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  1. If PPR Amendola/Jeffrey If not PPR Jeffrey/ Calvin
  2. I have the same combo in one league and I am starting Dalton: CIN is at home vs. PIT, NO is away to TB PIT is ranked #29 in passing yards per game allowed, TB is #16 PIT is ranked #25 in points allowed, TB is #10 CIN is 10-2 and playing for the #1 playoff seed - and PIT is playing for a WC. Saints are 4-8 and out of playoff contention. TB is 6-6 and still breathing.
  3. That's a good team. We only use 6 "D" + 2 more at DB. Going with: Willis Worilow Collins Timmons Woodyard Riley Jr. Swearanger Searcy Wake on bench.
  4. Great game. Good luck SEA vs. DEN.
  5. Incredible SF has a decent shot to win this
  6. Good pass on the offsides. That lead won't last, however.
  7. Except for the 50-yarder to Baldwin.That WAS a Hail Mary
  8. All Wilson can do is hand off to Lynch and throw Hail Mary passes. His scrambling plays aren't working out so well, are they?
  9. There's simply no way Wilson will finish the game without turning the ball over again.
  10. SF has given up ungodly big plays to Baldwin receiving, Lynch, and Baldwin on a kick return but are still up - incredible performance so far to be ahead.
  11. SEA will be lucky to score 9 points tonight. Frauds.
  12. Nice play Wilson-Baldwin. One score game. Would like to see Harbaugh unleash Davis on this drive now to answer,
  13. Kearse. In the 4th. Many times.
  14. Seattle looking overrated. 10-0 SF and they haven't even gone deep to Davis or Boldin yet. Who is going to score for SEA? Tate?