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  1. Well, I woke up this morning to a full refund on the purchase rather than 20%. I can't decide if someone there is on the FFA or if Alexa was listening to me complain about them to the wife.
  2. I'm pretty sure it was Foosball's Tesla. That Elon Musk is a smart dude. New software update has the fires start somewhere away from the car.
  3. Just had my first unsatisfying interaction with Amazon customer service. We've had a few items come a day late recently, and I haven't complained. But I bought something that was supposed to get here Tuesday, isn't here yet and there's no option to see tracking info like there usually would be. Online chat worked well for me in the past, and I was watching a show with the wife, so I went that route. The agent basically just said sorry, it should get there tomorrow. She made me complain about it being unacceptable and that I probably would have bought it somewhere else if I had known it would have taken this long. She just said sorry again and sent canned explanations about the shipping process, different shipping options I might have chosen, how the item has to be in stock otherwise the date given to me would be later than 2-day, how they might have had to wait for the item to arrive to them first, etc. None of that applied to my purchase, which was "fulfilled by Amazon", marked as in stock, and I was given that guaranteed date at checkout. After I pointed that out, she finally offered 20% refund - it was only a $13 item, so not much (and I wasn't expecting much), but that wasn't really the point to me. In the past, they've been quick to offer something more than "sorry about that" before you complain more than you already are by contacting them. I guess I might just have been spoiled with my interactions in the past, but they're slipping a bit.
  4. Any kids jumping 20+ feet from atop one rock to another?
  5. Stoner Claus comes in the middle of the night on the first Friday of the fall, and brings drugs and shoes to the good little boys and girls. But that's not how it goes at the end of the year. In 2015, Stoner Claus made its return. After the fall, the first Friday of the new year saw the arrival of Stoner Claus to the neighborhood. This year, the Santa Claus came to the Stoner Hill neighborhood on Dec. 26, 2015. It is believed that Stoner Claus is the same Stoner that took a job at the University of Texas at Austin in 2016. He's said to live in an apartment just blocks from the university. Stoner Claus and his assistant, Stoner Junior, are responsible for taking care of the neighborhood children. The most popular part of the trip, according to the students, is the drugs. "I know some people will
  6. Thanks for trying to help, but I'm still confused. Mine has a triangle. Is my gas tank on the left, the top right, or the bottom right?
  7. Main thought: I was not expecting to be able to understand so clearly what he was saying. No problem with what was said - much bigger problem with the tweet unless he cleared it with the coach first.
  8. People just take points they feel they deserve anyway, right? (or is that just me? ) Does anybody actually check the sheets and the math at the end of the game?
  9. This one of those threads where I feel better just assuming everyone is joking, even if I'm not quite sure.
  10. NJ jughandles >>> MI lefts But yeah, the inconsistency is a pain with those, too.
  11. I'd agree with the rule more if the losing coach were the one who had to explain the lopsided score or risk being suspended.
  12. Just make sure it works with your door before buying it. I got one last prime day when posters brought it up here. My garage door opener was dead at the time, but I was going to have it replaced soon after. I didn't know the exact opener model I was getting, but use Overhead Door / Genie. Looking at the graphic on the Amazon listing, it says it's compatible with those openers "manufactured after 1996." What it doesn't say is that the ones manufactured since 2016 are no longer compatible. Pretty lame that they still have never updated that graphic.
  13. Was the woman Eddie Murphy and the matchbox a plastic bag?