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  1. Obviously more value in PPR league (12! targets today) but definite value in standard leagues as well. Kid is electric.
  2. I was going to use my last pick on Cohen as a handcuff for Howard but picked Ginn instead. After watching today It looks like Cohen will have stand alone value with the way the Bears used him. He should be at the top of the waiver list.
  3. Thanks! I was debating whether to go into a large tourney or a smaller league. Looks like it worked out about the same either way.
  4. Had some free time yesterday so I put in my 1st $5 lineup of the season (I've played some freebies). I entered a 20 man and wound up winning it with 347.4 for $30 (top 6 got paid). Does anyone know how that score would have done in some of the larger tourneys from yesterday? Thanks. p.s. Congrats RW. Very nice hit.
  5. Saved my worst for last! Didn't come close to the cut line. DJ getting hurt didn't help but he was so heavily owned that it didn't hurt that bad either. My undoing was Kelce at TE. I had 4 guys I was considering: Kelce, Graham, Rudolph and Ertz. Zigged when I should have zagged. Oh well. On to the playoffs where I will probably have VERY limited action.
  6. Nobody playing this week? I wasn't sure myself but I decided to dip my toe in the water. Same investment as last week which is about half my normal size. Put a lineup in yesterday then checked Dodd's post this morning and I have the exact same lineup except for defense. He has Ariz and I went with Minn. It's his Wilson lineup. Good luck to all who are playing!
  7. My original lineup was: Luck; Stewart & Howard; Hilton, Baldwin & Evans; Clay; Gost; NE. Came off Stewart, Evans and Clay for Gurley, Crabtree and Brate. Went from a potential 162 down to 149. I cut my volume down to $50 (wanted to lock in profit for the season so I got risk averse). Cashed everything I entered including winning a 20 man league. 162 would have move me from 6th to 2nd in the 100 man I entered which was a $50 difference. Oh well, can't complain. $50 in, $179 out. Merry Christmas!
  8. This is what I finally settled on for cash this week. 1st time is weeks I haven't either DJ or Bell (or both) in my cash lineup.
  9. I would never play anyone in cash from a team with a projected total of 13'. Powell isn't even a bargain at $6,500. For $100 less you can get J. Stewart at home against a team that RB's have done well against last 5 weeks.
  10. Very cool! Thanks for posting. My winning %'s are fairly linear: 50/50: 81%; 2x: 67%; 3x: 41%; 5x: 24%. I have significantly fewer samples of 3x and 5x as I just started playing them this year. I absolutely suck at tournaments (which is why I stopped playing them a few weeks ago :)). 19% winning pct and -34% ROI. Ouch!
  11. I'm actually seriously considering playing Jax defense in cash. It allows me to fit in every stud I want plus DGB and Tate. I hope I'm not being myopic basing my decision off the one game I've watched Lynch play vs Atlanta where he was absolutely horrible. Terrible footwork in the pocket and very inefficient read progression. Lynch has had 2 months to practice since then and Jax has shown a complete aversion to taking the ball away but at only 4K it might be worth a shot.
  12. I'm not ready yet but I wouldn't fault someone for using him. Who knows, if I hear good stuff before Sunday I may reconsider.
  13. For as bad as my lineup was this week (and it was bad), I would have cashed all 50/50's except for making the wrong choice on defense. Was between Buffalo and NYG. Picked wrong. Got lucky when Minn bailed me out last week so I can't complain too much. Back to the grindstone for next week.
  14. I debated playing D.Jackson over Hilton but I'm sticking with TY.