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  1. I'm gonna pass this season - I cannot stand the rolling waiver system.
  2. I did Canyonlands/Arches/Capitol Reef/Bryce/Zion in April. Man that's an awesome trip. Highly recommend if you like seeing incredible scenery.
  3. We were there in April and hiked up to Delicate.
  4. Will Fantrax facilitate blind bidding or some other more equitable waiver process? I cannot stand the rolling waiver system.
  5. PPR superflex, rebuilding, sent: Travis Kelce/Adam Thielen/Zay Jones for Odell Beckham Jr., Noah Fant, 2020 1st (mid), 2 2020 2nds (mid) Thought it was a good exit value for 2 aging guys that don't fit a rebuild. Gives me 4 2020 1sts to work with including 3 from projected bottom half teams.
  6. My apologies - I read "our power grids are privately owned in most cases so it's up to them to protect their own stuff" as "government owned is better". You're right you didn't say that.
  7. Not to turn this into a political thread, but I cannot think of one thing that the government performs more efficiently and effectively than a private company.
  8. Seconded. There is a museum there and as I recall, a short hike that loops you toward the mountain and back. 30 minutes I'd say is a little light, but certainly less than 2 hours.
  9. This is correct. I have a relative in a country club prison. I have been inside to see him. It is still very much prison.
  10. Interesting note - wife and I have been rewatching starting from the beginning and just finished s1e7 last night, where Robert Baratheon dies. Prior to passing, Robert is dictating a note to Ned Stark. The line that Robert says is something to the extent of (and forgive me because I'm sure it's not exact) Ned will be "Protector of the Realm until my rightful heir, Joffrey Baratheon, is of age". They show the letter again after the scene is over, and what Ned actually writes is "Protector of the Realm until my rightful heir is of age". #Gendrytime
  11. This is the correct answer. About 100 yards offshore is some of the best snorkeling you will ever do.
  12. Me too! Fall break (Cobb County).
  13. For me: RB: Chris Warren Elijah McGuire WR: Tim Patrick Robert Foster TE: Dan Arnold Chris Herndon