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  1. Lost Rodgers in Dynasty league without reasonable backup. Got Dalton and A.Smith cheap. Their schedules line up nicely for remainder of season. Dalton @PIT, IND, @JAX, @TEN, @DEN, CLE, PIT, CHI, @MIN, DET A.Smith @OAK, DEN, @DAL, BYE, @NYG, BUF, @NYJ, OAK, LAC, MIA Palmer and Dalton also line up nicely: Palmer LAR BYE @SF SEA @HOU JAX LAR TEN @WAS NYG Dalton @PIT IND @JAX @TEN @DEN CLE PIT CHI @MIN DET
  2. Nope. Collusion. We haven't had any 'trade backs'...even after a year plus that players resided on a team. But, EVEN in that case, I would question the trade (as commish).
  3. Wonder if they pull Jon Williams off the practice squad after a few weeks...
  4. David, Simon, I really enjoyed the DD Online last year when I was testing it, but I can't seem to FIND it. The links in the first post go to a page to go get the Mobile Version. All references I can find on the FBG HomePage (after logging in with my subscription) point to DD Classic. Can someone hook me up with the location?
  5. I saw a documentary at some point about how they pull that together live. He wears running shoes with his suit on air and apparently is an encyclopedia of football knowledge.
  6. 10 team, 2person keeper, 0.5 PPR/0.5 PPfD Dak, Stafford L.McCoy, Ware, Gurley, J.Stewart, K.Dixon, Gileslee ODB, Jordy, Moncrief, S.Watkins, D.Adams J.Graham, M.Bryant, SD DST (stream) @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 10 team, contract year Dynasty, 24 man rosters, PPR A.Rodgers L.Bell, Ware, L.Miller, Rawls, DeAngelo, K.Farrow (CJ Anderson, Lacy, Abdullah) ODB, Evans, Moncrief, D.Parker (K.Allen) Ertz, Rudolph, M.Bryant, SD/BAL DST
  7. been a brutal year. every year the 12-1 team seems to get bumped by a team of week 13 pickups. hopefully your league pays out for high scores or division winners during reg season. highest scoring team in our playoffs played Bilal Powell and Ty Montgomery at RB and are advancing to playoffs.
  8. I think rule 1 is that your Hosting Software dictates the rules everyone plays if Yahoo does tiebreakers one way, everyone is governed by that (regardless of what your bylaws on a Word document state). Rule 2 is that everyone in the league is responsible for checking your Hosting Software settings, ideally in August, before the season starts. If a setting is discovered to be incorrect (and is possible to be changed) and discovered mid-game-weekend, then you change it for the following week (no retroactive scoring changes). In your case, you have to leave it (since Yahoo can't change it), plus noone discovered it until after the games kicked off for the weekend.
  9. What is Floyd's value in Dynasty? Is he cuttable there?
  10. used that one. use this code for $2 credit (for you and me...then go full on pyramid scheme and get one of your own to pass on).. JPVLD
  11. Some good thoughts in this thread, and it's hard to speculate on the emotional aspect. However, it's clear he's frustrated, and according to interviews 'not having fun anymore.' We've seen tons of cases of young players exploding on the scene at an early, NY press, Madden, TV spots. Suddenly a kid that wants to play football is being asked his opinion on things from his favorite pizza to world politics. I think it's alot to handle. As an owner of him in my leagues, I worried bigtime about the sudden massive fame. I don't see how it CAN'T affect him. My concern grows as he hasn't seemed to filter out the nonsense, exemplified by the CAR game at the end of 2015. It was worse than Cortland Finnegan getting into Andre Johnson. It was sadder b/c Cortland did that stuff because (at the time) I don't think his talent measured up to his ability to talk. The things that strike me as impacting his stats are simply splitting targets with (the very impressive) Sterling Shepherd and the returning Cruz (also impressive). He's also contending with guys like Norman and X.Rhodes week to week. (I believe the worst part of it is the (aggressive NY) press making it about ODB vs. Norman all week, instead of Giants vs. Washington.) Also, I'm no expert on play-calling or QB-ing, but Eli's handling of the McKadoo offense seem to have him dumping off or just throwing the ball into the dirt (esp vs. MIN). He must have thrown the ball down into the dirt 8 times. To me, this suggests HEY THE SCREEN GAME/SHORT PASSING GAME IS NOT WORKING. Talking heads suggested they were baited into that, and should have looked to do more medium crossing type routes in front of the safeties. Either way, Eli didn't seem comfortable and was not successful in running that offense. Hopefully he gets on speed dial with a S.Smiff Sr., some sort of generational player who also struggled with the media circus or just a professional mentor like L. Fitzgerald and learns how to tune it out. Take up meditation, stop talking to reporters, something. Otherwise, it wouldn't shock me to see him breakdown or walk away from the game.
  12. T.Pryor with Gordon news of going to rehab. Otherwise, Moncrief is the stash for me.
  13. M.Jones, Ebron, Boldin, Theo Riddick, Tate. Lots of balls, but lots of players to feed. Marvin is the deep guy, but the rest battle for the short stuff. I just think it's alot different than it was a year ago when he was first in line, vs. 3rd-4th for targets.
  14. Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 4m4 minutes ago This is a bad one: The #Lions placed RB Ameer Abdullah (foot) on Injured Reserve. He spent yesterday in Charlotte with Dr. Robert Anderson.