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  2. These guys are poking the bear again
  3. Dems are in danger of losing the black vote if they keep pressing this open border stuff. The black communities get the hardest by illegal immigration and they know this.
  4. It was a response to a tweet "This is all going to get so much worse" talking about the Epstein case.
  5. I didn't know about his interest in the Eric Garner case. Do you know or have a link to what that is all about? I find it interesting because that incident had been mentioned before when you go down some Epstein rabbit holes.
  6. He probably figured he could do what he wanted because he has been protected by powerful people for so long.
  7. Ok, the semantics game again. I see. So just admit the polling process is flawed
  8. You know we're referring to Hillary 2016 right?
  9. You know when terms like "landslide victory" and "99%" get thrown around, using margin of error for getting it wrong isnt a good backstop.
  10. It's sad the courts are even wasting time on it. I feel like it's been a slow creep in to American culture. There has been a push to be more accepting of the trans community and I'm wonder where the line is. I just went to a course at NC State and we had a learning block on putting gender pronouns in business email signature blocks. It's getting weird IMO.
  11. Edgy. Doesnt bother me personally, but a bit suprised they would air it on network tv.
  12. Yikes, was that one of his actual jokes? The video is giving me issues at the moment.