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  1. Self admitting is a sign of maturity and self awareness. I hope that is the case with him.
  2. so its confirmed he failed another drug test?
  3. you never know with these things
  4. Did he self check in? I hope the guy gets better and the NFL doesnt hold this against him.
  5. Trump came out strong and limped to the finish. Both candidates are garbage.
  6. So what do you say to black people who don't want to live within these "police free communities"? Tough luck?
  7. Lets take a moment to appreciate the highlight of this season so far.^tfw
  8. Raiders released FB Marcel Reece. Suspended the first three weeks of the season for a PEDs violation, Reece was deemed unworthy of the remainder of his $2.6 million base salary by the Raiders. 31 years old, Reece has averaged 4.6 yards per carry and 9.8 yards per reception in his eight-year career. He should be able to latch on elsewhere as a swiss-army-knife contributor. Reece can also play special teams. excited to see where lands
  9. weak offsides call
  10. Thats about the loudest I've cheered for the Bears D so far this year.
  11. yikes
  12. Hue Jackson was pretty bad during the last 20 seconds of regulation today. 1st down at Miami 27 with 1 timeout and 20 seconds left to play. Takes a knee and calls a timeout with 4 seconds left. Then his kicker misses his third FG of the day. Browns lose.
  13. Expecting most Bears to be complete garbage tonight.
  14. The bottom rung of NFL teams either won today or had a chance to win on their last drive (Browns, Titans). It gives me some hope for tonight!