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  1. My wife and I have been selling random stuff on there and having a good experience overall. We've discovered a couple of thrift stores in the area where we can find great deals on things we then sell for a little extra cash. You know - things like a calculator for a few bucks that I can easily sell for 45 or 50. (Okay, not everything is that good a deal and/or that easy to sell, but you get the picture). It's a decent hobby, seeing as my wife likes to spend time shopping anyway. Now instead of shopping for things she doesn't really need for herself, she satisfies the urge by shopping for things to sell. Of course, it might be moving towards too much of an obsession for her, but we'll see. I know eBay is taking a hefty cut and all, but once you've gotten in the swing of things, they do make things pretty easy.
  2. In troypoint's latest newsletter, he recommends UnlockMyTv and CatMouse as good ad-free alternatives.
  3. If I've learned anything from reading diet... excuse me... nutritional lifestyle threads, it's that if you just eat things like bacon, fish, and coconut oil for a while then you don't crave snack food ever again.
  4. there is an entire subreddit dedicated to the benefit of skipping over walking. Apparently the alignment of the bones structure in humans legs supports skipping naturally. It really is eye ´╗┐opening. You should give it a try. Skipping is okay, but real men prancercise.
  5. I'm pretty sure Antonio Brown does it the wrong way.
  6. Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers "Hey, Mom! The meatloaf!"
  7. I thought it might not be so bad until I read it has a cake batter ice cream base. That seems like a really odd choice for what was already going to be an odd ice cream flavor.
  8. Did you use a coupon? Was anything comped? Were there any "mistake" entries that were credited back off? If not, then it sounds like it was simply set to suggest 23% when it says 20%.
  9. I read that pnas report more as a call for increased political will to utilize nuclear capabilities (now rather than waiting until we don't have a choice) and not a reason to avoid it.
  10. I'd be interested in your take and/or recommendations here. We've been going every 4th of July with my wife's family for the past 10 years or so. Love the fireworks over Mirror Lake, but we haven't had too much luck with our dining choices lately. I'm wondering if we're overlooking some place good. Some of us do the drive up Whiteface and then the short walk to the top at least every other year, which I love. This summer was the first that we also tried out the gondola up Little Whiteface - that was pretty neat as well.
  11. First come, first serve. Or if you get there at the same time, left yields to right. That seems to work 90% of the time here.