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  1. Ha, yeah about the maturity level expected with your cute Hitler comment. Troll on.
  2. You look pretty excellent here to go along with your troll thread. Standard for you.
  3. He would represent you well.
  4. He could be the MSNBC mascot.
  5. 9. What do you mean I can’t insult and talk down to others, what’s a political forum for? But Trump.
  6. Love lumping in with innovators like mom and daddy spending too much on your school makes you an “innovator”.
  7. Must be his education level.
  8. "Things said behind my keyboard in the basement I would never have the stones to say to someone in real life for $500 Alex".
  9. Why did the first step aside do you think?
  10. Just don’t rush to judgement on this one Tim, easy.
  11. 6. When the governor with the racist collage in his year book turns out to be a Democrat then avoid normal hysteria, suggest “what can I do” and be happy as it quiets down and is swept under the rug.
  12. .....when a whole sub forum had to be created for victims of the election.