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  1. Currently starting him over Lindsay..... left Hyde and Crowell on the bench in a 12 team ppr.
  2. Ran into a friend at happy hour and it looks like I’ll be up for awhile Anyone got any late night leans?
  3. Snagged him at 5.08 over the weekend.
  4. Maybe it was because we had just left an Acura dealership prior, but the VW just felt cheaply made. It was a new car and the arm rest in the back was already broken.
  5. Wife just test drove an Atlas over the weekend. What a POS. VW will never be getting a dime of my money.
  6. My apologies. I hardly ever post my plays/leans in here and would hate to post something not widely available.
  7. At my local. Not sure what site he mirrors.
  8. I’m going Sonny Gray over 4.5 K’s today.
  9. FYI, both the M’s and the White Sox scored in the 1st inning. Good day regardless.
  10. Between Rhysus Christ over Jesus Aguilar on Monday Night and “All things Fleetwood” it’s been a good week to blindly piggyback picks in here so I said what the hell.
  11. Yuck, I don’t like either of those. I’m in!
  12. No Gallo for Texas tonight. Link
  13. I flew up from South Florida specifically for this game. I’m not looking to pinch pennies, YOLO!!!
  14. My buddy and I are taking our 16 year old boys to the Tex/Bos game tonight, scored some tickets on the Green Monster. Anyone smarter than me got any leans for Minor vs. Rodriguez -200 o/u 10?