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  1. He looked good tonight
  2. Auction style?
  3. That last call was bad. This isnt football. I can't even...
  4. What channel is this on and/or is there a stream?
  5. Is this guy worth holding on to? See if he catches on with another team. I always liked his talent.
  6. I watched it over the weekend and wasnt disappointed. I had lower expectations with it being a sequel, however I really enjoyed it. Plenty of new gags mixed in with some of the classics. Worth a watch for sure.
  7. Read it on the hoops hype social media page. Although im not seeing it at the moment...
  8. Bookies moved Kawhi to Philly back to the favorite. Just wish something would happen already.
  9. He tanked before it was cool tho
  10. I really dont know. I feel like I lose either way. I'd rather say something and be the bad guy, but I dont know how to respond appropriately for the person in need.
  11. Sometimes the third party is the most enlightened
  12. The espn machine says no go. I'd realistically do either.