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  1. Day 25: Let my legs rest some today - 10,114 Steps - 250 push-ups - 250 squats - 250 abs (50 Flutter kicks; 50 leg lifts; 50 crunches; 50 mountain climbers; 50 teasers) - Stretching - NOPE - 100 oz of water - NOPE - Sleep - CHECK - 10 hours
  2. While I don’t have a lot of alcohol in the house I almost always have some beer in the garage fridge and a bourbon and/or scotch in the top of the pantry. 4 kids, 3 teenagers, never considered locking it up.
  3. Ball cancer, nerve damage or what MAC said. Seriously though - the nagging little injuries suck. Despite me getting better and being able to really ramp up my exercise my stupid knee still isn’t 100%. Getting to the point that I’m not sure it ever will be again.
  4. My younger two are 13 (boy) and 11 (girl). It’s always a tricky situation with kids sleeping over - could you have the cousin sleep at your house so you can supervise?
  5. So impressive. I sometimes think we don’t make as big a deal out of what some of guys do. I’m in awe Juxt - for what’s it worth.
  6. She could murder someone on 5th Avenue and I’d still vote for her
  7. I’m probably wrong but if they push him out before next November a large portion of that block will still vote for Pence or anyone else. Additionally they have the opportunity to “win back” folks like IK, Yankee, etc. by doing so.
  8. Thanks - got it. I guess I can chalk that term up to other terms I used in the past that become offensive. For my part I love humor but don’t want to hurt or offend someone who is truly insulted by it. I honestly had no clue this term was offensive to some but I’ve lived a sheltered life.
  9. People are doing forum searches for usage of “tranny” and I’m one of the biggest offenders? Huh. This is weird on so many levels. Can I get summary of what is going on? If it’s helps - I haven’t been in this thread in a while and while I saw the rockaction thread I just kind of skipped it as I had no clue what was going on - although that’s somewhat typical of rock’s thread - just kidding rock.
  10. Wait - what? I’m not even sure what this is about. I have use “tranny” all the time in the past joking around if that’s what you are asking. Guilty as charged. Also, I have no clue if the term is offensive as I don’t know any transvestites. I’ve probably used it recently too. Is that what this is about?
  11. Of course they don’t - just repeating the lies they hear from Rush and Hannity.
  12. at any Trump supporter who tries to make her lies in to something big.
  13. This. Get some rest and let your body heal. You’re a beast and even a beast needs some down time.