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  2. Going Indy even though I know more than 50% of the remaining teams will be doing the same. After sweating Tennessee last week, I want to go with the “safest” play and not try to get too cute in week three. I just don’t see any scenario where the Jets offense, defense or head coach can keep them in the game late.
  3. I agree, leaning towards the LA Chargers this week as it may take Carolina a few games to find their rhythm without CMC.
  4. Yeah, I’m currently tied and my opponent has the tiebreaker and Lutz.
  5. I need Wil Lutz to not kick any extra points or field goals AND throw an interception.
  6. Well, this didn't turn out so great. Took Tenn and now AJ Brown looks to be out
  7. I was looking at TB, but the Godwin concussion has me leaning towards Tenn.
  8. Used Buffalo in week 1. Looking at SF or TB this week.
  9. Starting him at flex over Ronald Jones III, Lindsay and Golladay. Giddy-up 🐴
  10. I had Zeke two years ago and I can’t get over the image of him signaling to the sideline/Pollard several times a game to come out for a breather.
  11. Drafting tonight and I’ve been going back and forth on who to take at 1.02 in a non-ppr league. This is helping me with the decision to go Barkley.