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  1. Anything productive besides just pushing paper on McConnell’s desk for theatrics that they know will never get through. They’ve done nothing but spend time attempting to push overblown drama from Russia to the Impeachment and have failed miserably. Everyone sees through it. Now they are running on a Socialism platform.....there is no room to complain about Trump until you get that dumpster fire under control.
  2. Take these lies somewhere else, calling the POTUS names may be allowed in other threads but we don’t like these tantrums in here.
  3. Not waste everyone’s time on the Russia conspiracy and coming up with some better options than the embarrassments they carted on stage last night would have been a great start. What a joke.
  4. No, the lack of the Left doing anything besides Russia and Impeachment screws everything up for you. Sorry.
  5. He was wearing a Bloomberg tank top yesterday wasn’t he?
  6. Weird that something insulting to Trump was created for OMB but nothing equally insulting was created for those that can’t control their reactions to anything Trump. I’m shocked.
  7. This is truly amazing how certain posters need and get all these new rules set for them to report the other side when its so insignificant and childish.
  8. Same here, great info fellas. Chet appreciate you sharing what you found and appreciate the others with important info to consider. You don’t want to blindly follow so great to weigh these significant risks. For the guys that got in day one this has been a home run.....guys like me that stalled it may be more of when do you cut your losses or do you ride it all the way to the moon or bust. 😬
  9. That’s how FBG wants to represent itself, very disappointing.
  10. He did, it was hilarious they were all stunned and sadly none of them ever have.
  11. Mayor got snubbed by Amy at the end, there will be outrage over that behavior!
  12. Well I know I’m inspired after this debate.......who’s with me!?!?!?!
  13. Ha, this hasn’t been true for a long time. At least they are becoming more open about what this is here.
  14. So many of them are so far Left that this is what you get, poor Dodd’s. 😂