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  1. I would but work and life get in the way. Happy to share any insight you're looking for though
  2. Swim was actually shortened last year. The first 1/3 of the swim is upriver in a protected channel, then downriver for the remaining 2/3. The pros couldn't make it upriver against the current last year so the AG swim was just the downriver portion. It was somewhere around 1500-1600 meters instead of the normal 3800. The weather has been variable since the race was moved to October. Of the 4 I've done in October, 2 were very good weather, one was an exceptionally windy day, and the last was very cold (Sunday).
  3. Update on my end - finished IM Louisville for the fourth time yesterday, my 13th IM overall. It was my validation race for 2019 for the Legacy program. Now all I've got to do is finish a half next year (2020) and a half in 2021 prior to Kona and I'm in the big dance for October 2021. Long story short - swim was cancelled, bike start was 39 degrees (so I'm pretty happy the swim was cancelled), bike was awful (I had forgotten how hilly the course is, pretty much all up/down except the first/last 10 miles), but I had a very good run. Broke 4:00 for the marathon for only my second time - 3:59:32. Wasn't a real goal of mine but I was pretty pumped to see that in the athlete tracker last night.
  4. Every park I've ever been to out west invokes this feeling for me. Anyone who has ever been, and says "we need less of these", is doing it wrong.
  5. This is a prime example of what I'm talking about with the filter. The far left picture looks like it doesn't have a filter on, and it is much more tan. The far right picture looks like it does have a filter on and it looks like the reddish color. BTW, I wasn't impressed with Horseshoe Bend. They were doing construction on the entrance (perhaps it's done now) so we had to park a couple miles away and bus over. After you got off the bus, it was a good half mile hike up and over a hill to see Horseshoe Bend. When you got there it was sort of like the Mount Rushmore comment above - "yep, that's a river, with a bend in it. Let's take a picture, then turn around and head back."
  6. Yep, we did that when we were there in April. Awesome time. We just did one of the two (I believe we did upper without checking) so I can't compare/contrast the two, but it was a really cool experience for a couple hours. Pro tip - if you have an iPhone, to get the super cool reddish colored pictures with all the varying lines on them, turn on your camera filters. I believe we set ours to "warm" and it really brought out the color of the canyon. Our Navajo guide showed us how to do this, as you might imagine he was very experienced at taking pictures in the canyon and knew exactly, on all phone models, how to get the best pictures.
  7. I would not purchase tickets and add the Express Pass - in my experience, it is much cheaper to buy the basic ticket and stay at one of the Universal properties (glvsav37 listed them above) that offers the Express Pass for free.
  8. Agreed with all this. I like Universal a lot for what it is, and I'd say they do some things better than Disney (much prefer their security screening process). What they don't have, however, is stuff for young kids. My youngest is 4 and there is virtually nothing there that she loves (or really even likes a lot). She's still terrified at some of the screen rides that are 3D and stuff jumps at you. I would hard pass on Universal with kids that are 4 and 2.
  9. I'm gonna pass this season - I cannot stand the rolling waiver system.
  10. I did Canyonlands/Arches/Capitol Reef/Bryce/Zion in April. Man that's an awesome trip. Highly recommend if you like seeing incredible scenery.
  11. We were there in April and hiked up to Delicate.
  12. Will Fantrax facilitate blind bidding or some other more equitable waiver process? I cannot stand the rolling waiver system.
  13. PPR superflex, rebuilding, sent: Travis Kelce/Adam Thielen/Zay Jones for Odell Beckham Jr., Noah Fant, 2020 1st (mid), 2 2020 2nds (mid) Thought it was a good exit value for 2 aging guys that don't fit a rebuild. Gives me 4 2020 1sts to work with including 3 from projected bottom half teams.
  14. My apologies - I read "our power grids are privately owned in most cases so it's up to them to protect their own stuff" as "government owned is better". You're right you didn't say that.
  15. Not to turn this into a political thread, but I cannot think of one thing that the government performs more efficiently and effectively than a private company.