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  1. Correct, just lump charcoal. Congrats!
  2. Palm Beach Post breaking-coronavirus 2020-05-0418:15:32&utm_content=GCOX_WPB&utm_term=050420 Miami Dolphins have social-distancing plan for 15,000 fans Dolphins games with “capacity” crowds of 15,000 are a possibility this season according to plans the organization is drawing up amid the coronavirus pandemic, Tom Garfinkel, the club’s president, vice chairman and CEO, told “Good Morning America” on Monday. The GMA report included a mock-up of what Hard Rock Stadium might look like in this social-distancing era, including spots on the ground at entry gates to keep fans at least 6 feet apart. ESPN reported that Hard Rock became the first public facility to receive “STAR” accreditation from the Global Biorisk Advisory Council, which issues standards for disinfecting and cleaning to prevent infectious agents. “We would have times to come in for security at different gates so people would be separated out in terms of when they enter the stadium,” Garfinkel said. “We would exit the stadium much like a church environment, where each row exists to people aren’t filing out all at the same time in a herd.” In a town where fans frequently rush to beat the traffic after games, it’s unclear how that exit strategy would be enforced. The NFL is expected to release the 2020 schedule this week, although reports are the league has contingency plans if a 16-game schedule is not feasible A report out of the UK over the weekend said the NFL will scrap its international series games this season, meaning the Dolphins would not play in London as originally planned. Garfinkel told GMA that rather than long lines at concessions, fans would order food, take-out style, from their seats and then pick it up. “When our fans, players and staff are able to return to Hard Rock Stadium, we want them to have peace of mind that we’re doing everything we can to create the safest and healthiest environment possible,” Garfinkel told ESPN. “We didn’t want to create our own standard. We wanted to be accountable to the most credible third-party standard that exists. Working with the GBAC ensures compliances with critical guidelines for the highest standard of cleanliness and it is our hope that other venues will follow suit as we navigate through these unprecedented times.”
  3. Not just Jupiter, all of Palm Beach County closed the boat ramps.
  4. 27.15 Pablo Lopez, SP, MIA 28.01 Buster Posey, C, SF @cosjobs
  5. I know who I want here, just waiting on Pik to wake up.
  6. 25.15 Hanser Alberto, 2B/3B, BAL 26.01 Manuel Margot, OF, TBR @cosjobs
  7. My son has a varsity baseball game tonight, strange to think it might be the last one of his Junior season.
  8. Another vote to finish it. Will give us something to do for the next two weeks while we're all quarantining.
  9. 23.15 Kevin Pillar, OF, BOS 24.01 Garrett Cooper, 1B/OF, MIA @cosjobs
  10. Goat Pik is up now, then you again before Widbil