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  1. Maybe he just has filthy ears and is ashamed of his hygiene.
  2. North Carolina announced we will go to a 1 week on, two weeks off rotation to start the year. Mandatory masks and screenings daily. Districts are allowed to go 100% virtual if they choose. Durham county has chosen that option and it's going to be a mess. They have some of the poorest sections in the triangle area. We still haven't cancelled fall sports which is pretty mind blowing to me.
  3. Sure, $50 works for me. I think the Chiefs will be another domino on our culture's PC movement. 🤝
  4. Within the next 5 years the cries will grow loud enough. I dont care what you want to bet. I'm just putting my name in the hat of it's going to happen. Some native americans find the chief name as insulting as Redskins. I think we should respect those opinions as well. Saints logo wont change, but it should. Their players just arent edu ated enough to know that symbol's dirty history. It marked blacks as property.
  5. I'll take that bet. Indians and chiefs have got to go and will go soon enough. Saints also need a logo change.
  6. Can I ask what they are telling you? Expectations for the year?
  7. There are some studies that indicate his wealth tax plan would impact the middle class as well. Mainly the trickle down theory. If you squeeze the pockets of the rich, they are going to offset that with worker benefits.
  8. I know new teachers wouldnt hit the ground running, but I think a case can be made they would be better for pur children's educational needs. I think in classroom learning is more beneficial to young learning. I'd take a new teacher vs whatever our district rolls out virtually. A good in person teacher dosent make a good virtual teacher. My daughters teacher last year was a district award winning teacher yearly. Once we went virtual she was in over her head. She has no computer or trouble shooting skills. Any student who had issues with the assignments just didnt turn them in. It was a waste of everyone's time. My daughter became so frustrated that her assignments "weren't working" that it derailed the learning process. We had to email the school with the issue and wait multiple hours for a reply. That isnt learning. Not to mention some assignments were not compatible with certain browsers or with a MAC. I have no faith they corrected any of these problems if we go back virtually.
  9. Are you worried they will cancel PE in your district? Seems like the first one on the chopping block.
  10. Better than the virtual stuff, yes. Have you worked with a young child and the school virtually yet? It's a mess. They arent learning this way. I think there will be enough people willing to work a 35k-40k a year job with summers off.
  11. Teachers can enforce it in their class. I get the concern. My place of work doesnt mandate masks. My options are to go to work and do my best or quit. Same as them.
  12. Not at all, but I dont see virtual learning as an option for young kids and working parents. Lesser of two evils type of deal.