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  1. Whatever the NCAA says. Apparently they are cool with the current structure.
  2. Animals...
  4. Sooo... this dude is dead now right?
  5. I was really hoping this was about the song. Top 5 IMO.
  6. The wife and I are both in the market for new jobs, so we didnt want to buy a house. Trying to rent with a pit-mix is brutal. I just dont understand why some stereotypes are perfectly acceptable while others arent.
  7. there were some files released via torrent that could not be accessed without a password. IF that was a password, shutting down the torrent sites limits the access to these files. Its really the timing that has everyone asking why.
  8. Tonight is going to be make or break for me. I see the potential in this show, but it just not hitting the mark so far.
  9. hopefully Snowden chimes in soon. The guy lives on the internet, so he either knows what is happening or isnt around to see this. Not sure which side to choose at the moment.
  10. i've just spent the week with my family for a reunion and with 30+ hardcore Hillary supporters in the same room. I think I'm ready to be a dem now. You get free ####, your arguments dont have to make sense, and when someone disagrees you just call them stupid. "facts" are made up.... but FACTS are true. its a beautiful system.
  11. only 1 QB, but 3x flex? should i go top heavy or depth?
  12. its a 1QB, 1-4 RB, 2-5 WR, 1-4 TE. So super flex
  13. im going to bump this for the next year
  14. looking for some 101 guidance on 16 team leagues. Is it better to have top tier talent or depth?
  15. Im spending the week at a family reunion in Maryland this week. A historically D state and there are plenty of newly registered R who will vote Trump in Nov. This state might not turn, but its a sign...