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  1. Thanks again for helping me understand this!
  2. Thanks Hawks! I'm not opposed to the idea of buying a new reciever/amp if it has a built in DAC that would supercede the DACS in the iphone/ipod/iphone. My budget would probably be $1500 to $2000. Good idea about higher bite rates, but I'd like the convenience of of having a versatile / universal overriding DAC.
  3. Thanks audiophile! However, I'd like to be able to use my iphone and ipad as well.
  4. Thanks again Hawks! Maybe I'll try audiogon as well..
  5. Thanks for taking the time to explain this...although I'm still not sure I understand. The salesman at the audiophile store seemed to indicate that it was possible to use an external DAC to convert mps to wav and that the sound quality would be much superior to the iphone/ipod etc And that the external DAC would supercede the iphone/ipod etc. Maybe I misunderstood him. And this was several years ago. Thanks again for posting.
  6. In other words the external DAC would supercede the DACS that are in the iphone/ipad/ipod.
  7. I already have one of those and compared to uncompressed files on my Marantz the is sound horrendous imo.
  8. I was under the impression that the DAC would convert the mp3 to a wav or other lossless file. Am I wrong?
  9. The idea is to bypass the crappy DACS that are in the iphone/ipods which that obviously would not do. Thanks for posting.
  10. Hey, I'm not sure what you mean by 'headphone to RCA' I'm interested in bypassing the iphone or ipod built in DACS that I'd be plugging into the Denon via RCA jacks. Thanks for helping me understand this.
  11. Hey Hawks, Just traditional digital files like mp3s I guess. Thanks for posting.
  12. Yeah, I just bought a Def Technology sound bar for my den as there's not enough room for a traditional av setup. The external DAC would be for my dedicated listening system in my living room.
  13. Andy, Any specific recommendations?
  14. Hey, I've been interested in adding an external DAC to my system in order to play digital files. My current set up is B& W DM603 LoudspeakersMarantz CD 5004An old Denon Reciever DRA- 550 (Which I'm pretty happy with)Anyone have any specific recommendations?I've heard good things about Peachtree Audio DACS. Cambridge Audio is another option.Also, what is the difference between a headphone DAC and a regular DAC? Can a headphone DAC be used with a traditional stereo system?TIA