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  1. Yep and if folks on the right want to blame someone for a President Sanders they can point the finger at themselves for electing Trump - not saying it will happen but there is no President Sanders without a President Trump, IMO.
  2. I shouldn’t say this and risk “getting in trouble” but the guy you are responding too has caused more trouble in the PSF than literally anyone else - and he’s on “my side”. He should have been banned a long time ago.
  3. If this is true, they were/are fools. I find it a little hard to believe though.
  4. This is why all my poles are flawless, I’m a non-verbose simpleton with simple words.
  5. Serious answer - I’m not overly concerned with it but it is a little embarrassing. No candidate is perfect though and if this is one of her big strikes then she’s looking good in my book.
  6. Scarlett Johansson wants to have sex with me but I found out she picks her nose so instead I’ll sleep with Roseanne Barr.* *I know rock said the primary but I wanted to make my lame joke
  7. I mean this sincerely - I find it fascinating you say you went from: - Obama to Trump - Christian to atheist - pro-choice to pro-life Those are 3 big shifts. I do wonder how becoming an atheist and moving to right aligns as Christians have dominated both parties but typically atheist seem to align more with the left (from my experience).
  8. You could make it the entire alphabet and my wife still wouldn’t be down.
  9. Maybe if he eventually LOCKS HER UP and then pardons her they will rethink their support. MAYBE.
  10. Are you sure they are factoring in those phat Tariff checks from China?
  11. Sweet Lord - could you imagine a Trump/Pence v. Bloomberg/Hillary matchup? Four people who quite frankly I think are <redacted>. Definition of race to the bottom.
  12. Considering how well he’s done for weeks with basically saying nothing he may want to consider just skipping the debate.
  13. Be honest, how many shovels have you bought from these people?