Week 9 Sun NFL BIG $2 Double Up (Top 22,500 Win) was 128.18
  9. If the offensive line can protect Luck without extra help on normal downs, they'll play three wide. 11 personnel was the predominate set in training camp when the 1s played vs. the 1s. They might even get away with 11 personnel since Allen is an excellent blocker. Alas, that will destroy his value as we saw in the 3rd preseason game when the TEs were rarely looked at, much less targeted. Even in the 3rd preseason game debacle, some of their more successive plays were the few 5-wides they through at the Eagles. Due to trust, and past successes, I expect TY and Donte to be targetted heavily. If that proves fruitful, I anticipate Dorsett will be an occasional complimentary piece. No matter how much the offensive line improves, there'll rarely have time for 9 routes or going to the 3rd read. As for Allen, it all depends on how much he's needed for blocking. At this point in time, it seems like a lot.
  10. This was reported, noted, and workaround covered in an earlier post, Yenrub: On 7/13/2016 at 2:28 PM, Simon Shepherd said: I'll look into this - thanks for letting us know. For now, entering it as yards per pt instead (and dividing 1 through the 0.02 number to get the value) will work almost exactly the same for rankings. At the top of the page there should be an option. if not, switch back to the "other" league template from the basic settings
  11. I had to switch back to the "other" league template, Simon, to get it to work. Thanks. =- Joe
  12. I am unable to enter my Return Yardage settings for either punt or kick return yards. Since your scale is "Pts per Yard" it needs to be entered with a decimal point in it. My version (Mac laptop) doesn't permit me to enter a value of the form 0.0n or .0n. In my case n=2 or n=4.