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  1. Did we start Durant vs Jordan discussions?
  2. I'd go porter/Carter/bomba and then Knox/diop
  3. It's a mess. The military tried it and failed hard. There are too many stages of the process
  4. I think they are too similar. Iso guys. One or two with the right role players works better.
  5. Love Hills comment towards Comey. Shows she really has no clue.
  6. LeBron, Kawhi and George really doesnt sound like a great mix imo. Its 3 guys who need the ball
  7. I might be interested
  8. I never like it when either side uses a death as a talking point. I've just accepted that is how some posters are. I dont know what the babysitter should face.
  9. EoMMan, you're better than that. You do solid work in here for pitbull owners. Just dont sink to your opponent's level.
  10. I posted here a couple times when I was drinking and down on my luck. I worked a night shift that I'm sure contributes to the problem. I got overweight and started walking after dinner with the dogs. That was all it took to get me out of my funk. The exersice was good. Just running into random people helped. I dropped a few pounds and got to know some people in the neighborhood. I'm on a day shift now and have a normal schedule. People at work have commented on how happier I seem. To those struggling... just take a small step today. Get outside your comfort zone if you have to. Your comfort zone could be contributing to the problem. I'm in no means above my problems, but I have seen that I'm the first step to making life better. No one else is going to do it for you. God bless.
  11. My gf watches this show. I read an article about how lame one guy was and that two dudes got hauled off in an ambulance last show. So I agreed to watch one episode with her. Total letdown. However clay harbor seems like a good dude. I'm rooting for him to find another gig.