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  1. I’m further south than you... still trying to figure out why I bet the Dolphins/Pats under.
  2. Can you break this down for me? I’ve been drinking for 10+ hours. Goff over 23.5 completions?
  3. I got a set of this stuff as a wedding gift over 19 years ago and it's all we use. It still looks great.
  4. Just traded for Gronk in a 12-team redraft ppr., sent Crowell the other way.
  5. greedygoat

    ::: The Apple iPhone X :::

    I just bought my 16 year-old son the Xr, should be delivered on the 26th. I too am rocking a 6 and am in no rush to upgrade.
  6. I've had the acai fruit bowl. It was pretty good for $4.99.
  7. Don’t cherrypick, how’d your other posted plays go tonight?
  8. Something's fishy.... you're a FBG, but we're supposed to think you were going to sit in section 331? Exhibit A
  9. greedygoat

    Alex Collins - RB - Ravens

    Currently starting him over Lindsay..... left Hyde and Crowell on the bench in a 12 team ppr.
  10. Ran into a friend at happy hour and it looks like I’ll be up for awhile Anyone got any late night leans?