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  1. Fade injury and suspension players (or holdouts...): Leveon, Ingram. Even in redraft, don’t worry about a player’s situation too much if you believe in the talent (Chubb behind Hyde, D.Pettis...). More often than not, they’ll get their chance. Roster good players on the end of your bench instead of a known RB3/WR3. Delay drafting QB. There’s always a QB to stream...I won my league with Fitzpatrick then Lamar Jackson. Most unreal trends will end up self-correcting: either the NFL teams will course correct and counter, or the excessive usage will result in injury. So enjoy the ride if you have a surging player, but prepare for the inevitable. Depth wins. Always cull the end of your roster adding upside players. in redraft, build for the playoff weeks. Watch matchups (once you get a few weeks in) and plan for injuries. DST is the easiest position to stream or luck into this year’s big thing. Get ready to cut bait on your drafted DST after you’ve seen which DEF is putting up points after a couple of weeks. Or DST stream against the offensive doormats or rookie QBs. Avoid the suck. I really miss that article, but still try to heed the advice: do your best to anticipate offenses that will surge, and those that will slump. Pick players that are the primary players on good offenses. You’ll misjudge a few, but if the bulk of your team is on good offenses, you’re going to have more success. Touchdowns win you games.
  2. Did the same and worried I’d pay for it...worked out ok for me and still won. Didn’t trust Foles, but should’ve trusted Ertz, esp with the record on the line and how HOU had been trashed by TEs. Samuels was the safer floor, and turned out to be. But, I stared at those 33 points since yesterday and wondered if I’d rue the decision.
  3. Was just thinking about this. Ware is a free agent after this year.
  4. Hey Sig, PPR...sit one: M.Evans, R.Woods, K.Allen, JuJu. thanks!
  5. I don't have Watson anywhere (or really any Texans), but was pretty happy to see him pull the Texans offense from obscurity this season. This is particularly brutal, especially in a season where so many promising offenses have been crippled by losses of superstars (QBs like Luck, Rodgers and others like David Johnson) and even just bad offensive lines or coaching. It's getting harder and harder to field a team I 'like' or trust.
  6. Lost Rodgers in Dynasty league without reasonable backup. Got Dalton and A.Smith cheap. Their schedules line up nicely for remainder of season. Dalton @PIT, IND, @JAX, @TEN, @DEN, CLE, PIT, CHI, @MIN, DET A.Smith @OAK, DEN, @DAL, BYE, @NYG, BUF, @NYJ, OAK, LAC, MIA Palmer and Dalton also line up nicely: Palmer LAR BYE @SF SEA @HOU JAX LAR TEN @WAS NYG Dalton @PIT IND @JAX @TEN @DEN CLE PIT CHI @MIN DET
  7. Nope. Collusion. We haven't had any 'trade backs'...even after a year plus that players resided on a team. But, EVEN in that case, I would question the trade (as commish).
  8. Wonder if they pull Jon Williams off the practice squad after a few weeks...
  9. David, Simon, I really enjoyed the DD Online last year when I was testing it, but I can't seem to FIND it. The links in the first post go to a page to go get the Mobile Version. All references I can find on the FBG HomePage (after logging in with my subscription) point to DD Classic. Can someone hook me up with the location?
  10. I saw a documentary at some point about how they pull that together live. He wears running shoes with his suit on air and apparently is an encyclopedia of football knowledge.
  11. 10 team, 2person keeper, 0.5 PPR/0.5 PPfD Dak, Stafford L.McCoy, Ware, Gurley, J.Stewart, K.Dixon, Gileslee ODB, Jordy, Moncrief, S.Watkins, D.Adams J.Graham, M.Bryant, SD DST (stream) @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 10 team, contract year Dynasty, 24 man rosters, PPR A.Rodgers L.Bell, Ware, L.Miller, Rawls, DeAngelo, K.Farrow (CJ Anderson, Lacy, Abdullah) ODB, Evans, Moncrief, D.Parker (K.Allen) Ertz, Rudolph, M.Bryant, SD/BAL DST
  12. been a brutal year. every year the 12-1 team seems to get bumped by a team of week 13 pickups. hopefully your league pays out for high scores or division winners during reg season. highest scoring team in our playoffs played Bilal Powell and Ty Montgomery at RB and are advancing to playoffs.