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  1. Ha, what would you like it to read?
  2. P Park Pimps

    Myles Garrett or Everson Griffen ROS

    My bad, I should have mentioned that I have Demarcus Lawrence already and that I would be dropping Garrett to get Griffen.
  3. With Garrett on a bye would you consider dropping him for Everson?
  4. P Park Pimps

    Week 7 Questions For Bloom

    10 team PPR Drop Sterling Shepard or Marquise Goodwin for Tre'Quan Smith? Have Davante Adams, Diggs, and Josh Gordon already. TIA!
  5. Trade Jordan Howard to get Fournette?
  6. P Park Pimps

    Rams vs Seahawks - Week 5

    Anyone see the hit?
  7. P Park Pimps

    Trade Bell to Conner owner for Dalvin Cook

    I appreciate it guys
  8. 12 team standard league.. I have a feeling this isnt going to end well with Bell and moved him for Dalvin Cook.. Thoughts?
  9. P Park Pimps

    Alfred Morris, why is he rated so low

    FWIW In a slow PPR draft, after Mckinnon news broke Breida went 11.4, I snagged him a few picks later at 11.8
  10. P Park Pimps

    Alfred Morris, why is he rated so low

    For those with upcoming drafts, what round do you take ALF?
  11. P Park Pimps

    Draft Kuechly in the 3rd?

    We can start 2 rb's and have a flex for a 3rd. Ya, stupid thing about the league is that you have to lock in your keepers shortly after the season ends, I hate it. I'm actually shopping Bell right now. Appreciate the feedback, thanks!
  12. P Park Pimps

    Draft Kuechly in the 3rd?

    Scoring is IDP heavy as tackles are 1.5, assits are .75, sacks are 4. Among other categories are tackles for loss and bonuses for yards after turnover. Is there another LB that would warrant a 3rd besides the ones that were kept?
  13. P Park Pimps

    Draft Kuechly in the 3rd?

    Got my IDP standard (tackle heavy) keeper draft this Sunday. Some background: Kept Telvin Smith, Leveon Bell, Joe Mixon, Alex Collins, & Derrick Henry. Needless to say im thin at WR. We start 3 LB's and 2 WR's My first pick isnt until round 3. If Kuechly (Deion Jones & Bobby Wagner are kept) is still there do I draft him over WR's like Mike Evans, TY Hilton and WR's in that tier? TIA
  14. P Park Pimps

    Detroit at Tampa Bay

    Wheres Brate???
  15. Anyone drop him yet? Cowboys dont have a shot at the playoffs right? Would they even play him in a meaningless week 16 game?