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  1. I paid a low of $150 for a 'half a cord' of quality seasoned wood this year. It actually ended up being closer to a full cord after I stacked it. But, I live in NY and firewood prices have come way down since Sandy. HTH
  2. Hey, I'm looking for a deal on a Kindle Paperwhite for my Mom's b-day. Anyone know of any good deals on black friday/cyber monday? TIA
  3. What's happening with Decker? No targets so far...
  4. Thanks mdsnj87. I'm leaning in that direction. Now that the one oclock games have started my only options for dropping a player would be either Eli or Vinatieri.
  5. Fitzpatrick, Hoyer, Alex Smith and Austin Davis
  6. I'm sort of reluctant to drop Eli because of Foles being out for the yeat. If Eli were to get picked up on waivers this week the WW options are not great imo. I'm afraid it could potentially ruin my season. Anyone else have advice regarding this issue? Still haven't decided what to do. Also, I'm 6-3 and tied for the division lead.
  7. Hey, Can't drop Chris Johnson as I start two rbs - Bradshaw is on a bye and Jennings is hurt this week. I don't want to drop Eli as I think he has some good potential the rest of the year. I had Foles, but he's done for the year so I'm trying to secure some players at that position. You're probably right though, if I dropped him he'd prolly be available on waivers after this weeks games. The fact that he's playing the Seahawks In Seattle makes it unlikely that he has a monster game this week thereby increasing the likelyhood that he still be avail on waivers.
  8. and that includes Vinatieri - he got me 16 pts last week! Maybe drop D Walker, pick up a kicker and roll without a TE this week? I like both Decker and Wallace and would prefer not to drop either.... My Team: Sanchez Eli Lynch R Jennings injured Bradshaw on bye Chris Johnson Dez Maclin Wallace Decker Gronk Delanie Walker Vinatieri Bills
  9. This was really interesting....thanks for posting. There's also an eight minute short called an anatomy of a mob hit that's also worth watching (avail on hbo on demand)
  10. Here's Terence Winter's interview on the series finale..... He answers alot of questions one might have about the finale and series... Enjoy! http://www.hitfix.com/whats-alan-watching/boardwalk-empire-creator-terence-winter-on-nuckys-fate-and-the-series-finale/
  11. Looking forward to hearing more Barney Kessel. Lester young is another artist I like alot but haven't explored thoroughly. I have some of his work with Billy Holiday - compilations mostly. He is a jazz giant and has a beautiful and cool sound. Listening to samples of GG's Solid and enjoying it. Not very familiar with Tal Farlow, Joe Pass, Jim Hall or Johnny Smith...though I'm pretty sure I have some recordings with Farlow as at least a sideman. Will have to give them more of a listen. I might have a Charlie Christian album or two...I should try to dig them up. Pretty sure I have his Genius of Electric Guitar somewhere. I've been wanting to explore Django's work for a while now. Whenever I hear his music (usually on sountracks) I am intrigued. For whatever reason, my interest in jazz never really led me toward jazz guitar. Trying to make up for that now.
  12. This is a pretty awesome recording. Baby, it's cold outside.
  13. The track James and Wes is another good one! Always been a fan of Jimmy Smith (the organist ) Groovin'!
  14. Listening to Night Train from The Dynamic Duo right now...this is a good track!