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  1. Do I put Mostert in today vs the Rams or roll the dice and go with Boone on MNF against the Packers? Edit: Just realized the SF game is the night game, so should know about today’s Viking’s practice. Will leave the thread just in case it’s nothing definitive. THANKS!!
  2. Since you’re in the ship, it all boils down to this. Do you want your opponent to play Boone against you or one the 5 RB currently on your team? Is thereca waiver period once someone gets dropped, or can they be added immediately? If there’s a waiting day, time your add appropriately. please see mine
  3. Thanks for answering mine! I go Watson.!. TB gives up the 4th MOST points to QB, whereas CHI gives up the fifth LEAST. For your other team, I’d go Boone and Mack
  4. Matt Ryan or Ryan Fitzpatrick? (Normal scoring, 6 per TD, no bonuses) Do I keep Ryan in against the Jags, or do I pick up Fitzmagic against the Bengals? Thanks in advance, and GOOD LUCK in your own stretch for the title!!
  5. Tough call for sure. With your choices, I'd actually go Murray. Coleman and Breida will split carries and Murray will be the main guy. Even with Kamara he vultured redzone carries. I'm not saying he's going to "go off" by any means, but I think he outscores Breida. Please see mine
  6. It all comes down to what you think will happen in your league. If you think Brissett's value will go higher than you can afford, drop Brown. If you want to roll the dice, like the poster abovr suggests, wait one more week. Please see mine
  7. They always say not to worry about who has who, play whichever QB you thinks will get more points between the two. I get the reasoning behind it, but I look at like this. If Kupp and Cooks both go off, the likelihood of Goff having more points than Wentz is pretty high. If they both bomb, Goff probably does as well, but you get ONE low score to his TWO. In short, go way ATL defense contains all those weapons! Please see mine
  8. I agree with both Goff and sitting Michel. Barkley back will mean more running, and more time with NYG Offense on the field, killing clock. If, for some reason, Matt Ryan and Atlanta sho0w up today, it COULD be a shoot out, which also bodes well for Goff. As for your WRs, two crappy defenses and Diggs means go all 3 WR! And don't forget, JAX just got rid of Ramsey. Please see mine
  9. (PPR scoring and bonuses for 100 yards) I know the sites have Gordon, but I just have a feeling about Singletary. I know he's only played 2 games this year, both with only single-digit carries, but a whopping 12.7 yards per carry against a bad Miami defense is certainly intriguing!! I threw in Murray as an option in case anyone felt strongly about him with Kamara out. Thanks in advance!!
  10. In a 10-team keeper league (lose the round you picked him previously ) and I have both Zeke (1st round) and Kamara (18th round). I'm obviously keeping Kamara, which means I need to throw Zeke back into the player pool; unless I trade him. I know there's a lot more too it, but in general, what do you think I can get for him? Remember, I can't keep him anyways. I pick 4th and a guy I'm thinking of trading with picks 9th. I was thinking of offering Zeke to him and then swapping our 2nd round picks ( I now pick 12th instead of 17th) AND having him give me his 4th round pick. Is this asking too much? I've tried to google sites to help, but can't really find much. If it is too much, maybe just get rid of the swap and take his 4th for him? Im not new to fantasy football, but I am new to trading picks....any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated!! If you want or need more info, I will provide it. Thanks everyone!
  11. Thanks for answering mine!! I agree with the guy who said Titans, IF they didn’t have the bears! Go Bears!
  12. Ryan McAffery and Cook Hopkins and Robinson Njoku DWilliams or Samuels (leaning Williams) Cleveland
  13. PPR league - which of the following would you play: L.Miller @ Phi S.Michel v. Buff D.Baldwin v. KC DJMoore @ Atl R.Andetson v. GB Thanks! And thanks to those who responded to my QB question yesterday - I’m sticking with the KC stack.
  14. Opponent’s roster will probably look like this. Mine is in parentheses. Rivers (Mahomes or Ben) Ingram, McGuire (Gordon, Conner) Brown, Hilton (Hopkins, Hill) Gronk (Ebron) I see it like this. If everyone has a “normal” or “projected” game, I should come out ahead. So I lose if either my guys tank, or his explode. If mine tank, nothing I can do, I’m done. If his guys explode, I see Brown as the best chance of doing so and putting up 30-40 points. (Gronk could too, I guess). I could neutralize some of those points by starting Ben. I also don’t see NO being able to stop both Brown and Shuster. If I stick with Mahomes, I’m playing the QB-WR stack against Seattle’s defense. Which is pretty much what I’ve done all year for an 11-2 record. If I switch to Ben, and Conner plays, I’m playing the QB-RB stack against the NO defense. Would love to hear your thoughts!! Thanks!!
  15. I know it seems obvious to run with Mahomes but... - I’m also playing Hill, so Ben and Hill is “safer” - Ben has a much better match up, but does that rin injury - hill is banged up and who knows how bad the injury really is - Mahomes scorched the Chargers week 1, so I’m sure they’ve been scheming -isn’t Bosa coming back? More pressure on Mahomes I’m sure I’m overanalyzing, but ...