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  1. I don't agree with this analysis. Everything I've read is that the Chargers are willing to pay 85% of the $17M signing bonus before the end of the calendar year with the remaining 15% in March. People talk about the time value of money, which is accurate, but seriously, how much more money would he be able to earn with roughly $2.5M (15% of $17M) in three months? Bottom line from what I understand is two negotiating points: 1) offset clause, which basically allows the Chargers to stop paying Bosa ONLY if they cut him before his contract is done and he's picked up by another team (essentially, want to keep him from double-dipping and getting paid by two teams if this circumstance were to occur). 2) Timing of getting paid his signing bonus, either $17M by December 31, 2016 or $14.5M by December 31, 2016 and $2.5M by March 31, 2017. Putting precedence and all the other stuff aside, it's absolutely ridiculous that it's come to this no matter whose side you come down on. Everyone agrees on the total value of the contract! At this point, it's clear that management and Bosa's agent are having a pissing contest to show who's a tougher negotiator, and he's the one that's going to suffer because of it. The second he joins the team after all this nonsense, he's going to have all eyes on him. If he fails to produce or God forbid comes down with an injury, both management and his agent will have nobody to blame but themselves for putting their egos ahead of him. They should all be ashamed of themselves. Good luck to you Joey. -- Bears fan
  2. He's definitely got an NFL arm and delivery, it's his decision making that needed a lot of improvement. The NU-Ohio State game in 2013 was a great example - he looked like a lottery pick for a good part of that game (see some of his highlights at and then made some boneheaded turnovers and NU ended up losing not only this game, but tanking the rest of the season (they were ranked #16 at the time). There were a few times I watched him zing balls into the corner of the endzone for TDs and thought "this guy's going to be playing on Sundays". He'd follow that up with a "how on earth did you not see that guy" INT. Worth a last round flier in dynasty IMHO if he can get coached through the vision/judgment issues.
  3. Northwestern alum and season ticket holder here. Watched Siemian in person many times, everyone always felt he had the look of an NFL QB. He made some absolutely amazing throws but was also prone to facepalm INTs. Could move around in the pocket too, when he was splitting with Kain Colter was not always a given that he'd be throwing although 95% of the time that was the case. Worth a flier in my book.
  4. Rex Ryan is not happy with Dan Carpenter in Buffalo. Likely to bring in competition.
  5. Rivers has played poorly but he certainly hasn't been helped by drops. He should have had at least one TD in yesterday's game. He seems to have problems reading linebackers dropping into coverage. As others have mentioned in this thread, I think the biggest concern might be that his leadership skills/intangibles, which were supposed to be great, seem to be taking a big hit. His propensity for throwing fits when things don't go his way have not served him well, and the sideline spat with LT was also a big PR hit (pretty clear whose side Chargers fans are on). He's missed wide open receivers on a number of occasions this year, and the jump passes he tried to throw against New England were laughable. Unless he settles down and starts leading this team to some Ws, it could get a lot worse.