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  1. You don't have to be here, maybe you could walk each other out? Good luck to you both.
  2. Man, that will do it to you. That's terrible.
  3. I don't recall this story but assume he has significant substance issues? Did he pass young, I may recall something like that?
  4. That's great, hard to believe old Trump doesn't drink......could you imagine.
  5. What are you guys so worried about then? Pack a cooler and head to the beach, you have this one locked up.
  6. Jennifer Love Hewitt. Before the 👮🏽 get here, RUN!!!
  7. Don’t listen to them try to board cop you on starting threads, look at all the less useful threads they have started. Thanks fo sharing Trip.
  8. I think you are overestimated how much he or most in here care about it. I think HT is probably making the right call and is right.....there are definitely some good guys in here like you, SID, General among a few others that are fine although beating the but there are also a good number of awful posters with the lamest schtick that aren’t worth the time and just make the threads brutal if not ignored. I doubt anyone is under @HellToupee skin or close to it, but at some point reliving groundhogs day gets pretty old.
  9. That’s a great that I think about it I’m offended.
  10. But the pictures look so nice.....what could go wrong.
  11. Good call....that’s about the only thing left we don’t already do together.
  12. Been on a tequila and fresh lime splash of soda kick. Kind of like a margarita for us fat people that don’t need all the cals.