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  1. AAABatteries

    Criminal Justice and Sexual Assault

    Henry - I read through most of your posts but don't have time to read all the links. Just to make sure I'm following - is your issue more with those bringing the charges, the jurors, the judges, our overall attitude towards women who are violated or a combination of all of them? As a complete legal moron my assumption when I read that a plea agreement was reached is that either the case wasn't strong or the lawyer wasn't convinced he could win. Is that typically true? On the probation sentence - isn't that something that either gets worked out with the lawyers or the judge and not the jurors? Sorry for asking probably stupid questions but I'm trying to understand where you feel the biggest part of the problem lies today.
  2. AAABatteries

    The Trump Years

    I had never heard of her but she's kind of hot - may be the perfect woman for Eminence.
  3. AAABatteries

    I’m with Pelosi

    I agree with the message but it’s the wrong messenger, IMO.
  4. AAABatteries

    Board Software Upgrade

    How much 💰 to make it happen? We’ll get @Otis to foot the bill.
  5. AAABatteries

    The Science and Politics of Food

    @fatguyinalittlecoat - here’s the Ted Talk - more digestible than the longer and more technical video I posted previously. Sugar - the elephant in the kitchen
  6. AAABatteries

    The Science and Politics of Food Sugar subsidies article - we help prop up an industry that is killing us.
  7. AAABatteries

    The Science and Politics of Food

    Not controversial per se but definitely not common knowledge and absolutely not something that most people practice. Sugar isn’t as bad as cigarettes but it’s on par with alcohol (if we just focus on what it does to our bodies). But as Lustig points out we have people that feed their kids waffles with syrup and apple juice for breakfast and then let them eat goldfish all day and give them Little Debbie’s. That same person would think you were crazy if you gave a kid a beer. Both are horrible ideas.
  8. AAABatteries

    50 topics on a page vs 25

    Sorry GB but I strongly disagree with this.
  9. AAABatteries

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Yeah, I don’t really want to be around someone who thinks making fun or people or punching back is something to love. Seems like a big character flaw.
  10. AAABatteries

    The Science and Politics of Food

    This. I won’t go in to a diet discussion (yet) and how big a hypocrit I’ve been at times but suffice it to say my current eating agrees with the bolded. They salt the snot out of processed foods.
  11. AAABatteries

    The Science and Politics of Food

    Agree and my intent was to get the book and break it in to manageable pieces. Still have to do that. Sorry for the long first video - it’s definitely not a great introduction, should have gone with his Ted Talk - will try to cleanup the first post to use it for good links/info.
  12. AAABatteries

    I LOVE Elizabeth Warren: All aboard - WOO WOO!!!

    I'm not intelligent and I didn't really know. Granted, I think this whole discussion by both sides is ridiculous. Almost makes me want to read the Kaepernick thread - ALMOST.
  13. AAABatteries

    This sub forum is a cesspool

    You should try it, it's wonderful.
  14. AAABatteries

    The Science and Politics of Food

    The problem is we can't get government out completely - I'm willing to accept that government will make mistakes (many of them) but my initial goal with taxation would be to discourage people from use, not necessarily to get money out of it. It would be good if we could directly tie food & beverage taxation to healthcare funding.