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  1. Mine is 9/17 and I haven't gotten anything.
  2. Everyone knows you're a transvestite and you're in love with me.
  3. I just made the call and told them to cancel me on 9/16 when my current billing cycle is over. They offered nothing. Now we wait, I guess.
  4. What an operation these guys run. All the discounts I was offered magically disappeared so I got on chat to ask what was up. Turns out that since I was offered the discounts a couple of days shy of a month ago, they won't show up on my next bill until tomorrow. In the meantime, the amount it says will be deducted via autopay is wrong and the real amount will show up in a day or two. As an apology for the "inconvenience" they gave me another $32/mo. off for 6 mos.
  5. I think I would rather have Cole than Cobb at this point.
  6. I would go Ertz and Miller. Gives you a huge upgrade at TE with the added bonus of some additional RB depth.
  7. PPR, 6 pt TDs with 10 point bonus for 100 yd. games and 5 point bonus for 50+ yard TD catch. Have first shot at the waiver wire this week and my choices are Enunwa, John Brown, Keelan Cole and Marquise Goodwin. Any thoughts? Will be happy to answer yours in return.TY!
  8. Mine stayed on for a full day even after they emailed me saying I had been disconnected.
  9. I called and a few days ago and scheduled my disconnection, which went through yesterday. No one tried to call or email so I called the 870 number under the guise of not being able to log in to check for my final bill. DTV rep: "This is the promotions department. I can't help you with that." Me: "Oh, I'm terribly sorry. No idea where I got this number." Rep: "No problem ... but may I ask why you canceled?" Told her I was switching to Dish and she checked for promotions and offered me $78/mo. for a year + an additional $10 off for 2 months (no idea what that was about), free ST Max and $100 gift card. Total time on the phone for both calls was less than 30 minutes.
  10. Just made the first call (to the regular 800 number.) Told them I wanted to cancel purely because of cost and that I had a better offer from Dish. They offered me the $60/month and free ST Max. I was tempted to just take it but I went ahead and scheduled the disconnection for Monday. She then told me they would have "great winback offers" for me after the disconnection went through.
  11. I disconnected 2 days ago and called the 866 number today. I had the premier package which goes for $151/mo. All they were willing to do for me was free ST Max, $100 gift card and knock my package down to a lower tier and give me free movie channels for 3 months. For this, they demanded a 2 year commitment. Couldn't get the guy to budge at all. Guess I'll have to try again tomorrow.
  12. I resumed service on 8/2 and still hadn't received my card. I finally got around to calling today and the guy told me it had been sent back in August via UPS and was showing as delivered. Strange though that from my end neither the reward department's automated phone system or the rewards section of the website had any record of them ever having sent me anything. After 10 minutes, I was able to get him to issue me a $200 bill credit. Hopefully it actually shows up and that will be the end of it.