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  1. I've clinched first place in a ten team ppr league with all TDs worth six points. I'm 30 points down from winning the total point prize for the year. So as funny as it sounds, I'm not so much worried about winning or losing. I want to go with the lineup that has the most upside to try and make up 30 points in two weeks. I'm starting McCaffrey and Ekeler at RB Sutton and Parker at WR and Cohen at Flex Bench RB - R Jones II, Lindsay, J Williams, and Mattison WR - Golladay, Thielen, Tyrell Williams, Fitzgerald Would you make any changes or leave it as is? Thanks, will answer in return.
  2. Honestly? In any sort of PPR I'd rather have Hopkins. Especially with the questions surrounding Thielen at this point. Hopkins for Jones straight up is a fair trade if you'd rather have Jones. I think you are giving up too much to get Hooper though. Assuming you are starting two running backs I'd rather run with Jones and Carson than get rid of Carson for Hooper.
  3. LOL, As a lifetime Bengals fan, I could list several reasons why the Bengals have to start Finley after the bye but since this is a Fantasy board I will keep it to one. They have to see if they have anything in Finley before deciding whether to draft a QB number one next year. As for who to pick up, Mahomes was too close to coming back last week to blow your waiver shot on Moore and then find out he's not even playing. Same could be said for Hoyer unless we hear something. I would take Fitzpatrick. This isn't a long term fix but he's had three good games in a row throwing six TDs in that span. Brandon Allen is on bye so he's not going to help you. Mine
  4. Peterson's not going to bring you anything. I wouldn't even want him unless the alternative is I'm starting somebody's third string running back. He's still got talent to help an NFL team, but he's probably not going to be good enough fantasywise to start on anybody's team who is set to make the playoffs. Then again, that's what I think about him. You might be able to find somebody who likes him. Henry is interesting though. If you find a guy who is weak at running back and strong everywhere else, you might be able to get a second round pick next year for him. I'd say at worst a third. I doubt anybody would give up a first rounder, but you could try. Sometimes people don't think clearly about next year when trying to win this year. Mine
  5. I'm looking pretty good at 7-1, but I'm not feeling great about relying on Thielen the rest of the season. 10 team ppr keeper league Start QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/Flex/K/Def QB - Winston, Cousins, Finley RB - McCaffrey, Ekeler, Lindsay, Cohen, J Williams, Drake WR - Thielen, Sutton, Fitzgerald, Golladay, T Williams, AJ Brown TE - Henry, Goedert Streaming kickers and defense Was thinking of offering Lindsay and AJ Brown who are both keepers to the last place team in our league for Cooper who is not a keeper. Is this fair? Is it worth it? Should I just stand pat or make a different offer? Thanks, Will help in return
  6. Green can't do much worse than Beckham's been doing. If you need a RB1 I'd try to see if you could do better than Henry. But you probably wouldn't get much better than him with how Beckham and the Browns have performed. Green says he's coming back in week 10. It doesn't sound like the Bengals are looking to make any moves (I don't know why I'm still a Bengal fan) but even with the Bengals he would be playing in an offense that Alex Erickson and Auden Tate are having decent fantasy numbers. You'd have to think he's going to at least put up the numbers Beckham has been producing and you have the added benefit that the Bengals can't put together a hint of a running game so they are passing all the time. The Bengals may suck but I can see Green having some decent fantasy weeks in spite of it. I'd do the trade unless you can get better than Henry somewhere else.
  7. Man, that's tough. Every guy in your starting lineup has the potential to put up stud numbers but very few of them can be counted on to do it every week this year. I could make an argument for Winston over Brady but only if your team doesn't penalize for turnovers. I am in a league like that with Winston. I wouldn't want him near my NFL team but he's been pretty consistent with upside if you don't lose points for his mistakes. Though even then it would be hard to bench Brady for him. I think you have to go with what you have in the lineup and hope for the best.
  8. Any thoughts on the future of Chase Edmonds in a 10 team ppr keeper league? A few guys I can replace him with at the same position, Mattison, Pollard, Henderson, Ronald Jones II Other players I could stash at other positions as keepers: Devante Parker, Preston Williams, MVS, Auden Tate, AJ Brown, Deebo Samuel, Dallas Goedert, David Njoku, Will Dissly Not worried about position. Just looking for a last man on the bench potential lottery ticket kind of guy. Thanks!
  9. jmble


    I’d start Cohen. They are so close you are almost guaranteed to pick wrong. They are both in similar positions playing against middle of the road defenses. I only give Cohen the edge because the Bears are home and their defense will lead them to probably have the ball more. It’s a coin toss though.
  10. Need two wide receivers and a flex from this group. 1 point ppr. Chase Edmonds Kenny Golladay Courtland Sutton Larry Fitzgerald Corey Davis Tyrell Williams leaning toward Golladay and Sutton at WR and Edmonds at Flex. Agree / disagree? starting McCaffrey and Ekeler at running back.
  11. I'd go with Ekeler. I know it's not ppr, but he is getting enough targets and receptions to make big plays on a week to week basis. Neither player is killing it in the running game. You might luck into a Lindsay touchdown, but I think the best chance for big points still comes from Ekeler in the passing game.
  12. I wouldn't take any of those guys for Allen either. But if I were you I'd stick. It's non-ppr. You've got two studs and two better than average WRs. If you trade Ingram you would be relying on an injured D Johnson splitting time with Edmonds and either Breida, White, or Howard. Ingram is your best bet at a TD week to week at RB. Trading Ingram for Allen will only make your overall starting lineup worse in my opinion.
  13. I have too many mediocre QBs to choose from and I keep picking the wrong one. This week I finally started Cousins and though he had a very good game for his team, he only got me 5 points. I'm in first place and lead my league in scoring mostly because of great seasons by other members of my team. It's a 10 team PPR league where all tds are worth six points. If you were to start one QB the rest of the year and just ride with him through the good and the bad, who would it be? Garoppolo, Cousins, Trubisky, Winston, or Tannehill? Everybody on here keeps telling me not to trade and stick with what I have, but I envy teams that don't have to make a decision every week at QB and can just throw their top QB in the lineup barring injury or bye week.
  14. jmble

    Trade Offer

    Just got offered a trade. I'm 7-0 and only worried about this year so keep that in mind. 10 team ppr league I got offered Elliott and Brissett for Golladay, Lindsay, and Cousins. All three of my players are keepers. Brissett and Elliott are not keepers. The player who offered this is in ninth place in a ten team league and is trading for next year. Bolstering my team with Elliott is intriguing and Brissett may be better than any other QB on my team but I'm not sure I'm actually making my team better. Thoughts? My team: QB: Cousins, Winston, Tannehill, Finley (Picked up Finley today. Ignore him. Probably won't keep him long. He's a keeper and I'm a Bengals fan and just curious to see what happens in the next week or two) RB: McCaffrey, Ekeler, Lindsay, Cohen, Edmonds, J Williams WR: Golladay, Fitzgerald, Sutton, Thielen, Valdes-Scantling, Tyrell Williams, TE: Henry K Fairbairn Def Rams