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  1. You guys do know Tulsi has no links to Russia and it suing Clinton.
  2. Bernie is crushing it so far. But this is entertaining...
  3. Anyone want to guess how smoothly the Nevada Caucus is running right now?
  4. You're proving the point. This started because people want to wait to hear more before saying Omar married her brother. Now a handful of posts later the same side of the aisle is trying to paint Trump as guilty of accusations because they can't be proven false. This is the Omar thread. Prove she didn't marry her brother.
  5. Yeah... but remember any accusation against Trump is true until proven false... Lets not forget that!
  6. I don't want anyone skirting the law on either side. I will not support the republican candidate running who is under investigation.
  7. I tend to agree. Until someone publishes a direct way Russia is interfering, the claims of on-line trolls and fake memes don't move the needle.
  8. The fallout of this is going to be interesting. People here fight the media bias angle, but there aren't many other ways to take this.
  9. I supported the idea on a national level, but I think it will be a huge mistake if California goes this alone. Are people in California illegally going to be receiving this? Does the middle class support the 10% VAT?
  10. I'm sure all the people defending the FISA process are happy that Bernie's campaign is about to be tapped. Probably already was.