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  1. Again - I 100% get why folks want to defend the GOP/Conservatism/Religion, etc. There's aspects of that that I still defend. But I'll never get why THIS GUY. It's beyond cutting off your nose to spite your face. I know no one will believe me but I consider myself fairly objective - I've voted R for President in basically every election but the last one - the guy seems to be running the party and the GOP in to the ground for years to come. At some point you'd have to think that his supporters have to question whether all of this is worth it.
  2. The whole Trump phenomenon is just so bizarre to me. I don't ever recall people being so dedicated to a politician to the point of ignoring mounds of evidence about X (corruption, incompetence, dishonesty, etc.). I mean, seriously - 5 years ago would anybody have said "I'll definitely support and stand behind Donald Trump over a decorated military man"? I completely get why people attempt to "defend the shield" of the GOP or many of the beliefs and policies of the right and conservatives. But for the life of me I just have no clue why they support this guy. A guy that will lie about giving someone a nickname.
  3. He’s a pathological liar who actively tries to divide us - of course he’s unfit for the office. The fact that he is totally incompetent is just the icing on the cake.
  4. Somebody photoshop his spray tanned mug on to Inspector Clouseau stat!
  5. In the same way that Trump voters overlooked his flaws I think there’s a motivated group that will overlook any perceived flaws Joe will have.* The number of people who will actually watch the debate and not have their mind already made up is fairly insignificant, IMO. *Not condoning it - it’s just where we are today
  6. Biden has an issue that I personally have and that is not completing a thought while speaking before moving on to the next one. If you want to call that word salad I won't argue but there's literally nothing in that interview that concerns me as a voter. When I evaluate a candidate I first look at content and then delivery. His content was spot on. His delivery is haphazard.
  7. I struggle to come up with the name of an individual I trust less to tell me the truth.
  8. I had seen the video and already commented on what a horrible thing she did and that hasn't changed. What has changed for me a little is my thoughts on it and how horrible in hindsight what she did was. After watching what has happened in the country since that happened it was even more sobering re-watching the video. She should be terrified by her actions and we should all be completely disgusted. I would have no problem with your idea of charging her with a hate crime.
  9. Sorry - I didn’t explain well. Both spigots have a high pitched noise coming from them when turned on. One of the two has water shoot out of it when you turn the water off.
  10. Rarely use an alarm, so 0 most of the time. If I do have to use one I will use snooze to ensure I don’t go back to sleep.
  11. Thanks GB - good luck with things. My wife mostly doesn't care about politics which may be a good thing for me. She'd rather watch some trash reality TV