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  1. Interesting note - wife and I have been rewatching starting from the beginning and just finished s1e7 last night, where Robert Baratheon dies. Prior to passing, Robert is dictating a note to Ned Stark. The line that Robert says is something to the extent of (and forgive me because I'm sure it's not exact) Ned will be "Protector of the Realm until my rightful heir, Joffrey Baratheon, is of age". They show the letter again after the scene is over, and what Ned actually writes is "Protector of the Realm until my rightful heir is of age". #Gendrytime
  2. ThreeThousand

    Grand Cayman - Suggestions?

    This is the correct answer. About 100 yards offshore is some of the best snorkeling you will ever do.
  3. ThreeThousand

    Disney Vacation

    Me too! Fall break (Cobb County).
  4. ThreeThousand

    2019 Dynasty Stashes

    For me: RB: Chris Warren Elijah McGuire WR: Tim Patrick Robert Foster TE: Dan Arnold Chris Herndon
  5. ThreeThousand

    Recruiter verifying Business Refernces

    My experience with recruiters who want business references - they want to name-drop your name with your references to drum up more potential business. Just my 2 cents.
  6. ThreeThousand

    Disney Vacation

    We had the same question last weekend. At that point it's almost a no-brainer to buy the annual pass, even if you only go one more day it's worthwhile. It was something like $280 for the 2+2 deal, but $310 for the AP. Plus, with the AP they were giving you 3 months free so you'd get 15 months instead of 12. I think we paid just under $1600 for 5 APs last weekend.
  7. ThreeThousand

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    I don't pop my head in here much anymore, what with life and work and training taking up most of my hours. Some great results over the past couple of days. I've got my 3rd Ironman this year (Ironman Boulder in June, Ironman Chattanooga in September) coming up this weekend and I can't say I'll be sorry to be on the other side of it. This season has just seemed to go on forever with a peak for all 3 races. I'm just about ready to be done for the year. This will be my 12th IM at Florida, so I'll be signing up for the Kona Legacy program assuming (fingers crossed) a finish. In case you hadn't heard, with the devastation in Panama City Beach from Michael the race was moved to Haines City, FL - just outside of Orlando. Incredible pivot, IMO, for Ironman to pull a change off like that with 2.5 weeks to go before the race.
  8. ThreeThousand

    Ran a 10k - Official Thread

    How is he there if this is his first iron distance? There is no more lottery.
  9. ThreeThousand

    Disney Vacation

    Pro tip - you can split the sandwich and when it is brought out, the staff will give you as many trays of pastries as you want. Ask for an extra (or two) and they will happily oblige. Makes the total cost a little more palatable.
  10. I threw my back out sneezing once. That's pretty bad.
  11. ThreeThousand

    Disney Vacation

    I liked it a lot as well. Pleasantly surprised as that is not generally my kind of food. Highly recommend the pineapple upside down cake for dessert. I hate pineapple upside down cake but this was the best I have ever had.
  12. 2 man list sent to Slob. I am out for the night.