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  1. whats the non Quez answer?
  2. I hate the Bulls. Gar/Pax need to trade Butler to the Cs. Butler and Lopez make that team a contender.
  3. so what was the motive?
  4. bump for awareness. We are here for each other. I'm struggling at the moment, but its encouraging to see other people post.
  5. Cubs of the Caliphate. thoughts? Do they deserve a second chance?
  6. I feel your pain. We can get through this.
  7. so pick a side
  8. I put a hypothetical out there. no one answered.
  9. nope. watch.
  10. Have you watched Cubs of the caliphate? Should we give those kids a pass?
  11. But shouldn't their voice matter?
  12. These things are priceless. My grandmother used something like this for her twilight years. They are worth the price and double.
  13. pulling the trigger makes a world of difference.
  14. DNC needs to go Tulsi Gubbard. She is a sure win for 2020.
  15. Tough call. Yes and no. I'm not the guy who has to make this decision. I think it will reduce it. Is that worth it?