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  1. I totally agree, which is also kind of sad as I hoped our first female POTUS would be elected by the American people....not snuck in by default.
  2. So you are downplaying the science since it’s not “All Scinetinsts say”? I didn’t realize the science you speak of clears that bar. You and others are the ones making claims we are at all time highs which if this Science is correct put those claims in serious question....was just curious if any of you could disprove this. I assume the media will try to avoid this Science just like posters in the Corona thread have. That my hypothesis at least.
  3. No worries, it’s an interesting read if you have time check it out. Have a good one.
  4. Glad to see the Science enlightened you, we don’t hold grudges in here welcome aboard friend. Better late than never.
  5. If I was making the claims you are this would be worrisome (actually good news overall for everyone) that they may be adding to these numbers cases that aren’t even active. Just curious if you had seen it and vetted it with the all time high claims, this answer works. Have a good night friend.
  6. Was curious when you claim we are at the highest number of cases ever can you confirm that they are 100% active cases and there aren’t issues with testing similar to what’s shown in this article per Scientists?
  7. Please disprove it with facts, show us you aren’t willfully ignoring anything that hurts your talking points? Otherwise let’s move along and thanks for the great example.
  8. Ahh, so you only like science when it’s from the scientists that fit your agenda...glad we are getting all this on record in here.
  9. This gap seemed to widen significantly under our last Democratic POTUS, especially under his last 4 years per Figure 2 in the attached. This is a main talking point for the left, what specifically is Biden going to do differently?
  10. Ahh, you’re against science when it doesn’t fit your narrative? No one in here will be shocked.
  11. This is great to see, nice work turning a negative situation to a positive for you.
  12. Interesting read here.
  13. Check out this read on Corona, not surprising.