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  1. Fox in fridge > Soiled shorts in drop ceiling
  2. We had a Dad on our travel team who only cheered for #13.
  3. Over the years of Little League, travel ball, Summer ball, middle school and now high school baseball I have learned, in part because of your posts, that it is never as great as it seems and it is never as bad as it may seem at times. My son and I both must stay level-headed through the process and, as you said, just enjoy the ride.
  4. That's awesome! Wish you both the best of luck over the next 4 years. I have been following your son's baseball career through your posts over the years. Your son's high's and low's have always helped me gain perspective, in regards to my son's "baseball journey" and for that I thank you. My son, also a freshman, is currently playing high school baseball at my and my wife's Alma Mater. Last Saturday was opening day, he started at 3rd base, pitched 3 innings of no hit ball, batted clean-up and went 3-4. Two days later he was called up to pitch in a varsity game. God I love this time of year!!
  5. No idea about your state, but Florida has a state database that you can search for proof of workers' compensation insurance. When policies cancel mid-term that COI won't let you know, but the state database is updated daily. Proof of Coverage
  6. Ox is gonna need some Jim-Tom overalls.
  7. Yeah, I would think losing a child has to be a parent's worst nightmare and unfortunately many on this board know that too well. I just spoke with my friend. He is currently watching his nephew while his sister and brother-in-law make the funeral arrangements.
  8. Just received an email from a friend confirming that his niece was one of the 17 victims who lost their lives yesterday.
  9. I'm willing to assist if needed.
  10. I would be thrilled to give up my spot if @Eephus wants in.
  11. That's awesome nugs. Hope the beard is doing better as well.
  12. I was thinking about making this for a party as well. Any tips?
  13. Seems like a good place as any to put this..... Well this will be a first for me. The text invite for the party I'm going to reads... Nothing says football like crepes I guess. 44 years old and I've never eaten a crepe in my life. Any suggestions on what to start hiding?
  14. Inbox was full I guess, all cleaned out now.