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  1. how many do you have so far?
  2. I'm trying to do a conversion from ADP to Auction values, and been looking for current 'cheat sheets' that show both sets of values on one sheet. Ideally would be for 10-12 team, 16 roster spots, PPR leagues, $200 cap, somewhat 'typical' rosters: QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex, DST, K. I've found a few ADP vs. Auction Values for ESPN, but not sure if those are PPR. Anyone seen any others? So far I've found: 1 ESPN Live Draft results (but not sure of scoring, roster sizes, and league assuming 'typical' for all) 2. FF Toolbox ..$200 budget, not sure of other settings 3. Setup my league as described above and exported an Auction Cheatsheet from the New Draft Dominator. Not sure if those are expected or suggested auction values, but presume they are suggested/recommended values.
  3. I started two PPR leagues (that have been running about 10 years now), so back in 2005-ish. I would like to convert my mostly redraft league to a conditional scoring format of using 1 point per first down, to replace the PPReception. I think for one year we'll try 0.5 PPR and 0.5 PPFirstDown and see how it goes. Has anyone tried this? I think it will weed out the 1 catch for -2 yards junk, but still I reward players who are catching balls and moving the sticks. It will also reward short-yardage specialists who are grinding out 3rd and 4th and short.
  4. does anyone have 2016 NFL Draft Results in xls format?
  5. Real longshot here.... I'm been in two leagues (commish both) for about 10 years, but I was hoping to find a 10-14, non-IDP Dynasty League, ideally low stakes, in Austin, TX. Just would like the opportunity to do face-to-face drafts and meetups. If anyone has something like that going on and needs a new owner, please hit me up. Thx.
  6. Maybe Gase just trolling Kubiak?
  7. Looks like an offer sheet's been signed. DEN has 5 days to match it or let him walk. What does this do to his value? Maybe that depends on what DEN gets at QB?
  8. This is the "Legal Tampering" period of 2 days where teams CAN talk to players. They are essentially agreeing to deals before tomorrow's 4pm EST official start of the signing period.
  9. I found this really interesting. I think I knew high volume players had better odds, but the arguments for how advantages are gained by seeking out newbies was news to me. How the Daily Fantasy Sports Industry Turns Fans Into Suckers
  10. I had not thought of how more flexible roster spots might affect trades. Thanks. An interesting article I read on rotoworld (link below) mentioned how just adding additional roster spots for a position would increase the value/need for that position. I was thinking, in addition to what is in original post, that we might eliminate the kicker position and replace it with some sort of flex. Part 1 Part 2
  11. I had not actually thought to award the QB for PPFD....if scoring was grossly suppressed for QB by giving everyone else 0.5 PPFD, I'd consider maybe 0.25 PPFD for QBs.
  12. I've got a 10 team PPR league that I've commished for 10 years, and am looking to try to modernize the roster and scoring requirements. Would appreciate any insights and comments, especially with reducing Points Per Reception and about Points Per First Down. 1. Rosters Current: (16 total on roster, 9 starters) QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, RB/WR Flex TE, K, DST Proposed: (16 total on roster, 9 starters) QB, RB, WR, WR, RB/WR/TE Flex, RB/WR/TE Flex, TE, K, DST 2. Scoring: (current on the left, proposed in italics) 1 point/10 rush-rec yards 6 points/rush-rec td 5 points/pass td ----> *4 points/passing td 1 point/25 passing yards ----> *1 point/40 passing yards. 1 PPR ----> *0.5 PPR *adding 0.5 Points for First Down. Thanks!
  13. Hey Sig, thanks again for checking out these questions. My team has been steady/deep, but going against a guy with R.Wilson/Baldwin/Tate/ADP/...guys who could put up big days, but not sure I'm needing to swing for the fences. PPR, already starting 3 RBs... DeAngelo vDEN Lacy@OAK L.Miller@SD. 1. need (2) WR out of : ODB v.CAR Fitzgerald @PHI Michael Floyd @PHI M.Evans @STL Martavis v.DEN 2. which TE? Delanie @NE Gates v.MIA
  14. I think you should do a Spanish version of otCouch, hosed by Cecil, called "En el Sillón", and have it broadcast on Sigamundo television. #brightIdeas #goGlobal And NOW back to our regularly scheduled program. PPR league.. Starting: RB: DeAngelo @CIN WR: ODB@MIA, Amendola@HOU Question...need (1) RB and (1) Flex out of the following list: S.Draughn @CLE S.Ware v.SD Duke Johnson v.SF Gio v.PIT Jeremy Hill v.PIT Jarvis Landry v.NYG Amaril Cooper @DEN R.Cobb vs. DAL
  15. hey Sig, PPR league... 1. RB (pick one) Gio@CLE Jeremy Hill @CLE Spencer Ware @OAK S.Draughn @CHI 2. WR (pick 2) Jarvis Landry v.BAL Amendola v.PHI Amari Cooper v.KC R.Cobb @DET thankew...thankewverymuch