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  1. Although things might have started going a little too far in the other direction the last few pages...
  2. You speaking like a commoner now? Look who's a regular Tywin Lannister, sleuthing out highborn or commoner on a single word.
  3. Except that block was a pretty clear foul. Banged his arm before getting ball.
  4. While I liked the "Oh, snap!" ending, the feeling dissipated somewhat when I realized it was just in anticipation for a Bran scene, and those are usually a letdown.
  5. And I know they're not as big as the one who made the original, but maybe the two dragons together could make another throne so the king & queen could rule side-by-side. Except the bittersweet ending is one throne ends up empty anyway.
  6. Unless you're referring to another scroll that I'm not remembering, I think it was the news that one of the northern houses wasn't coming to their aid - presumably because of the whole Jon bending the knee thing.
  7.  Right. Sorry if I'm missing something. The first was in response to someone's prediction that Jon and Sansa would have a kid. BB said Jon's already having sex with Aunt Dany, so once-sister Sansa wouldn't be so taboo. b_s_s just pointed out that Sansa is also his legit cousin. (He wasn't saying Dany was his cousin)
  8. aunt I think he meant Sansa, who is not just his once-believed sister but also actually his mother's brother's daughter.
  9. Call back to Jaqen's way of taking care of the dude for Arya right before he got to Tywin with the note she stole? That one was dipped in wolfsbane, this one made with dragonglass.
  10. I don't think we are supposed to ignore everything. I think by ignoring wind and weather, we are not ignoring an atmosphere but only assuming the atmosphere is moving at the same speed (at least angular speed) as the land beneath it during the duration of the trip. I think once you make those assumptions, it doesn't matter if we're talking about two planes flying above the equator or two cars driving on a hypothetical track on its surface. If the two are traveling at the same speed relative to the Earth (and its atmosphere) and traveling the same distance, they will arrive at the same time. (I think)
  11. Pocket Cast completely borked their app I just don't understand how anyone could think that update was a good idea. It went from being such a clean, efficient, easy to use, popular app to none of those things just like that.
  12. Terry Rozier just told Rich Eisen he would have said the Earth was flat a couple years ago, so was happy no one asked him. But then he said he's still not sure, and that he's confused about it.
  13. How weird. I just went to Walmart this afternoon and tried to park close to the store (because I'm basically a lazy bum). I started to pull into a spot between two SUVs before realizing there were four carts further in the spot. Yup, three spots away from an empty cart stall like you said (I guess I'm not as lazy as some other people). I pulled back out and went to find another spot while another driver behind me made the same mistake of thinking he could park in that one. I vowed to crush those inconsiderate shoppers by posting in this thread ('cause that'll learn 'em), only to find you already did it for me just a couple hours ago.