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  1. Based upon his prior behavior, I would bet he's closer to 2K than $4250 X 2. I think you are handling this whole situation perfectly and wish you the best outcome possible.
  2. The guy is in construction, he knew exactly what he was doing.
  3. I'd be super pissed, but I'm also an irrational **** most of the time.
  4. Taking my wife and our two teenagers to Zac Brown Band this weekend.
  5. Pick two of JuJu, Hardman or Landry ppr?
  6. My 17 year old son is there with his girlfriend heavy petting tonight -999
  7. The Ekeler owner just offered him to me for Waller. Seriously contemplating it since I only have David Johnson, Josh Jacobs, Rex and Duke.
  8. Fortunately, I was able to help the frog find his way home via the side garage door.
  9. Did he at least give you your shoes back?
  10. I found a frog in my garage last night after reading this thread 🐸 but no crickets.
  11. This is my plan for Ertz and Waller. There are hardly any trades made in my league.
  12. We get a bonus for long distance scores in my main league. I so want to put Hardman in my lineup this week over DJax or Tyler Boyd....