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  1. I didn't see any outlandish statements in that message. It's a shame people felt the need to attack him because they disagreed. Just another example of why conservatives stay quiet.
  2. Saints players need to kiss and make up first. Not a good start to the season when a leader on the defensive calls the team captain "self centered" and tells him he needs to "shut the #### up"
  3. Thanks. I had not looked at the recent movement on that site. Bovada still has Trump as the favorite. Polls have Biden up double digits. You'd think the odds would reflect that.
  4. I'll just say to go look at Drew Brees today. The guy is getting roasted over simply offering his own opinion on a matter. It's a conservative opinion, and instead of everyone just chalking it up to his opinion, they feel the need to attack him as a person. Prime example of why it's not worth offering a take that doesnt agree with the MSM narrative.
  5. So why do you think betting sites have trump slightly favored while the majority of polls have Biden up big?
  6. The silent trump vote is going to swing the 2020 election again. Plenty of conservative voices dont think it's worth the social shunning by the tolerant liberal left to currently express themselves. Thank you for posting.
  7. It's been an issue everywhere for a long time. People want the swamp drained. Considering how much he gets fought at every turn, I think he is on the right track.
  8. This article would have been better if they included some images. Did they link the newscast clip and I just missed it?
  9. Some on the left think the FBI investigating Antifa is uncalled for. Catching Trump associates in lies is more important.
  10. Klobachar should have resigned. The silence on this front is amazing. Systematic racism and police brutality continue because we fail to act and hold other accountable. Klobuchar was clearly a cog in the machine failing the black community and not a peep about it. Sadly, I think if she was a Republican, she'd be gone.
  11. We have to disagree there. I dont see any room for violent extremists on either side. Antifa is just as dangerous as the white supremacist groups. If Joe Biden gets elected and another black man is unjustly killed by police, would you still understand Antifa escalating the protests into riots?
  12. And this is the appropriate way to effect change in our country?
  13. So if you want to boil it down, do you think Antifa idology brings anything positive to this country?
  14. He's a lifelong politician. I know what side of the coin I'd push my chips to