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  1. Thanks for answering mine!! I agree with the guy who said Titans, IF they didn’t have the bears! Go Bears!
  2. Ryan McAffery and Cook Hopkins and Robinson Njoku DWilliams or Samuels (leaning Williams) Cleveland
  3. PPR league - which of the following would you play: L.Miller @ Phi S.Michel v. Buff D.Baldwin v. KC DJMoore @ Atl R.Andetson v. GB Thanks! And thanks to those who responded to my QB question yesterday - I’m sticking with the KC stack.
  4. Opponent’s roster will probably look like this. Mine is in parentheses. Rivers (Mahomes or Ben) Ingram, McGuire (Gordon, Conner) Brown, Hilton (Hopkins, Hill) Gronk (Ebron) I see it like this. If everyone has a “normal” or “projected” game, I should come out ahead. So I lose if either my guys tank, or his explode. If mine tank, nothing I can do, I’m done. If his guys explode, I see Brown as the best chance of doing so and putting up 30-40 points. (Gronk could too, I guess). I could neutralize some of those points by starting Ben. I also don’t see NO being able to stop both Brown and Shuster. If I stick with Mahomes, I’m playing the QB-WR stack against Seattle’s defense. Which is pretty much what I’ve done all year for an 11-2 record. If I switch to Ben, and Conner plays, I’m playing the QB-RB stack against the NO defense. Would love to hear your thoughts!! Thanks!!
  5. I know it seems obvious to run with Mahomes but... - I’m also playing Hill, so Ben and Hill is “safer” - Ben has a much better match up, but does that rin injury - hill is banged up and who knows how bad the injury really is - Mahomes scorched the Chargers week 1, so I’m sure they’ve been scheming -isn’t Bosa coming back? More pressure on Mahomes I’m sure I’m overanalyzing, but ...
  6. I say White for sure. That’s why I’m iffy on Michel. Agreed about the RBs over the WRs for the last spot. Jackson would be my ne t choice, then ADP.
  7. PPR league. all TDS 6 points. Really need help with my Flex. Starting Miller at RB and Hopkins/Hill at WR Fkex options are: Michel at Miami J Jackson vs Cinci Godwin vs NO (opponent is starting Winston) Also, do I stick with my Mahomes/Hill stack, or hedge my bets since Ben has a good match up too? THANKS!! and Good Luck!!
  8. I like Michel because of what you said...the Jax defense!
  9. Full PPR league with 100 yard bonuses and TD length bonuses. Need to play 2 of these and am really torn. Research has all possible combinations going. Initial gut feeling is Evans and Schuster. My internal Sanders debate is that Denver will keep it on the ground to keep that KC offense off the field, OR that Denver will get down fast and have to throw to stay in the gane! UGH, I hate overanalyzing!! I figured I’d throw Hyde in the mix since I was already asking the question. Will respond to yours, as always! Thanks everyone!
  10. I can’t sit Evans for myself, so can’t tell you to either. As for the second, I like Hyde. Bad weather usually means ground game. It also means Pitt “ shouldn’t” get up big forcing the second half passing game for Cleveland, thus they will continue to run.
  11. I tend to agree with Outnumbered. Steelers O-linemen pissed at Bell. They want to prove they have something to do with his success. They will play “all out” to show that Connor will do just as well behind them.
  12. Not liking the weather in Cleveland for Gordon. At Denver against a good defense is tough for Baldwin. I know he’s rated higher than Stills, but mt gut says Stills
  13. League 1 - replace Ben with Mahomes? Probably will anyways since they are close in projections this week anyways. - start Conner? Currently have him in over Baldwin/Miller at flex (ppr) League 2 - sit JuJu for Mixon at flex? Again, may do anyways since they have similar projections for the week (also ppr) Post yours and I will respond. Although, it’s so damn hard the first week of a brand new season....SO many question marks!!!
  14. I don't even know if you're "stuck" with OBJ/JULIO if you keep Kamara. I think they will both be gone. I think you're looking more at M.Thomas/Allen. I see DJ going 1, Elliott going 2, and Barkley/Cook going 3 and 4. Then after your Kamara pick some order of Gordon, Fournette, and the WRs (Julio, OBJ, Allen). That leaves you with a team of KAMARA and THOMAS (someone like him). If you keep Gordon, I think it still goes DJ, Elliott, and then Kamara at 3. That leaves you with Barkley or Cook at 5 (Fournette/McCaffrey if you like them better). That could look like GORDON and BARKLEY (or Fournette, Cook, etc.) There's still the SLIM chance Kamara falls to you at 5. Since you must play 2 RB, personally I would want 2 RB right off the bat due to the drop off, so I think a GORDON/BARKLEY duo is better for you than a KAMARA/THOMAS one. FWIW, the site has Kamara 5th and Gordon 6th. So it's Kamara and pick #10 or Gordon and pick #5.