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  1. Sorry Fellas, I was preoccupied for the weekeend. I think Drazen or Len Bias were the best talents to never be an all star. My call was Robert Horry aka big shot bob. He has the ships and clutch performances to go down in history, yet he never once made an all star weekend.
  2. At least the Cousins deal promises the Kings keep their first rounder. It was probably mentioned, but its an under appreciated aspect of the deal.
  3. So you and Boston.... Jimmy for the Brooklyn pick, _____, and a future first? does this work?\ Or Jimmy and Taj for Brooklyn pick and brown? maybe adding a chicago rotational player
  4. Thanks. I should have read your original comment. I'm a dummy...
  5. Comments on the house's valuation? increase or decrease?
  6. Tell me about these euros.. Chicago is desperate for anything right now, Jimmy has no future with the Bulls and I think the owners know this.
  7. I guess air conditioning and or heat are my primary concerns. Any insight?
  8. Has anyone done this? pros/cons? My children play on the top floor and drive me crazy with their stomping. My garage is 25% storage and 75% open space. I'm seriously considering making this a play room for the kids. I have no windows in my garage, so climate control may be an issue.
  9. Totally agree. I just hope Ainge sees the Love injury as a chance to get the #1 seed and at least contend for the ship. Right now his team isn't there. Home court for the ECF is worth a lottery pick for an allstar in my world.
  10. I'd make this deal every day of the week for Chicago. It would make Boston crazy good for no cost. Any chance Ainge thinks both the Cavs and GS are just too much for any roster in the near future?
  11. A case could be made, but my pick has a bigger name historically in the NBA's history.
  12. reshuffling the %'s of the draft might help. I dont have the answer, but tanking is going on. Maybe some % based on the next closest team.