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  1. Max Power

    It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

    Not a very good episode imo. Double Charlie would have been a solid 25 minutes though.
  2. Just watched a tape delay of the Bulls game before reading the forum. I'm going to see what I guessed right. First half was amazing. But we all know any team cant shoot like that for a season. Second half they came back to earth. Lavine is a plus. Parker is a double negative. Guy will be out of the league in 2 years. Promising for Chicago. Fultz is a trainwreck.
  3. This quote was pretty alarming...
  4. They combined for 9-21 from the field and 6-13 from the FT Line. It wasn't their night to be shooting 3s.
  5. Max Power

    Thoughts on this video?

    If buffets gave you bigger plates, you'd only have to get up once. 😑
  6. This chart on deadspin is brutal for the Raiders
  7. You have to blame the Niners DB for that last minute. All they needed to do was play the sidelines and they let 3 passes get completed in crunch time. If a single one of those gets tackled in the field of play, it's a different ballgame.
  8. You'd think you'd play the sidelines
  9. Max Power

    It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

    Loved it. These white Male sociopaths get it.
  10. I read the Raiders plan to fly from the west coast to London on Thursday night. A day later than most teams. Not sure what to expect in this one, but that isn't a whole lot of time to get acclimated to the time zone change.
  11. Max Power

    Eagles Backfield Now? - Jay Ajayi to IR

    Jordan Howard as a "dark horse"? I can't see Chicago trading him being in the hunt.
  12. ESPN going from Bulls vs Pacers to Warriors vs Lakers is like watching two different leagues.
  13. The Bulls first unit looked sharp on the break tonight. Although you can already see their offense is going to be trash once the ball movement stops. No iso game or pick and roll. Indy looked bad everywheree.
  14. During Florence, I found google maps to be more accurate in the early days of the road closures. If a certain amount of people click on the road as closed, it updates your map/route.
  15. Getting my first look at the baby Bulls tonight. Now we can see if Jabari is as slow as they say.