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  1. Those Facebook kazoos... Although I guess the commercial does do a good job of capturing just how annoying Facebook is in general.
  2. Oh, and then set it up again, because you probably have more than one rat.
  3. Use a Havahart live trap. Catch it and then let it go near your landlord's place.
  4. Strange choice of music for a training montage.
  5. I sense this is another problem with you weirdos that use strawberry jam/jelly with your PB. With grape, PB&J is basically the only thing you're using the jelly for anyway, so a little PB in there shouldn't be a big problem. Might be a different story with strawberry. (I might be making some big assumptions here... do people use grape jelly alone on toast and that sort of thing, or is that more for strawberry and other fruits like I thought?)
  6. That's what I do, too. I remember hearing somewhat recently that it might be better to brush before breakfast - something about acidic breakfast food/drink making it so brushing soon after wears away more than you want. But if you're having something like OJ with your breakfast, brushing before makes it taste like crap. Plus the fresh breath for a little while after is an advantage to brushing, so why put food in there right after?
  7. One knife. PB, then scrape knife on top of PB jar to collect the unused portion from the knife, then jelly.
  8. Followed the link to that talk with Yul. First, it was on the day before filming started. Yul knew the guys who were in, but it's not clear how long he knew. Good chance he had only just found out as I'm sure they were together at that point getting ready for their entrance. Even then, he still didn't know which women were playing. So it stands to reason that Sandra didn't know Rob would be there until they got to the sand, and was still not over her surprise at finding out a little earlier that Amber was there. So yeah, Yul must have done his homework on his potential opponents. (which makes it more impressive IMHO).
  9. I could be wrong, but I don't remember Sandra ever telling lies to the camera. Sure, she could lie to the other players about Rob not telling her, but she started off telling that to the camera, not to the other players. Why would she make that up?
  10. I imagine Yul could have been talking about it in general, figuring at least some of that group would be there.
  11. How hard is it for a business to just remove a paper towel dispenser that they have no intention to ever fill since they want you to use the air hand dryer instead?
  12. It is good enough to keep my wife (who I'd guess actually "sees" about 50% of the typical movie we stream at home) from picking up her phone and playing her usual mindless game while watching. It's a bit weird, but definitely well done, and gripping enough that I forgot I was reading subtitles just a little bit into the movie. Eta: Oh, and I don't think there's any chance I'd have been able to get through either The Irishman or Marriage Story had they been subtitled from a different language.
  13. Dude. They bring in colonies of bees to continuously rape the almond trees, and then you feel entitled to drink the ground-up tree babies that are ripped from their parents. You specieist monster.