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  1. How did Randy take the news?
  2. So what is the rule on that? It has to be sourced?
  3. If it smells clean it is clean
  4. Does anyone really want (or trust) an army of 18 year olds voting for what's best for our senior citizens?
  5. I was talking to a co-worker today who is 32, female, and she mentioned she was thinking about freezing her eggs. I gave her the "you'll find the right one soon" line and she gave me some stats and actually pointed me to this article. Not surprised to see FBGs was all over it 2 years ago. I found it really interesting and worth a bump. Granted I'm in the women are being too picky department. With the typical gender roles changing, women are going to have to adjust with it or end up with cats.
  6. Canada did a better job covering the story since the Husband was a Canadian. And #2 is likely due to rape, although the older two kids do look Caucasian.
  7. And I owned up to that. Trump still deserves the credit for it.
  8. If things don't change I will. But that was an unexpected ambush that no one was prepared for. It's not a political issue.
  9. I'd give much more credit to Mattis, but in some communities this is viewed as 180 from the last Obama rescue. 5 for 0 vs 1 for 5. That still doesn't sit well with a lot of people. My initial post was due to hearing about it word of mouth that it was on the news and then checking CNN to see nothing. CNN did post a story within 30 mins though, so I'll retract my finger pointing at them.
  10. I wait for things to become open source first.
  11. I'll post a link once it hits CNN
  12. So Trump actually did some good last night/week and the news stations arent even touching it. I'm not one to defend Trump at every turn, but in this case he did a good job.
  13. I do feel better about seeing that
  14. Used to be something referenced with pride within the military community. It has since become too mainstream and lost its original meaning.
  15. Should we leave it at he was asked about the allegations and didn't deny them?