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  1. We had a family get together yesterday at my SILs as my wife's aunt was in town. Had about 5-6 full-carb beers. Didn't eat too bad but the beers did a number on my sleep. I don't know if because I'm doing so well normally that it's more pronounced but lately when I drink I have a horrible nights sleep. I must have woken up about 8-10 times. Exhausted today.
  2. Same here. I frequently get out by 6 or 7 to go run/hike on the weekends but I'm not going to get up at 4 or 5 to get a run in and still make it to the office by 8 or 9. Part of that is because my commute sucks and I pretty much have to be in by 9 (or sometimes earlier for meetings). Years ago when I was at a different office would go swim before work as the pool I went to was in the same complex. It was great - I used to love how I felt the rest of the day after swimming.
  3. Seems like someone made a comment earlier in the thread about pain evaluation. Is anyone working on a device that would be able to actually rate a persons level of pain? Hypothetically, if someone could convince you it works or works some large percentage of time, would you be willing to allow it to make the call on whether drugs are needed? I always think of that stupid chart with the faces on it to gauge your pain. Seems like maybe there’s something they could come up with to measure kind of like they do on Law and Order SVU when they show the perverts brain lighting up when he’s looking as bad stuff.
  4. I’m not jumping in to the opioid conversation as I know virtually nothing about them - but as a quick tangent, Advil is also something I avoid as there are studies showing it’s bad for the kidneys. I consider myself fortunate that I don’t have any real pain and definitely not chronic pain. In general, I try to limit my meds to none and if I have a little hip or back pain I just deal with it in other ways. I know many folks don’t have that option and it sucks - being in pain is the worst. ETA - I should point out that I avoid them now - use to take them often as I was unaware of the possible issues
  5. Another good workout week - weekend eating was all bad but I limited my damage. Going to retry the fast this week. 162.8
  6. This is how my wife signs my birthday card each year.
  7. Last night headed out for an expected 6.6 miles - got 4.5 miles in and the heavens opened up. Ran 2 miles in a thunderstorm. Wife called me twice to make sure she didn’t need to come get me. I was trying to do MAF but with the storm I picked up the pace and got it done. Was absolutely soaked- basically like I jumped in the pool dressed. Today did 8.25 with fartleks during the 2nd loop. Considered a 3rd loop but was spent after .5 mile and called it off.
  8. We went one time with some friends for EPCOT Food & Wine without the kids so
  9. Disney fan but less of a fanatic as my kids are older. My reasons: four kids who grew up during the Disney-Pixar era of movies, easy access to Disney World, disposable income for trips, family that loves amusement parks, we got lucky with the timing of Fastpass technology- if you knew what you were doing you could ride a lot of rides, EPCOT food and wine. We’ve canceled our last two trips - rising cost, crowds and other things we’d like to do but we still enjoy it.