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  1. Anyone seen an O/U for total puns in this next game?
  2. Timely thread, I'm flying in with a buddy to catch the 7/9 game vs. the Rangers. Will probably be hitting many of these bars. I've been to Cask before, but never been to the Bleacher Bar. Looks like a great spot if you don't have tickets to the game.
  3. Going to a UEFA league championship party at 2:45pm. Anything to bet here?
  4. He getting called up or what?
  5. I would hug any one of them, but I would hug #1 the longest.
  6. A friend and I are taking our 16 year boys to a game at Fenway in early July and I'm looking for hotel recommendations. Looking at The Millenium, The Park Plaza and The Godfrey. Anything other hotels I should be considering for a guys trip?
  7. Apr 11 01:05 PM TOTAL o4½-120 (1H ATL BRAVES vrs 1H WAS NATIONALS) ( B. MCCARTHY -R / A.J. COLE -R ) Apr 11 07:05 PM TOTAL o4½-125 (1H TOR BLUE JAYS vrs 1H BAL ORIOLES) ( M. ESTRADA -R / K. GAUSMAN -R )
  8. Fox in fridge > Soiled shorts in drop ceiling
  9. We had a Dad on our travel team who only cheered for #13.
  10. Over the years of Little League, travel ball, Summer ball, middle school and now high school baseball I have learned, in part because of your posts, that it is never as great as it seems and it is never as bad as it may seem at times. My son and I both must stay level-headed through the process and, as you said, just enjoy the ride.