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  1. Witten was crying for one, there was a defender within 3 yards.
  2. This is ridiculous he played the ball. Awful.
  3. He's going to still crush this number although he doesn't deserve it.
  4. Dak might want to ink that extension at halftime before he loses more money.
  5. Groh has never been good at any part of his career, why he is here is truly baffling.
  6. You and the regulars have been doing that for years, why can’t he?
  7. Love it, same album that got me hooked and can put the disc in today and still freaking love it! ETA Til the Medicine Takes was another epic/game changer album. Unfortunately you are correct on the newer stuff since then.
  8. The market isn’t based on your political views, stop expecting it to act like it is.
  9. Gotta love the regulars posting sweet tweets of those they are fanboys of.