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  1. The "Office of the President" attempted to call me but I let it go to voicemail as I really wasn't in the mood to deal with their ####. I could barely understand the woman who left a voicemail. Since I also got an email, I replied to that stating I'd prefer that all contact be in writing to avoid any further misunderstandings. This morning I received a reply stating that she had taken care of my billing issues/missing credits. I checked my account and see that she actually did as she said. So the BBB route works but you're right, it definitely isn't worth the time and effort.
  2. I submitted mine to Illinois based on their mailing address and BBB transferred it to Atlanta.
  3. Update. I got yet another sorry to see you go email yesterday with a number to call for a "great offer." I call and end up with the usual free ST Max, $200 gift card and 2 credits totaling $59/ mo. off for a year w/ no commitment. Even got the exact amount I would be billed from the rep. This morning I get my statement and it has the $5 credit bot not the $54. I called and spent almost an hour getting ESL'd, disconnected, transferred etc. before I finally just gave up. Went to the website and the chat appears to be disabled. It seems impossible to actually get someone who can actually help. I should have known better since I went through a similar hassle last year but the deep discounts I ended up getting for that actually had me foolishly forgiving them. Guess I'll try the BBB next. Maybe that will get their attention?
  4. Gotta love these guys. Disconnection went through 9/17. Got email, called the number in the email, listened to the offer and turned it down. This morning get another email saying service had been disconnected 9/19. No big deal, right? A couple of hours later, I get a bill for the period of 9/19 - 10/18 for $204 (premiere pkg w/no discounts.) Call them back at the same number, guy transfers me to the lowest depths of "customer service" where I finally get it confirmed that they fixed the problem. For some reason, I have no faith. All I can figure is the guy last night must have reactivated the account to look for discounts and that somehow screwed everything up. Now I just have to wait until 10/3 to see if they debit my account because I can't log in to delete my checking acct. info. Also - I still have TV. WTF???
  5. I got an email right after I posted. You don't even get boxes now - you just have to bring the receiver to a UPS store and they take it from there. I've been trying every number in this thread but they're offering nothing. I had nothing but trouble with them last year and I'm sure they're done with me at this point. I'll try one last time before I unplug it all and send it back.
  6. Mine shut off 9/17. Set up an appointment with Dish for installation on 9/26. Hoping the boxes will arrive in the meantime with a "special offer" flyer but if not- it's been a good run.
  7. Mine is 9/17 and I haven't gotten anything.
  8. Everyone knows you're a transvestite and you're in love with me.
  9. I just made the call and told them to cancel me on 9/16 when my current billing cycle is over. They offered nothing. Now we wait, I guess.
  10. What an operation these guys run. All the discounts I was offered magically disappeared so I got on chat to ask what was up. Turns out that since I was offered the discounts a couple of days shy of a month ago, they won't show up on my next bill until tomorrow. In the meantime, the amount it says will be deducted via autopay is wrong and the real amount will show up in a day or two. As an apology for the "inconvenience" they gave me another $32/mo. off for 6 mos.
  11. I think I would rather have Cole than Cobb at this point.
  12. I would go Ertz and Miller. Gives you a huge upgrade at TE with the added bonus of some additional RB depth.