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  1. Near their adp or even a slight reach if needed.
  2. I sucked again. Missed the playoffs, 3rd worst team in the league. Everything I did was wrong. I’m pulling a Constanta next year...I’m doing the opposite of everything I think.
  3. Is Jones a top 10 PPR WR this year?
  4. I’m surprised they use Murray from the 1 instead of Henry.
  5. My defense vs his defense tonight. I’m down 31 to -4. Great way to start the weekend
  6. I was down by 10 and had the Philly kicker going against Blount. Philly kicker 13, Blount 2.9. Haha, what a gift.
  7. Heard Cleveland doesn’t have a very good secondary, so I swapped out Agholor for Decker at 11:50. Yup, cost me the game
  8. 2 questions.. Winston or Rivers? D.Murray or Henry?