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  1. GoBirds

    Eagles at Rams - SNF - Prime Time BDN

    Few Eagles fans in the crowd, wow.
  2. GoBirds

    Eagles at Rams - SNF - Prime Time BDN

    Did 24 jump out of the way to avoid hitting him? Wtf
  3. GoBirds

    Eagles at Rams - SNF - Prime Time BDN

    Is this really happening?
  4. GoBirds

    Texans @ Jets Week 15

    Lamar Miller, what a sissy.
  5. GoBirds

    Texans @ Jets Week 15

    We still feel good about this?
  6. GoBirds

    Week 15 Injury Thread

  7. Wow, that’s awfully aggressive....especially for a moderator.
  8. Who do you guys like better of Baltimore or Seattle this week?
  9. Totally agree with shutting Wentz down, lets go into next year with a healthy QB and the rest of the injured back.
  10. Is he definitely starting? Over T Coleman if so.
  11. GoBirds

    Colin Kaepernick

    He can't.
  12. GoBirds

    Stock Thread

    Unfortunately with dividend reinvest looks like my basis is in it and at about a $2k loss, would you guys hang tight if you didn't need the cash or tax loss harvest and get back in or go elsewhere?
  13. GoBirds

    Colin Kaepernick

    Probably burned out on the echo chamber like most of us. May have gotten him with a long timeout as many on one side liked to report.
  14. GoBirds

    Stock Thread

    You think T will be ok long term?
  15. GoBirds

    Colin Kaepernick

    The obsession is strange and concerning.