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  1. Oh man I figured CA residents have seen all that, I’ve only see that section of coastline but to have to take them. What an awesome drive Big Sur to Carmel. It should be open, while expensive spots like Post Ranch Inn give plenty of spacing and ridiculous views. Hiking trails nearby are great too and my wife hates hiking but loved it.
  2. SF is off he charts. I’m glad I visited it but once will definitely be enough.
  3. The climate and coastline is amazing. Unfortunately the political climate is causing many to flee for other parts of the country as it’s become extreme liberal. My wife’s college friend was just asking her the other day about states to relocate to. These are families that have been there generations but the political “leadership” and climate make it unbearable for anyone but the extreme left. it is beautiful though, Big Sur is one of my favorite places I’ve ever been.
  4. Yep, I still have family there but I live a few hours away and even as an Eagles fan could never live there. Not standing up to crime on this level is disgusting and I would never want my family in a place like these.
  5. Totally agree. California and Minnesota are also on my list.
  6. Looks like the convention is getting pulled from NC as they would limit capacity due to Covid. Amazing how worried these liberal run states are about a convention in August yet are allowing a week straight of rioting/protests with no social distancing and many without masks out illegally past curfew.
  7. Curfew seems to be working weird no one takes Deblasio or Cuomo seriously.
  8. Northam in VA is just as bad, caught taking selfies with no mask on right after requiring everyone to wear masks. Now captain black face is who is supposed to guide VA through these racial tensions? Voters need to do better. Speaking of, Don letting the disasters elected in NY have it.
  9. I hadn’t seen him address it yet, you are right found a longer version and it’s horrible as well. Have to fast forward through a few minutes. Pretty sad stuff.
  10. Just reposting a link from Twitter like many do in here daily, I didn’t see any others maybe it’s a condensed version but hard to believe that isn’t real? Are you claiming this didn’t happen?
  11. At least he’s finally addressing it.....I guess?🤭
  12. Wait, Cuomo called someone else incompetent?!?!?