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  1. Has the military opened an investigation on her yet? Because this is literally treason.
  2. I dont care. What I do care about is hearing this top 1% of 1% is going to pay for college, medicare for all, going green and so on and I'm skeptical. The top .1% could change the world tomorrow with their wealth if they wanted to and they don't. So even if it does get implemented, I can see a scenario where they find ways to avoid paying (shocking right) and the bill comes due for others to eat.
  3. Missed that one worse than a Trubisky throw.
  4. I've turned on Nagy. I hope his 12-4 year didnt buy him too much rope. I'm also ready to move on from Pace. Sadly I think we have 3 to 5 years of 500 ball ahead of us.
  5. I got a notice Will Fuller is now questionable to return with a hamstring issue
  6. The conspiracy theory that the first level leaker was a plant is a good one. Schiff's parady was what they had and now we're figuring out how to piece it all together
  7. She quit the DNC in 2016, but the DNC still sponsored the debates. So a Russian agent still spoke to America on their dime.
  8. Who? I think we were all talking Tulsi here. And MT, not to be that guy, but I was hoping to hear your thoughts on the wapo baby leave thing if you wouldn't mind replying in that thread.
  9. Listened to this one on my drive home. The problem is that Democrats dont stand up for CNN anymore. With the Veritas leaks, it's probably not a smart move to put their name on anything right now.
  10. I dont get it. A lot of voters see right through this and yet they keep pushing it. DNC learned nothing from 2016.
  11. I'm thinking Trump has 2020 unless the Dems do something outside the box in the next 6 months.
  12. Could support for some more Rosserio Dawson coverage.
  13. I dont get the Booker love. I thought he was the worst person on the stage this week. I hear a lot of he speaks from the heart and he was genuine. But it was repeated lines of Trump is the enemy, dems need to be civil to each other, and love/respect will fix us. I saw nothing worth backing in him. Imo.
  14. I'm confused. Why is the DNC ok with letting a Russian agent speak for them?
  15. Can we tax something like miles of good traveled? To me that seems like the easy button. Amazon and Walmart are probably the two companies damaging our roadways the most. At least pass that part of the bill to them and call it a day.