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  1. You're not wrong. I want highlight a middle ground where if the majority of citizens can vote based on their lifespan and their chlidren, we can reach a conclusion.
  2. Agreed, but I haven't seen the 100% correlation that TH was the cause of the broken arm. If he is... we're looking at 30 games in my book
  3. I really think there is a middle ground that can be achieved in 50 years or so. Let's start now and work towards a goal. Anything groundbreaking will never take hold
  4. Curious what the thought is regarding the killer saying he used guns to divide us. I know the typical conversation will take place, but how do we respond as a society?
  5. So what agency is on tap with taking them out? The FBI? With the help of the NSA?
  6. It's pretty clear white supremacy is on the rise. They need to be treated the same as any other terrorist group.
  7. Kevin White signs with the Cards. I feel like we just got an extra roster spot now
  8. I'd personally feel better with a vet. Miller and Robinson both were banged up last year and Gabriel/Patterson can't carry the load should one of the starters miss time. I did like what I saw with Wims last season though.
  9. We still need another WR. I don't really want a rookie in the top 5. Grab someone like Chris Hogan on the cheap