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  1. They dropped off the kid with the mom and said they had doctor appointments. Its safe to say they had something planned that day. I haven't seen first hand witness talking about him being upset at the event, only that he was missing and they noticed when they were taking the group picture.
  2. maybe more than just these 2 involved? reports of 6 men at the home alot recently (which apparently has been described as a "IED factory"). I saw somewhere they also wore gopro's? this wasn't a spur of the moment thing.
  3. suspect was county employee who left and then came back they think, per scanner note: witness says the guy matches description, may be nothing
  4. Here is the scanner link, they were just talking about running intel on a guy last week.
  5. WTF? are you rooting for ISIS? hard delete this thread.
  6. It seems like the governors and Obama could get together and work this out with a better vetting process. If I'm either side, I'd offer up a meeting. But both sides won't budge. Politics as normal here.
  7. ok new rules: if you don't have a kid right now in school, you can't say anything about education. SOOO, if you aren't on Obamacare, you can't even discuss that either way. oh, and if you aren't the 1%, you can't rip have to be the middle class to have any comments on the middle class foreign policy comments? YOU HAVE TO BE IN THE MILITARY.
  8. I don't think they will piss off too many christians. Turns out that alot of them believe and like to say they are christian, but when it gets right down to it, that's usually not the case.WTF?i have met many extremely devout Christians who are some of the most intolerant a holes I have ever you met a few Christians, so "alot of them" are like this. i guess the same can be true about the islamic terrorists? i have seen a many on TV that kill innocent people, so i'll label it as "alot" of muslims (as you have done above) are radical extremist terrorists who want to kill the infidels.
  10. Dylan Roof killed Christians inside a church doing a bible study???
  11. I'm guessing you intentionally brought the question up here to bring the kooks out from both sides. It would have taken 5 seconds to google.
  12. Carson is now saying that he never said "he was admitted or applied" but an appointment could be gotten for him if he wanted. Not a big fan of Carson, but I suppose he can play the semantics game like Hillary does and get away with it. I don't think his poll numbers will drop on this, especially if he can just say that Politico made up his "admission"
  13. The liberal media got owned by the Republican candidates and it's just killing Tobias, and he didn't even watch it!