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  1. Max Power

    So, we are going to war with Syria?

    Hearing 4 service members killed/injuried and several SDF killed.
  2. Max Power

    Why is this place a ghost town?

    Because sweatpants are preventable.
  3. Bulls are going to surprise tonight!
  4. Max Power

    Why is this place a ghost town?

    This screenplay is horrible. 1/10
  5. Max Power

    Los Angeles County Teachers on STRIKE!

    The teachers kind of painted themselves into a corner on this. They aren't going to get everything they asked for since the city can't afford it. The City made them what looks to be a solid compromise on the outside with a 6% pay increase and promise to limit classes to 39 kids. The teachers said no since it didn't solve the class size issue. So how does the city solve the class size issue in a way the teachers will accept? Hire more teachers? That would probably come at the cost of the pay hike. Obviously facilities can't be built over night, but there are some options to maximize the current facilities. What if the solution to limit class sizes is to extend the school day? Are teachers still going to want to sign off on a plan like that? From the city's perspective, you have x amount of students and x amount of teachers. I'm sure its just a math problem for it. On the surface the easy answer is to throw more money at the teachers and hope they accept. Problem is that it doesn't solve the problem and shows the holdout was a lot about the money.
  6. I can only wonder how the Ray McDonald signing/release impacted Pace. He took a risk there and ended up with egg on his face. At least it shows he will consider second chances.
  7. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Probably better by summer.
  8. Bears leave open the door to pursue Hunt ESPN's Jeff Dickerson reports Bears GM Ryan Pace was "noncommittal" on the idea of pursuing free agent RB Kareem Hunt this offseason. The Bears will be a rumored destination because of coach Matt Nagy's Chiefs connection. Pace did not exactly deny it at Monday's season-ending presser, while Nagy said he has spoken to Hunt by phone this month. "It’s an unfortunate situation (and) learning lesson for everybody," Nagy said. Currently being investigated for three separate off-the-field incidents, Hunt probably isn't going to generate any interest until the length of his suspension is known.
  9. Max Power

    QB Kyler Murray Oklahoma

    He probably won't make as much in the early years, and can really hit a big pay day a lot sooner in the NFL. Then factor in he can be the "face of the franchise" from almost day 1 and reap the endorsements from there. I think if he busts in baseball, that 15 mil bonus will be his largest payday every. NFL he can still bust after his rookie deal at 25-35 mil and probably even gets a second chance somewhere for better money than a major league scrub.
  10. Max Power

    Day drinking

    More production = more booze. Then one day someday bad happens... Keep some hand sanitizer around for if someone smells it.
  11. Max Power

    QB Kyler Murray Oklahoma

    Deadspin article does a good job at summing up why he should choose football.
  12. Max Power

    Philip Rivers Is Terrible

    I'll give you maybe the coaching, front office, and ownership piece. I don't think his surrounding talent was that much worse than his peer level. Rivers played with a couple of the league leaders in TDs. The adjusted yards per pass attempt is a good metric, but there has to be more. Again Tony Romo beats him out in that and no one thinks Tony should be HOF bound. I'm not one who believes in longevity being a major factor though.
  13. Max Power

    Philip Rivers Is Terrible

    Here is a good article on keeping Passer ratings in preservative. It's some fuzzy math, but puts Rivers 18th all time in passer rating. Just ahead of Chad Pennington and 9 slots behind Tony Romo. Just something to think about.