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  1. Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 4m4 minutes ago This is a bad one: The #Lions placed RB Ameer Abdullah (foot) on Injured Reserve. He spent yesterday in Charlotte with Dr. Robert Anderson.
  2. Better make that <um>, two.
  3. Chiefs’ Spencer Ware misses practice because of sprained toe
  4. Also for what it's worth, it seemed the game plan was to attack OAK on the outside; and it worked pretty well. Josh Hill got banged up, and this week they have the NYG who had Witten with like 15 targets last week (yah, it was Dak, but still). With a possible 90-100 point over/under, I'm giving him another roll this week.
  5. 2015 game log, showing exactly that:
  6. I was using Google Chrome browser in Windows to get the synch, and it did so quickly with Yahoo leagues, including very quick/easy verification of allowing the synch. Only issue, as mentioned, was starting roster requirements seems to be wrong.
  7. Not sure if this is a new issue, but imported my teams using newMyFBG from Yahoo, and it did not properly import our roster requirements. The 10 second primer seems to think we start 3 WR required, but we only have 2 required (then flex).
  8. I'm only in 2 leagues local leagues (low stakes) and both that I commish. I find that I only enjoy the personal aspect of the leagues, so work hard to have people I know (and like) in the league, ideally local. It's incredibly frustrating what you describe arguing, no respect/recognition of the work it takes to keep a league together, organized and informed (not to mention competitive). I did find that Fantasy, esp with alot of leagues, makes watching the games not as fun for me: something I'm reminded of every playoffs. When you made your orig post, I also was feeling the same exact way, and prob would feel the same way with what you describe above. I think for me, I may just relax the amount of time I spend on research...hopefully I can do that successfully this year.
  9. Bridgewater suffered a non-contact injury and was seeing on the ground, not moving and grabbing his left knee. Players immediately gathered around Bridgewater and the training staff and began praying. An ambulance was seen pulling into Winter Park to take Bridgewater to the hospital.
  10. how many do you have so far?
  11. I'm trying to do a conversion from ADP to Auction values, and been looking for current 'cheat sheets' that show both sets of values on one sheet. Ideally would be for 10-12 team, 16 roster spots, PPR leagues, $200 cap, somewhat 'typical' rosters: QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex, DST, K. I've found a few ADP vs. Auction Values for ESPN, but not sure if those are PPR. Anyone seen any others? So far I've found: 1 ESPN Live Draft results (but not sure of scoring, roster sizes, and league assuming 'typical' for all) 2. FF Toolbox ..$200 budget, not sure of other settings 3. Setup my league as described above and exported an Auction Cheatsheet from the New Draft Dominator. Not sure if those are expected or suggested auction values, but presume they are suggested/recommended values.
  12. I started two PPR leagues (that have been running about 10 years now), so back in 2005-ish. I would like to convert my mostly redraft league to a conditional scoring format of using 1 point per first down, to replace the PPReception. I think for one year we'll try 0.5 PPR and 0.5 PPFirstDown and see how it goes. Has anyone tried this? I think it will weed out the 1 catch for -2 yards junk, but still I reward players who are catching balls and moving the sticks. It will also reward short-yardage specialists who are grinding out 3rd and 4th and short.
  13. does anyone have 2016 NFL Draft Results in xls format?
  14. Real longshot here.... I'm been in two leagues (commish both) for about 10 years, but I was hoping to find a 10-14, non-IDP Dynasty League, ideally low stakes, in Austin, TX. Just would like the opportunity to do face-to-face drafts and meetups. If anyone has something like that going on and needs a new owner, please hit me up. Thx.
  15. Maybe Gase just trolling Kubiak?