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  1. You can't even imagine what they are like already. Like this gem from Loeffler
  2. I have relatives that would seriously consider moving to another state if this happens. Or at least make threats to doing so like some of those celebs on Twitter did when Trump won.
  3. Whoever survives between Loeffler and Collins has a pretty good chance. Ossoff will probably still lose but he has a much better shot than Warnock - IMO.
  4. I consider myself pretty up to date on things and that was the first I remember hearing from someone that it is "probable". I think it's something that should be getting a lot more discussion but like with most things there will be disinformation and politicizing of it to the point where the average person either won't care or won't understand.
  5. My guess on the 30 minute break request is around wearing a mask - I know after a little while I feel like I need a break from wearing it.
  6. I know you are joking but honestly Trump and his advisors and supporters see this as a sure thing. And honestly - their taking point are already written. It won't matter what he says or how he does - they will just claim he destroyed Biden. This is a man who talked about his penis size during debates in 2016 - they don't really care what he says.
  7. No clue - I’m working under the assumption they are accurate - could be they are way off.
  8. Cav - I seriously have no clue what you are talking about. I think just about everyone knows I don’t “play”. I’m happy to take it to PMs with you because I have no beef with you at all. But I definitely disagree with you that Trump and Biden are equally bad.
  9. Yep - back to the point I made much earlier - I’m much more “outraged” by the idea that this 1%’er doesn’t pay taxes than any of the other stuff (assuming there’s not more to the story we don’t know yet).
  10. Because I told you to enjoy your drinks? If so, then I apologize but that is kind of a running joke around here. I have no beef with you and your comment was over the line but again, I don’t take it personally.
  11. I’m not sure what insult Cav thinks I made but I already said I was bowing out of the conversation with him. I think he’s a good dude and I don’t take his comment personally. If he actually knew me he would know how misguided it is - I actually voted for Bernie in the last election so I have him beat!
  12. Time to bow out - enjoy your drinks! ETA - to be clear, time for me to bow out
  13. And the reason his taxes are important and people care is apparently there’s still undecideds. I find that amazing but I’m told it’s real. If this convinces them then good.