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  1. In living color?
  2. I missed a lot of last night's debate for the Cubs game. Did she really say this right after talking pro late term abortions?
  3. LIVE: Bill Clinton Son Danney Williams Surprise Pre-Debate Announcement
  4. Is Snopes considered main stream media? Asking for a friend.
  5. It's probably too close to the election and holiday season to force it. They have some prime gathering dates coming up soon. But who knows with these people...
  6. So far two guys in that video have stepped down within hours of it being released. It kind of adds some weight to it.
  7. That was a pretty solid plan by the DNC.
  8. Oh its the Bears hands down. Carolina has played some good teams and Derek Anderson blew the TB game. But Chicago has ugly losses to the AFC South and rookie QBs.
  9. Crush the Skull. If you want to add some dark humor into your horror.
  10. PPR RB start. Yeldon vs Chicago or Freeman vs Sea
  11. I just grabbed him in a couple leagues. I don't think Starks has much to offer anymore. Lacy can still be a prime time back if the cards fall right for him and the Pack. This kid ran a legit 40 (4.47) and is still learning the game (Only 5x years experience). Worth a swing in my book.
  12. Anyone think the culture AT the stadium has changed? When I was younger I went with my family to games occasionally. We always had fun. As a kid, I don't remember a "rude" fan. I've taken my kids to stadiums for a Hockey, Baseball and Football game and I'm appalled by the things I hear. I don't want to drop that type of coin to subject my family to that stuff.
  13. Typically about 300. I think I've figured out the trick. Now that my kids are making new friends outside of the neighborhood, I like to rent public places. Hosting is cheaper, but then you run the risk of crappy parents either hanging out for several hours or dropping their kids and coming late to get them. Host it from 1-4pm. Serve cake and finger foods. Let parents know if they leave their kids, you HAVE to leave by 4:15 or so in order to make the family dinner birthday party. So thats about $150 to rent a place, $50 on a present from the parents and another $100 or so on cake, snacks, decorations and some cheapo party gifts.
  14. Statistically the backseat of a car is probably more secure than anything stored on an unsecured server.
  15. Palin moved some poles