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  1. Why would he suddenly now get work? Bell's been out since week 1. If they were going to play him wouldn't they have done it by now?
  2. I 100% agree on DeSoto. I've done 14 fulls and every one has been in the Rivieras. I wouldn't race anything past an hour on the bike without them. You want to spend your $$ on your bike touch points - shoes/socks and shorts/tri suits. Comfort on a long day is priceless.
  3. I'd agree with JAA - starting to work up to an IM is at least a 2 year enterprise. I'd probably even lean towards 3 depending on your background. I'd have an A race be an Olympic first year, half IM second, and full the 3rd. A full is going to be way, way more than twice as hard as your half.
  4. YMMV but I like to drill holes in the soles of my running shoes to let them drain. Between the treads of course - makes no difference in how the shoes feel but I find it makes an appreciable difference in how much they squish with sweat.
  5. My 5 year old made it to the top of Scout's Lookout before the chains.
  6. Your 2nd day at the GC I would take either Kaibab or Bright Angel down into the Canyon a mile or two. A little effort will get you away from 90% of the crowds. 2nd day at Zion I'd do Angel's Landing. Also if you have some time I'd head over to the Kolob Canyons area of the park. It's virtually deserted and Kolob Canyons viewpoint is great. At Arches Delicate is a 2-3 hour hike, so about half a day. It is very exposed so if it's a hot day bring plenty of water. The Double Arch area has 2-3 easy hikes from basically the same parking lot, it's a nice easy way to see a good number of Arches.
  7. Mine did too (one firestick and one fire tv). A router reboot solved the problem.
  8. My office is right around the corner from there. I live in East Cobb and my commute is 20-25 min (8ish miles). Not bad at all, on average, for Atlanta. Bonus is that East Cobb schools are great, no need to pay for private school.
  9. You're going to need to call them, but I think I remember an announcement that they would waive cancellation fees for the room(s) and any dining plan.
  10. Tickets are good forever. You just have to pay the differential between current price and what you paid if there is a difference.
  11. Strangely, I seem to have cramping during my afternoon/evening swim sessions as well. When I swim in the mornings I've never had an issue, but in the afternoons I'll relatively routinely cramp. I don't know if it's electrolyte imbalance, my diet, or what but the above sounds exactly like me.
  12. Need some advice - due to the coronavirus the wifey cancelled our Spring Break trip to Tokyo and instead we're going to pivot and head out west to Yosemite in April. Flying in and out of SanFran, want to hit Yosemite/King's Canyon/Sequoia (maybe Pinnacles). I've got 7 days to play with. 1 - What sort of time allocation do you recommend between those parks? 2 - Where would you stay? One place and make day trips? Split it up into two or three hotels? 3 - What are the "must-do" hikes? Family of 5 with 3 kids under 10. I'm sure I'll be carrying the 5 year old a bit.