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  1. tfreiboth

    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    Starting AB and Julio today - terrible Def on both sides of the ball First Half - Julio 0 points, AB 3.5 So dumb
  2. tfreiboth

    Jaguars at Chiefs Gamethread

    That was Moncrief - MFL lists 0 targets today.
  3. tfreiboth

    Jaguars at Chiefs Gamethread

    Westbrook out?
  4. tfreiboth

    R Smith - LB Bears

    I know it has only been 3 games and he missed all of training camp but should we be concerned with his below average tackle numbers. K Young, D Leonard, F Warner are all killing it and they weren't first rounders and I don't think he has had more than 4 solos - today he has 1. He looked unstoppable at Georgia. Any insights? Thanks
  5. My dynasty started our rookie free agent draft on MFL and we are able to draft but none of the players we are drafting show up on our rosters. When we search for players they say the correct owner has them. I have read through all the help forums and did was was suggested on the FAQ but they still arent there. I also emailed them and posted in the help forum but to no avail. Any commissioners know what's going on or how to fix this nonsense? Thanks! T
  6. Which WR would you like to own long term? Dynasty PPR 50 man rosters, full IDP, no contracts Start 3WR (up to 5 with Flex spots)
  7. tfreiboth

    Telvin Smith - Week One Dud

    Will this be the trend all year long do you think?
  8. tfreiboth

    Telvin Smith - Week One Dud

    Can anyone please explain to me what happened with him? TIA. T
  9. tfreiboth

    Lavonte David

    Is he worth dropping in start 4 lb leagues now?
  10. tfreiboth

    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    Tied going into MNF. PPR League Opponent: D Freeman Me: Julio and B Cooks Bloodbath I hate this hobby.
  11. I hear what you are saying. It's one thing to navigate injuries, bye weeks, etc.and have a successful season - It's another to try and play catch up because of 3-4 horrible trades that unfairly swing the balance of power. The guy that traded away Bell this year traded away Hopkins and Allen Robinson last year - his return for that trade - TY Hilton, A. Ellington, and a 2015 2nd rounder which ended up being David Cobb. The guy that got Nuk and Robinson beat me twice during the season (barely) and then won the championship as I took 2nd place (a swing of $280). The guy that is team B is trying to rebuild, great, then why take on such old players? Team A has Dixon (RB), White (WR) and Myles Jack (LB). Why not at least acquire a prospect that could develop rather than a bunch of players that will be done in 2 years? To each their own but it just makes this all less enjoyable - especially since I am the commish and have to hear about it from all the other managers.
  12. Just for kicks and giggles...where's the line? Only at obvious collusion? I get the let it be argument and I am on board with that mentality 999/1000 (see my original post). But at some point managers skewing league standings and subsequently league payouts by making horrible trades can't be allowed to continue. What do you do/suggest for dealing with this? Just let it be? I am trying to ensure/keep together a solid league - not micromanage managers. Furthermore - which side would you take in this trade? I just cannot see the reasoning for trading aging role players for a consensus top 10 PPR pick (this is the 1 quarter, 2 dimes, and a nickel and a Canadian penny for a dollar trade) IMO. Just looking for a discussion - not a flame war. Thanks! T
  13. Thanks guys I appreciate the input I also agree it isn't collusive - but trades like this do upset the balance in the league and when they continually happen it sucks. I don't micromanage owners and I have stated I have only vetoed 1 trade in 10 years - this is just stupid. Team B isn't a contender so a few mediocre old pieces 29 yr old RB and 32 yr old WR aren't going to help and will be off his roster in two years.
  14. 50 man rosters - full IDP - big play scoring . PPR Team A Gets: L Bell - RB Pitt S Coates - WR - Pitt Team B Gets: D Murray - RB Tenn L Fitzgerald - WR Ari M Jones - WR Det A Williamson - LB 2017 1st (probably 7-10 range) In my 10 years as commish I have only vetoed one trade involving a new owner making a trade without understanding player values and league scoring. History/Info: Team B also traded away Allen Robinson and Nuk Hopkins last year for virtually nothing to another team (that ultimately won the championship). I don't see how this helps out team B at all and would like to hear some opinions before I process or veto it. Thanks! T
  15. tfreiboth

    Trade for the 1.01

    Thanks for the input guys. I am not making up values - I have seen Shepard and Thomas go anywhere from 3-12 in many of my leagues. Some teams are super weak at RB so I have seen Dixon, Booker, and Henry go ahead of them as well. IDPs score well in this league so I wouldn't be surprised if Jack went somewhere after pick 7 either. Elliot Goff Wentz Lynch Booker Henry Dixon Doctson Treadwell Coleman Shepard Thomas After Elliot and the QBs I could see any of these players being selected in the next 8 picks - depending on what each team needs. So that's why I was confused that the guy offering 1.01 was asking for so much in return. I also tend to value young WR in PPR leagues a bit more than usual. Especially since in this draft I would think White would be pick 1.02 or 1.03 due to the fact that i am not impressed with any of the top WR. Thanks for the input - I appreciate it. T