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  1. doubtful. Authoritarian with unlimited means and the intelligence to implement all the ghoulish policies. Would actually prefer Trump as he is less competent and it leaves the opportunity that the Progressive left gets stronger and consolidates and gains more power. Bloomberg will turn the Dems into even more of a Republican type party and it will end any sort of resistance.
  2. well, to start, how about when school and housing segregation end.
  3. ya the guy who gave up a multi-million dollar career to stand up against the mistreatment of people is selfish. my god you people are just unbelievable.
  4. so long as mccown or kessler are starting then I think he is a top 20 wr easily. I would stay away if lol whitehurst is in there tho, good gawd that was pathetic.
  5. he also would have had a nice gain if the kessler made a better throw on the interception. he was def open and it wasnt even a hard throw. also, crowell ran all over their asses in the 2nd half so there wasnt much reason to throw.
  6. nothing i hate more than talking about random players in another players thread. listen heres the thing. sig makes a lot of predictions. some or good. some are bad. im pretty sure hes a big boy and can handle some respectful criticism and doesnt need white knights taking veiled shots at ppl who make credible and evidence based arguments.
  7. I cant imagine that checking into rehab absolves him from taking a drug test for the nfl.
  8. yes I realize it came after week 2. the same week that the teams other main wr, coleman, got injured, opening up the opportunity for the bulk of the teams targets. so no, I am not dropping a guy who had some massive preseason plays and just became the main target. 6 catches for 100 yards is not exactly terrible production or no involvement in the offense either. and he had a whopping 17 targets in those 2 games.
  9. its just poor analysis regardless of the results. you dont drop a teams top wr without seeing how he performs. and esp when you consider the peripheral circumstances like pryor's physical tools, performance thus far, and the rumors that he was getting qb reps in practice. if kessler gets hurt, pryor will be the qb the rest of the game. that would be massive.
  10. Ya it's bizarre. Wonder if he picked up a nice little poppy habit while running with Mansziel. Bc if you go back itt, there are tons of reports from the local media that he is never out drinking and partying and none of them believed he had a substance abuse issue. So either he had them all fooled or they were downplaying for some reason.
  11. Nobody called you a terrible human being. I was questioning your ability to formulate conclusions, examine details, and identify meaningful parallel situations.
  12. uhh, thats wat pretty much everyone in this thread is saying.
  13. posts like this make me question the future of the human race.
  14. not sure exactly what hes valued at but it should be pretty damn high. dont see how he doesnt average 5+ catches a game here on out and then throw in some running and passing bonii. hes easily a top 15 wr going forward.
  15. not sure if this is true of marvin. his teams have often featured workhorse backs. he ran rudi johnson straight into the ground with over 350 touches for 3 years in a row. then he leaned heavily on cedric benson who averaged over 20 touches a game for 3 years in a row despite a very competent backup in bernard scott on the team. ofc, it can be argued that he has changed as gio ate heavily into bjge role after bjge dominated the backfield touches the previous year. rather, I think marvin just uses what he has. gio and hill both have some talent and situational expertise. marvin istn dumb enough to ignore that.
  16. wtf, does ur leaguemate have some inside connicts?
  17. lol hes not getting suspended for this. certainly not this year at least.
  18. peterson was hurt a lot in college but he had some absolutely insane moments. elliot looks pretty great, but I have never seen a rb like adrian peterson. the sheer violent acceleration is just unreal. elliot is smooth and has some nice pickup, but its no where near peterson. I would not be surprised either way on elliot. I like the gore comparison the best I think. if he has that kind of vision then he will be highly successful. but I am not sure if his explosiveness and athleticism is enough to elude nfl tacklers.
  19. Agreed, no big deal... unless you have a DRINKING PROBLEM. People that have issues with when-to-say-when and go through rehab for these problems probably should not drink again. first of all, there is no evidence that your conclusion is true. and secondly, its not a certainty that he has a drinking problem. going to rehab does not prove he has a problem. lol. So why did he go? You suppose he heard they had good food there?i suppose i coulda worded it a bit better. just bc he went to rehab, does not mean that he should never drink again. plenty of ppl get in trouble, and/or go to rehab only to later on get their sht together and enjoy alcohol responsibly.
  20. Agreed, no big deal... unless you have a DRINKING PROBLEM. People that have issues with when-to-say-when and go through rehab for these problems probably should not drink again. first of all, there is no evidence that your conclusion is true. and secondly, its not a certainty that he has a drinking problem. going to rehab does not prove he has a problem.
