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  1. Man that hurts leading 17-0 at half. I guess if we have to have a hangover, could be worse ones to have than the Superbowl hangover but man.
  2. GoBirds

    Panthers @ Eagles 1PM

    Like the way this Adams kid runs.
  3. That’s the truth, always spinning as needed based on party.
  4. I blew a load to get Ito dropping Freeman,sucked but had to do it.
  5. GoBirds

    Devonta Freeman, RB (ATL)

    He has to be a drop right? No way you roll the dice first week back in playoffs? How much would Coleman owners bid for Ito?
  6. GoBirds

    Devonta Freeman, RB (ATL)

    It says he may return, anyone know what earliest date would be?
  7. GoBirds

    This sub forum is a cesspool

    That's clearly false, trolling?
  8. GoBirds

    This sub forum is a cesspool

    They just want to hear the groupthink repeated and have it as a safe space, therefore anyone else is a “troll”. Amazing how politics make people act.
  9. GoBirds

    Bucs vs Falcons - Week 6

    Who the F is Ito Smith and why won’t he go away.
  10. GoBirds

    Stock Thread

    Hope you are right, let’s see where we are at into close.
  11. GoBirds

    Eagles vs Giants - Week 6 TNF

    He whines more than Dez. Great game, didn’t realize how bad the Giants were.
  12. GoBirds

    Eagles vs Giants - Week 6 TNF

    Whatever makes you feel better, dude is a dramatic crybaby. Division game puts up 38 yards against a prevent, terrible punt returns, walks off field early at half, weekly soap opera and complete a hole after getting paid. You can have him.
  13. GoBirds

    Eagles vs Giants - Week 6 TNF

    Mills has been toasted all year and has owned the little crybaby. Has to sting.