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  1. Acquisition of competitors is the en vogue thing. Some of the biggest companies truly innovate but a lot of them just sit back and let others pay the price of innovation (read: targeted failure). Then once they hit on something the mega company buys them out and takes over the product/IP, etc.
  2. AAABatteries

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    Had my 4th PT session on my hamstring - good news is it seems to be getting a little better - bad news is at the end when they really dig in while doing the massage part it is still really sore. I'm wondering if this was worse than they originally thought. Almost four months now and 2.5 with no jogging/running. Really frustrated. On the bright side it's rained for a like 8 straight days and more coming so I've been able to avoid that. I have a camping trip next weekend that I was targeting to be 100% but looks like that's not in the cards.
  3. AAABatteries

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    John/Gian rhymes with Don but not Dawn?
  4. AAABatteries

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    Your brain makes some good points.
  5. AAABatteries

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    Yep - artificial turf but it seemed pretty good. Ball bounced true from what I could tell and there were no obvious loose touches caused by the turf. Yep - I definitely have rose-colored glasses at times but I think the stats and the eyeballs pretty much tell the same story for me. It was pretty even match with defensive mistakes by AU being the difference. Both teams could have/should have score 4 goals. United hit the post and Josef had a wide open header from like 5 yards out. Disappointing result for sure - the problem is if they play like that in the return leg they will allow another goal and will need 3 of their own to match.
  6. AAABatteries

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    And unfortunately, the return leg will not be at the Mercedes Benz but will be on Kennesaw State's campus. It's a decent stadium for AUFC2 matches or college soccer but it's disappointing to play this game there. I'm not sure why unless there's a conflict with something - the good news is that will probably allow me to more easily get a ticket (and cheaper).
  7. AAABatteries

    ***Official Soccer Discussion Thread***

    Couple of thoughts on this: Did you watch? I don't think "spanked' is the right way to describe it. Atlanta was very poor defensively with one huge blunder. They looked very dangerous in attack and could have scored 3-4 goals. One disallowed which was a little unlucky having their own player clear it off the line. Herediano played really well and they deserved the win just don't think they dominated the match To your point about player rotation - that definitely wasn't the case for Atlanta - they played what I imagine is their best starting 11. Very strong side. I'm a little concerned with de Boer's tactics if they are going to look like that every game - seemed very naive defensively, especially on the road. I'll say this much - if he continues to play like that their games will be anything but boring.
  8. AAABatteries

    Disney Vacation

    Somewhat related to FOP and getting seated on the ride - after riding the first time I don't follow the instructions to get as far up in the seat and press my chest forward - I find it allows you to stand up a little and makes the flying sensation a little more realistic. YMMV.
  9. AAABatteries

    How often do you hear people use the N word?

    Yes, it is interesting to hear other cultures/nationalities and their stereotypes/prejudices. It doesn't excuse anything but it does shed some light on how it's an unfortunate human flaw.
  10. AAABatteries

    How often do you hear people use the N word?

    My guess is if you polled folks they would hear more derogatory things about Hispanics than African Americans. And that's even before the last couple of years when immigration has been a more prominent topic. And for me, I hear more derogatory things about Indian people than AA. Not necessarily name calling though.
  11. AAABatteries

    How often do you hear people use the N word?

    I see you've been talking to @ChiefD's wife.
  12. AAABatteries

    How often do you hear people use the N word?

    25 years ago when I was first out of HS I worked in a door shop that was about 50/50 black/white - it was an eye opening experience. There was definitely some racial tension at times and the N-word was used a lot within the black employees towards each other. That job more than anything motivated me to get my education.
  13. AAABatteries

    How often do you hear people use the N word?

    Never hear it in person. The only time I hear that word nowadays is online videos, movies/TVs or music.