  21. It's so funny how ppl try to hate on this guy. Pretty much the height of delusion.
  22. My problem isn't with the notion that he may be all the things you say he is. My problem is with all the people who state those things as a fact. You really should be able to back up assertions, particularly when you accuse someone of being a coke head. AFAIK the most damning evidence of cocaine is a cell phone photo which doesn't really show much of anything. You must not have much experience with party. Not being able to hear your alarm after a night of partying means one thing: drugs. Maybe not coke, maybe some other type of drug. Since the photo is out there I am going with coke. Also, you might not have any experience with hard drugs and you might not understand the allure and the physical longing once you have done it enough times. It just makes sense that he is on coke. I know, circumstantial evidence, but many people have been convicted on that? Lots. ehh, alcohol is pretty damn hard to wake up from. in fact, in my experience, which is just about every drug and every means of ingestion, alcohol still takes the top spot for worst mornings.
  23. Look at when he was primary back and he is over 4.0 and those first two games he was still getting healthy. So while you can say count everything you need to remember that things have changed and freeman is now fully healthy.What's the excuse for last year?Different coaches and systems. Rookie season learning the game.So last year it was that he was a rookie learning the game and the coaches/system stunk, and the 1st two weeks of this year it was that he was injured, and then magically everything that has been holding him back was lifted and the last two weeks is what he's always been? I'm guessing the drafting of Coleman with a higher pick than they used on him was just for depth, right? Also, if a rookie learning the game is a major hindrance, doesn't that mean that Coleman should also improve dramatically in the future?He's played well the last two weeks, but his track record overall hasn't been good, and IMO most of the last two weeks is due to the play of the O-line. Look dont own him if you dont want but these are legitimate reasons (not even excuses) as to why he would under perform. I dont think anyone expects him to stay on this pace but at this point he is solidly entrenched as a 1RB the rest of the year likely.Having a mediocre first year as a backup does not relegate you to the cellar for the rest of your career, just as having a first year that is successful could mean you are Trent Richardson. Things change, including opportunity, players around you, work ethic, and simple luck. By the way in case you didn't see it there have been 16 players with back to back 30 point games since 2000: Brian Westbrook 2008 Clinton Portis 2003 DeAngelo Williams 2008 Deuce McAllister 2003 LaDainian Tomlinson 2003, 2006 Larry Johnson 2005 Le'Veon Bell 2014 Marshall Faulk* 2000, 2001 Mike Anderson 2000 Priest Holmes 2003. 2004 Ricky Williams 2000, 2002 Steven Jackson 2006 Let me know if you think any of these guys were fantasy busts during those seasons? Also take a look a Le'Veon Bell as a Rookie (NO I AM NOT SAYING FREEMAN WILL BE BELL FOR SURE): 2013 - 244 for 860 (3.5) and 8TDs w/ 45 receptions for 399 and 0TDs The Steelers even brought in another RB who performed pretty well the year prior in Blount and were paying him more than Bell going in to the season, although Bell was still projected to be the #1. At this point Coleman will likely eat in to some of the touches for Freeman but if he keeps producing there is no way they can pull him from the field. not that it matters much, but if i were you, i would reconsider where or how you gather your data. you are missing bryce brown for certain. his rookie year, replacing injured mccoy, he put up 189 total yards and 2 tds, followed by 183 and 2 tds, He fumbled twice in the first game and once in the 2nd game, which is probably why he is just under 30 in each one. (18 + 12 - 4 or 2) 28.9 and 30.3 to be exact So before calling me out try doing the research yourself and good call out long ball with the reasoning. ya and some leagues dont count fumbles. so whatever. its a stupid arbitrary stat anyway.
  24. OK, in the NFL talent wins 99.99% of the time. We've seen this with a slew of other guys.Plus, you don't know that talent is the ONLY reason for this. There is likely a lo of things going on behind the scene that aren't public. I'm sure talent is a primary reason. If he was throwing for 300 and 3 a game, no one would care and he would be starting. That is my point. You've finally figured out the Barry Bonds rule. Bonds was always a surly, miserable jerk. Teammates didn't like him. But he was a great all around player and 30-30 guy the first half of his career and a phenomenal power hitter when he was all jacked up on roids. So he was always going to have a job. As soon as he got a little older and he wasn't cracking out 50+ home runs anymore (and wasn't offering the ticket sales/TV viewers of the home run chase) he was unceremoniously unsigned by the Giants and no other team wanted him either. Hardy is Steroids Bonds. Manziel is washed up Bonds. one of the worst analogies of all time. bonds was never washed up. look at his final year. led the league in walks, 28 hr and 1045 ops. the league and owners colluded to keep him out of baseball. perhaps that is indeed similar to manziel in that he is not getting a fair shot either.